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Britain has let Islamists run riot – as today’s report into the ‘Trojan horse’ plot reveals

22 July 2014

1:09 PM

22 July 2014

1:09 PM

Peter Clarke, a former counter-terror chief, has published a report today which reveals that an ‘aggressive Islamist agenda’ was pursued in ‘Trojan horse’ schools in Birmingham. He has found evidence of a coordinated plan to impose strict Islamic teaching on pupils. This piece by Douglas Murray was originally published in the print edition of The Spectator magazine, dated :

Who’s up, who’s down? Who’s in, who’s out? While Westminster spent last week gossiping about which minister’s special adviser said what, in another city, not far away, a very different Britain was unveiled.

On Monday, the Chief Inspector of Schools, Sir Michael Wilshaw, published his damning investigation into the ‘Trojan Horse’ affair. Ever since allegations about an organised Islamist plot to take over Birmingham state schools emerged this year, they have been the subject of furious claims and counter-claims. The original document (a ‘widely accepted forgery’ as the BBC keeps calling it) seems most likely to have been written by a disgruntled Muslim teacher. Nearly every Muslim group and ‘spokes-person’ in the UK has spent recent months crying ‘witch-hunt’ and ‘Islamophobia’. Yet, whatever their origins, the claims now turn out to be mirrored by the facts.

The report found that Islamists had used ‘fear and intimidation’ to infiltrate school governing bodies in order to impose a ‘narrow faith-based ideology’. Children as young as six had been taught that western women are ‘white prostitutes’. Non-Muslim pupils were excluded from certain activities, including a trip to Saudi Arabia. There are accounts of anti-Christian chants being encouraged in morning assemblies. In one primary school, music was banned, along with raffles, tombolas and other ‘un-Islamic’ activities.

Further reports will be published, including one from former Met counter-terrorism chief Peter Clarke, which is expected to be even more damning. For his part, Sir Michael’s report concluded that ‘the active promotion of a narrow set of values and beliefs in some of the schools is making children vulnerable to segregation and emotional dislocation from wider society’. Indeed. A generation is at risk. But it is not just the Islamists, but this country, which is letting it happen.

Since the moment protests erupted over Salman Rushdie’s Satanic Verses, Britain’s authorities have been caught off guard. It was a Conservative home secretary (Michael Howard) who disastrously encouraged British Muslims to organise as a community rather than as citizens, believing it best if government had a ‘go-to’ group for the Muslims in Britain. The result was to embed community differences and encourage radicals to believe their horizon was closer than it ever should have seemed.

Under the Conservative and then Labour governments, radical preachers toured Britain trying to rally and isolate Muslim youth. They said that to be a Muslim you had to sympathise with your Muslim ‘brothers’ anywhere in the world. What you should not do was to feel any of that gratitude or desire to assimilate which had existed in their parents’ generation.

Everywhere, this madness was allowed to spread. Religiously segregated areas were accepted, separate values were allowed to thrive and, eventually, even separate rules of law tolerated and encouraged. All the time, we pretended to ourselves that this was simply ‘diversity’. I remember one Muslim woman in particular, who I interviewed in Birmingham some years ago. Born and bred in the area, she had been horribly mistreated by her local sharia court. ‘All my life,’ she told me, ‘I have been told what my rights are as a Muslim woman. No one ever told me what my rights are as a British woman.’


Amid this tolerance of anything and everything, the first major attacks on the West — 9/11, the 2004 Madrid train bombings, 7/7 — were a jolt. But if government was concerned by the acts of violence themselves, it was confused and reticent over what lay behind it. Clever counter-terrorism strategies like ‘Prevent’ were developed. But they had almost wholesale push-back from the ‘Muslim leadership’ and some funds ended up promoting the very ideologies they were meant to counter. What few people spotted was an opening that many Islamists were themselves perfectly frank about — an ambition to control the minds of the next generation of British Muslims.

Of course, there were examples of what could go wrong. In 2007, a disgruntled Muslim teacher blew the whistle on the privately run King Fahad Academy in Acton, West London, alerting us to the fact that extreme textbooks in Arabic were being used at the school. The materials (from the Saudi ministry of education, incidentally) called Jews and Christians ‘apes and pigs’ and included test questions such as ‘Give examples of worthless religions such as Judaism, Christianity, idol-worship and others’. An Ofsted report a year earlier had declared the school’s teaching of Islam to be ‘mostly good’.

If such views and teachings came as a surprise to politicians and public alike, then they should not have done. Islamist groups had been completely open about their ambition. In a September 2003 piece (‘Education Dilemma’) in their Khilafah magazine, the global Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir (which is banned in many countries) railed against UK schools, including Muslim schools, for being too compromising and secular.

They criticised the older generation of British Muslims for doing ‘little to challenge what the indigenous population held as norms and values’ and complained that ‘in a society dominated by capitalist values and ideas, curriculum education will inevitably be used to indoctrinate children with notions such as “freedom” and “democracy” ’. HT said that ‘parents must be careful to filter out any negative influences that children are exposed to from the wider society’ and proposed that ‘Muslims can try to establish Islamic schools that are not deficient’.

Just two years later, in their April 2005 manifesto, Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain boasted of helping existing Islamic schools to develop ‘appropriate’ curricula, and said they were supporting new schools being established across the country, adding, ‘We have set up bodies to aid Muslim governors of state schools, to be aware of their rights and to cater for Muslim children.’

After the London Tube and bus bombs were detonated, Prime Minister Tony Blair promised to ban HT. But not only was the group not banned, its members were allowed to set up schools in Slough and Haringey. Again the inspections failed. A 2005 Ofsted report for the Slough school said, ‘the school’s provision for the pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is very good’. Two years later, the schools were receiving over £130,000 in government grants.

Challenged on this another two years later, the then education secretary Ed Balls furiously deflected attention from the reality. In November 2009, Balls told Newsnight, ‘The question is, were the schools promoting terrorism or extremism? We’ve sent in the Ofsted advisers, who said no. I have looked at the curriculum, the answer was no.’

Perhaps, like Ofsted, he didn’t know what to look for. The HT constitution and the curricula for the Slough and Haringey schools are identical. Pupils were to be taught ‘Sovereignty to Allah’ and ‘Authority to the Ummah’. Lessons for nine and ten-year-olds included lessons on the need to establish an Islamic state and ‘Jihad fi sabeelillah [fighting in the path of Allah] as a form of worship’. As the author of the school’s history curriculum had previously written in HT’s magazine that ‘the world will, insha’Allah, witness the death of the criminal capitalist nation of America and all other (infidel) states when the army of jihad is unleashed against them’, it seems safe to suggest we are not talking about ‘inner personal struggle’ here.

In 2007, one of Michael Howard’s creations, the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) published a 72-page blueprint on how to Islamicise secular state schools. It called for schools to avoid teaching any art involving ‘three-dimensional imagery of humans’, and discourage any play ‘associated with celebrating aspects of other religions’. There was no particular complaint. One of the two authors of the MCB report, Tahir Alam, is now a central figure being investigated in the Trojan Horse plot.

Yet still the Birmingham case has shocked everyone. Perhaps it is because the schools in question are not private schools or Gove’s academies. These are state schools being subjected to clear Islamist takeover. Perhaps that is why Monday’s debate in the House of Commons was striking for its relative lack of partisan point-scoring. There can hardly be a person in Westminster who thinks Michael Gove either incompetent or especially soft on Islamic extremism. Perhaps politicians of both parties now realise what one Labour frontbencher admitted in private this week, that we are now ‘running up against the limits of multiculturalism in the state education system’.

That is an unpopular thing to say. The follow-on point is more unpopular still. Which is that the numbers matter. The 2011 census showed that almost a quarter of Birmingham’s population identified as Muslim. Several Birmingham constituencies, like other parts of England, either currently have, or soon will have, majority Muslim populations. The repercussions are obvious. What happens when a minority request becomes a majority request?

This is going to be a problem for children born into Muslim families first. They risk having the worst possible start in a life — being born in a country where they should have access to any and every opportunity, where instead their ‘own’ community will seek to cut them off from wider society. But it is a problem for all of us down the line.

Of course, there are technical solutions: improved inspections, no-notice inspections and more. But this is not just about ‘policing’, it is about a battle for hearts and minds. This week, Michael Gove stressed the importance of teaching ‘British values’ in schools. Many people will shudder at that. What does it mean? Until recently, we were a Protestant Christian country — now, Britishness is meant to be about being ‘tolerant’ and ‘diverse’. Do such vague and abstract ideas stand a chance against a determined and fixed ideology?

We must be willing to confront the challenge. In recent days, some pointless secularists have aimed the discussion in the wrong direction. They have tried to distract everyone by pretending that all faith schools are Trojan Horse schools in waiting — as though the way to deal with Islamic radicals is to close Church of England schools. It is a bad sign. If we are to present an appealing counter-narrative to that of the Islamists we will have to do better than this. We will have to delve into deeper and more serious terrain about what we, and this country, uniquely offer.

Many Muslims came to this country precisely to leave their religion’s medievalists behind. It would be a tragedy if we stood by while their children — British children to whom we have a duty of care — were indoctrinated by a reconstituted version of that medievalism here.

This article first appeared in the print edition of The Spectator magazine, dated 

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  • dazy Juno

    Muslims demand the right to take over any non-Muslim country they wish and if you attempt to stop them, you are an ‘enemy of Islam’ and you will face the consequences.

  • dazy Juno

    There is only one way to deal with the Muslim problem. Enforce a 2-child per woman law. No woman can have more than 2 children. This way, the Muslim population (and every other population) will reach a peak and then remain constant. But at least they’ll never be able to become the majority. In the minds of Muslims, they have a right to take over any non-Muslim country they so wish, and if you attempt to stop them, you are an ‘enemy of Islam’ and should therefore be dealt with (no prizes for guessing how).

  • Udi Mishan

    To all the True BRITS of the UK!
    Listen to the words of your No. 1 Soldier, Colonel Richard Kemp.

    Would you rather take his words, or take the words of the angry, violent, Muslim mob that break and destroy London streets?!

    True BRITS, Our friends!
    The Israeli people is in need of your help and support!
    We remember Winston Churchill, who was a true and dear friend to Israel and Jewish people!

    Please don’t be diverted from this great man’s path!
    Please let your voice be heard!!!

    • TNT

      You have more people on your side than you could ever know, Udi. 🙂

      • Udi Mishan

        We realy hope so….!

        Fighting those terrorists in their dirty game is hard.

  • FrenchNewsonlin

    “If we are to present an appealing counter-narrative to that of the Islamists…”
    There is no need to present anything of the sort. Surely what is needed in the UK and across Europe is unyielding repression of a cult ideology that is being allowed to seep into national life. In 2011 Cameron, Merkel and Sarkozy announced that multikulti was dead. That being so, bury it. Oblige those who wish to live in this part of the world to integrate and to participate fully as socialised citizens of their national host states. Islamic apartheid is a vile as its South African progenitor.

    • James Lovelace

      “In 2011 Cameron, Merkel and Sarkozy announced that multikulti was dead. That being so, bury it.”

      In 2005 David Cameron said “islamic extremists are Nazis”. He’s had 10 years to do something, anything about these Nazis. He’s done nothing (apart from invite them to Downing St. and Chequers for tea).

      Cameron and Blair both said they would ban Hizb ut Tahrir. Neither of them has done so. Meanwhile the media have stopped reporting on Hizb ut Tahrir, making many people think Hizb ut Tahrir was banned, when it is continuing to work up and down the country for the Caliphate. And lots of supposedly “moderate muslim” organisations protest against the banning of Hizb ut Tahrir.

  • Udi Mishan

    Those Muslims are taking over the UK,
    and instead of doing something about it, all you Brits are doing is supporting their violent protests against Israel! (at least that’s what it looks like in BBC, SKY NEWS etc.. )
    Do you even have a slight doubt of who is evil and who is righteous?
    If you don’t change your path and attitude to the problem you have, i am telling you, the UK will be DOOMED!

  • Jeffrey Dowling

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  • John Clarke

    How did Britain ever allow itself to be colonised by this barbaric religion?

  • Augustus

    It is indeed madness. It’s as though all the elements negating an open and free society were deliberately blended ‎into a witches brew to undermine our own cultural beliefs and values.

  • Ordinaryman

    It would be well to remember that every previous civilisation was destroyed when it allowed itself to become too weak, both militarily and morally (and before people get the wrong idea, I’m not talking about religious morals but am talking about the social morals that help maintain a cohesive whole), to withstand the onslaught of the barbarians. The question is; are we witnessing the same thing with what is regarded as Western civilisation? Maybe!

    • Damaris Tighe

      Yes we are. Our society is decadent & hedonistic. There is a spiritual & moral vacuum & Islam is filling the gap. Christianity looks tired & lacking in confidence. Even though to our western eyes Islam involves a complete moral inversion it looks attractive to lost young men who have never been exposed to any confident western value system.

  • TNT

    Remember the downward spiral of events in ‘Lord of the Flies’? This is the hideous transformation that has afflicted every place on earth where Islam has been given free rein.

  • Agrippina

    The trouble is we are led by short term fools who have no interest in a long term strategy for this country. They do not care if we end up with ghettos up & down the land, as long as they get power for another 5yrs.

    There is no expectation for immmigrants to learn the lang, understand equality issues, freedom of expression etc. Thus they do not integrate, the fault lies with those that govern us.

    A teacher discussing this report today said, they did not want to challege the odd issues they saw developing at their schools, as they did not want to appear racist. Saying no, that is not our way is not racist. Some basic training in equality and the primacy of the law of Eng&Wales would not go amiss.

    Perhaps vote for someone else, who will put Brits 1st and look for social cohesion, upholding the Rule of Law, and pursuing a western ideology.

    Folks who do not like this, can go and live elsewhere.

  • range

    There is no Radical Islam, There is just Islam. So get rid. There are no bad, good , moderate Muslims, There are just Muslims. Get rid….

    • Alexsandr

      why is the koran not banned as inciting violence and religious intolerance?

      • James Lovelace

        Until 200 years ago, the koran was banned in Britain.

        • TNT

          Now they ban Geert Wilders, and at establishment level protect the Quran. Talk about short end of the stick.

  • colliemum

    So it’s been going on for years but people who could’ve done something about it were either too scared or too drunk on ‘multi-culti’.
    And now we wonder how come so many young men from these communities are off to Syria and Iraq, fighting for IS, glorifying jihad.
    Stable door – horse – bolted – close – after … form the appropriate sentence.

  • GraveDave

    Mum, couldn’t I just have a pencil sharpener like everyone else.

  • DaHitman

    Correction it’s the Lib-Lab-Con who’s let the Muslims run riot, the British public had no say on the matter, if we did they wouldn’t be here

  • Lady Magdalene

    Our politicians don’t have the guts to do what is necessary: decree that multiculturalism has failed and from now on every aspect of public policy will aim to result in social cohesion around one recognisably British culture.
    Blair wanted to create a truly multicultural society ( ie fractured society, ethnic ghettos and future conflict) and tragically he has succeeded.

    • global city

      It is not that bad, potentially. Most immigrants just want to integrate and/or earn and leave. It is our elites and academe that have fetishised multiculturalism and moral cultural relevance. If we can expunge these then things will be much better all round….. I’d say especially for most Muslims who, like Murray states left for the UK to get away from the barbarians.

      • Damaris Tighe

        Exactly. It’s very difficult for nominal & atheist ‘muslims’ to declare themselves because of threats of violence from their own families & communities. Instead of condemning all muslims we should support those who want to leave the religion or belong to peaceful sufi sects.

    • James Lovelace

      “decree that multiculturalism has failed”

      David Cameron, February 2011: “multiculturalism has failed”.

      David Cameron, 2005: “islamic extremists are Nazis”.

      What has Vichy Dave done since 2005? Sod all.

  • anotherjoeblogs

    maybe it is time for the Israelis to lecture the Brits about dealing with islam rather than the other way round.

  • JB_1966

    What’s new about this; been going on for two decades all over the country.

    • GraveDave

      Two decades – ? It started long before Muslims.
      Sid Bidwell for Ealing Labour got it passed that Sikhs should be exempt from having to wear crash helmets and Rastas be able to wear dreadlocks under their bus caps. Two examples from the mid seventies. it started a slippery slope.

      • James Lovelace

        Sikhism is entirely different. It does not seek the subjugation of non-muslims.

        Islam is obsessed with the destruction of all that is no islam. Pagan pre-islamic Mecca was multicultural – the petri dish in which this destructive organism germinated.

        You can have tolerance or you can have islam. There is nothing in between.

        • GraveDave

          I was talking about multiculturalism and how it makes exceptions in the laws for different cultures.It was bound to cause resentment and conflict between ‘us’ and ‘them’. Hence – ‘a slippery slope.’ And tolerance is just another way of saying put with it or stay quiet. But why should we?
          One land for all – one law for all.

      • JB_1966

        Yes, that is true indeed.

  • Phil Hove

    Most surprised Matthew Paris does appear to get it at all and comes over as a Muslim appeaser!
    We surely have enough evidence now to work out that any appeasement of Muslim criminality is tantamount to aiding and abetting them and endorsement of their perceived superiority over Kafirs.
    What is needed now is the defence and rescue of our honorable, tolerant culture before it is too late.

    • artemis in france

      Parris is a fool if he thinks this will win him Brownie points with radical Muslims. As a homosexual he will come in for special treatment should the day ever come…

    • Donafugata

      What liberals and appeasers of Islam don’t seem to get is that their extreme tolerance will make them the first to be executed when Islamists take control.

      Gays will be the first to be rounded up for the slaughter.

  • revkevblue

    At long last a newspaper that is prepared to stand up and report it as it is.
    One Question. where the blazes have you lot been hiding for the last twenty years?
    Have all you reporters been so busy chasing celebrities you have only just removed the scales of Political correctitude that was imposed by the Blair and Balls government with the help of their PC thought police?

    • Damaris Tighe

      Indeed. Amazing that suddenly the media feel free to talk about a problem that has been gestating for decades.

  • Shazza

    Lord Tebbitt warned on Andrew Marr’s programme that islam and our Western civilisation cannot coexist peacefully.

    It is time to choose. Time to start a debate on whether or not we should begin the process to proscribe islam in this country. It will be very painful but if we do not and instead choose the coward’s way and kick it into the long grass again, we will be the authors of a new dark age and this time, there will be no enlightenment, just unending horror and ignorance.

  • ButcombeMan

    “This is going to be a problem for children born into Muslim families
    first. They risk having the worst possible start in a life — being born
    in a country where they should have access to any and every opportunity,
    where instead their ‘own’ community will seek to cut them off from
    wider society”

    Douglas this is not “going to be a problem”, this HAS BEEN AND IS A PROBLEM, it has been like that for many many years.

    30 or 40 years ago girls were disappearing early in the summer term, to go on “holiday” to Pakistan, where they were encouraged/persuaded into forced marriage. We can safely assume many were married to “cousins”..

    Forced, arranged marriage and FGM are alien to our culture, even marriage to a cousin, though legal, is culturally not accepted.

    We need to be clear about what is right and what is wrong, what is acceptable in Britain and what is not.

    Yes you are right. Medievalism needs to be confronted. Ruthlessly.

  • The_Missing_Think

    Relevant News Flash!

    You can read Griffin’s resignation statement here.

    Your starter for five… could a de-contaminated, ex-Griffin, strong anti-Muslim, anti-EU and mass immigration party, weaken the UKIP vote?

    Q2. Will UKIP do a deal to stop it?

    Not a chance. It can’t, for the same reason UKIP happily and proudly snub Gert Wilders and Le Penn’s French National party:

    “We are a non-racist, non-sectarian party dedicated to freedom, democracy and the right of the UK’s people to govern themselves.”

  • Pootles

    We are well on our way to a Balkanised future. Or, our own, UK, model – Northern Ireland. ‘Peace’ walls anyone? The politicians, the trades unions and the likes of the CBI and the IoD all wanted, and still want, this – they are the enemy.

  • Wessex Man

    I ‘m sitting here waiting for the BBC to apologise to the British people, who they said were being lied to when this first came out.

    • The Masked Marvel

      You won’t get an apology from the BBC. If anything they will now double down on their efforts to fight what they think is the good fight against racism and Islmaophobia. To the twisted morality of a BBC journalist, they may have gotten it wrong, but this now creates another opportunity for them to have the discussion on multiculturalism and racism they believe the country so desperately needs.

  • The_Missing_Think

    The Jewish World Congress:

    “Bigotry against any Jew or any Muslim is an attack on all Muslims and all Jews. We are united in our belief in the dignity of all peoples”

    ‘all peoples, but only lists two.

    “all Europeans of conscience to put a stop to any group that espouses racist or xenophobic ideologies long before they are in a position to gain legislative or other power. We must never allow anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, xenophobia or racism to become respectable in today’s Europe. In that regard, we call upon all political leaders not to pander to these groups by echoing their rhetoric.”

    Post EU May smear, that now includes anti-immigratin UKIP.

    Just a coincidence that both religions are conveniently very politically correct… right?

    No hidden competitive agenda… just pure coincidence… hmmm.

    • Kingstonian

      I can almost hear your angry fingers jabbing at the keyboard. A pity then that I haven’t a clue what point you are trying to make.

      • The_Missing_Think

        The point is, both non-Europeans, see Europe as much their property, as any white Europeans.

        Our homelands, are their homelands.

        But their homelands, are strictly off limits to white Europeans, in the same ‘natural’ rights way.

        So it’s a one way deal. Great for them, but culturally fatal for people like Londonistan’s Cockneys… as luck would have it, thank the gods.

        And, quite clearly, any that oppose this absurd one way deal rip off, are sneered at, as, I quote and re-emphasise for you:

        any group that espouses racist or xenophobic ideologies”

        Being honest, I call that out as passive aggression… yet you just can’t see it?

        “No hidden competitive agenda… just pure coincidence… hmmm”.

    • Andy

      Wish someone would address the widespread Christianophobia across the Muslim World, where Christians are routinely persecuted.

      • TNT

        Just a few days ago, a young Christian man in Syria was made to convert to Islam, and moments after declaring the shahada (oath to the faith), he was beheaded anyway.

        Islam is a sickness, not a religion.

    • Damaris Tighe

      The problem with the WJC is that it has the superficial view that ‘islamophobia’ is the same sort of thing as antisemitism. It doesn’t look deeper to see whether ‘islamophobia’ may be justified in ways that antisemitism isn’t.

      Unfortunately the idiocies of antisemitism (eg the Protocols forgery) have blinded people to the realities of Islam.

      • The_Missing_Think

        Both are hostile towards a predominantly Euroean Europe, both ideologies gift them planet Earth as theirs, as a default. Thus, both are happy with a white minority end game. Are you?

        As a white European, I resent their greedy, grabbing ‘religious’ hostile default.

        Again, are you?

        • Damaris Tighe

          The only political aspirations that the Jews have involves a tiny piece of land the size of Wales in the Middle East.

          • The_Missing_Think

            Does that include all the millions of non-Israeli Jews?

            • Damaris Tighe

              (1) I am not happy to see native Europeans become minorities in Europe.
              (2) No it doesn’t include many non-Israeli Jews who are ordinary citizens in their countries with a normal cross-section of political affiliations.

              • The_Missing_Think

                Good, but have you ever sneered at the BNP… for being ‘racist’?

                You know, the only politial party that is brave and honest enough to be openly “not happy to see native Europeans become minorities in Europe”. UKIP are wimps.

                If you have, and still consider the BNP as ‘racist’, then your… “ordinary citizens in their countries with a normal cross-section of political affiliations” aren’t really ‘normal‘. They’re pro-white minority, come the crunch.

                99.9% of Jews I’ve met, hate European Nationalism vehemently, the word ‘Na*i’ flows immediatly and very forcibly, as if time had been traveled.

                • Damaris Tighe

                  I have never supported the BNP because it is indeed racist.
                  However the term racist has been used to close down discussion of problems that are not racial but cultural.

                • The_Missing_Think

                  Then by your stated stance, are you yourself, indeed, not also a racist?

                  BNP “not happy to see native Europeans become minorities in Europe”

                  You “not happy to see native Europeans become minorities in Europe”

                  What’s the difference?

                • Damaris Tighe

                  I judge individuals by their behaviour & values (ie, things they can change), not by their ethnicity.

                  You are a collectivist & as such the other side of the leftist coin.

                • The_Missing_Think

                  “I judge individuals by their behaviour & values…”


                  “I have never supported the BNP because it is indeed racist”.

                  So BNP voters, “not happy to see native Europeans become minorities in Europe”, aren’t individuals, that you, apperently, fundamentally agree with, but mere racist?

                  Why the huge contradiction? Why do you deny them the right to defend themselves, by attacking ALL OF THEM, as racist?

                  To attack all of them, as you have today – in a written statement, clearly makes you the collectivist (not me), and pro-white minority, come the crunch ‘Leftist’.

                • Damaris Tighe

                  Not BNP voters necessarily, the party.

                • The_Missing_Think

                  Same thing, you’re hardwired to defeat the Europan natonlist that are “not happy to see native Europeans become minorities in Europe”.

                  On a core, raw Darwinian level, without even realising it(?), you_instinctivrely, see_them_as_competitors to your Londonistan (or take your pick) ‘turf’. That’s why even UKIP and its pe-ce steel drum Londnistan vote, is close to nothing.

                  Why else are you contradicting yourself so severely?

                • Damaris Tighe

                  Yup, I’m a wishy-washy UKIP supporter who doesn’t advocate mass deportations.

                • The_Missing_Think

                  Excellent, we’ve got to the strawman stage?

                  To “advocate mass deportations”, based on race, is a form of racial discrimination, so it is very illegal, especially for a political party, (see my original comment for details). The EHRC are as keen as mustrd to prosecute the BNP, thus, as the BNP have never, – yep, never – been prosecuted for “advocating mass deportations”… the sane conclussion is, that they don’t.

                  All of their policies are legal. So I’m sorry, but your strawman is a fabticated fiction.

                  All BNP repatriation policies are 100% voluntary. Not forced. It’s the law.

                  And thanks for confirming that you reject pro-London BNP, and support pro-Londonistan UKIP.

  • Captain Caustic

    Are we inevitably headed for a future Balkan’s type conflict in order to preserve our liberal culture its traditions of free speech and open way of life? Why did my father and grandfather fight in their respective world wars? Was it for their
    children and grandchildren to be overwhelmed by a dark age mental
    illness whose vaguely comical and ugly religious lore preaches
    religious supremacy?
    Just as well my father and grandfather are dead. They would be ill
    at ease in the face of what their great grandchildren may have to face.

    • revkevblue

      I am one of them Grand Fathers. who is very ill at ease, and that is putting it mildly.

    • global city

      That is the aim of the dogma of multiculturalism. It’s aims are included in it’s name… no desire for integration or melting pot of ‘coffee coloured people’

      Multiculturalism IS apartheid.

    • John Gerard

      I imagine at some point that non-muslim terrorist groups will emerge to combat the upcoming increase in muslim terrorism (don’t think it won’t happen). Think loyalist paramilitaries in NI, but to the power of ten.

      This country, or the rest of europe for that matter, is not going to become islamic. Let’s get that straight. It will simply not be allowed to happen. But it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

      • redsquirrel

        It’s incredibly depressing that this is the most uplifting post on this web page, just above Mo’s empty promise to foxtrot oscar from our beloved shores.

    • redsquirrel

      Couldn’t agree more. “You are best off out of it” – sad last words to hear your war hero grandfather (they all are) tell you about your country.

  • MajorFrustration

    When will the politicians wake up, England has been take over. No wonder Scotland wants independence. It seems that in all things its the Muslim way that rules and the politicians will turn a blind eye – its their votes stupid.

    • Colonel Mustard

      See useful idiot “The Commentator” below for the reason this has happened.

    • Damaris Tighe

      Scotland are no better. They’re creating paper ‘scotsmen’ all the time to inflate the independence vote.

  • swatnan

    and the reason for all this nonsense is that lame excuse of ‘Is it cos I’s black’.
    Give these islamist an in inch they’ll take a mile. They’ve been takimng advantage of the admittedly formerly discriminatory nature of Britain of the 1970’s to 1997. But society has changed a lot for the better and become more tolerant thanks to a Labour Govt.

    • Colonel Mustard

      To suggest that school extremism exposed in 2013, after a Labour government ran Britain for 13 years from 1997 to 2010 and presided over not just a policy of multi-culturalism but the greatest influx of immigration this country has ever experienced, could be blamed on taking advantage of the racial discrimination that existed before 1997 is plain nuts.

      Society is not more tolerant but less tolerant as a result of Labour governments. Labour promote identity group politics, division and strife because they feed on it, they depend upon it to justify their existence. They changed the face of Britain “to rub the right’s nose in diversity”. Set that extraordinary imperative against your assertion that society is better and more tolerant.

  • The Commentator

    More hysterical Islamophobic claptrap. If we really are a tolerant society then we should be tolerant of normative Islamic practices and beliefs. The fact that many in this country, not just British Muslims, are concerned about the decadence and decay in western society and the impact it will have on their children should be celebrated not condemned.

    • Colonel Mustard

      More useful idiocy.

      • Mr Grumpy

        The Commentator combines support for UKIP with obsessive antipathy towards Israel. I’m not sure whether he hails from the Islamophilic-because-anti-Semitic strand of the far Right or whether he is in fact a Muslim. Perhaps he will enlighten us.

      • noix

        Anybody applying the islamophobe epitaph does not understand the meaning of either syllable.

    • John Gerard

      Islam is a totalitarian military-political ideology and legal system, with religious components that are the minority part (and the clever part). The purpose of Islam is to totally annihilate other cultures, so only Islam remains. That’s how it works, its raison d’etre. If it is not doing that, then it is not Islam. That is what it did in the middle east and north africa, which were once almost entirely Christian. That is what it is currently trying to do with the Jews in the middle east – annihilate them. That’s what it is attempting to do in Europe, all by the book (very helpfully available on Amazon for the forward thinkers). Obviously, you haven’t read any Islamic doctrine, or you would know this. You probably get your information about Islam from The Guardian (snigger). But it’s best not to read it and understand it, eh? In case you find out something you really don’t want to know…and then you’d have to do something about it, wouldn’t you? Most inconvenient…

    • Mark

      Normative? You are bundling all Muslims into the extreme side of their religion and frankly being an apologist for limitations on education.

    • Dougie

      Perhaps we should be tolerant of normal Islamic practices but we certainly shouldn’t be tolerant of normative Islamic practices.

    • Shazza

      For the umpteenth time, dhimmi, there is no such thing as ‘islamophobia’. It is a Muslim Brotherhood construct designed to shut down any criticism of this savage ideology that masquerades as a religion. It has been remarkably successful.

      Unless you are a heterosexual, misogynistic, polygamist, violent, homophobic, bullying male, you have everything to fear from islam.

    • The Masked Marvel

      Tolerance is not the same as forcing non-Muslims to comply. Try again, fascist.

    • revkevblue

      We are tolerant, but we are not sheep to be led blindly to a Halal slaughter.

    • revkevblue

      Wake up and read what ISIS is doing to Christians.
      Do you want that for this country?

    • Inverted Meniscus

      Firstly this is a tolerant society which has bent over backwards “to be tolerant of normative Islamic practices and beliefs”. Our reward for this tolerance has been the constant threat of a repeat of 7/7, subversion of the rule of law and sinister attempts to take over schools etc. Even if western society is decadent and decaying that is our business and is not an invitation for replacement by the tenets of Sharis law etc.

      • Damaris Tighe

        Spot on.

    • TNT

      Not everyone is like you – the rest of us are civilised. We don’t want bombings, beheadings, stonings, mutilations, apartheid and jizya tax.

    • global city

      Just write moooooooooooooo in all of your posts…we will get the message, as it will be the same cut & paste bovine idiocy as spewed out on the gruniad CiF.

  • NedMissingTeeth

    Political correctness, cultural sensitivity, the fear of being branded racist and the disaster that is multiculturalism have created the perfect storm in which Islam is thriving. I find it difficult to believe that successive governments could fail so badly where Islam is concerned.

    • ebonystone

      The curious thing about multi-culturism is that it’s so selective: only certain non-Western cultural practices are acceptable, except for Islam, which seems to get a pass on whatever it does. But would Hindu immigrants be allowed to re-institute the burning of widows on their husbands’ funeral pyres? Or Fijian immigrants allowed to revive cannibalism? Or Mexican immigrants allowed to revive the mass human sacrifices of their Aztec forebears? I think not.

  • Mark

    This whole thing has further sorted out the perceptions and outlooks of some of those “commentators.” The absolute defence of the schools from the start, based on the “hoax” word used about the actual letter, has been ridiculous. Then, possibly a mistake by Gove in appointing Peter Clarke, in that it has been leapt upon by some that he had been involved in investigating terrorism. The fact he didn’t find bomb-making classes etc, seems to some, to be a complete vindication of the schools. They have mixed up “extremist” with religion and terror. But they also don’t seem to appreciate that extremes of a particular religion *can* lead to nastier things further on.
    Never have they uttered a word about the banning of music, or the limitation of instruments, the limitations in writing, art, PE, science, etc. Could they not apply those limitations back to their own education and decide if they would have liked that intrusion? Maybe they would have embraced it, judging by their silence on that aspect.
    I can only draw two possible conclusions. The “moderate commenators” knew there was a problem, but as it was “Islam” in the firing line, they had to protect at all costs. Or they are not moderate, but much more orthodox-conservative than we’ve been led to believe.
    Another bug-bear on this, were the interviews with these people. Letting them push the “hoax” word of the letter to obviously cover the whole thing as a hoax, was largely unchallenged. Letting them make awful “comparisons” with Eton, Cheltenham Ladies’ College and single-sex schools was stupid.
    Plus, comments I have seen (by the general public) along the lines of “It’s 95% Muslim attended, so why not let them have their own way?” This makes the assumption they were faith schools. They were not. It also makes the assumption that all Muslims must have the extreme side of their religion foisted on them. This is not, and should not be the case. Whoever brought up the analogy of eg my old comprehensive being infiltrated by extreme fundamentalist Christians, with all the limitations that would have brought to my freedom of education? Nobody, but that would be the equivalent to what was going on here.

    • Mark

      *sigh* Just heard Ajmal Masroor on the radio banging on about Peter Clark and the “extreme terrorism” angle of the whole thing. The presenter didn’t drag him away from that and into the “religious extremism” side of things, although Masroor again made a ref to Muslims being educated in a Muslim way. An extreme Muslim way? The presenter didn’t challenge him on this! This is one of the biggest problems here. Ajmal Masroor’s view of strict Islam etc is showing through, and people like this have to be put right, and realise that Muslim kids do not deserve such extreme religious education, like he thinks they should all have.

  • UniteAgainstSocialism

    The only way to solve the muslim crisis in Britain is the mass deportation of muslims. It might sound extreme, but not as extreme as the civil war thats coming because of their backwards religion and the teachings of their false prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

    • Mohammed

      Deport muslims where? There is no islamic state for all muslims. It doesnt exist. But we muslims are trying to build one and soon as we get one, dont worry, we will leave this stinking country. Hope the Saudis put a stop to selling oil to western nations.

      • UniteAgainstSocialism

        Yo Mo, I dont care where you ppl go; just go.

        Happy Ramadanadingdong to you!!!!

        • Mohammed

          The sad thing is that for you we are all here to stay….

          • Hexhamgeezer

            Yes because without a host culture we all know what happens to parasites.

          • DaHitman

            The way it’s going pal you’ll soon find out why we’ve never lost a war

            • Mohammed

              Bring it on…..

              • DaHitman

                Oh we will, we see how you hide behind women and children

                • Mohammed

                  Yeah and hijack planes and stick it up your….

                • DaHitman

                  Yes and those innocent women and children on board, aren’t you brainwashed feckers brave just like your prophet who married a 6yr old girl so he could dominant her

                • Mohammed

                  No one is innocent, and that 6 year old girl became a military leader and scholar. How many women military leaders and scholars does Christianity have??

                • DaHitman

                  Exactly you are an evil cult, there is no religion known as Islam because Mohammed couldn’t even write. Islam exists to cause bloodshed, always has

                • Mohammed

                  That’s funny as Christianity caused more genocides then Islam ever could. The Natives of America and Australia. The European Jewish people in the 1930s-40s. The Crusades. The Spanish Inquisition. Shall I carry on??

                • DaHitman

                  You must be the product of 2 cousins having a child which I believe is quite popular with Muslims.

                  You know what happened in America was nothing to do with Christianity and the ‘native’ Americans originate from the Philippines as DNA tests show.

                  What the Nazis done wasn’t in the name of Christianity either plus YOU feckers were involved in that or are you going to claim not to know about the Muslim SS divisions.

                  The Crusades were to reclaim lands you parasites took, even now you aren’t happy in your homelands because of the very thing you follow, ISLAM.

                  You should all be deported and left to murder each other

                • John Gerard

                  Yes, please carry on and list them all. Make sure you don’t leave any out, now, I don’t want to be short-changed…

                • Alexsandr

                  But not in the 21st century. Having medieval practices in this day and age when we are supposed to be enlightened is not acceptable in a liberal democracy. But then Isalm is against enlightenment, liberal thinking and democracy, its just a control freak.
                  (Someone else has said Nazis were not doing it in the name of Christianity. And you have missed out the Russian purges, but they were athiests)

                • TNT

                  Allow me. Islam has killed more people than all other ideologies combined – 300 million and counting.

                  And it’s not only there that you have us beat, oh no!

                  Our shameful slave trade depended on a measly 9 million imports to thrive.

                  But you whooped us with a super-soaraway 27 million!

                  Who said Muslims don’t excel at anything?

                • James Lovelace

                  “The European Jewish people in the 1930s-40s. ”

                  The first anti-jewish pogroms on european soil occurred in Spain in 1066. The killers were muslims.

                  The Inqusition was REQUIRED (and will return). It was necessary to root out the muslims who, after 700 years of occupation, were pretending to be something else.

                • Mohammed

                  Yo Jonny!! Thank you for the history lesson. I must not take into account all the major historians and academies regarding the Spanish Inquisition and relay on your theory!! So please tell me, what University did you study at?? I take the the Jews stayed at Spain and made it little Israel?

                • James Lovelace

                  Non-muslims only ever existed in 2 forms in islamic countries: 1) as slaves, 2) as cattle to be farmed and exploited.

                • dazy Juno

                  If Muslims had made it to the Americas before Christians, it would have been the same outcome – destruction of the natives, if they chose not to convert to Islam.

                  Look how Islam made it to the Levant, North Africa, Spain, Balkans, Central Asia, Kurdistan, Persia, India, Afghanistan etc etc… through INVASION and the slaughter of tens of millions of non-Muslims. Let me guess – all these invasions were in ‘self-defence’, right? LMAO!!!

                  Jews have faced plenty of persecution in the Muslim world during their history. It was Arab Muslims that invaded Jewish land in the 7th century. And who is it calling for the wiping out of Jews today? Oh yes, that would be Muslim extremists such as Hamas, Fatah, ISIS, Hezbollah & others, which Muslims have no problem with.

                  The Crusades were in response to the Muslim invasions of Europe. Muslims invaded and killed millions of Europeans. The Spanish inquisition was amongst Christians, and maybe if you hadn’t noticed, Islam is currently going through one today – in the year 2014. The Spanish Inquisition wasn’t a genocide either.

                  Now let’s talk about Muslim crimes – enslavement of black people for over 1,300 years. The continued enslavement of black people in Mauritania today by Berber Muslims. The Greek Genocide, Armenian Genocide, Assyrian genocide, constant invasions of Europe by Arab Muslims, Berber Muslims, Ottoman Muslims etc etc

                  The Barbary slave trade – 1.5 million Europeans captures & enslaved by Berber Muslims.

                  Muslims are currently doing their best to wipe out Christians in the Muslim world, such as Egypt, Pakistan & Indonesia (and elsewhere).

                  Non-Muslims do not want to live with Muslims. They do not like you. But you Muslims love to live in our Western non-Muslim countries, because you know what a giant cesspit the entire Muslim world.

                • global city

                  Joan of Arc. God spoke to her, which clearly shows that he is not on the side of the Muslims, for some theological reason.

                • dazy Juno

                  Your comments are so… Islamic. Clearly you are following the true, core teachings of the ‘religion of peace’. How else could anyone explain your peaceful, tolerant & loving comments?

              • DazEng

                Shows how naive you are.
                You’re talking about a race that when push came to shove thought nothing of sending thousands upon thousands of men to their death at the blow of a whistle over a bit of swamp land.
                Do you really think that when the time comes and you’ve been found out (and believe me its coming) we won’t have the stones to deal with you lot once and for all?
                The whole worlds waking up, you’ve get more problems than us mate. Change or be changed.

                • Mohammed

                  Gas chambers for the Muslims??

                • DazEng

                  You’d like that wouldn’t you?
                  Nothing like a martyr in the eyes of Allah eh?
                  Oops…am I allowed to use that word – “Allah”?
                  Another restriction you peace loving Muslims put on those not as twisted as you.
                  To even compare yourself to a genuinely persecuted people sums you up in your entirety, NO level you wont stoop!
                  And the irony is it’s you bastards that persecute them wherever you find them.
                  Gas Chambers…you must think I’m as bad as a Muslim?

          • Alexsandr

            yes. we can move you all to the isle of Rockall.

          • John Gerard

            But Mo, you said an hour before that you were going to leave (“dont worry, we will leave this stinking country”)!
            Oh, I get it now – the later verse abrogates the earlier one, just like Allah says in the Koran. That’ll be it!

            I can see how confusing it must have been for Mohammed’s colleagues, when he told them one thing, then changed his mind a year or so later. Allah sorts it out!

            • global city

              Mo’s famous last words on his death bed were “all that stuff is just bollox I made up” thus abrogating everything in the book wot he wrote.

              • Damaris Tighe

                I wish!

          • Alexsandr

            not bogging off to join ISIS? Pity.

          • TNT

            Think Gaza. Think Serbia.

            • Mohammed

              Think New York, September 11th 2001

              • TNT

                I think the score has been evened since then. 😉

                • Mohammed

                  Haha, thank you for your insight!!

                • TNT

                  If something as simplistic and as turbulent as Islam seeks to conquer, imagine the sense of prerogative of those who built civilised societies.

          • James Lovelace

            “The sad thing is that for you we are all here to stay….”

            No, you’re not.

          • dazy Juno

            Muslims demand the right to be able to take over any country they so wish and if non-Muslims attempt to stop them, they are ‘Islamophobic’ and an ‘enemy of Islam’, and therefore must face the consequences.

      • DaHitman

        Where they (YOU) or they’re family originate, look up the word lineage.

        Muslims have lots of countries to choose from and most are cesspit’s because of your cult religion.

        The whole lot of you are just brainwashed parasites

        • Mohammed

          What about the English converts? Where are they meant to go?? Britain is a Cesspit as well, so much poverty and crime… Why don’t you run for Prime Minister and change things??

          • DaHitman

            For their ‘human rights’ they should be deported to an Islamic cesspit of their choice.

            Oh and call our country if you like but you parasites came here and you will always lie with the fact the British public never wanted you feckers here.

            How does it feel to know you hate your own country because the people are too thick to achieve
            anything for themselves?

            • Mohammed

              Firstly as a Muslim, I don not hate this country. I lived here all my life when I father came here. I work, pay my taxes and go out with Colleagues to the local bar during Fridays (Don’t drink alcohol though) . I have absolutely no issues with the British people. That’s how 99% of all Muslims feel like. Unfortunately there are the idiots but you just have to live with that, there are idiots from all races and religions.

              Britain was literally a cesspit during the 1960s when my father arrived, you needed the migrant workers to get this country back on its feet after WW2. Remember that!!

              • DaHitman

                You do hate it, are you forgetting what you’ve already said, Mustafa Bomb.

                It’s ironic that you mention the 60s and cesspit though, when you feckers started coming here even though no government had a manifesto to flood us with brainwashed parasites.

                I agree Muslim areas are cesspit’s, absolutely because you have no decency or respect for your own homes…………………no change there looking at your homelands

                • Mohammed

                  You are a truly hateful person. I am not being rational with you because there is no point with racists. Believe what you want and I hope you have a job, don’t want my tax’s to go to you stupid people.

                • DaHitman

                  I’m not hateful, I don’t follow Islam. All I do is give factual information about it so for you to say this at least means you know what your cult really is!

                  I know you are rather thick like most Muslims too because you are playing the race card, you know Islam isn’t a race.

                  Oh and finally the governments own figures show Muslims are a net-loss to the UK but nice try, Parasite

                • Aldabaran

                  This is unnecessary and insulting. Mohammed seems moderate and has a point of view. Let him express it in peace.

                • DaHitman

                  Your Muslim brother is the one who’s been insulting. He’s the one who’s attacked this country, the country his parents came to in order to get a better life as Islam screwed his own up

                • Aldabaran

                  How old are you?

                • DaHitman

                  Look why don’t you get your Muslim brother back here or is he in Syria now?

                • Damaris Tighe

                  Maybe he was reacting angrily to some of the things said to him.

                • DaHitman

                  Looking at his comments here he clearly has an issue with
                  us, you make excuses for them if you like though. He prefers living here than though Islamic cesspit’s yet calls us anyway

                • Mohammed

                  i am willing to talk rationally with meaningful people. But some comments are just stupid so I am playing along thats all. Some people here are totally bonkers so I am surprised. I thought Spectator readers are educated with good knowledge on history and culture. But I am wrong….

                • Damaris Tighe

                  A lot of people commenting on Israel-Palestine at the moment are not usual commentators here. If you go to the article on EHCR you’ll see it’s so brainy I can’t follow some of it!

                  It’s also the case that the issue makes even sane people lose it sometimes – including me.

                • Mohammed

                  “It’s also the case that the issue makes even sane people lose it sometimes” – You are 100% correct, cannot agree with you more. After seeing dead children on social media, I have lost it myself I have to admit. We can play the blame game but this will keep happen. Both the Israelis and the Palestinian people are traumatised people. Israelis after the horror in the 1930s-40 and the Palestinians since 1948 onwards. This situation cannot go on and peace loving Israelis must stand up as its their duty to. Maybe as Palestinian and Israelis are too traumatised, maybe the internationally community must impose peace. Hamas cannot govern Gaza anymore, the UN and PA security must come in. The occupation must end in Gaza fully, Then full sovereignty to the palestinians must be given in the West Bank. moving forward all Islamic countries must accept Israel’s existence and normalisation. I know its wishful thinking now but how else can we stop the bloodshed?

                  “Your treatment on this page was a real eye-opener for me.” – Like I said, stupid people and sad that a lot of people has lost their humanity!!!!

                • cmtljnpkisvji1683

                  Read history properly, Muslims have ” occupied ” Palestine, cyprus, Turkey, Albania, Bosnia, India , pakistan, Afghanistan …… and so on, It is time to ‘liberate’ these places

                • Alexsandr

                  Pity your English teaching didn’t tell you what race and racist meant.
                  a race is a set of people who have similar physical features and can be linked through their DNA. So Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis are the same race.
                  Islam is a religion, not a race. Disliking Islam is therefore not racist.
                  And while we are at it, fearing Islam, because it is considered violent by some is a reasonable fear, not a phobia. Its a reasonable fear because of 9/11, the London tube bombings and Lee Rigby.

                • James Lovelace

                  “no point with racists.”

                  If muslims are a race, then islam is the most racist doctrine on the planet. Tell me of another doctrine that commands its followers to “kill the non-muslims” (koran 9:5).

                • Mohammed

                  “kill the non-muslims” (koran 9:5)?? You want to copy and paste the whole chapter? Or just few words? Please don’t embarrass yourself Jonny, I am sure Spectator readers are educated, well I hope so.

                • James Lovelace

                  Ah, the old “out of context” ploy. The context of any part of the koran is what the inventor of islam was doing at the time he claimed to have been given new directions from his imaginary friend.

                  Why not copy & paste the whole koran?
                  Why not copy & paste all the hadiths (since without them, muslims can’t even determine when Ramadan should start?)
                  Why not copy & paste the entirety of Ibn Ishaq (without that muslims cannot put the jumbled-up koran into chronological order, and without chronology it is just a mess of contradictions, since the inventor of islam chopped and changed his views depending on what was expedient).

                • Mohammed

                  Yo Jonny!! Relax, get a life mate. Find a wife and have some kids. Would be good for you buddy.

                • James Lovelace

                  It gives me great pleasure to see that you have nothing like a reasoned response.

                • cmtljnpkisvji1683

                  “Moh ” is using the only logic none to him, it is called “Arabic logic ” aka “Islamic circular logic “.

              • John Clegg

                It’s really nice of you not to have an “issue” with the British people!!!!

              • James Lovelace

                “that’s how 99% of all Muslims feel like. ”

                99.5% of British muslims admit to being anti-gay. 61% to 71% of British muslims want gay people to be criminalised.

                I say: make islam illegal. Hopefully 71% of Brits agree with me.

                What’s it like to know that most people want to see you imprisoned? As far as I know, 71% of muslims want to see gay people dead. Be thankful I’m not calling for you to be beheaded.

                • Mohammed

                  So when you running for election? You got my vote!!!

              • Pootles

                What are you talking about ? I was born in 1960. The population of the UK in 1961 was just over 52 million, of which around 70,000 people were non-white British. So, are you saying that 70,000 people ‘got Britain back on its feet after WW2’ ? Really ? All by themselves ? My father did 10 years in the British Army, from 1946 to 1955, he then served in the Fire Brigade, then worked as a bus driver. My mother worked as a school dinner lady, after serving in the Red Cross at the end of the war. My father-in-law served in the Merchant Navy and the RFA during the 1940s, before being invalided out. They were all white, all Christian, all British. I suppose you think those were the jobs that we British ‘wouldn’t do’ and that immigrants did, ‘to get us back on our feet’. Get lost.

                • Mohammed

                  Woe dude!! Relax, take a chill pill, no need to tell me your life story. I don’t wanna go to sleep yet. I seriously advise you to get a life. PLEASE!!

                • Pootles

                  So you do think 70,000 immigrants transformed the UK from a ‘cess pit’ to Eden in the 1960s? Well, the 52 million British are very grateful.

                • Mohammed

                  Made some sort of contribution though. Thank you for acknowledging that.

                • Pootles

                  Indeed, but not quite : ‘Britain was literally a cesspit during the 1960s when my father arrived, you needed the migrant workers to get this country back on its feet after WW2. Remember that!!’
                  ‘literally a cesspit’ – no, not in the slightest.

                • cmtljnpkisvji1683

                  Yes plenty of contributions by “Devout and Pious” muslims
                  2.Increased spurt in crimes,
                  3.Taking over all drug mafias
                  4.Honor killings
                  7.Looting the social security system feigning disabliity
                  8.Grooming gangs/Rapes of kuffar women and children
                  9.Trojan horse projects
                  10.Playing perpetual victim
                  11.Producing “retards ” with inbreeding
                  And more and more marvelous and novel and noble contributions yet to come.

          • Alexsandr

            What about all the apostates who pretend to be a god botherers still. Scared to come out because of Koran 4:89
            The whole thing is just a mid eastern mafia.

          • TNT

            Three ginger lads from Wolverhampton is hardly a tidal wave of converts.

            They’ll revert to normality once they have a job.

            • Mohammed

              You’ll be surprised!!

      • andy_gill

        When you do leave “this stinking country” Mohammed, i’m sure it will smell a lot better.

      • James Lovelace

        “Deport muslims where?”

        Who cares? In 1961, when the muslims in Algeria told the non-muslims to leave (“choose the suitcase or the coffin”), did they care where they went?

        After WW2, when the jews were expelled from Iraq, did the muslims care where they went?

        The jews of Israel should have followed suit, and by 1961 should have expelled all the muslims from “Palestine”. If the jews had done this, they would not now be facing 1000 missiles a week coming from Gaza. But like the west, the jews of Israel are too civilised for their own good.

        • Mohammed

          Yo Jonny, you’re back!!

          How’s your wife? Or you’re Girlfriend? Do you have kids yet??

      • Aldabaran

        Oh yes there is dude. It has a capital at Ar Raqqa.

        Here is some of its (genuine) PR.

        Come on guy, forget about the alcohol and the pork, on the basics surely you are obviously on the side of your fellow Brits? You wouldn’t want to go there would you?

      • Keith

        Yes the Islamic State, hope you will all be very happy there. Just dont have a disagreement with those with the weapons especially if he has a nice sharp sword. Dont forget to that all your female relative must have had FGM done either before they go or once they arrive in your paradise. I assume you already have your female folk fully kitted out in the all over ninja outfit that they will have to wear.

        I hope that you are not of a branch of Islam that the Islamic state doesn’t approve, after all it would such a shame to get there and find that you are not welcome because you are a Shia or Ahmadi muslim you may not be able to leave again. I understand that there is a lot of vacant property in the Islamic state at the moment maybe we could all contribute a small amount each and help you and your family on your way. A nice gesture from the people you seem to hate so much.

      • dazy Juno

        “Deport muslims where?”

        Pakistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Bangaldesh, Afghanistan, Egypt, Yemen, Iraq etc etc

        Without Western money, Saudi Arabia would have no wealth. They produce nothing (apart from terrorism & inbred children with birth defects). The oil that Saudi Arabia has was retrieved out of the ground using Western technology. Indeed, all of that oil was actually discovered by the West. There’s a strong argument that oil actually belongs to the West as they’re the ones who found it & they’re the ones who create the technology used to retrieve it out of the ground, because Muslims are so useless & brain dead.

    • John Clegg

      I’m afraid I reluctantly agree with you, mass deportation may be the least bad option for us all if we are to survive as a nation.

  • Emulous

    We cannot go on like this.
    The Government does not have the will to solve this.
    This is a Christian country.
    Close all of these schools and ship the children to other schools with the stipulation that no more than one quarter can be Muslims.
    Term ends today.
    They can all start their new schools in September.

    • Kitty MLB

      Agree entirely. I remember a few months back an acquaintance who lives in London said her daughter came
      home from school one day wearing a head scalf.
      When asked why, the little girl said she was swapping clothes with a school friend, a usually normal occurance
      but made her parents feel uncomfortable, especially when
      the other little girl said that her mummy and daddy said
      hair should always be covered..yet the teacher thought
      it a good example of multiculturalism !!!!!

      • Keith

        I have no problem with multiculturalism, but what we appear to be practicing is not multi culturalism. It is Islamization, every other religion that is in this country accept that the history of the UK is basically christian and while they keep their own religion and their own history/and lifestyles they do not try and force it on to everyone else. Only Islam expects the rest of the country to accept and enforce their ways or else. Any disagreement with their ways always causes problems for the any one of a different religion. Look at the cases where Muslims have called for sackings of dinner ladies just because they served non halal meat to their darling children. Companies have to change uniform policy for a Muslim but suspend a christian for wearing a cross.
        And one more thing why wont this stupid spell checker allow me to spell Muslim with a lower case m to start but will allow christian with a lower case c to start?

    • rogermurrayclark

      Not a great idea

      Muslim gangs groom at the school gates, and inside the school as well. Their technique is to use their younger relatives who “befriend” the victim, and then pass them over for horrible abuse and exploitation.

      The more segregated the schools are the better

    • dazy Juno

      There is only one way to deal with the Muslim problem. Enforce a 2-child per woman law. No woman can have more than 2 children. This way, the Muslim population (and every other population) will reach a peak and then remain constant. But at least they’ll never be able to become the majority. In the minds of Muslims, they have a right to take over any non-Muslim country they so wish, and if you attempt to stop them, you are an ‘enemy of Islam’ and should therefore be dealt with (no prizes for guessing how)…..

  • Barakzai

    ‘Britain has let . . . ‘

    Well, let’s be accurate here: it’s not ‘Britain’, it’s the country’s utterly short-sighted and/or pusillanimous politicians – of all stripes – together with the dangerous and vociferous ‘diversity is wonderful, no ifs and buts’ menagerie who are culpable.

    Still, some genius of the ilk of Mo Mowlem will appear to magic the sectarianism away (here’s some stay out jail letters we made earlier . . . , ).

  • John Clegg

    I read a article like Douglas Murray’s and I weep for my country.

  • Hexhamgeezer

    Nice report. I wonder if an ‘aggressive !$lamic agenda’ exists anywhere else?

    Grooming gangs, voting fraud, bombings, using machete’s, honour killings, street violence, jihad holidays, a shallow cousin enriched gene pool, are all areas where Mr Clarke’s talents could be directed next to see if there are any common threads. I wonder if any local authorities, Ministries or other institutions have been similarly targeted.

    • Alexsandr

      bradford, luton, leicester?

    • fathomwest

      Never forget the ghastly practice of removing female genitalia. Child brides and arranged marriages.
      Whilst we have craven, cowardly politicians nothing will be done. I am afraid it will be down to the people alone.
      Also never forget the editor of this magazine refusing to write about immigration. Whilst we have such people in important positions no wonder there is growing resentment that the majority of this country are being ignored.

      • Hexhamgeezer

        ……and immigration, benefit and insurance frauds, which, should officialdom ever care to look, are disproportionately prevalent in certain communities – not exclusively obviously – where the only loyalty is to family and sometimes tribal when financially convenient.

        But that’s enough thought crimes for the day……….

    • dazy Juno

      It exists wherever there’s a significant Muslim population – All across Europe, Africa, Russia, India, China, Sri Lanka, Burma, Philippines, Thailand…

  • saffrin

    They are going to take over the country folks. Daily Politics said they’ll be 40% of the electorate in 25 years and if Liebour get in again it will be a lot sooner that that.
    Liebour have already broken-up the UK with their mini parliaments and assemblies.
    Do you want your daughters raped on the street for no reason other than they are white.
    It will happen you know, it has happened you know, both in Rotherham and Oxford.

    • Keith

      To all those who think it wont happen here just look at what happens to minority religions in Islamic majority countries and then take a good long look at what is happening throughout Europe. Then decide whether we should be allowing Islam unbridled access to our children even their own children.

    • dazy Juno

      There is only one way to deal with the Muslim problem. Enforce a 2-child per woman law. No woman can have more than 2 children. This way, the Muslim population (and every other population) will reach a peak and then remain constant. But at least they’ll never be able to become the majority. In the minds of Muslims, they have a right to take over any non-Muslim country they so wish, and if you attempt to stop them, you are an ‘enemy of Islam’ and should therefore be dealt with (no prizes for guessing how)…

      • ebonystone

        That would only slow down the Moslem growth. First, they’d continue to immigrate in large numbers. And second probably many non-Moslem women would not have two children.

  • monty61

    Direct consequence of Gove’s idealogically-driven approach to education, when a bit more pragmatism might have achieved sensible reform without letting this sort of nonsense occurr. It should have been obvious that these sort of nutters would attempt to do what they did.

    Gove was insuch a rush to blow up the local education establishmen that he refused to acknowledge that some of the things it was providing had a useful function.

    Gove’s sacking now makes sense – the man has no credibility after this.

    • monkey for sale

      But the same could be said about directly elected mayors allowing Lutfur Rahman to take control of Tower Hamlets.

      The problem is not Gove or devolved government. The problem is Islamism.
      Should ever new policy come with an Islamic caveat ?

    • McRobbie

      What a bigoted and denialist comment….read again the names of previous education ministers who allowed this ignorant deference to a medieval ideology grow..balls..short and bliar himself. At least gove was trying to resolve a problem instead of following the left wing way…evade the truth and spend more.

    • Hugh

      Apart from the fact that the report notes not all of the schools affected were acadamies, that the activities at the others started before they converted to academy status, and that at Mosely the events were concluded by March 2010 you’re bang on the money. It’s all Gove’s fault.

    • noix

      I think you will find that this was going on at schools under LEA control, not free schools.

  • monkey for sale

    Islam is an ideology and should be dealt with as such. We wouldn’t have schools with a fascist ideology, so why have Islamists been allowed to operate in this way. Surely that’s the real question.
    It’s a bit like the outrage when a university books a Islamist speaker, the real problem is – who are booking them.

    Islam and muslims are here to stay whether we like it or not. Like the blog here questions – when does an Ideology with 1.3 billion followers and ever growing numbers in the UK stop being a minority.

    Look at the top boys names – 1& 4 :

    • global city

      we have allowed the Marxists to own the Green and educational blob .

      …we should deal with them accordingly too

    • dazy Juno

      In the words of Pat Condell – “Islam is like urine in a water well – any amount is too much”.

    • dazy Juno

      There is only one way to deal with the Muslim problem. Enforce a 2-child per woman law. No woman can have more than 2 children. This way, the Muslim population (and every other population) will reach a peak and then remain constant. But at least they’ll never be able to become the majority. In the minds of Muslims, they have a right to take over any non-Muslim country they so wish, and if you attempt to stop them, you are an ‘enemy of Islam’ and should therefore be dealt with (no prizes for guessing how)..