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Baldwin’s blunder

4 July 2014

4:44 PM

4 July 2014

4:44 PM

Labour’s ‘media grid’ for this week had Miliband’s millionaire spinner Tom Baldwin pencilled in to brief Times journalist Rachel Sylvester and give her an exclusive story for Tuesday’s paper. When the paper landed it was actually lots of Labour figures slagging off the leader, and saying how Ed had lots of policies but not the character to be PM. That’s some class A spinning for you.

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  • facwit

    Baldwin always knows what “line” to take.

  • RnwMaps

    Baldwin has a nose for this sort of thing

  • Adam Carter

    Are we past the days when journalists used to dig out stories rather than rely on handouts, for that is what briefings and spin are.
    Mr. Steerpike is pretty flippant in his posts, but there’s a serious point not being made here that is echoed in your Spectator Summer Party article: you’re all mates together enjoying a warm and cosy bit of symbiosis.
    What a way to earn a living!

  • Number 7

    Couldn’t manage a wa*k – let alone a country.

  • wycombewanderer

    Well BLOW me away another criminal who wants to get into NO 10!

  • Phil Whittington

    That’s some “Class A” spinning, surely.

    • Phil Whittington

      Goodness, I see the author has changed it!

  • HookesLaw

    The man who outed Dr Kelly? Thats surely got to be worth 18 months.

    • Fergus Pickering

      Five years at least. The Rolf Harris tarriff.