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We’re hiring at The Spectator: arts editor and blogs editor wanted

12 June 2014

7:38 AM

12 June 2014

7:38 AM

Those of you who read The Spectator mainly for its peerless arts coverage have Liz Anderson to thank for keeping up a formula of quality, variety, heft and zest. We’re all very sad that she is retiring this summer, after many successful years at the top of her game. She’ll be a tough act to follow: we’d need someone as brilliant and well-informed about the arts as she is; with the skill and energy to promote and project our wonderful arts coverage online and in our digital editions. The candidate must show an ability to commission brilliant writers for striking, original lead stories, as well as proof-reading and sub-editing, etc. Experience of InDesign, our desktop publishing software, would also be an advantage. It’s a tough job – but a great one.

In addition David Blackburn, our brilliant blogs editor, is having a career change and is going in pursuit of a career in the City. He joined us six years ago when we hardly had any digital content to speak of – now he oversees a stable of bloggers, and is our go-to man for ideas about the ever-changing world of digital expansion. We’d need his successor to be able to do a bit of everything: oversee the Steerpike blog, help run Coffee House when Isabel Hardman is away and the dark art of search engine optimisation — plus other digital tricks we haven’t thought of yet.


The Spectator is a small and, ergo, hard-working team: we all do a bit of everything. Our model is to hire a few very good people, and give them the freedom to excel. The best part of the job lies in working for The Spectator’s readers. They are the best-read, best-humoured cohort of people you’ll find anywhere. They now like to read us on their app, read the magazine in the bath, listen to our Podcast or watch us on the nascent Spectator TV. Our website traffic has doubled, and our total sales are heading towards an all-time high.

It’s a great time to join the world’s greatest magazine – so anyone interested please email with some thoughts on what you could bring. And please don’t include education on your CV; journalistic experience and love of good writing is all that matters. The deadline for applications is Monday 23 June.

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  • Jackthesmilingblack

    Proofreader would appear to be a crying need. And talking of crying need, how about an on-going programme to support Internet correspondents who would like to improve their writing skills?

    • George Smiley

      But you haven’t actually even got a British passport, have you?

  • Liz

    Does this mean you’ve finally sacked your hormonal image editor?

    Can you please hire a woman for the arts editor so we get a change from the lame middle-aged conservative p*rn-lite you’re forever serving up as click bait? Who knows – you might even get some female subscribers.

    • allymax bruce

      ‘roger that’, Liz !
      Alex Massie spammed 1450 words on his last article (who will fill a coward’s grave; …), to say the the Union divide on the Scottish Independence debate is ‘pathetic’.
      I could have told him that in less than 7 words!
      Inadvertantly, I quite agree with Massie on one thing though; all the ‘scottish writers’ for The Spectator have been ‘pathetic’; not one of them introduce any good material to the debate/issue. It’s all rehashing BBC Bitter-Together Unionist smear, fear, and scaremongering propaganda!

      Conning the Public with a Deficiency of Decency to readers. They must think we’re all ‘too wee too poor too stupid!

      I would like to see Kate Higgins, Cat Boyd, or even Lesley Riddoch; a woman of talent at least! Machsmos like Massie, with his paranoid-schizoid cringe projections of ‘bampots & zoomers’, tells everyone that he can’t write; he ‘puts others down’ in a vane attempt to raise his credibility as a writer; it doesn’t work! Hugo Rifkind is the same!
      Yes, get a female writer on the job; let’s see how ‘parochial’ The Spectator (under Andrew Neil) is?

  • monty61

    Trustafarians only like the rest of the London magazine industry?

  • Rohan Banerjee

    Nothing ventured, nothing gained

  • Hexhamgeezer

    Could I do the job from my Wetherspoons? It’s Wi-Fi enabled and I can borrow the Mrs’ mobile when required.

  • telemachus

    “Help run Coffee House when Isabel Hardman is away”
    I am honing my CV as we speak
    And my firm ideas for balance

    • Mr Grumpy

      Dear Mr T

      Thank you for your application.

      After careful considerationAAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

    • wycombewanderer

      I’m honing a sharp knife to cut your bollocks off.

    • Colonel Mustard

      You do realise that if you get the job you won’t be able to take the March Hare and Dormouse with you?

  • swatnan

    Looks like Isabel can’t take anymore of the rubbish that appears on the blogs.
    You need a thick skin and a sense of humour for a job in Media these days.

    • Colonel Mustard

      Stop posting it then.

  • London Calling

    Jolly good Fraser……I wont be applying but wish good luck to whoever fills the post, its a fab magazine, full of interesting topics…I love it…………..:)