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Will David Cameron delay the reshuffle to prolong MPs’ good behaviour?

11 June 2014

5:27 PM

11 June 2014

5:27 PM

After addressing the 1922 Committee this evening, David Cameron will be holding a reception at Number 10 for the good MPs who obeyed the whips and made the requisite number of visits to the Newark by-election. One of the carrots that was dangled in front of MPs as they trundled up to Patrick Mercer’s old constituency was the prospect of a reshuffle. Comments such as ‘senior party figures will be observing how many times each of you visits’ were dropped into conversations and emails. Some MPs showed me the sarky replies they drafted which involved imaginative suggestions for the whips about what they could do with their league table of campaigning MPs, but the reshuffle was for some a sufficient reason not to send those replies. Others were held back by a desire to maintain the positive mood in the party.

Milling around at the reception this evening will be some MPs who hope very much that their three gold stars for Newark will make a difference in the reshuffle. But the rumours today that it could be delayed again suggest the PM would like to keep that incentive for good behaviour hanging over his party for a little longer.

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  • swatnan

    Zac Goldsmith for PM or Communities Secretary.

  • Mynydd

    The reshuffle will only come about when Mr Crosby moves his desk from CCHQ, where he can only instruct the Conservative party, to No10, where he can instruct the Conservative government.

    • Inverted Meniscus

      That was a party political lie cast on behalf of Fascist Labour the party of lies, lying and liars.

  • Conway

    Either they are good at their jobs and should be kept or they are useless and should be sacked asap. Faffing around for party reasons does the country no good at all.

  • MirthaTidville

    What you mean is he is having cocktails and canapes for lickspittles, brown noses and political pygmies….Do say what you mean Isabel

  • HookesLaw

    Can you send me a list of these MPs? As a conservative voter I can then deliver to them a fulsome definition and detailed example of what being really ‘sarky’ means.

  • telemachus

    The reshuffle is surely coming
    Forget “ordinary MP’s”
    Watch the meteoric rise of Esther McVey
    The second most important Scouser in Westminster

    Tags Andy, Ken Clarke

    • Kitty MLB

      Oh no Little wasp.That lady you find attractive, the devine
      Theresa May will be staying.
      And why keep on mentioning the loathesome Andy
      And equally foolish Ken Ckarke.

      • telemachus

        The Senior scouser and the only reasonable Tory Minister