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Boris Johnson won’t play tennis with Putin’s cronies

23 July 2014

11:43 AM

23 July 2014

11:43 AM

‘I think you have to do stuff that actually hits Putin and his government where it hurts. I know about this tennis match – they volunteered me to play tennis with some geezer. It is very important full checks are carried out to make sure this is not someone who is an intimate or a crony.’

So said Boris Johnson on Sky News earlier today. This funny little tennis match has put the Tories under some pressure. Not nearly as much pressure as it should have done, because Ed Miliband has, unaccountably, been bumming about in America in search of a photo-op with Barack Obama, which was not an unqualified success. Indeed, Tory strategists ‘couldn’t be happier’ about this state of affairs.

Nevertheless, the story — about close relations between Tories and Russian oligarchs — has the potential to run and run through the silly season, heaping embarrassment on CCHQ. So Boris’s instincts are, as so often, correct. The Tories would benefit from disclosing which, if any, of their donors might qualify as ‘Putin cronies’.

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  • swatnan

    A small gesture from fatso BoJo.

  • noticeyourlife

    What a fucking moron.

  • rtj1211

    Well, if we’re going to get prissy about it, I do hope the Conservatives will realise the need for transparency and publish, in detail, all the foreign donations they have had, as well as all donations from wealthy immigrants/non-doms.

    I’m none too keen on them receiving dosh from Netanyahu’s lot, from John Kerry’s bunch or from most of the Emirati, Royals and dictators in the Middle East.

    Any bankers involved in LIBOR rigging?? Any computer operators who short the gold market by 100 times the total amount of gold in circulation (which rather makes the concept ‘bearer bond’ ‘my lie is my bearer bond’, doesn’t it?)?? How about dodgy tax avoiders in the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands and Monaco??

    I really don’t think they should be accepting money from anyone who doesn’t live out their philosophy, like saying grace before dinner, honouring their marriage vows, treating their business customers well, creating well adjusted, emotionally secure children. And all that……

    Not quite sure that due dli goes beyond: ‘Do you hate those socialist bastards?? Good. Can you keep your skeleton cupboard locked?? You can?? What do want in return for the cash?? OK, write us the cheque post haste……’

    Is it??

  • rtj1211

    This translates as: ‘I still want to be Prime Minister and Rupert Murdoch has told me I can whistle for it if I’m not a true American’………

    • The Masked Marvel

      Murdoch again? The BBC is more influential on public thinking. They may not be able to whip up a one-day frenzy like they used to, but they have powerful influence over the long term.

  • HookesLaw

    Boris has said nothing out of the ordinary. Following the shooting down people will have to reasess relationships with Putin. Working out who is linked with Putin might be more difficult.
    What people did before this event is hardly relevant.

  • kyalami

    The source of any political party’s funding is likely to be an embarrassment.

    • Mynydd

      It wont embarrass Mr Cameron, he’s beyond embarrassment.

  • The Red Bladder

    Well if anything is going to bring Mr Putin to his senses and make him see the seriousness of his position it will be the news that the Mayor of London refuses to play tennis against the new-style Czar’s chum. I suppose this the modern-day equivalent of sending a gun boat is it?

    • dalai guevara

      The Mayor of the CITY OF London has made her position absolutely clear.

      • The Red Bladder

        Ah yes, the proper mayor.

      • HookesLaw

        Lord Mayor

        • dado_trunking

          Good Lord – learn English! 😉

          She’s a lady. If she was the *Lord’s* Mayor (good grief, you people are so full of yourself) then you would have a point.

      • rtj1211

        are you referring to Boris or the CITY as the lady??

    • Andy Coulson

      It’s called exposing the hypocrisy of the Nasty Tory Party