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Ed Miliband’s road to nowhere

11 July 2014

12:20 PM

11 July 2014

12:20 PM

Ed Miliband’s negotiations with the White House to meet his hero Barack Obama aren’t going well, Nick Robinson reported on the Today programme this morning:

‘Ed Miliband’s team are desperate not to ruin their man’s chances of a visit to the White House by talking them up… The Labour leader’s aides point out that he has already met Barack Obama, though not at the White House. Some even say that Michael Howard never got to go when he was leader of the opposition – before remembering, perhaps, that that’s not the best parallel to draw. Don’t be fooled though, in Washington DC they’re in no doubt this is a meeting the man who aspires to be our next Prime Minister wants and wants badly.’

The Labour leader’s positions on Syria and Palestine are coming back to haunt him as he demands to have his international cake and eat it too.

Mr S has mused before over why exactly Labour are paying Obama’s former campaign wizard David Axelrod a comfortable six figure sum. His work doesn’t seem to be paying off at home, and it’s clearly not paying off in terms of influence across the pond.

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  • Liberty

    Where is this Palestine you refer to? There has never been a state called Palestine. Surely you mean Israel, the Gaza strip or the West Bank?

  • bugshead

    Milliband is a prat and the White House and everyone in Washington knows it, so why associate with a loser ? Plus a real weird one to boot …

  • Winston Burchill

    Millipede, Scameron, Clogg when will this nightmare end?!

  • Colin56

    Great, a photo-op with Milipede grappling a US-sized hamburger. Should be a front page splash …

  • George_Arseborne

    Tory’s most outstanding strategy towards the next general election is to throw kitchen sink on Ed Milliband. They have now exhausted it. Just see how stupid this article is. Yet their poll rating has not change and things are still pointing at Ed as the next Occupant of Number 10.
    Their so called slongan of Long Term economy plan is working is instead destroying their chance since the more they say it the more the main electorates go into missery.
    So what next for them now to do? Absolutely nothing. Just waiting to be kicked out in 2015.
    Please keep President Cameron slogan on. This will really be a big help for Ed who is focus on having more Labour Party MP to gain overall majority.
    Please pour more kitchen sink on Ed Milliband! !!!!

    • Inverted Meniscus

      ok but only if you promise to take English lessons and undergo a literacy test.

      • George_Arseborne

        At least you got the narrative. What about numeracy test numb skull?

        • Inverted Meniscus

          Numbskull is one word you idiot.

  • itdoesntaddup

    Eh, Chukk… cheer up – the future labour leader spent a couple of days as a guest in 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, 20001 D.C. I’ve even been there myself.

  • anyfool

    Obama and his gang are out to ruin the US so any advice on how to hurry it up from Miliband will probably be appreciated, Miliband with his deception of Cameron on Syria will not be appreciated as Obama was going to join Cameron doing the Saudi bidding in that benighted country.
    Obama as President of the USA actually bowed to this fake Saudi king, that shows where his true loyalties lie.

  • Smithersjones2013

    Why would anyone let that misfit sully the White House lawns….?

  • telemachus

    So Steerpike add to the narrative
    This item is not about Obama
    It is another Miliband geek story
    The establishment and the right are terrified as the General Election approaches
    But make no mistake come it will and the forces of reason will triumph

    • saffrin

      Your lot are in denial and have about as much credibility as the SNP.
      With Ed Balls and Harriet mad woman on your side, you stand no chance.

      • telemachus

        Ed Balls is just about the most charismatic politician in the Westminster firmament
        He not only makes folks smile but he will restore equality after 5 years of for-us-and-ours Osborne

        • Inverted Meniscus

          Ed Balls is simply another amoral, incompetent, duplicitous socialist nutter.

        • flaxdoctor

          ‘Charisma’ is not the same as ‘anger management issues’.

        • ButcombeMan

          Balls economic history makes him one of Labour’s biggest electoral liabilities.

          • Ooh!MePurse!

            And that’s one mighty big badge to wear!

        • IanH

          telemachus, you are clearly Ed Balls or someone paid by him, why don’t you just FOAD and stop clogging up these fora

        • Ooh!MePurse!

          He doesn’t make me smile. His economic predictions make me laugh. Then I remember that he could be in Number 11 in ten months time. And that makes me miserable.

        • David B

          This must be a different Ed Balls to the one that helped Gordon Brown destroy the UK economy and is the current shadow cabinet

          • con

            it’s them starey eyes and st st st stutter wot duz it.

      • Andy

        You mention Harriet Harbag. You should also mention PIE.

    • Inverted Meniscus

      Well the duplicitous little sh*t is regretting double-crossing Cameron over the Syria vote now and all because he was terrified of being outflanked by UKIP. Fortunately, this preposterous little man is heading nicely towards socialist nutter oblivion.

      • Ooh!MePurse!

        I love your turn of phrase IM!

    • David B

      This is a UK political blog, of course it’s about how Miliband is trying use the perceived golden touch of Obama (which incidentally the people of the USA don’t think he has).

      Miliband’s problem is he has no long game. Inflicting defeat on Cameron over Syria may have been fun for him at the time but leaves him exposed now. Miliband has no strategy or policy only bandwagons.

      Never mind he can always poss with the self proclaimed UK Obama next time there is a shadow cabinet meeting.

  • Hexhamgeezer

    Why don’t the Tories (or someone) photoshop a picture of Millib and Axelrod together with the slogan “Would you buy a used policy from these freaks?”

    Should be effective enough.

    • you_kid

      Nah – what we need is an easy on the eye BLAME THEM campaign – with EU stars, Romanesco and Bulgur and the like on it, to win back lost basket case fruitloop votes.

      • Hexhamgeezer

        Vote Freakynomics