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The next test for Cameron in school extremism row

9 June 2014

8:50 AM

9 June 2014

8:50 AM

Downing Street wants to move the May/Gove feud away from two ministers at war and back onto the substantive issue of extremism in Birmingham Schools.

Naturally Cabinet ministers at war is a storyline the Prime Minister would like to end. But that doesn’t mean that the statement the Education Secretary gives this afternoon will move the government into more comfortable terrain.

Both Labour and the Lib Dems are likely to use this row to argue for better oversight of academies and free schools (although not all the schools involved in the investigation were free from local authority oversight). Though David Blunkett’s proposals for better oversight aren’t a million miles away from what the Tories have already introduced, Gove will inevitably come under attack from all sides for his preference for structuring supervision the way he has. When he does, David Cameron will hope other ministerial colleagues will have been sufficiently warned off beefing against the Education Secretary by the events of the weekend. But there’s a test for the PM, too. Does he stick by his minister, or bow to calls from others for a new structure for supervision?

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  • DWWolds

    Isabel: The self-styled metro elites will not like it but the root of the problems now emerging lies in the promotion of multi-culturalism. And the fact that we ordinary citizens are not allowed to question it simply adds to that.

  • Shazza

    Isabel – it is time for you and the rest of your colleagues in the Metropolitan bubble to face the facts about islam. There is no such thing as either ‘exteme’ or ‘moderate’ islam. There is just islam. Erdogan in Turkey is on record as saying that there is ‘no moderate islam, only islam’. Turkey is rapidly being re-islamified, their experiment with ‘moderate’ did not last too long.

    We are rapidly reaching the tipping point with this ideology and unless you lot take off your rose tinted specs, stop sanitising the perils we face and for once, be brave and face the truth. Is it too big an ask?

    Like you, Isabel, I am a woman but a lot older than you. I won’t be alive to be forced into being a second class citizen in my own country, but your generation will be.

    Again, I don’t expect this post to remain up for long.

    • Kitty MLB

      Indeed Shazza there is just Islam. And Islam
      and athough not everyone wishes to blow is to
      smithereens have you heard many muslims
      speak up against those who are a threat.
      Islam is not a tolerant religion, its actually quite
      Frightening and Labour introduced such people to
      our Christian country without question.
      And now the treasonous Labour party have the audacity
      to believe they have an opinion on the issue they caused.

      • Shazza

        Spot on as usual Kitty. Islam is not a religion – it is an authoritarian, totalitarian, primitive ideology which masquerades as a religion.

        It is in the same mold as Communism/Nazism/Fascism but with one promise – you get a heavenly reward, supposedly.

      • telemachus

        Like it or not Ladybird we live in a multiethnic multifaith world starting with the We Frees of the Scottish race through the Irish Catholics of the Bogside to the Plymouth Brethren
        We have to learn to live together
        Gove and May have shown themselves unfit to solve this problem and should step back until Tristram and Yvette take over next May

        • Kitty MLB

          Indeed little wasp. Over many decades we
          have had Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists embracing our way of life and they love this
          country and do not spend their time loathing
          living amongst us and turning this country
          Into a mini version of their homeland.
          This problem as you call it will be solved
          by my party. So Tristram doesn’t need to
          worry his beautiful little orb about it.

    • John Dalton

      What a cracking post! Thank you Shazza!

      Those of us who have been warning about this for years have faced howls of protest, ridicule, scorn and downright hatred from the metropolitan bubble dwelling lefties of all political persuasions. But it doesn’t change the truth: you can have democracy and free speech – or you can have Is*am – but you cannot have both. The longer we bury our heads in the sand and pretend we can all live in happy-clappy harmony whilst allowing the growth in our midst of an ideology that despises us, the more we betray our children and theirs.

      • Shazza

        Thank you!

  • Rhoda Klapp8

    Isn’t the substantial issue here that the bubble insists on seeing this only as a newsworthy spat between ambitious un-entities whereas for those of us who see things in a longer timescale than a week see it as an example of the problems with multi-culturalism which we have been worried about for years? And while the media story will be over in a few days and replaced by some other trivial crap, the underlying problem will remain untackled until it gets a lot worse. No, delete tackled, that’s a weasel politician word. Unsolved, perhaps.