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World Cup diary – Thank God the reign of Spain is over!

19 June 2014

19 June 2014

It is a wicked thing to revel in someone else’s misery. Trouble is, occasionally it can’t be helped. So – bye, bye Spain! I think I would have traded England winning tonight (and therefore prolonging the agony) for Spain’s magnificently rapid exit from this world cup. Oh, Chile – you brave sons of Pinochet and Allende! Whichever you prefer – who cares? It is the more civilised parts of Latin America which have shone in this world cup – Chile themselves and Costa Rica. Brazil struggled and have been, uh, “fortunate”, Argentina looked distrait, Uruguay simply incompetent (though that opinion may need to be revised later); Mexico, the world’s great under-achievers, look set to under-achieve again.

The Spanish reign has not been good for football, generally, despite what the purists think. Stultifying matches and a thousand deluded imitators tapping the ball about to one another. Hop it, Pedro, and give us back our ball.

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  • Mark McIntyre

    The reign of Spain falls gamely on the plane – back to sodding Spain !

  • Puss in High Wedgies

    The picture is hilarious.

  • Joaquín Muñoz

    You sir are an idiot and have no idea about the beautiful game. If you don’t like beautiful orchestrated goals from intricate build ups then you’ve adequately pegged yourself as a know-nothing blow hard. Spain were always class and never smug, unlike you sir. Take a cue…

  • Ooh!MePurse!

    Loved the C4 interview, Rod. That ridiculous woman made herself look…well, even more ridiculous.

  • Baron

    The game is about winning, and for eight years the Spaniards did just that, like it or loathe it, they lost to the Chileans because the latter did what Baron suggested we should have done to the Italians – preventing them from playing their game anywhere on the field, harassing them, closing them down.

    It seems the teams are now more or less equal in all the attributes of the beautiful game, the emphasis will switch to destroying the opponents’ game rather than figuring how to improve one’s own. That’s even less attractive than what the boys from the land of flamenco dancers delivered.

    • P.chi ki wan

      Having played to a high level in the early 80’s,it never ceases to amaze me the speed of the game nowadays.Also fitness levels are so much higher,it begs the question,is it time for equipment or rule changes.As with many sports,cycling,tennis,field athletics etc developments in equipment and training regimes have neccessitated changes in the sports rules and regulations.Would be interested to hear any ideas?

      • arnoldo87

        Play with 10 men a side rather than 11. Opens up the pitch to give less defensive football, and cuts the wage bill at the same time.
        What’s not to like?

        • post_x_it

          No it woudn’t, the remaining ten would pocket about 110% of the difference without batting an eyelid.

  • Hexhamgeezer

    World Cup Dairy. Sellers of manchego will be weeping in the streets of Fluminense.

  • global city

    I agree. The other infuriating aspect has been the deification of Barcelona as something ‘more than football’, sort of the club of choice of the self reverential guardianista.

  • P.chi ki wan

    It seems to me the ‘teams’ are doing well in this WC,but the teams of ‘individuals’ are struggling.

  • Marquess of Salisbury

    Blimey it’s obviously just me that feels it’s a shame that Spain have been humbled at their peak they have been for me the best team of all time. If we can’t beat Uruguay or at the least get a draw then obviously we shouldn’t be in Brazil in the first place.

    • global city

      No. It’s a football tournament. ALL of the clubs have earned their right to be there.

  • Eyesee

    The main (men, I know, but what can you do?) in Spain are mainly on the plane BACK HOME! Ha. But to tonight. With our attack centred around Mr Potato Head we should be fairly stuffed. Rayne Wooney has recently perfected a technique to miss the entire goal mouth, from even quite short ranges. He is one of the most easily dispossessed in English football and tends to end up running around like piggy in the middle. But, I still have a sneaking suspicion that we might just pull it off tonight, even against an angry Uruguay. If we play the pushing forward play of our last game, delete the defeatist attitude of passing around at the back for a while, for no reason and Joe Hart remembers he is the goalkeeper, we could do just fine.

  • dado_trunking

    Spain did not lose in despair, did you not see the look in their eyes?
    No one was angry, no one has to feel sorry for them.
    Spain freed themselves from having to win all the time.
    It was painful but liberating.

    • tjamesjones

      really? casilllas looked as haunted trudging off the ground as he has for the two matches he’s been fetching the ball from the back of the net.

      • dado_trunking

        Painful but liberating.
        Cathartic even – we must remember, these chaps are all Catholics and know why to repent and how it works for body and mind. We must not worry about Spain, not one bit.

        • Puss in High Wedgies

          I’m not worrying about Spain, if that helps : )

    • La Fold

      Classic bit of spin!

      • dado_trunking

        A Calvinist will have no idea what I am on about.

        • La Fold

          Haha no idea what youre on about but i near enough spat coffee over my keyboard there.

  • Pier66

    Well, Chile were so strong, in ball possesion, play up tempo, very high pressing in the middle of the park, perfect match this is the way of modern football…all things that WAS OUR STRONG POINT….then you know the story…
    If i was not wrong Chile could challenge Brazil, and there will be a tough game….

    • Baron

      You just wait, Pier66, what happens if (or when) they face the German fighting machine.

  • Pier66

    yesterday it was one of my BEST EVENING OF MY LIFE!
    youn know, when you watch SPAIN DESTROY, players in pain, cry for me is ecstasy,
    OVER THE MOON ! Spain and Barca reign IS OVER….

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