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Cut your energy bills with The Spectator

6 June 2014

5:05 PM

6 June 2014

5:05 PM

Here’s something that you won’t read often in The Spectator: Ed Miliband is right. Britain’s energy market is broken, and a small number of big companies have the upper hand against consumers. But the solution, of course, isn’t state intervention – it’s more competition. That’s why The Spectator is making its own foray into the market.

Under new rules put in place by Ofgem, energy companies are being told to simplify their tariffs. But you can also get a special rate negotiated by a collective of consumers, and our plan is to get enough Spectator readers (and anyone else who wants a good deal) together and then negotiate – something that will be done by a start-up company called the Big Deal on Energy. Its aim is to bring together people who’d be prepared to switch, if the price was right. The Big Deal negotiate on your behalf (and the more people that join up, the stronger the position they’re in and the better the deal they can get), then come back with a price. If it’s better than the deal you’ve got now – and we have every hope that it will be, to the tune of at least £200 a year – you can switch. But if it’s not better, or if you change your mind, you’re under no obligation to take the deal.


You can sign up via our website at or via telephone on 0333 222 5872. Either way, you will be positively surprised to land upon the simplest signup possible. The first negotiation is due to start in the next few weeks, so sign up for this round before Wednesday 11th June to get in on the deal. It’s free, takes 60 seconds to sign up and there are zero obligations. You don’t have to take the deal if you don’t want to.

Fair prices come not from intervention, but from competition – where effectively applied. Join us, and help turn the tables on the energy companies who’ve had it too easy for too long.

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  • itdoesntaddup

    P.S. – At least the picture is right – Miliband’s ideas on energy are as hollow as Battersea Power Station. Pity it no longer has the flying pig…

  • itdoesntaddup

    Ed Miliband is wrong. His intervention has caused higher prices for consumers – as did his spell as the DECC minister. That is because it caused the Big 6 to buy forward price hedges, bidding up prices in the process. Wholesale gas prices have now collapsed, as the process of hedging is complete, and a surplus of physical supply has been shipped in against it. The Big 6 will be allowed to price at a margin to the forward hedge value they paid. The big winners are the bankers and traders who sold the hedges.

    If you want proper competition, you have to stop subsidising windmills and solar, and offering sweetheart nuclear deals to the French. You must stop preventing the exploitation of shale gas. You must let our perfectly serviceable coal power stations continue to operate as much as they wish, taking advantage of coal that can provide power for under £25/MWh – not the £155/MWh Davey has promised offshore wind farms. You must stop thinking that you as a politician can make prices go lower by interfering. Political interference can only bring higher prices, or shortages.

    In short, we have to stop rigging the market.

  • foxoles

    ‘Ed Miliband is right …’

    No, he is not. He advised people to fix their energy prices last year till 2017, as costs would only go up and up. And what has happened? The wholesale price of gas has come down because of oversupply.

    ‘Britain’s Energy Market is broken’

    And it was Ed Miliband, with his ludicrous Climate Change Act, who broke it.

    • you_kid

      For ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever you go on and on and on about how the CCA 2008 which was supported BY ALL PARTIES added significant cost to household energy cost.
      Where is your evidence?

  • wycombewanderer

    Now would be a good time as wholesale prices are low due to oversupply good luck spectator

  • Aberrant_Apostrophe

    “Cut your energy bills with The Spectator.”

    I do – I burn copies of it (and the Telegraph) on my stove. Stuff this recycling nonsense. Why recycle paper when it’s cheaper and more efficient to grow new trees?

  • My_old_mans_a_dustman

    loose cannon:
    an individual who has little to no self control, does not think logically,whose grasp on reality is feeble. a seemingly misunderstood person who is in fact a walking disaster waiting to happen.

    Ed Miliband:
    See “loose cannon”

  • goatmince

    viceroy will be up in arms about this!