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Queen refuses to play Game of Thrones

24 June 2014

12:17 PM

24 June 2014

12:17 PM

The Queen has visited the set of Game of Thrones in Northern Ireland. Frankly, she did not look that enamoured with the Iron Throne. Much to the disappointment of the gathered media, she did not sit down. In fact, she seemed indifferent to the hype…

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  • Tokenn

    It’s just as well….it would have been a stupid joke.

  • Amanda

    Of course. She is a real queen with a real throne and a real integrity. I’m amazed that Her Grace could even be brought the way of these grovellers to our ungrateful, vain time…..

    • La Fold

      That or its the huge ammount of work and cash it has taken to Belfasts economy not only aiding the citys regeneration but showing its success.

    • IllOmens

      Integrity? Elizabeth II? That’s the best one I’ve heard all month!

  • swatnan

    abdicate, now

  • Martin Adamson

    Given what happens to people who sit in it, she’s wise.

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