Ed’s business speech literally cloaked in darkness

3 July 2014

12:14 PM

3 July 2014

12:14 PM

Mr S wandered down to Ed Miliband’s big business speech at the ‘Inclusive Prosperity’ conference at the Science Museum today, and it has to be said: it was all a bit weird.

While the space age theme of the ‘breakout’ coffee room was rather funky, it was so dark that you could not actually see anyone’s face or work out who you are talking to. The whole thing had the feel of a night club—all be it one hosting a geek-themed fetish evening—about it.


Perhaps this is how the Labour leader likes to interact with big business – cloaking it in darkness so he can pretend it is not there.


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  • Amir

    Check this article out about Ed Miliband’s last chance:

    • Gafto

      This linked article has very poor syntax and grammar.

  • george

    “The whole thing had the feel of a night club—all be it one hosting a geek-themed fetish evening”
    didnt Laurie Penny use to do burlesque? … mibi it was her idea for a new dynamic ed

  • DWWolds

    If it wasn’t so serious, it would be hilarious.

  • Jock

    Back to the dark ages of Old Labour?

  • solly gratia

    Mushroom boys. Kept in the dark and fed on shyite.

    • John Smith

      or Sunni’s

  • Kitty MLB

    As I have said here many times.Moribund Milipede when he’s
    not hanging upside down in those subterranean tunnels
    beneath the HOC, likes to parembulate the outside world
    shrouded in mystery.And darkness as you say he wears as a cloak.

  • samhol

    Maybe if a solar eclipse and a massive power-cut coincided during the general election, more sane people would – accidentally – vote Labour in their booths.

  • Tom W Huxley

    Perhaps Lord Mandelson has been helping Team Miliband after all.