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Podcast: Terror’s comeback kids and Steve Coogan, foe of press censorship?

19 June 2014

9:10 AM

19 June 2014

9:10 AM

Why do Iraq’s jihadists keep on coming back? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, Daveed Gartenstein-Ross and Freddy Gray (1 min, 29 sec) examine why groups such as ISIS have a habit of disappearing, losing their territorial gains and reappearing more deadly than ever. What can the West do, if anything, to combat the ISIS threat in Iraq? Are we going to see instability in the region for years?

James Forsyth and Isabel Hardman (10 min, 29 sec) also look at the disappearance of hawks in Westminster and why Parliament is so reluctant to intervene in foreign lands. Does the ghost of Tony Blair and Iraq scare off MPs from voicing interventionist feelings? It’s also been a terrible week for Ed Miliband — will Labour consider junking their leader? Could his upcoming reshuffle improve his standing before the general election?


Plus, Guido Fawkes’ Paul Staines and Evan Harris (22 min, 33 sec) from Hacked Off debate whether Steve Coogan should be involved in Index on Censorship. Is there a conflict between his pro-Leveson press regulation stance and supporting a freedom from censorship organisation?

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Show comments
  • Toe bee

    why put your podcast on soundcloud and i might actually listen ..itunes is so 2012

  • Jez

    What difference a couple of hours make.

    Since the podcast (reading the media here in the UK) it’s regime change from the top in Iraq, a further isolating of Iran and no assistance to the Democratically held parts of Iraq until this happens.

    ISIS must be absolutely creasing themselves with laughter at this pantomime.