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Video: The week ahead — Juncker and Cruddas

30 June 2014

12:36 PM

30 June 2014

12:36 PM

In our latest View from 22 video, James Forsyth and Isabel Hardman discuss the two top stories from this weekend — the ascension of Jean-Claude Juncker and Jon Cruddas’s intervention on Labour’s ‘dead’ hand — and how they will play out over the week.

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  • the viceroy’s gin

    …awwwww, the kids are playing dress-up… that’s soooo cute.

  • edward

    I really like this new visual format and the content about labour divisions was very interesting.

  • Roger Hudson

    I hope that room isn’t in one of those expensive London houses, it is so noisy, how can anyone live there,let alone trying to record audio.

  • The Masked Marvel

    Forsyth slouching like a teenager again, Nelson’s got his foot on the table….come on gentlemen, act like adults. It’s supposed to be “informal”, yes, but are there no adults left? At least clean up the bottles of booze behind you first.

    Content-wise, it was refreshing to hear a brief acknowledgment that the EU mandarins need UK money to prop up the rotting carcass, instead of the usual screams about Britain becoming isolated and economically damaged. One also heard a lot of wishful thinking that infighting would damage Labour’s chances next year. As if the majority of the public are actually aware of or are affected by Cruddas’s complaints or others moaning about leadership. Good political insider junkie fodder, but in the end it will really be Labour banking on class war – again – and none of this will matter much.

  • monty61

    Really don’t like this new format Fraser. The old radio broadcast format had the virtue of being a decent chunk of stuff that you could make a mug of tea and sit and listen to. These little snippets of video seem far less substantial or consequential. Thumbs down I’m afraid.

  • Pier66

    I would like to join you…