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Image is the least of Ed’s worries

25 July 2014

2:51 PM

25 July 2014

2:51 PM

What were Labour thinking? Against the background of Ukraine and Gaza, the only domestic story likely to cut through is an economic one. The news today is dominated by David Cameron, George Osborne and Nick Clegg wallowing in the success of the British economy. So what did Ed Miliband do? He made a speech about presentation for the Westminster village, of course. The SAS is on standby to land in Ukraine, Gaza crumbles and the IMF gives the UK a gold star for economic performance; but, look over there, Ed’s got something to say about the political-media nexus!

Miliband’s war on photo-ops is utterly laughable given that it came just days after he flew half-way round the world to pose for a picture with President Obama at a pointless meeting.

The Labour leader wonders why he gets a hard time. It’s a matter of credibility, far more than the fact that he’s a bit of a dork.

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  • Hegelguy

    The anti-Semitic fuss about the bacon sandwich grimace, by the way. It reminded me of what some said about Trotsky: His intense, frowning Jewish face OFFENDED them…..
    It’s good to know anti-Semitism is alive and well and quite up to all its wonderful old tricks of physically stigmatising Jews. I used to fear that sort of thing went out of fashion when Julius Streicher was hung.

    • Liz

      It’s the same reason the Spectator laughs at women with all their funny woman faces and bodies and traits.

    • IronDomed

      Lanky, very pasty, short-sighted green eyes, bronze curled hair?

    • No Good Boyo

      Congratulations on being pro-Jewish. So am I, and have been since a I saw a school friend of mine being beaten up by a couple of adult skinheads. Big, brave defenders of the Arian race.

      But being pro-Jewish doesn’t being relentlessly nice to them. The idea that any sort of negative comment concerning a minority must indicate a fundamental bigotry is stupid and a very old-fashioned political correctness that not even the trendy-lefties subscribe to any more.

      It hadn’t even occurred to me that the bacon-sandwich photo might be connected to Miliband’s Jewishness. Nothing I’ve heard or read about it to date even alluded to it.

      Anti-Semitism is, as you say, alive and well, but when people run about looking for excuses to label everything as anti-Semitic, with little justification, you simply cheapen the brutality of genuine anti-Semitism, and undermine us all.

  • Grumpy

    Now let’s get this right gurus, you sent your boy onto TV to explain that while he is a total dork (which everyone already knew) he cares about others-which is why this speech is all about him, right? Then you get hordes of lackies and lickspittles to also go on TV to explain that the reason that the dork had to make the speech is that the public are too stupid to understand that because a bloke looks like a dork, acts like a dork and talks like a dork–he may not really be a dork; well, not ALL the time. This is called honesty in politics.

    I don’t know how much Miliband’s advisors are being paid, but they saw him coming. I have never seen a worse publicity/PR/Image campaign since Idi Amin’s last charm offensive. Best ask for your money back.

  • JabbaTheCat

    Miliband’s recent selfie orientated brush past with Obama is well summed by this photo…

  • CB

    He pinched the ‘if you want that, that’s not me, that’s the other guy, vote for him’ spiel from Mitt Romney.…/romney-tells-heckler-to-vote-for-the-other-guy-for-free-st..

  • Conway

    [H]e flew half-way round the world to pose for a picture with President Obama at a pointless meeting.” This would be the same Miliband who foisted the Climate Change Act on us, hiking up our electricity bills with green taxes to save the planet, would it?

  • Smithersjones2013

    Look at the face. Its the face that launched a thousand ships. Full of emigrants! Will the last one out switch off the light please!

    • GraveDave

      I thought that was Blair. In any case the sort of people who vote for Milliband will be the sort of people who will vote Labour just because they hate the idea of the Tories getting in again (and the Tories haven’t gone much out of their way to make that many friends among the lower orders have they?).
      Then as you say, there’s the immigrant vote.

  • Paddy

    I hope we haven’t got to put up with this lunatic for the next 6 weeks?

    But on the plus side – the more people see of him the more his poll ratings go down.

  • Makroon

    Red doesn’t like the Tory “cat-walk cabinet”.
    He prefers the Labour “dog-walk shadow cabinet”.

  • CharleyFarleyFive

    What a complete imbecile and yet very likely our next PM. Be afraid, be very afraid.

    • HookesLaw

      Thewre is no reason whyun he should be the next PM if people vote to keep him out.

      • CharleyFarleyFive

        With the Lib Dems a spent force, UKIP taking more Tory votes than Labour and the in built electoral advantage Labour have it is highly likely they will win.

    • telemachus

      Not “very likely”

  • Fencesitter

    I think it’s safe to say the Sun’s sub-editors will already have drawn up their “Miliband’s head in a lightbulb” front page for May 7, 2015…

    • telemachus

      You may be right
      However that journal is so devalued no one will listen

      • Inverted Meniscus

        Apart from the fact that it has the largest circulation of any newspaper in Britain although intellectually too powerful for an idiot of your standing.

  • Colonel Mustard

    “Here’s what I think matters.” It’s what the people think matters that matters.

    “The leadership you need and the leadership this country needs is one that has big ideas to change things”

    Why and what? You had a “big idea” to “change things” when you imported 4 million foreigners to rub the right’s nose in diversity. When Cameron spoke of the Big Society you and your comrades subjected it to nothing but scorn. You didn’t even try to understand it or make it work.

    “… with the sense of principle needed to stick to those beliefs and ideas even when it is hard”

    You mean like Gove whom you and your comrades hounded from office? Or Osborne whom Balls whined relentlessly should change course and adopt Plan B?

    “and with the decency and empathy to reach out to people from all backgrounds, all walks of life”

    This presumably means Tories and UKIP sympathisers against whom you have sponsored a relentless campaign of hatred, as well as the “pale, male and stale”.

    It was certainly a magnificent demonstration of blatant hypocrisy.

    • Holly

      Well said!

    • Jethro Asquith

      This is the best summing up by far. Well done, sir!

  • Bert

    I don’t need leadership and the last thing I want to hear is some wierd, red-prince inbred telling me that he is the leader I need.

    • telemachus

      But he is

      • Bert

        Yes, a weird, Red Prince inbred.
        Glad we agree.

        • telemachus

          You actually understood but obfuscate
          He is the leader we all need

          • Bert

            No obfuscation.
            Wallace is no leader, he is an empty vessel lead by McClusky.

          • Inverted Meniscus

            Yes a red prince inbred with a treacherous father sums that vacuous scumbag up quite nicely.

          • Holly

            IF he is such a ‘leader’ why does he go around paying bods to constantly ‘change his image’/’get his message’ across to the public?
            We know his ‘image’, and we do not like it.
            We know his politics, change every week, and we do not want them.
            Maybe if he stopped going around telling us there will be ‘no more tax & spend’ just before/after he reels off a shed load of policies that will cost a fortune.
            The man is a complete jerk.

            Miliband is NOT a leader.
            He has an ‘image’ problem.
            An ‘image’ problem no ‘image’ guru can fix, because the only way to fix Miliband’s ‘image’ problem, is for someone to tell him to stop with the multi-faced, bandwagon jumping, opportunistic b*ll.

          • Ron Todd

            He got the leadership through the union bosses, the members did not want him the MPs did not want him. If he is not seen as a legitimate leader of the party he is never going to be seen as he legitimate leader of the country.

          • Vera

            Your’re being sarcastic again, right?

      • First L

        Dr. Crippen would have made a better leader of the Labour Party.

    • Holly

      He is the leader Labour deserve.

  • anyfool

    He dare not say anything substantial, his orders from Unite are, do not scare the horses.
    Would that Labour supporters had as many brains as a horse, they make Lemmings seem intelligent..

    • telemachus

      He has seen off McCluskey

      • Inverted Meniscus

        Somebody had better tell Len then so that he can close his chequebook.

  • Fergus Pickering

    Ed is the gift that keeps on giving, isn’t he?

    • telemachus


      It was magnificent

      “Here’s what I think matters. The leadership you need and the leadership this country needs is one that has big ideas to change things, with the sense of principle needed to stick to those beliefs and ideas even when it is hard, and with the decency and empathy to reach out to people from all backgrounds, all walks of life”

      • Fergus Pickering

        But I’ve never worked out a single belief he has except that he should be Prime Minister.

        • Marmalade Sandwich

          Who needs leadership. Bribe huge swathes of the electorate with welfare handouts, perpetuate class war, open the door to immigrants, vote against boundary change and get your chums in media, charity, education and local government to bark manically at anyone not holding the “consensus” viewpoint – all certain to give any cretinous Labour leader more than a shout at occupying No 10.

          • Malcolm Stevas

            Quite. Forget the hand-wringing analysis of the finer points of “policy” as both Parties ironically term their day-to-day PR stunts: it’s mostly about voter bribery, especially at the lower end of the scale.

        • HookesLaw

          He believes in socialism. And when it comes to makimng a hard choice for the greater good he is weak.

      • Makroon

        Ah! The old hopey-changey meme rides again.
        It’s a bit 2008 though. Even Barack has given upon that one.

      • Rossspeak

        Sorry Tele – I just posted on the next article asking where your defense of the Chosen One is – and have just found it here.
        So pleased you didn’t let your legions of fans down – anyone who considers Ed’s speech ” magnificent” I would suggest needs a long lie down in a dark room.
        A cacophony of platitudes without a scintilla of policy.

        • telemachus

          The chosen charismatic one did not speak today
          We had the magnificent one instead

        • Vera

          I thought he was being sarcastic.

          • Rossspeak

            Sorry Vera – “if you knew Tele like we know Tele” – you would know that he is seriously in awe and reverence of all things Labour.
            Humour and irony don’t figure much in his posts – but he gives the rest of us considerable amusement with his expositions of socialist dogma.

        • Inverted Meniscus

          Agreed. Although I have written to him asking if he could repeat the whole thing in my back garden. So much easier and cheaper than going to the garden centre and buying 5 tons of horses**t.

      • Inverted Meniscus

        Priceless. You really are the crown prince of Bulls@@t. Do Labour pay you the minimum wage on a zero hours contract? If yes, they are paying you far too much.

        • Airey Belvoir

          Tele is a wind-up merchant, a mischief-maker. Why do so many on here take the bait?

          • Inverted Meniscus

            I agree but just in case one person thinks of taking him seriously his nonsense should be rebutted.

      • davidofkent

        I’m afraid that’s just waffle.

      • saffrin

        I couldn’t agree more. That is why I’m opting for Nigel Farage.

  • jack

    A dork envious of his better looking and smarter sibling.

    Equivalent of a sort of cuckoo in an Eagle’s nest, pushing the real one out on to the ground whilst the parents were away.

    • telemachus

      In truth David had neither the stomach or the bottle

    • Makroon

      Wow, talk about fine margins.

      • realfish

        There’s just the width of a banana skin between them.

  • telemachus

    The narrative moves apace
    Speccie caves in
    These are the real stories
    So Miliband keeps schtum
    The narrative would be Labour have nothing to say

    • Alexsandr

      labour cant say anything. the economic news is good, and all theyr b0110cks about too fast too deep has been proven 100% wrong
      the only crack in the economic news, the failure of GDP/per person to rise, is one of their weaknesses -who let in all the immigrants.
      And Labour still havent apologised for the clusterf*ck at the birmingham schools, caused by their immigration/multicult policy, and not sorted by a Labour Birmingham council. And a problem that Gove warned about.

    • Inverted Meniscus

      Well that would at least be true. Labour has nothing to say except : ‘we can spend your money and regulate your life better than you can so be grateful and shut up or else’.

  • Fergus Pickering

    The quiet man turning up the volume. That went well, didn’t it. Did he eat a bacon sandwich to prove he wasn’t a jew? All those muslim votes, I mean.

    • Fergus Pickering

      No, tele. The narrrative ought to be that Ed has something to say about something that isn’t him.

    • telemachus

      Shame on you Fergus


      He nailed the poll problem vs Cameron

      “Even my biggest supporters would say I haven’t matched him on that. It is not what I care most about. And it’s not where my talents lie —as you may have noticed.

      “I am not from central casting. You can find people who are more square-jawed, more chiselled, look less like Wallace. You could probably even find people who look better eating a bacon sandwich. If you want the politician from central casting, it’s just not me, it’s the other guy. If you want a politician who thinks that a good photo is the most important thing, then don’t vote for me.

      “But I believe that people would quite like somebody to stand up and say there is more to politics than the photo op.”

      “If politics is going to respond to the distrust people have, it has to begin to respond to talking about you.

      “The current Prime Minister might take a good picture but he can’t build a country that works for you. It is not what interests him. And it is not who he stands up for.

      “Here’s what I think matters. The leadership you need and the leadership this country needs is one that has big ideas to change things, with the sense of principle needed to stick to those beliefs and ideas even when it is hard, and with the decency and empathy to reach out to people from all backgrounds, all walks of life.

      “For me, those qualities are the gold standard for what a modern leader should offer. I will sometimes fall short of that gold standard. But it is what I aspire to.

      “I know the qualities I have talked about don’t just matter to me. They matter to you. They are the bedrock of this party.”

      • Makroon

        Most reasonable people probably feel a bit of sympathy with Red being door-stepped by the journo-prats whilst he wrestled inelegantly with his bacon sarni (whilst enjoying making fun of him, of course).
        But to draw further attention to it ?? Is the guy nuts ?
        But please don’t sack Axelrod yet, he’s a clown.

        • telemachus

          Confront your critics head on

          • Holly

            Wouldn’t he have to stay standing up to do that?
            Everything Idiot boy has tried to do, think or say had ended up making him look even more ridiculous than the last thing he did that made him look ridiculous.
            He is a dud.
            Get over it, and let us all move on, however boring our days would be without the clown, and his antics to laugh at.
            He has got thousands of people through these austere times with his japes.
            He IS the true son of Bozo.

      • Vera

        Your’re a foreigner aren’t you, all lost in translation. Us Brits laugh out loud at such meaningless drivel. I think Ed is too, a foreigner I mean, couldn’t win a 6th form debate.

        • Colonel Mustard

          All socialist thinking is foreign to the English. It’s the intensity in the desire to coerce conformity and lack of self-awareness. Not English at all.

    • Shazza

      Moslems don’t like bacon either.

      • Fergus Pickering

        Funny people.