Tony Abbott, the Prime ‘Nerd’ of Australia

13 June 2014

2:25 PM

13 June 2014

2:25 PM

There are two types of Australian male: the ‘julios’, a modern import who likes soft drinks and hair product, and the ‘nerds’, the traditional breed who like beer and Sheilas. Tony Abbott is a nerd.

On his recent visit to America, Abbott could not have done less to counter national stereotypes. The customised surfboard he gave to ‘the dude-in-chief’, President Obama, could only have been bettered in the nerds’ catalogue by a crate of 4X and a cork hat.

Mr S is looking forward to the White House releasing pictures of the board in action.

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  • shiva

    I still manage not to burst into tears.
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  • Wessex Man

    Can we please have a Nerd of our own here as soon as possible rather than the soft effeminate leaders of the three ‘main’ parties!

  • DrWatt

    If it were at all possible – I’d rather have Tony Abbott running Britain right now than that pampered twit of a Prime Minister we have at the moment – David Cameron.

    • Twenty Rothmans

      He’s just increased taxes for high income earners. What’s the point in voting Liberal if you get Labor all over again?

      • Pier66

        What’s the point in voting lib lab when you have TORY to put in charge!

  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    ‘Julios’–ah, those are the chaps a friend of mine must have encountered during a recent trip Down Under. He was under the impression they were all homosexualists and was surprised to find that that wasn’t the case.

  • Kitty MLB

    The issue I have with this man is the fact he once said politicians
    should be in touch with the electorate on some kind of emotional
    level. And that was rather like Blair, in fact I envisaged Blair
    knocking on the cottage door ( if he could find it) looking
    all, emotional with arms stretched out, and it chillled my bones.

    • Wessex Man

      as against Call me Dave with his big bulbous lips puckered up rushing the poor man?

    • Streben80

      Sorry but who cares what Blair said? Should we all do the opposite of what he says, even if what he says could be right? I thought the Tories would have grown up beyond that by now.
      UKIP have done very well indeed by connecting with voters on issues they feel strongly about – there is nothing wrong with relating to the voters at all, the problem comes when you are seen to do so and then ignore how they feel.
      Blair was all hugs and smiles but none of that counted towards his actions.

  • Pootles

    Sounds like a sound boke to me! The descendants of the Diggers that helped save our bacon in 1914-18 and ’39-’45. More power to them.

  • Alex Dunlop

    Straight rip-off from Jonathan Liew in The Telegraph a while back – and it doesn’t even make sense. In what possible way is an old-style Aussie alpha male a “nerd”?