Chuka’s struggle

7 July 2014

12:55 PM

7 July 2014

12:55 PM

Chuka Umunna was on the receiving end of an internet storm after he suggested that people who vote UKIP are either too old or too stupid to do things like ‘sending and receiving an email, browsing the internet, filling in an online form.’ Angry E-Kippers flooded the Shadow Business Secretary’s inbox with proof to the contrary. Now it seems it is Chuka who is struggling online: ‘Parliament’s computers are being upgraded,’ moans the self-styled smooth operator. ‘It is absolutely awful – would love to go back to the previous version!’ So it is not just Ukip that harks back to a bygone age.

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  • Gwangi

    This privately-educated self-righteous poster boy of the left is the son of a high court judge and a multi-millionaire. He has the same sneering and superior disposition of so many former public schoolboys.

    Moreover, he is factually wrong. Most who struggle with the internet or who don’t want to bother are elderly – one reason why there should always be a free non-internet option of doing anything. Also, the least educated and poorest people are less likely to have the internet – in other worlds, the loyal Labour voters from their safe seats.

    Oh dear. Chuka Can’t does it again…

  • pobinr

    Email to Iain McNicol Labour MP

    Here’s why I’ll be voting UKIP

    Labour have betrayed the working class people of this country.
    I can’t believe trade unions still support Labour!


    Labour – Anti referendum, pro EU and pro immigration.
    Result = Mass immigration of cheap labour driving down wages, taking jobs, taking homes, making more traffic congestion and making slumlords & low wage payers richer.
    But that’s the opposite of Socialism isn’t it?
    Labour the party for people that don’t believe in Labour principles!

    I can only assume the people that think mass immigration is wonderful are fortunate enough to live in areas that haven’t been flooded in the last 5 years with East Europeans. I live in Shirley, Southampton.

    Last week I rang to make a doctors appointment. I got ‘Sorry not possible today.’
    Never used to be like that. I resent this kind of thing.
    And why shouldn’t I be able to resent such things without being called a racist?
    I resent housing shortages. I resent the social housing queue now being 8+ years in Southampton. I resent more traffic congestion, More noise, more pollution.

    Even immigrants are tired of immigration
    Asians no longer send their children to the local school St Marks in Southampton, because they want their children to learn English rather than Polish, Romanian, Hungarian etc!
    They have classes where only 4 children are English!
    My friend wouldn’t send his child there. He paid for her to go to St Winifreds private school instead and he’s half Polish!
    His father came here from Poland in the 60’s!

    Every other name on Southampton Maternity unit cots is East European.

    Locals can’t get their kids into their nearest school.
    Even if they can it’s full of kids that can’t speak English properly.
    The General hospital has had to ask for more funding for the hepatobiliary liver service due to Vodka usage by our friends from the East.

    I was speaking to Pole the other day at 11am.
    I asked him how come you’re not at work?
    He replied he ‘Couldn’t get any more chef work here’
    I said will you be going back to Poland then?
    He replied ‘No I steel beetar off here’ !
    On the dole !

    Friends of mine have troublesome anti social Polish neighbours on benefits that are about to be evicted for non payment of rent. So whilst many Poles might be hard working, we’re also importing a lot of dross, as if we don’t already have enough of our own!

    Under EU dictat XYZ retired East Europeans that have been here a year are entitled to their £120 a month pension topped up to around £500 a month UK pension paid for by us. We pay NI for 40 years to get a UK pension. They pay for 0 years!

    My mother ln law’s in a rest home. Some staff are East European. She’s hard of hearing & can’t understand their poor English.

    I was chatting to a Hungarian girl recently who served me in Pizzaexpress. A charming girl. I asked her what has the EU done for her and her country?
    She replied – ‘It’s given her the opportunity to leave’
    I said would she ever go back to Hungary. She replied ‘No’
    So countries less densely populated than here to start with are losing their youth & people of working age.
    Their demographic screwed & ours!

    I bought a 2 flat that had had 6 Lithuanians living in.
    The new working class living like this with almost no overheads so undercutting wages for locals & driving down living standards for people with mortgages to pay & making slumlords & min wage employers richer.
    EU = Capitalist’s wet dream brought to you courtesy of the left.

    Because these people are squashed into flats with no gardens in numbers the flats weren’t designed to take, Southampton Common becomes their garden in summer. Drunken Poles on Lidls Vodka having BBQ’s burning the grass. Feeling like I’m not in England any more in the common I grew up playing in. It makes me sick.
    People I know have anti social unemployed Poles next to them. So whilst many Poles might be hard working, we’re also importing a lot of dross, as if we don’t already have enough of our own!

    Unsurprisingly immigrants on low wages contribute less into the system than they are entitled to receive from it >

    So why do Labour support open borders?
    Becuase they are funded by big business like JML who donated £1.6M in shares to Labour to keep the flow of cheap labour coming in!

    How the EU is destroying our democracy >

    Yours sincerely

  • The Commentator

    You’d think a member of the politically correct tendency like Chuka would know all about the pernicious affect of hurtful stereotypes.

  • mohdanga

    Isn’t this a racist comment? If said by a white to the black population the multiculti/diversity mob would be at the barricades…..

  • Fraser Bailey

    I call him Chuck-up Umunna because every time I see or hear him I feel slck.

  • Smithersjones2013

    Poor Chucky,he’s such an arrogant condescending little tw@. I can only assume that he had to choose poliitics because he lacks the social skills to do anything else!

  • Neil Gardner

    Help please do not inform us he is a loyal IE6 user !

  • suzy61

    How to rally the grass root voters eh? Did he research how many traditional Labour voters defected to UKIP? Obviously not…I’m so glad to see Labour has learned nothing from the recent elections and continue to treat the white, working-class vote as a given. Pride comes before a fall…

  • dado_trunking

    What happened to the ‘Attack Balls’ strategy?
    We are wetting our pants come the day this ‘charismatic’ (not my words) young’un takes over from the chap who needs to change his barber, quick!
    And whist we’re at it: Sajid! Please get some ‘how not to look like Bambi in headlights’ training. Please!

  • sarahsmith232

    i just bothered myself to click on this, 3 minutes of my time i’ll not get back.
    Who on earth at the Spec’ thinks this is worth writing?

  • ADW

    The first two comments concerned positive discrimination. It is a mathematical certainty that within the lifetime of many living today, that Britain will become a country where everyone is an ethnic minority of some sort. What happens then to the concept of positive discrimination – or, for that matter, negative discrimination?

    • sarahsmith232

      The Left has long since lost it’s point, only exists for immigration and welfare dependency. They desperately need to buy into the idea that the majority of non-whites are backward, ignorant and racist, it gives them a point, they can then present themselves as the saviours of it. Once they succeed in their aim of wiping out the white majority they will seek out ways to believe that the non-white are now victims of a more powerful minority of whites.
      They can’t let that go, otherwise how could get up in the morning doing their ‘i’m the angel here, yeah, i’m da man, i’m one the chosen ones, one of the superbreeds, yeah, I really am powerful, superior and my angelic qualities are really quite unlike any other’. Blunkett thought so little of revealing this about himself that in a BBC documentary about immigration he stated that they of course were unquestionably right about their open-door because – ‘we were on the side of the angels’.
      How anyone as intelligent as he is can get to his age without so much as a seed of doubt about his real motivations or understanding of the effects of immigration is quite amazing.

      • Inverted Meniscus

        Because he is a fanatic incapable of moderation or self doubt.

        • sarahsmith232

          LOL, agreed. Can count on one hand, if you’d need a hand, how many of Labour’s lot aren’t.

      • ADW

        Is the Blunketty-Blunk video on Youtube? Do you have a link? Just interested, the man was as duplicitous as the rest.

        • sarahsmith232

          Sorry dearie, haven’t got any link. Was in the BBC2 doc’ on immigration that Nick Robinson did a few months back. Shocking that they can be so far removed from reality that it’s all so dead simple for them, so black and white. Those that are on the angelic side of the debate are pro mass, uncontrolled, indiscriminate immigration from parts of the world that breed barbarism, those that aren’t are all racists/fascists/pond life.
          Did you watch the Tories former immigration minister on the Daily Politics the other week? Mark Harper on non-EU immigration – ‘we have dealt with that now’. During the last 17yrs of mass immigration at no point was EU ever the majority, always been at least 70% non-EU. The student visa route is still rife with fraud, the Tories response – ‘we have dealt with that now’. The numbers of non-EU are 400,000py at a v.v.v. conservative estimate, the Tories response – ‘we have dealt with that now’.
          Not a slip of the tongue on his part either, I read their Immigration Act, nothing, zero, absolutely nothing at all on how to stop them getting in, only some half-hearted, feeble rubbish that wouldn’t have a hope of getting past the Human Rights Act, to try and get them back out once they get in.
          They deserve to be taken apart by Ukip, they really do. We’ve basically still got New Labour in power, all the same quangos, all the same Labour people running them, same immigration policies, aid policies, limp community cohesion programmes (all those Trojan Horse governors are still working, they’re using school funds to fight the gov’, they’re all still running those schools!). The Electoral Commission’s run by a member of Labour’s looney Left, she’s refusing to go after the nuts running Tower Hamlets but is aggressively going after Ukip.
          What’s Cameron’s response? ‘Oh, we don’t want to do anything that might harm community cohesion, it’s coming up to August, i’m just thinking of my next trip out to Ibiza, I really don’t care, my focus group feedback is telling me I dont have to’.
          Waste of time, the lot of them.

          • Damaris Tighe

            The political class of all three major parties have more in common with each other than to the people who put them in power.

  • Mr Grumpy

    Heh! Probably just as well he went into politics rather than, erm, business.

  • Diggery Whiggery

    Chuka, Diane Abbott and Harriet Harman are living proof that positive discrimination lowers standards.

    • Inverted Meniscus

      They do not lower standards they destroy standards.

    • Frank

      Ditto Tristam Hunt (he of the disabled haircut disadvantaged group)

    • Alltaxationistheft

      Every time I’ve seen Chuka on Q time I thought he was quite impressive. If he saw the light & came over to UKIP I don’t think we’d turn him away. He is not your usual Labour Luvvie.

      • ArchiePonsonby

        You mean the “Britsh Obama; i.e. a shameless self-publicist who can’t bear not to see himself in the prints every day, but has never had an original thought ever? If he joins UKIP, I leave!

  • anyfool

    This man cannot do anything right, he is rapidly turning into a sorry copy of an accident prone politician, still that is one of the qualifications you need to lead the Labour Party.
    He has no ability and is only where he is, because he is black.

    • Hexhamgeezer

      Be fair……he looks ok in a suit and that, surely, is a key quality in Millib’s regime. And, as you say, he’s black which absolves him of so many sins.

    • Iain Hill

      Never insult – nor forget – the electorate!

    • suzy61

      Not unlike Abbott and Vaz.