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Mike Hancock: I crossed the line

18 June 2014

4:22 PM

18 June 2014

4:22 PM

Mike Hancock has settled the civil case brought against him by a constituent alleging that he sexually assaulted her (Julie Bindel outlined the case for the magazine here). In a statement released today, the MP, currently suspended as a Liberal Democrat, apologises for his behaviour. He says:

‘In October 2009 you first came to me as a constituent to seek my assistance as your MP and councillor. Subsequently and over several months I came to your home on several occasions, sometimes unannounced and conducted a friendship with you that was inappropriate and unprofessional.

‘I understand that you felt degraded. I did not treat you with sufficient respect. I made you feel deeply uncomfortable and discriminated against, and I crossed the line…

‘I can only apologise unreservedly to you for any distress, anger and worsening of your psychiatric condition that I caused.’

Hancock’s office would not comment when contacted this afternoon on whether he plans to step down as an MP (if he does go, James profiled the constituency and Ukip’s chances of winning there in a column here), or whether he’ll stand again in 2015. He has already lost his seat on the council. But if he stays, even if only for the 11 months remaining until the general election, it will be as good an illustration as any of the need for a proper power of recall. Those who have seriously campaigned for recall argue that what the Government has ended up bringing forward is seriously flawed. Hancock’s case may reinforce their argument that the bill must be amended.

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  • Smithersjones2013

    Hancock’s office would not comment when contacted this afternoon on
    whether he plans to step down as an MP (if he does go, James profiled
    the constituency and Ukip’s chances of winning there in a column here)

    Oh for goodness sake Hardman don’t be such a slovenly bovine. That article by Forsyth is way out of date. Senior Tories wouldn’t say that at all today!

  • Gwangi

    Talk about emotional blackmail!
    The woman in question was a GROWN-UP and grown-ups are capable of making clear that (normal and natural) male (or female) attention is unwanted.

    This woman was clearly either VERY weak or VERY stupid and naïve or VERY manipulative and devious OR ALL THREE!

    It is actually discriminatory and misogynist to INFANTILISE women – so why does our society, in thrall to victimhood-craving pity party feminists, do that by always assuming a woman is a vulnerable victim and a man a nasty abusive wolf of a perpetrator? Pathetic.

    Poor bloke. I bet his wish he was gay…

    • the viceroy’s gin

      Well, looking at the above photograph, he does resemble a nasty abusive wolf, come to think of it.

  • John Smith

    This guy is luckier than Teflon Tony

  • Frank

    Why have the police not prosecuted him? How can he settle a claim of sexual assault? When is Parliament’s Standards Committee going to sack him? Why should we pay this man’s salary from this point on (or his claim for loss of office in due course)?

    • Gwangi

      Errr because he committed no crime. Bearing in mind the bar for harassment is set so low that 2 emails will get the plods at your door arresting you, it seems this man did not do anything wrong and is just settling to avoid a traumatic trial. So loony woman gets the compo and is no doubt delighted at her good fortune.
      This poor man visited an attractive loonie toon woman constituent, who obviously led him on, invited him to her home and was quite happy to be the centre of attention. Then her mad strange brain constructed a fantasy of abuse. And hey presto, another man’s life ruined.

      • Frank

        What I have read suggests that it was more serious than that. Mainly because, she doesn’t appear to be mentally competent to have given legal consent to whatever they did. Clearly, this could be an incorrect impression and perhaps he settled to make any public confusion go away.

        • Gwangi

          The problem here is that none of us know. Unless and until we do, how on earth can anyone pass judgement.
          There are some women out there who are so paranoid and nuts they’ll lead a man on then cry abuse and worse when he puts an arm round them.

          We should stop criminalising ordinary human relations; and we should stop infantilising women too – these are grown-ups not 5 year olds.

          The constant tone taken is of how nasty men have forced themselves on poor vulnerable women. My experience of low suggests it isn’t usually as simple as that. Quite often gullible (vulnerable) men are victims of malicious and vindictive manipulative women who engineer situations where they can claim victimhood and compo.

          So, in conclusion, bestiality is a far safer bet than human relations these days. Now where’s that pet shop…

  • Chingford Man

    Why has this disgusting individual not resigned? Mercer went for less.

    By-election NOW.

  • misomiso

    Im sure Nick Clegg will be arguing very strongly for Mike Hancock to stand down for the good of his constituents.

    • Wessex Man

      no no he won’t Cleggover is terrified that a by-election there would be the final nail in their coffin.

  • John Dalton

    They’re hypocrites – and nasty ones at that. Full of moral outrage and indignation when anyone else does any wrong and then weeping, pleading and expecting forgiveness when their own sinister peccadillos are exposed.

    I understand humans are fallible and do bad things. It’s the bleating, bullying and smearing they partake in when anyone else does or says (or thinks) something they don’t like that infuriates me. I’d rather be a (INSERT WORD HERE: bigot, little Englander, small-minded, ray-cist, UKIP voter) than a s*x pest or a paedo. Or Nick Clegg.

  • the viceroy’s gin

    Well, the Camerloons have a multiply-accused rapist on their books, and not a peep about it. It’s probably fitting that LibLabCon stocks a healthy supply of perverts and degenerates, and Hancock seems to fit right in.

    • MaxSceptic


    • Frank

      If you are talking about Nigel Evans, he was cleared in court. If you are referring to a different person, please tell us who you mean

      • the viceroy’s gin

        …so you’re saying that there are a multiple of these multiply-accused rapists in the Camerloons, and not just Evans?

        • HookesLaw

          No you are and you are not naming them. Your ripost – well your pretend ripost – is absurdly pathetic even by your abysmally low standards.

          How is the grand wizard the way. Is keeping the creases straight in your blackshirt difficult?

          • Chingford Man

            Chillax, Hooky Babe, like your hero Dave.

          • the viceroy’s gin

            How’s your multiply-accused rapist buddies, laddie?

      • judyk113

        He may have been found not guilty of rape by a Court, which can only convict on evidence establishing guilt beyond reasonable doubt. However, his Counsel admitted that he was habitually drunk and in the habit of propositioning young men hoping for Parliamentary careers working as Parliamentary aides and interns from a position as Deputy Speaker and a senior figure in the Tory Party through which he could have massive influence on their careers. He also admitted that he had proceeded into overt sexual contact, in the House of Commons, claiming that he “misread the signals.” Casting couch routine, Parliamentary version.

        • the viceroy’s gin

          Sounds like he’s morally perfect for the Camerluvvies, no doubt .

        • Gwangi

          Ah I see. So all men accused of such things and found innocent are still guilty. Brilliant! How convenient for your own misandrist agenda.

          Well thank you mein fuhrer for that classic piece of feminazi logic.

          Do you also think the same of all women whose babies and children’s die, maybe from ‘cot death’. They SAY they are innocent and are usually found not guilty – but that proves their guilt, according to your mob logic.

          Which actually back up the campaign for ALL men accused of such things to be granted anonymity.

          Mud sticks – even if it is fake mud created in a feminist hate factory.

          I hope you get a smock and a pitchfork for Winterval. It’d suit you, I’m sure…

          • Airey Belvoir

            The defenders of Evans seem to think that it is fine for people in high public office to indulge in repulsive behaviour right up to the fringe of criminality, as long as a toe is not placed over that line. Many of us would disagree.

          • the viceroy’s gin

            No, it’s not about “feminism”, which I despise.

            It’s about moral degenerates being lovingly embraced by a political party, and placed in high office.

    • HookesLaw

      Take a look at UKIP. Try the, ‘Leading UKIP activist sexually assaults homeless man’ story.
      Or, ‘Former UKIP MEP wins sexual discrimination case’

      • the viceroy’s gin

        Take a look at the way you Camerloons lovingly embrace a multiply-accused rapist, laddie.

  • LadyDingDong

    Seems like all the other Liberals and LibDems to me. Disgusting creatures always up to something abhorrent to all right thinking people. The sooner politics is rid of them the better. My mind goes back to Jeremy Thorpe and Cyril Smith and…………

    • MaxSceptic

      Mr Hancock was obviously the inspiration for sleeve artwork of Jethro Tull’s Aqualung.

      • itdoesntaddup

        Sitting on a park bench….

    • Peter Stroud

      Yes, what is the matter with the LibDem party? It seems have more than its fair share of weird people, some of which are unbearably nasty.