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Politicians don’t make good sports

17 June 2014

11:28 AM

17 June 2014

11:28 AM

Iranian president Hassan Rouhani has a long way to go if he is serious about his awkward watching sport photographs.

Last night’s effort was a good start, but he will have to up his game if he is to continue with these homages to Cameron:


Who can forget the awkward Cameron and Merkel shots from the 2010 World Cup:



And while Rouhani is gently being welcomed in from the cold, he’s going to have to wait a long time before he can display such overt signs of victory in the presence of a US President:


If Rouhani is looking for a way of watching the footy that is more befitting of a Middle Eastern president, he’s following the lead of the wrong British politician. He should remember how Ed Miliband watches the big game…


…by arriving in a Rolls Royce.


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  • Mack

    Soccer / Football / Footer / Association Football / Futbol is a tool for tyrants, the Orwellian Two Minutes’ Hate expanded to several hours. Football is a state-sponsored distraction that keeps The People (bless them) from thinking, and unifies them in an artificial war so that they won’t think of doing anything responsible, such as voting or looking for a job. Attendance is semi-mandatory – not to wear a team’s colours as a badge of party identity is to risk a beating or at least disapproval (“Your attitude’s been noticed, comrade” – house warden in DOCTOR ZHIVAGO).

  • Pier66

    You see egg milliband
    arriving in a Rolls Royce, in touch with poor people
    great leader and the brother even better.. Bright future for Labour

    • Jamie

      You mean he isn’t as good at image management as husky-hugging, converse wearing multi-miilionaire, married to an heiress Call-Me-Dave? Maybe he (and the people who support him) are not that interested in superficial appearance and believe those who are to be rather shallow and frankly, silly.

  • Kitty MLB

    Are Politicians even interested ( can’t imagine any of them playing
    football) I suppose they watch the World Cup and Wimbledon
    to support countries . As well as the wretched words Blair created
    ” in touch with the electorate”
    We don’t really want politicians to be intouch, not as if we want
    them to turn up for lunch.
    I think some politicians played a spot of Tennis and Cricket
    in the past. But i do know its bad luck when they support
    Sports people…Keep quiet Cameron …etc.

  • dado_trunking

    Look at all these lefties frantically declaring allegiances whilst ignoring the will of the people. Now is the time to remind them of the greatest sportsman of them all.
    No, not Pele.

    It was Zinedine Zidane who made headbutting socially acceptable.
    It was wrong what happened yesterday – we must accept progressive change, when will FIFA and the political elite finally catch up?