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In Iraq, ancient Christianity lies in ruins. But who cares?

28 July 2014

4:44 PM

28 July 2014

4:44 PM

The Mar Behnam monastery outside Mosul, seized by ISIS just over a week ago, bears an inscription in the Turkic language of the Mongols who invaded Iraq in the 13th century. It asks for ‘the peace of Mar [Saint] Behnam to come down and rest on the Khan, his elders and his wives’.

Why should Mongols revere Behnam, a convert to Christianity who was martyred by the region’s Zoroastrian ruler in the fourth century? The answer is that the Church of East to which Behnam converted had been the world’s greatest Christian Church. Its missionaries were firmly established in China by the seventh century. It was independent of both Rome and Byzantium, teaching that Christ’s human and divine natures were separate — a doctrine known as Nestorianism. The author of the Turkic inscription may have been a Nestorian Mongol, or have practised a mixture of faiths.


Most modern Christians have no idea that a gigantic Church worshipping in Syriac — a form of Jesus’s mother tongue, Aramaic — once spread from the Mediterranean to the Pacific. And this ignorance helps explain the shamefully sluggish reaction to the news that the last members of this community in the Middle East are being cleansed from the soil by fundamentalist Muslims.

The direct descendants of the Church of the East belong to the Assyrian Church — now so persecuted in its homeland that its patriarch is based in Chicago. The few remaining Assyrians in Iraq are on good terms with Syriac Christians in communion with Rome (the Chaldean Church) and Constantinople (the Syrian Orthodox). They cluster together for safety, no longer arguing about the finer points of the Creed. The Mar Behnam monastery is now Catholic — but, as of this month, empty of monks. Like the Christians of Mosul, they have been driven out like cattle.

The psychotic crimes of ISIS have, finally, awakened the West to the long-running and distinctly Nazi-like Islamist campaign against Christians in Syria and Iraq. There was a demonstration in support of them in London at the weekend — though it was overshadowed by the fashionable anti-Israel protests.

Perhaps the crowds would have been bigger if the West had been paying attention to the desperate pleas for help from Chaldeans and Assyrians over the past decade. But it turned away in boredom. Partly this was because defending persecuted Christians doesn’t stir the blood of Islingtonian anti-colonialists; partly it was thanks to the aforementioned historical ignorance — I’d be amazed if any state school in Britain, including Catholic ones, teaches pupils about the ancient Churches of the East. Either way, the damage is done. The monks of Mar Behnam aren’t coming back.

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  • John

    Mark Arabo is currently pressing Congress to pass the Nineveh Plain Refugee Act or HB 5430. This was legislation that he crafted with Congressman Juan Vargas. Mark continues his work as a humanitarian, and community activist, despite calls for him to run for public office. To support HB 5430 please visit

    To find out more information about the progress please visit:

  • Tec News

    . This shirt shows your solidarity with the Christians in Iraq who are being persecuted.

  • Bryan J. Maloney

    In the USA, if they’re not Evangelical Protestants, very few care.

    • Damaris Tighe

      Great shame that the evans are so bigoted.

      • amolali

        great shame. I agree

    • amolali

      you are right. the evangelicals and steering their congregants down the wrong path. Edward R.Murrow “A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.” stands true for church folks.

  • Toffer99

    It doesn’t seem to matter which variety you believe in, religion is a continuing plague on humanity.

  • ant becker

    I have mentioned the outcry with Gaza and the silence over the Christians in Iraq/Syria but I was accused of “whataboutery”.

    • Damaris Tighe

      They don’t like it because it challenges their sincerity.

  • Bi66i

    For better or worse, given that everyone else seems to be getting their own homeland these days (Bosniaks, Kosovo Albanians, Kurds, Iraqi Sunnis, Iraqi Shiites, Jews, etc.), often with the help of Western powers, shouldn’t the Christians of the Middle East also get their own state?
    How about letting the US, UK and French armies destroy (IS)IS and then handing over the some of ‘territory’ in Iraq to Middle Eastern Christians. Sure it would be a hot spot, but send them military supplies, training and aid and they should be all right (or at least a lot better than they are now).

    • Damaris Tighe

      After WW1 an attempt at this was made in the Levant. Lebanon was created to be the home of the local Arab Christians & the Jews were promised a state of their own. You make a good point. When every minor ethnic group is given an internationally-sanctioned homeland, why is the Jewish state continually called into question?

  • Des Demona
    • the viceroy’s gin

      …how do you know they’re Muslims?

      • Des Demona

        I read the article

        ”LCBI was inspired by the Iraqi Muslim journalist Dalia al-Aqidi, who started a
        campaign to wear cross pendants in solidarity with her Christian countrymen,”

        • the viceroy’s gin

          …that’s one, then.

          Only a billion or so more to go.

          • Des Demona

            Dalia al-Aquidi is one of the most famous and most watched journalists in Iraq and the Middle East in general and carries considerable influence with the public. So probably not just one.

            • the viceroy’s gin

              …as I say, that’s one, then.

              Only 1.6B more to go, lad.

              • Des Demona

                I’m afraid your blinkered logic is more about being argumentative to support your obvious antipathy towards Muslims in general so you just carry on with that sonny boy and I’ll speak with the grown-ups.

                • the viceroy’s gin

                  The only “blinkered logic” is yours, lad.

                  The only argumentative stance is yours, lad.

                  As I say, you’ve presented 1 (one) example to support your position .

                  The good news is that you have 1.6B others to sift through to find your second.

                • Des Demona

                  Oh dear sonny boy, if you know how to do it take a look at her twitter feed and facebook page to see the huge support she is getting.
                  Your stance is actually pretty disgusting. You want to paint all Muslims as wanting to do harm whereas in reality only a miniscule percentage of that ”1.6 billion’ do. But through perhaps your prejudice or ignorance, I don’t know which, you fall into the trap set by that miniscule minority to sow division and antagonism. You’re being manipulated just as they planned. Sad really.

                • the viceroy’s gin

                  I don’t need to do anything, lad. You made the assertion, and it’s yours to back up. So far, you’ve provided 1 (one) example of your assertion.

                  I don’t “want” to do anything, laddie. You’re the one who seems to “want” to accomplish something here. You made an assertion. It’s yours to support.

                  Your hysterical ranting about my “stance”, which you’ve certainly fantasized, really doesn’t enter into it.

                  Perhaps you should stop being argumentative and just move on, as you claimed you were earlier .

                • Des Demona

                  Oh FFS

                  . Sometimes I feel I have to inform the ignorant. In your refusal to see it is not just one example but instead a major broadcaster with massive support you are showing that ignorance. But there you go sonny boy, further condemnation. You want me to find how many more. hundreds thousands, or will an example of the most senior Sunni clerics do for now?


                • the viceroy’s gin

                  Good work. That’s 2 (two) now. You’re on a roll.

                  And you’ve got 1,599,999,999 others to sift through to find your third discovery.

                • Des Demona

                  Idiot. And we’re done.

                • the viceroy’s gin

                  You were done long ago, laddie.

    • liam

      Over 41% of the population of Lebanon are Christians, so we don’t know that the journalists in question are Muslims.

  • Terry Field

    I feel like Bede in fear of the barbarian raiders from Norse lands.
    Our western civilisation – Christian in origin and christian in thinking, is disappearing. The replacements are brutish beyond all words.

    • JB_1966


    • JB_1966


  • Fraser Bailey

    Of course, one of the many ironies here is that Blair and Bush, who did so much to create this situation in Iraq, profess to be Christians. Under Saddam, these people were allowed freedom of worship.

    • Paul J

      The destruction of Iraq’s Christians wasn’t achieved by Blair or Bush-ISIS was on it’s back in 2010, it barely existed. The war in Syria brought it back to life.

      So if you want to blame western politicians, blame Obama and Cameron and Hollande, bot Blair and Bush.

  • JP Janson De Couet

    Lots of people care about Christianity, lots of people car about the destruction of Christian heritage and lots of people defend Christianity. So why does Damian Thompson pop out of the woodwork and pretend that they don’t? Has he got some sort of underlying agenda?

    • Kevin T

      When was the last demo about it?

  • Sarge Goon

    Sandwiched between Political Islam, Political Judaism, Western Colonialism, and Marxist Ideologies the only place left to flee is into the cosmos. Fighting is not an option when you are disarmed.

    • the viceroy’s gin

      …then let’s arm them.

  • Bonkim

    The author has no clue of the practicality of his proposition. Is it the job of state or any other school in Britain to teach about the history of Christianity in the Middle East or raise a crusade to fight in far-off lands to protect Christian minorities?

    Regards ISIS and their abominable persecution of Christians and other Islamic sects – the real question is whether Britain or any other country would send an expeditionary force to save the handful of Christians persecuted, forcefully converted, even murdered in this far away land.

    Don’t expect selective sympathy for Christians whatever their brand in a land where humans are bumped off by the tens of thousands.

    • Damaris Tighe

      The last time Britain sent an expeditionary force to protect a religious minority was to the former Yugoslavia (Bosnia & Kosovo, which now have muslim majorities). I remember Belgrade being bombed.

    • Lamia

      Don’t expect selective sympathy for Christians…

      Strawman. The western and Eastern worlds have shown no sypmathy whatsoever, let alone selective sympathy, for Christians persecuted under Islam. Too busy hand-wringing and getting angry about ‘Islamophobia’.

      • Bonkim

        2.1 billion people out of the world population of 7 billion are Christians, 1.6 billion Muslims and 1 billion Hindus. The three dominant world religions. If you tot up the population of the Western world and take that out of 2.1 billion, you will find huge numbers in various parts of Asia, Latin America and Africa – and many there being persecuted along with other religious minorities.

        Rushing to save a handful of the persecuted in Iraq or Syria would seem meaningless in this context. On the other hand one can look up many locations where the Christians are the oppressors of other minorities or siding with war-criminals to save their own skin – such as in Syria and countries in Africa.

        Minorities always are on a sticky wicket, and whilst we can talk about fairness, etc, is the West in a position to maintain a permanent task force to stop Christians being persecuted across the Globe? And is Christianity about raising crusades or looking to the Bible for support in their persecution?

        • Lamia

          Rushing to save a handful of the persecuted in Iraq or Syria. Rushing to save a handful of the persecuted in Iraq or Syria would seem meaningless in this context. On the other hand one can look up many locations where the Christians are the oppressors of other minorities or siding with war-criminals to save their own skin – such as in Syria andcountries in Africa.

          A handful? 30,000 in Mosul alone. What a revolting, cavalier attitude to tens of thousands of innocent people. As for saving their own skin in Syria, why are you surprised? They have no support from elsewhere, and will have none if callous types like yourself keep having their way. What do you expect them to do? Present themselves to their executioners?

          And is Christianity about raising crusades or looking to the Bible for support in their persecution?

          Another strawman. It is not a ‘crusade’ to defend the Christians of the Middle East any more than it was a ‘jihad’ to defend the Muslims of Kosovo. And the fact that many Christians do look to their religion for comfort in oppression does not mean others should deem them not worthy of help.

          You really are a piece of work.

          • Bonkim

            Kosovo s in Europe and Serbia was behaving like the Nazis. Quite different story – this was a civil war with an established government behaving abominably and not strictly comparable with the lawless acts of ISIS or Muslim bigots in the Middle East – and at the same time this lot is killing tens of thousands that are non-Christians.

            • Suada

              ” this was a civil war with an established government behaving abominably and not strictly comparable with the lawless acts of ISIS or Muslim bigots in the Middle East”

              I’m sure Christians of Mosul and other victims of ISIS find the thought comforting.

          • Bonkim

            Why not enrol in an anti-ISIS Brigade?

            • the viceroy’s gin

              …but it’s you types who have enrolled the West in ISIS and the islamofascist murderers, lad. You sided with the islamofascists in Libya, and now Syria and by extension Iraq. Your islamofascist allies are murdering Christians.

              It’d be nice if you’d just stop supporting and allying with islamofascist murderers. We can talk about supporting Christians later. First, you types need to stop supporting the islamofascists.

              • the viceroy’s gin

                …and there is no difference between Kosovo and Mosul, you muppet.

                • Bonkim

                  Go ahead – blast ISIS – who cares – but drop a bomb or two on Assad’s lair.

                • the viceroy’s gin

                  No need, unlike you and your islamofascist allies, Assad isn’t trying to murder me.

                • Bonkim

                  Are you worshipping someone that has murdered over a hundred thousand men, women and children in his country and made millions homeless – you wretched man!

                • the viceroy’s gin

                  It is you nutters and your murderous islamofascist allies who started that war, lad, much like you started it up in Libya and now Iraq. That blood is on your hands, not anybody else’s

                  Nobody worships Assad, you muppet, at least not to the degree you worship your islamofascist buddies.

                • Bonkim

                  Repeating yourself – haven’t you learnt any new tunes lately?

                • the viceroy’s gin

                  Repeating yourself – haven’t you learnt any new tunes lately?

  • Wessex Man

    I care, I care very strongly and have lobbied my MP and written to the Foreign Secretary, I would urge others to do the same.

  • evad666

    I understand Christians in the UK are actively discriminated against by EU and UK laws which favor Islam and immoral behaviors of minorities.

  • teigitur

    I have written to my MP. I would urge others to do the same.

  • AndrewMelville

    Especially the Roman Catholic schools, you great numpty.

  • Stephen Milroy

    The only Christians our government and media are interested in are the ones who won’t bake a bloody cake.

  • Conway

    The psychotic crimes of ISIS have, finally, awakened the West to the
    long-running and distinctly Nazi-like Islamist campaign against
    Christians in Syria and Iraq.
    ” Soon to be coming to our shores. Read the koran.

    • JB_1966

      The vandalisation of churches in Bradford was in full flow when I left Bradford in 1992; a warning of things to come.

  • FrankieThompson

    Absolutely heartbreaking.

  • Damaris Tighe

    Absolute scandal that the crowds turned out for the anti-Israel demo, but not for the Christians of Syria & Iraq. In other words, supporting radical Islam but not a branch of the west’s native culture. Here we see the unholy alliance between indigenous useful idiots & a fast growing & threatening alien culture grafted onto our country without our consent.

    • Bonkim

      West’s native culture? Christianity is a middle-eastern religion not unlike Judaism and Islam – only it became the official Church in Rome following its replacing the Roman Empire as the supreme political power.

      • Damaris Tighe

        Yes, but it became thoroughly westernised by incorporating the west’s classical heritage. It’s a very different religion from Judaism & Islam.

    • FrenchNewsonlin

      While in Paris on the same day (Saturday) a group holding a supportive demo for Iraqi Christians (search YouTube for ‘Manif Trocadéro pour les chrétiens d’Irak – Nous sommes tous des chrétiens d’Orient’) was “invaded” by Mauritanian Muslims!

  • NotYouNotSure

    The problem is that people like Thompson supported the toppling of Saddam, and he would do it again, without even once thinking of the consequences. Saddam was many things, but he was a secular ruler whose main interest was to keep power not wage religious war. To be fair, no one could have predicted just how incredibly bad things have turned out in Iraq now, but there were certainly warnings from some that predicted that the Iraq invasion would create further chaos.

    Saddam did not destroy the Christians, the actions of Bush and Blair has however very directly led to their complete demise.

    • Alexsandr

      its the omissions of Bush and Blair. They did not have a plan in place co create a new state after the invastion. They let people run riot. Instead they should have imposed proper martial law, curfews etc That was the big mistake for which they bear a heavy responsibility.
      compare and contrast with how the allies ran Germany in 1945.

      • Damaris Tighe

        They didn’t do it because in our brave new pc world they were frightened of being ‘colonialists’.

      • the viceroy’s gin

        Bad analogy. The Germans were homogenous and they were beaten, and they had a deadly threat to the East which united them. In combination, this made the occupation go far smoother. And the germanic and anglo-saxon peoples have a fair bit of shared genetic hoo-ha and cultural parallels, so that helped matters as well. None of this was/is present in the Middle East .

    • itdoesntaddup

      April Glaspie, quondam US Ambassador to Iraq had a very clear idea of the consequences of removing Saddam, which is why Bush Snr didn’t do it at the end of Desert Storm.

  • alabenn

    The West turned away in boredom you say
    No the people in politics and your lot in the media used every opportunity to scorn Christian values, this at a time when the West was led by a supposed devout Christian in Bush and a secret religious chancer named Blair.
    No one including practising Christians like yourself did nothing, you had Prince Charles with his fatuous Defender of Faiths, he an erstwhile leader of one of the worlds biggest churches, Christians the world over are bowing the knee to a religious ideology that will literally put you to the sword and what do your leaders do, grant them equal status, their is according to you believers in this sort of thing, one true god and if there was such a thing that is all there could be, if you truly believe get out and fight for your faith, turning the other cheek will get your throats slit, bowing down to these animals just makes it easier to apply the cut, take a lesson from the Jews, they tried lying with wolves look where that got them from Hitler.

  • Airey Belvoir

    Maybe somebody should call the BBC and tell them about it. They don’t seem to have heard.

  • The Laughing Cavalier

    So what is Dave “We’re a Christian Nation” Cameron doing about this? Nothing, that’s what he’s doing. France is offering shelter to these Christians. Why isn’t Britain doing the same? Where is the outrage?

    • Augustus

      Nigel Farage seems to care about ME Christians and offering them asylum. and he’s been saying this for months.

      • la catholic state

        I haven’t heard him mentioning it at all since last year!

        • Augustus

          Which makes it even more insightful than waiting for the UN to say something first.

          • la catholic state

            Seems he’s gone off the idea. Never mind….France has actually declared they will take Christian Iraqi refugees. God Bless France. I won’t be voting UKIP.

    • the viceroy’s gin

      Cameron supports those islamofascists, in Syria and now in Iraq. They are his allies.

      • rtj1211

        Were you expressing similar outrage to the infamous Breszinski
        back in the day when the CIA made a calculated decision to fund and finance Arab nutcases in Afghanistan??

        That’s where this all originated. The CIA using bin Laden et al against the Russians. They saw creating a bunch of inflamed Arabs as ‘acceptable collateral damage’.

        You shouldn’t call yourselves snake charmers if you can’t control the snakes when they get out of the bags……..

        • ChuckieStane

          The West’s backing for the mujahideen was one of a number of massive misjudgements, where the west set aside the standards and values our society is built on.

          Arming the mujahideen, waterboarding, detention without trial, extraordinary rendition, Gitmo, the dogdy dossier etc have all eroded the west’s position of moral leadership and as guardians of rights and decency.

          I remember Sandy Gall’s reports from Afghanistan idolising the brave mujahideen, armed with Stinger and Blowpipe missiles taking out Russian helicopters.

          We unleashed something we can’t control and are left in a perfect storm where a corrupt bankster class have seriously weakened the west’s economy while all the time the Chinese have been quiently bringing huge chunks of the world into their sphere of influence through economic rather than military power.

        • Damaris Tighe

          I remember thinking at the time that backing men who kept their women in bin bags wasn’t a good idea.

        • the viceroy’s gin

          You sound like a Lib Dumb nutter angry because your support for islamofascist murderers in Libya and Syria is being exposed.

          Don’t change the subject, laddie. You support islamofascist mass-murderers. End of.

  • MrCravat

    The media are only interested in Celebrity culture and any news of tragedies like the Nigerian kidnappings,gang rapes and stoning in India / Pakistan,apostasy and the burning of Churches in Africa& the Middle East is soon old news after a few weeks.
    We have a PM who promotes himself as a Christian,along with a heir to the throne who will one day be “Defender of the Faith”,yet both are notable by their absence in condemning this genocide..
    Where are the United Nation?,considering they were ( rightly ) condemning the killing of muslims in Bosnia by Serbs ,yet are muted when it comes to standing up for Christians..and where is the so called “Middle East Envoy” Tony Blair.

    • FrenchNewsonlin

      Rot starts at the top. Didn’t Charles announce he would be “Defender of the Faiths” (plural!) Better start working hard to ensure the Queen outlives her eldest.

  • Julie

    The ancient city of Ninevah’s tentative listing as a world heritage site could not secure the shrine of Jonah, destroyed in ISIS’ latest iconoclastic purge.
    Perhaps it does require Catholics with a deep appreciation of the routes of faith to be sufficiently interested: Derek Twigg and David Alton in the UK
    and US Rep. Jeff Fortenberry.

  • Alexsandr

    and no-one is picking up on the fact that Hamas, the muslim brotherhood and ISIS are all affiliated.
    and lets not forget the ISIS campaign to get every female of child bearing age have their genitals mutilated, probably not by a qualified surgeon.

    • Olterigo

      That’s because most Westerners don’t realize that all these groups have a shared history and roots. And the news, nowadays, don’t feel the need to provide the historical background. At best, you’ll hear a vague phrase about what happened last year or, maybe if you are really lucky, what happened 10 years ago.

      • Paul S HK

        They may have shared roots, but ISIS is also taking out the ‘wrong’ kind of Muslim.
        It would be more practical to make common ground against the nutters with the good side of the Muslim world than to lump them all together so that they think we’re against them all, good or bad, normal or terrorist, human or inhuman.

        • Damaris Tighe

          “with the good side of the Muslim world” – but who are they, where are they, who represents them? Does such a thing exist?

  • swatnan

    Modern Christianity is looking pretty shaky as well.
    Maybe its time to write it off, just like countries become extinct, maybe religions also.
    Ancient Egypt and Ancient Israel are extinct. Its not a good idea to resurrect the dead, and bring them back to life. Like Jurassic Park and the dinosaurs you just create monsters.

    • Alexsandr

      but replace it with the dreadful islam? no thanks.

    • Robertus Maximus

      Christianity is flourishing to an extraordinary degree in the Far East and in sub-Saharan Africa where, much to the dismay and consternation of many Imams, it is squeezing out Islam. In the former Eastern Bloc countries it has blossomed once again following the collapse of Communism. It is purely in the West where it is in decline – so hardly “shaky” as you call it.

      • Damon

        True. I live in St Petersburg. Many of the people with whom I work are Christian, and not shy about it, either.

        • Robertus Maximus

          I am very pleased to hear it. My word, St Petersburg! What a magnificent place to live with its history and wonderful architecture. My best wishes to you.

      • swatnan

        They, the brides, just like getting married in a white wedding dress, thats all there is to it.

    • la catholic state

      Um….Catholicism alone has grown 70% in the past 10 years in South Korea. You shouldn’t have such a West centric view.
      Also….you cannot extinguish Christianity….as you cannot extinguish the Truth. You are not God. You can only reject the Truth. And you will be held to account for that.

  • TakeAction

    I urge all concerned readers of this piece to follow and support our campaign to support and protect the Christians of Iraq and Syria:

    We are not affiliated with any existing political organisaions or religious groups. We are a free association comprised of the Assyrian diaspora in over a dozen countries. On a daily basis, we disseminate media, coordinate e-mail and letter campaigns, write and publish articles, and contact parliamentarians, ministers, officials, and persons of authority and influence.

    Please join our group to strengthen our efforts and keep abreast of developments as well as responses to them.

    Thank you.

    • Gergiev

      I would have thought that the Roman Catholic, Anglian, Methodist and various Evangelical and Charismatic Churches in the UK could muster up a very large demonstration in London in support of the persecuted Christians of the Middle East and Africa. Are there any moves to make such a thing happen?

      • Colonel Mustard

        Hardly likely with the CoE now mainly the religious wing of the Labour party.

        • Lorenzo Fernandez-Vicente

          How about taking a look at my (CofE) parish? We’re sharing the building with the local Syrian Orthodox community and the Copts once a month. We give money. There’ll be a fundraiser for persecuted ME Christians at Harvest on the 12th of October. We pray and oh… there was a demonstration last Saturday, but don’t let your politics blind you. What have you done?

          • Colonel Mustard

            Well done but were the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Synod there and did they make any high profile public statements as they did for food banks?

            • Damaris Tighe

              Fetes just don’t cut the mustard if you’ll pardon my pun.

      • The Laughing Cavalier

        There was a good demonstration on Saturday 26th in Westminster.

        • Gergiev

          I was thinking of a mass demonstration with official calls from all major Christian churches in the UK and beyond with hundreds of thousands attending. Something that would get top spot on the ten o’clock news and take the headlines in the papers.

  • global city

    Where is the rage of the MCB and SWP?

    Why has not one MP raised this before they all went on their hols?

    • Alexsandr

      behave. to the left christians are the opressors. Islam is the worlds victim. so the trendy left so no common cause.

      • global city

        Yes… I was using irony and rhetoric. I could not agree more with your statement.

        The uber-irony is that the ‘internationalist’ left/progressives are utterly ethnocentric and regional (in a global context). They are also stuck in a whirlwind of vilification of 19th C concerns.

  • Robertus Maximus

    Cast your mind back to the furore and outrage when Orthodox Serbs were killing Muslims. It resulted in a universal outcry and an intervention by NATO. Years later are are still witnessing the aftermath with the trial of Mladic and Karadzic. When the boot is on the other foot and it is Muslims killing Christians no one in a position of power could care less. How utterly perverse.

    It seems there would be more weeping and wailing in the West if an inanimate object like the Mona Lisa was attacked by a Muslim fanatic than at the destruction of this wonderful Middle Eastern culture of two thousand years standing, with all the untold human misery it entails.

    • Bryan J. Maloney

      I remember. Orthodox Christian church buildings (not even Serbian) were vandalized in the USA over that. As you note, though, Muslims killing Christians is good to the leaders of the West.

  • LloydLJensen

    There was a demonstration in support of them in London at the weekend — though it was overshadowed by the fashionable anti-Israel protests.

  • Cooper1992

    “last members of this community in the Middle East are being cleansed from the soil by fundamentalist Muslims.”

    It is disgusting. These people speak Aramaic – the tongue of Christ. They say Mass every Sunday in exactly the same way they have done for 2000 years. They wear the clothes of their great ancestors.

    These people represent a heritage of WORLDWIDE significance.

    Yet the supposed Christian countries of Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Canada, and the United States watch in silence. They’re too busy ripping apart Ukraine for financial gain.

    And of course we are now ‘multicultural’. Which means we embrace the legacy of Nigerian, Arabian, Tibetan, and Indian culture; but not our own because it would be racist.

    When the Ahmed Baba Institute in Timbuktu, Mali; was burned down by Islamic terrorists in 2012 – destroying 20,000 great Islamic and African manuscripts – there was widespread outrage by European politicians.

    When these poor souls get slaughtered in a few weeks time, there will be silence.

    • Moderator

      They liberal elite will only wake up when the likes of ISIS invade Europe. With their blitzkrieg attacks they could be in Rome or Paris before Nato passes some useless piece of paper. I guess then the wreckage that is multiculturalism will have been seen by all and mass deportations made.

      • global city

        but they will STILL call for appeasement and will work to undermine any attempts to fight back.

        • Blindsideflanker

          Indeed, in cultural matters, the left, which is now the whole of the British establishment, are at war with their own society and culture, as a result when ISIS appear here they will see them as their enemies enemy, so their friend.

          • Jack

            If the establishment look leftist to you then you must be so far to the right that you’re in another galaxy

            • Fides_et_Ratio

              There are many kinds of leftism. There is anarcho-socialism, Marxism-Leninism, Trotskyism, environmentalism, caviar leftism, PC leftism. The last two are often concurrent, and they are extremely influential on the British elite.

      • fundamentallyflawed

        During a converstion some time ago I predicted a war on religious grounds in Europe in the next 5 years. A muslim uprising sweeping up through Turkey into Southern and East Europe. I thought the “Arab Spring” actually put that prediction in jeopardy but its actually further distabilised the region. The likes of ISIS are like a school yard bully – they will keep going until somebody puts them down, but the West lack the will (and the balls) to step in. The action of ISIS and Muslim groups across the Middle East and Africa pale Israel’s actions into insignificance but receive hardly any true media attention.

        • Damaris Tighe

          Day in day out grisly pictures out of Gaza but NOTHING on what’s happening to the Christians of Syria & Iraq.

          • Wessex Man

            agree but that doesn’t make what Israel is doing right!

            • fundamentallyflawed

              No it doesn’t. But the media and political coverage stinks of bias and barely concealed anti-semitism. Effectively by removing the crimes of Muslim groups from public conciousness they are in fact condoning those same actions.
              For the record – Boko Harem kidnapped 276 girls in Nigeria 100 days ago. You may remember the #bringbackourgirls
              They are still missing.

            • Advocatus_Diaboli_69

              When Mousa Abu Marzook, the deputy chief of the Hamas political bureau, dismissed a plea for a cease-fire, he asked a rhetorical question, “What are 200 martyrs compared with lifting the siege?”

              People don’t understand the mindset of Hamas and Islamism. They don’t understand the death cult. Hamas want to do to Israelis what ISIS is doing to anyone and everyone in Syria and Iraq.

            • Sonia

              No it most certainly does not excuse brutality in any shape or form. The trouble is that people like Damian Thompson always use the word extremist, the truth is that islam where ever it appears is a cruel and barbaric ideology. Have you seen any demonstrations organised by muslims against the barbarity that is being carried out in their name? I grieve and I pity the murder of innocent women and children in Gazza but the reality is that in islam women are generally considered to be inferior, they are treated like animals but because it resonates with the west and hurts Israel pictures of injured women are bandied about. A rotten hypocrisy is going on, Europe strove for centuries to keep the evil that the early Christian Fathers knew islam to be away from European shores, nowadays often with the connivance of Christian leaders they have been allowed to flood Western Europe. Anyone, especially any woman who is not afraid is either very brave or just not very bright

            • Morgeo

              or that of HAMAS who want Israel dead !

            • Bryan J. Maloney

              This has nothing to do with Israel. Take your leftist polemizing elsewhere.

          • Bryan J. Maloney

            When the press is run by leftists, what do you expect?

        • global city

          Remember the Basra Road?

          In a full military conflict any proper army would wipe them out in minutes, literally.

          • fundamentallyflawed

            Yes in a standard war they would win. But what if the combat was the same as in Gaza. Human shields. Combatants indistinguishable from civilians. Would Europe bomb Athens with the same impunity it bombed Baghdad?

            • global city

              But how would they get to Athens? Armies have to mass….and when they do…….Basra Rd!

              Even if they managed to sneak into Athens, then took it over, how would they ever move beyond it to threaten the rest of us?

              I am not underplaying your deeper concerns, but militarily these sorts of groups are insignificant.

              • fundamentallyflawed

                How many muslims are already in Europe? How many more would enter before Western Governments perceive a threat? Warfare has never been persistent over the centuries…. technological improvements, tactical changes.
                Warfare is much more than sitting in a tank or plane – The US were taught that lesson in Vietnam.
                With the glare of the public both at home and abroad would Cameron or Milliband order the bombing of women and children?

            • surreptitiousevil

              It would probably cause less damage than the median Greek government.

      • Olterigo

        ISIS flags were already seen at a protest in the Hague.

      • Paul S HK

        Don’t be stupid.
        They can’t possibly launch ‘Blitzkreig attacks’: not enough people, tanks, technology, let alone popular or military support or airpower.
        Why not just lament what the madmen of ISIS have done, without panicking about the extent of their power, which has simply slipped into the vacuum created by the idiots who thought they could remake the lands of the Middle east… step forward Wolfowitz, Cheney, Bush Blair and the other deluded souls who stirred all this up.
        Outside Syria/Iraq, there is no power vacuum for ISIS to grow into.

        • Damaris Tighe

          The Syria revolt, which spilled into Iraq, was against Assad & his regime which has been in place for decades. An old style Arab national socialist dictatorship. Wolfowitz et al didn’t touch Syria.

          • the viceroy’s gin

            Au contraire, Wolfowitz and the rest of the neocon nutters launched themselves four square into alliance with the islamofascists in Syria, and against Assad.

            The arabists and old guard have always supported the Assads. It’s Wolfie’s crew who brought on this madness, and Call Me Dave is one of those as well.

    • Shazza

      Yup and we all know that we can rely on the likes of Jon Snow, BBC, Sky, the MSM will be bravely interviewing ISIS and other islamic groups and castigating them about their behaviour – calling out for the UN, Governments around the world to take action, showing us Christian children being slaughtered ………

      Oh yes, I just remembered – only a certain religious group enjoy privileged, protected status. Silly me.

    • Advocatus_Diaboli_69

      If you bring up the subject you’ll be told that so and so condemns it and if they’re feeling particularly moved they’ll condemn it in the strongest possible terms.

  • MaxSceptic

    I imagine that it won’t be long before the Arabic letter N for Nassarah appears on the houses of Christians in predominantly Muslim neighbourhoods such as Brick Lane.

    • Olterigo

      ISIS flags were already seen last week at a protest in the Hague.

  • Span Ows

    Good question: you won’t get stop the war, unions, SWP, UAF, Muslim friends etc marching at all because there’s no Jews involved. Just tell then ISIS are really Jews in disguise and you’d get a million man march against them, banners galore made with no expense spared.

    The British media certainly don’t care about Christians…they may change their minds when the Muslim hoards are pulling down their gates.

    • Olterigo

      I doubt that. I suspect, the British media will readily convert.

    • Damaris Tighe

      Or Mossad in disguise.

      • Span Ows

        LOL. yes, it was them! And the Cardiff contingent of SIS (MI6, not ISIS!)

    • zanzamander

      Or you won’t get English cricketers wearing wrist bands in support of the plight of these Christians.

  • Andy

    To answer your question, no one. The reason is Christians can be persecuted with impunity, and especially so because those doing the persecuting are more often than not Muslims.

    • HookesLaw

      One muslim sect is also busy persecuting another. So most of the people being persecuted are also muslim.

      • Kennie

        That’s terrible. So the slaughter of Christians is irrelevant. I didn’t realise that.

      • the viceroy’s gin

        …and really, that’s the only thing that concerns you Camerloons, eh lad? You and your islamofascist allies don’t mind if Christians are slaughtered, inshallah.

      • Bryan J. Maloney

        But that doesn’t matter so long as it’s Muslims doing it. Muslims get a free pass to do whatever they want to whomever they want, including other Muslims. Only Christians and Jews are held to a high moral standard. Maybe Muslims just are incapable of living up to a high moral standard?

    • allymax bruce

      Be honest; the Zionists are financing both sides. Zionists using all the ‘manufactured crash’ booty to pay ISIS/All Queda, and using the Western gov’ Bonds they own to blackmail said Western govs to play along. We, the Public, are paying the Zionists to steal our money, bribe our governments, and eradicate our own Christian religion. You couldn’t make it up.

      • the viceroy’s gin

        Oh would you just FO about the “zionists”?

      • Kerr Mudgeon

        We couldn’t make it up, but you do.

      • Chris Hogan

        Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.

      • Michael Sager

        Only a total idiot could make this up

      • Bryan J. Maloney

        You’re a loonie. Did you know that?