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Video: can Labour solve its Miliband problem?

18 June 2014

2:54 PM

18 June 2014

2:54 PM

Ed Miliband’s popularity ratings have sunk below those of Nick Clegg this week, so what can Labour do? In this week’s View from 22 podcast, James Forsyth and Isabel Hardman discuss the Miliband problem —we’ve put together the video highlights above. Will Labour contemplate sacking him? Is there anyone else who could do a better job? And will the upcoming shadow cabinet reshuffle improve his standing?

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  • swatnan

    Ed could be gone by Xmas, with any luck.

  • Pier66

    It has been confirmed that the new Land Rover Discovery Sport will be built in Liverpool, creating 250 new jobs at the Halewood factory.
    Dr Ralf Speth, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) made the announcement at the BT Global City Leaders dinner, which is part of the International Festival for Business (IFB) in Liverpool.
    That’s with DC in charge, with a Conservative coalition with lib dem….
    you could image if we win GE 2015 HOW WE COULD DO WELL FOR

  • Gwangi

    I like Ed Miliband. A decent, honourable, intelligent man BUT obviously and utterly disconnected from ordinary people, as most from an academic background are. He is a socialist millionaire, too, like most Labour MPs in London (property prices cause that, and Labour-supported mass immigration causes them to spiral upwards).

    He has spent a life in privileged leftie intellectual circles. This does not go down well with pragmatic Brits. Just compare him to someone like Alan Johnson who would appeal to the whole population.

    But Labour’s best bet is to focus on policies to make up for the leader’s near-autistic image. And that should be the big worry for them: the economy is picking up and most people seem more or less happy with the government we’ve got at the moment. In fact, most seem to want them to clamp down harder on benefit scroungers and immigrants – people Labour is committed to always blindly defending for some mad reason (as it’s the native British WORKING ‘working class’, black and white, who suffer most because of such pro-immigration pro-welfare policies).

    Davis Miliband is prettier and less nasally Milhouse-y, so comes over as a bit more human but not much.

    Still, other out-of-touch privileged types who eat theories for breakfast and have no idea of the price of a pint of milk have done well in our out-of-touch political system. Just look at Harripants Harman, millionaire, privately-educated, all-women-shortlist-selected daughter to a top surgeon. Or Charles Clarke. Or indeed the privately educated Blair or Gaitskell or Atlee…

    • Pier66

      Davis Miliband is prettier and less nasally Milhouse-y, so comes over as a bit more human but not much….
      Davis could be perfect new labour leader…eh?

      • Gwangi

        I always think it terribly common and vulgar to pick up on and harp about typos made by those typing fast at 7 in the morning, don’t you?

  • John Smith

    He is no problem, he is doing an excellent job, hopefully up to & including GE2015

  • John Dalton

    This looks like break time in the 6th form common room.

    I’m surprised Isabel can find the time for this given her ever-increasing appearances on The Daily Politics and This Week. Andrew Neil clearly likes his resident hockey captain.

  • LadyDingDong

    I went for a stroll this morning from my offices in St James’s and happened to pass the Speccie’s lovely building in Old Queen Street. I must say, it seemed to me more befitting of someone of my generation than the youngsters who currently inhabit it. Watching the video I was reminded of my Oxford Union debating society days though we were a bit more ‘right on’ and strident in the sixties than you youngsters, and we looked older.

    • Wessex Man

      My Lady, you are correct but lets not say so too often or Labour might dump them.

    • Count Dooku

      Interesting that someone who works in St James’ refers to Miliband’s ilk as “toffs”.
      Have you managed to extract yourself from Hammersmith & Fulham yet?

      • LadyDingDong

        Don’t be a twit, I come from good working class stock (father a British army NCO) as do perhaps more than 50% of my staff and the various workers and civil servants in St James’s. As for Hammersmith & Fulham, I am working to subvert the commie b’stards from within until the lease on my Thameside mansion expires.

        • Count Dooku

          I live 10 minuts away from the Park and the area is full of privately-educated Oxbridge types. Good on you for making it good (haha), though I’d not refer to the daughter of a senior NCO as working class. Half the kids at my boarding school had parents in the Army!

          Godspeed on your efforts. The Tories were doing a great job in H&F I hear.

    • Hello

      Yes, and you were also more polite no doubt, which explains your bitter dismissal of youth. Just because someone is young does not mean that they’re wrong.

      Instead of taking a stroll in the morning, why don’t you take some time to rediscover your manners.

    • CO Jones

      They wouldn’t get past the selection process of most companies, with the possible exception of McDonald’s: that’s possibly why they are desperate to hang on to the “jobs” they have at present.

    • Pier66

      Dear LadyDingDong , if you take Old Queen st from Storey’s Gate, we have on the left hand side 2 Blue Plaque, could you remember me who lived in that home please?