Rod Liddle: My run in with Yasmin Alibhai-Brown and Channel 4 News

20 June 2014

1:29 PM

20 June 2014

1:29 PM

I thought you might enjoy watching this debate between me and two eminently sane, rational and balanced women. If you haven’t seen it already. My publishers were anxious I should take part in order to promote my book, Selfish, Whining Monkeys. I said to them: ‘But it’s Channel 4 News. They won’t  have read the book or even given it a second thought. They’ll just sit there and shriek at me.’ Ever the cynic, huh?

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  • Jack_H

    It was very funny and I bought your book because of it….which I enjoyed so much I bought a copy for a mate as well….he enjoyed it too,particularly the’Long March Though The Institutions’bit……..cant have been pleasant for you but your publisher was right!

  • Albert Steptoe

    Rod Liddle is right. The Alibhai-Brown’s of this world that came here from being booted out of somewhere else then Britain’s moderation allowed her to stay here, then carp on immigrants do no wrong only right, is typical leftie rubbish. It is not racist to say ‘immigration is out of control and must be stopped’. She also said UKIP should not be allowed to continue its view – what a waste of space she is.

  • Thaddeus lovelock

    Why not give, Christians preference, over Muslims, in matters of asylum. The is west is largely secular now, however it still has a Christian heritage. If we are going to take asylum seekers, Christians are a far better bet than Muslims. As they don’t bring with them all the dangerous ideological baggage that Muslims do. Also, the nature of the Christian identity does not, become problematic in a western context. Like the Islamic identity often does. Muslims discriminate against non Muslims all the time, the idea is actually central to their religion. So why shouldn’t the west, do the same.

  • Thaddeus lovelock

    Yasmin needs to wake up to the hatred and intolerance in her own community.

  • Thaddeus lovelock

    Mass immigration, threatens national identity, it also can threatens the values, that have come to underpin the society. That’s way assimilation is the most effective way, to guarantee support for mass immigration. The expectancy, that newly arrived migrants, will assimilate to the values, and customs,of the host society, and identify with it, strengthens social cohesion, and stability. Thus it is is the best way to guarantee support for immigration. Islam in some ways presents a stumbling block to this model, Because it presents itself as the sole repository of identity. And in some cases positions Islamic identity as diametrically opposed to the concept of national identity.

  • TNT

    Wow. What have I just watched?

    Has Yasmin not heard of Lorazepam?

  • daviduk84

    Yasmin – “Some of my best friends are white”.

    My god he was patient with these two harpies.

  • tjmac7

    I”ll buy your book Rod, just not for £12.99.

  • Laurie Harper

    Hi Rod. Bought the book today. Was laughing out loud on the tube on the way home from work. Chapter 3 on debt is spot on. Only a little way in and I’m bound to find things I don’t agree with, but can’t argue with a lot so far. Interesting that Yasmin AB all but admits to hating the white working class, but of course, she isn’t racist, is she? Perish the thought… she’s got good reason for feeling the way she does, so that’s all right. Hope the programme at least helped your sales.

  • Crumbs

    What’s this ‘conservative Muslims’ schtick? Radio 4 was at that game as well.

  • michaelmobius1

    start a ‘debate’ with any left-liberal and you know the stop-watch has started. It took Brown all of about a second and a half to call liddle out as bigot. This isn’t just a habit, it is the very essence of how the left works: that everybody and everything that is not itself must be motivated by hate and bile. Obviously you just need to listen to them speak to realise that its a form of projection.

  • DaHitman

    Can’t stand this women, she has made it clear before that she hates the English and yet plays the race card herself all the time. For her own ‘human rights’ I’d deport the moo to India

    • GraveDave

      I’m not a coolie from the empire. I’M NOT A COOLIE FROM THE EMPIRE! (visibly shaken and near to crocodile tears). .

  • Ooh!MePurse!

    I’m enjoying the book. I don’t necessarily agree with all of it but much of it rings true. One of the anecdotes reminds me of the foolish decision, in my youth, to address the annual Mothers’ Day card to ‘ the vicious old wasp’. The phrase had been used in a sitcom, I thought it was funny. The consequences were not!

  • James

    YABba dabba doo!

  • William_Brown

    “…I think that one of the interesting things about Mr Liddle, is that he tries so very, very hard to be reasonable…..”

    Yes, indeed he does. Unlike you, Ms. Alibhai-Brown; you make no effort at all.

    • Neil Saunders

      She doesn’t have to, William. No-one in a position of power within the mass media either expects her to or requires her to.

      • Max07

        And as long as people are prepared to invite her along to spout drivel, she’ll continue to do so. I suppose we’re all playing along by commenting. Ignore her; perhaps she’ll go away.

        • Neil Saunders

          She won’t go away, Max; she’s where she is for a reason.

  • Adrian Wainer

    If Yasmin Alibhai-Brown is so impressed with Islam she should go and live in a Muslim country.

    • amicus

      Sooner the better. I’d happily take part in a whip round to pay her fare.

  • Lina R

    Yasmin Alibhai-Brown was the bigot in this interview – but it’s OK when it’s the Left declaring their hatred for those with opinions different to their own. If Rod Liddle had declared on air that he hated her – as she did to him – he would have been called racist, sexist and possibly worse.
    Liddle got accused of tarnishing Islam as a whole – even when he had already specifically declared the aspects of the religion he didn’t like – yet Alibhai-Brown talked about one incident in her letterbox as if that represents white working class people. How does she know it was a racist attack, and why does think every criticism made of her is also racist? Maybe it’s her personality and inability to rationalise, people object to and not the colour of her skin?

    • Neil Saunders

      These pampered PC commentators are like the Bourbons before the French Revolution. Just imagine the outrage if Rod Liddle really had expressed hatred on air for Alibhai-Brown, even in response to her public declaration of hatred for him! Bullies – and Alibhai-Brown is one – really are cowards, but we have to condemn the enablers (Cathy Newman and Channel 4 in particular, but the wider political and media culture in general) of such asymmetric warfare in the realm of ideas.

    • Amanda

      Indeed: and did she file a police report? How exactly does one get a flaming cloth through a letter box (think about it for a moment)? Where is the proof of this calumny?

  • Picquet

    Just watched this for the third time. Better than ‘Breaking Bad’, really. The power of rational thought versus shrill, intense prejudice. More popcorn, please.

  • Marissa

    The YABbering white guilt dinner lady made three mistakes in one tweet today. If she’s annoying ‘rednecks’ (racist slur, although it never is when she does it.) like @rodliddle (didn’t check it’s a parody account) she must be ‘doping’ something right. Why is this racist dunce so popular with the media?

  • John Tait

    Rod, you were lucky to get a word in edgeways against those two whinging sheilahs.

  • backstoothewall

    YAB, vile old harridan, thinks Farage’s access to the media should be controlled, not very British, not very surprising.

    • Neil Saunders

      You know what the PC brigade are like regarding free speech, don’t you? They regard it as the unrestricted freedom to express total agreement with them.

  • nenthead

    Well done Rod, you exposed both of them in all of their authentically smug, ghastly, leftie bigotry.

  • Mark McIntyre

    RoddyL – was it not your ‘goodself’ who once blogged of YA-B

    • Lungfish66

      calm down Cooky

      • Mark McIntyre

        Pipe down Delvesy !

    • Lungfish66

      Can you imagine Toynbee and Yasmin in flagrante delicto- I drift off every evening. No I don’t. No definitely, but maybe- Of course we love them both. I can’t imagine life without them.

  • allymax bruce

    Rod, that BBC interview was a set-up; why would BBC invite Yasmin on the show, when they invite you to discuss your new book?

    • Lungfish66

      I thought it was Channel 4?

      • allymax bruce

        You’re probably right; Channel 4 is a subsiduary of BBC anyway.

  • Andy M

    I really wouldn’t have bothered to buy this book if it wasn’t for Channel 4 and YAB. Who needs good press agents when you can go on the news and make yourself look good just by speaking your mind, being honest and not being the two other people on the broadcast?!

  • Ben

    I’ll be ordering that book.

    The two creatures on C4 news were indeed thick, opinionated gobsh1tes.

    Thanks Rod for the entertainment!

  • Adam Maguire

    Why bother…free publicity OK? But other than the chance to save a few bob for your publishers…why bother? Debate? Was that a balanced debate?

  • FrankieThompson

    The plight of white working class people in 2014 is the fault of Rupert Murdoch? Is that really the intellectual pit into which we have sunk?

  • Coleridge1

    Shame Liddle forgot to remind YAB that her overt support for Hamas, who at Article 7 of their Charter call for the killing of all Jews everywhere – makes her the premier racist.
    I agree with Michael Fabricant MP. He should never have apologized.

    • Nicetime

      The fact that Fabricant was (or felt) forced to apologise to that loathesome woman, and the fact that Cameron came out with his usual spineless handwringing over the matter is the real issue that should be examined. To give her her due, YA-B and her ilk have never feared to say what they think and have never apologised (probably because forcing worthless apologies from opponents isn’t a tactic that the ‘right’ employs). What has to happen is a shift in the zeitgeist to give them the apoplexy they deserve. Rod is doing stout work in this regard. A UK Fox news would help too…. something that nice Mr Murdoch might still be able to help with, for all that some effete spokesmen on the right (messrs Moore and Oborne) like to sneer at him. We are in a culture war here. What we’ve been through makes Dunkirk look like a victory and it’s about time we woke up and fought back like we meant it. Rod is one of a handful of figures in the UK media who seems to realise this

  • john p reid

    Suprised no ones picked up on YAB’s view that Liddle was bigoted because his views on Stehpen Lawrence killers,as far as I recall,Rod pointed out that the conviction for 2 of them for throwing a chip wrapper at an off duty p.C.s car wasn’t for this, but for not being found guilty the first time, and that as the allegations that they’d done it had been in the news every day for the previous 15 years, it was unlikely they’d get a fair trial, with the questioning of the abolition of double jeopardy it was a show trial, Peter Hitchen said much the same, and this is bigoted in which way exactly, the same went for the McPherson inquiry, and anyone dare suggesting that BAME people were exploiting this to justify their own prejudice was called out as bigotted too,

  • Shakassoc

    Turned it off at 5:30. Couldn’t cope with any more YABbing.

  • Bonkim

    failed to make an impression. the two ladies came out better.

    • vieuxceps2


      • Bonkim

        See the photo.

    • William_Brown

      What…they impressed you?

    • James Jones

      “the two ladies came out”

      They are both on the other side?

      • Max07

        That just about says it all about Newman, doesn’t it?

  • Keith Chapman

    Rod, I have long been an admirer of your wit which is completely unappreciated by the over-serious commentators you engage with in this interview. You are simply operating on a superior satirical level which they do not connect with. It is like watching England being taken apart by Argentina (only funnier!).

  • Gwangi

    Yasmin Alibi-Boo is the biggest bigot going! I used to read her column in The Independent.
    The vitriol and abuse flung at atheists for one – who are inferior to the spiritual like Yassie who (she says) can appreciate a sunset more than atheists!
    And then there’s her constant portrayal of ALL the white working class as drunk, idle, promiscuous wasters. It is she who should be offering an apology. Not Wodders…
    Yasmin Alibi-Boo is a racist and bigot who has profited massively from the race and diversity industry, and like most Asians looks down on the working class, whites and blacks. She should grow up and stop whingeing about what people say on Twitter – we BADLY need free speech in this country. We are oppressed by the PC gestapo and it’s getting far far worse, now the plods need to up their arrest stats – so they are so quick to arrest anyone who says BOO! on Twitter and dares criticise Muslims.
    Of course, Muslims are free to incite hatred and racial hatred and to call for the torture and murder of another British citizen (as Sir Iqbal Sacranie said of Salman Rushdie in 1989. WHY has he not been arrested eh? He got a knighthood instead from Blair! Utter madness. Utter hypocrisy, Utter corruption of British and Enlightenment values which ARE superior to any Asian, Muslim, African backwards and primitive values. Relativism if strictly for idiots.

  • StephanieJCW

    Much as I think Rod Liddle is a god awful prejudiced, racist buffoon (and despite his claims to the contrary, it cannot help bursting out – he has a disturbing obsession with ethnicity) that interview was terrible and not because of Liddle.

    Yasmin Alibhai Brown is an uber troll. Stupid, highly irritating and her popularity among certain circles is a complete utter mystery.

    Her line of argument was just bizarre. I would think she was on drugs if she wasn’t always so insufferable.

    • Joe Connolly

      Personally I admire Rod but that’s my choice.
      YAB terrible. She knows the truth. We have to accept it. And clearly viscerally hostile to Rod.

    • Gwangi

      Oh I am sure that Rod is nowhere near as racist as the average Asian or black person!
      Have you ever asked a Muslim father if he would be happy for his daughter to marry a black man (or a white non-Muslim for that matter!)
      Most bigotry I see in society comes from ethnic and religious minorities. Oh but we’re not allowed ever to challenge or criticise them, are we? Or we get called ‘racist’ or ‘Islamophobic’ (what a non-word and absurd concept: we should all be free to hate religion!).

      Maybe Rod should black up and adopt a minority religion eh? Then he’d benefit from the invisible forcefield which automatically blankets such persons and prevents them being thoroughly questioned and held to account for their views, as a white men would be.

      For example, if a white men wanted to stop his wife working, force his daughters into arranged marriages with cousins, hated gays and wanted them hanged, hated Jews and blacks, and Asians of another religion – then what would we call him? A dinosaur and bigot, at best; a vile racist, secksist, homophobic, hate-filled monster, at worse. And yet most British Muslims in the UK have these attitudes yet are never challenged? Why? This is racism, surely, from the bien pensant metropolitan political and media class, not judging all people by the same values, but having different values and standards for different people according to their race. That is racism. End of.

    • Richard

      Our whole politics has been distorted by an obsession with minorities.

      • Gwangi

        Indeed. And if you say minorities should integrate, abide by our (tolerant, modern) values – and ‘when in Rome’ etc – you’ll be accused of racism!

        So if you say people should be treated the same irrespective of their skin colour, land of origin or religion, you’ll get called racist these days.

        If however you think people should be treated differently because of their skin colour, you can claim you are non-racist because of the special lenient turn-a-blind-eye treatment you want for Pakistani Muslims you are seen as nonracist.


  • Amanda

    The Will Self review was unpersuasive, tendentious, presumptuous, self-satisfied, and lacking in insight. It also made the fault — as you might have guessed from the foregoing — of ‘projecting on the text’, a major sin in serious reading and interpretation. In short, it was a waste of bandwith. I say this in response to the diatribe below, which I didn’t bother to read, as is my right.