Lord Dobbs to the Lib Dems: time to sod off

4 June 2014

9:08 AM

4 June 2014

9:08 AM

‘There are three stages to any coalition,’ House of Cards creator
Michael Dobbs told me at Tuesday’s annual Macmillan Lords vs Commons tug-of-war in the grounds of Westminster School. ‘First there is the seduction, tearing
off each other’s bodices over five days of negotiations. Then came the
consummation in the Rose Garden, followed later by a period of sober reflection.’
And which stage are we in now? I asked the Tory peer ‘The “sod off” stage.’

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  • Fenman

    Using the same logic that the bienpeasant metro class use to label UKIP racist, i.e arguing from th eparticular to the general, surely the Lib Dums are the party of sexual abuse(Thorpe, Cyril Smith, Lord Rennard, Paddy ‘pants off’ and his mates and lots of others?

  • Mynydd

    Lord Dobbs is wrong, the first stage is the realisation you have not won the General Election. Mr Cameron failed to score a win even when there was a open goal The second stage, minority government or coalition. Mr Cameron didn’t have the bottle to form a minority government. Then comes Lord Dobbs three stages followed by the sod off stage at the 2015 general election. The final stage is when Mr Cameron and Clegg are down the dole office.

    • DrWatt

      Its amazing how many people out there think Cameron won the last election – you have to remind them that David Cameron did not win the election of 2010 and as such chose to form a coalition with Clegg and the LibDems.

      Even the press speak in terms of Cameron having won the last election over Gordon Brown – he didn’t win! David Cameron failed to win the election – as you say, ‘an open goal’ – against possibly the worst and most unpopular Prime Minister in British political history.

      What does they say about David Camerons chances of winning an overall majority in 2015! Pretty slim I would say.

      • LucieCabrol

        What does it say about the worst gerrymandering government in history before him….good job?

  • mikeydredd22

    Remind me. Who elected Lord Dodds?

    • tjamesjones

      Who’s Lord Dodds?

      • monty61

        Diddy really write that?

        • Damon

          How tickled I am.

  • Colin56

    Lord Dobbs is absolutely right – except in one respect: the ‘sod-off stage’ should have come a whole lot sooner. The LDs have been a complete disaster in coalition, a fact that is about to be demonstrated in their forthcoming drubbing at Newark, closely followed, it is devoutly to be hoped, by their annihilation at next year’s GE. Scandal-ridden, unprincipled, mendacious, willing to seek their manifesto for a taste of ministerial office, their influence for good has been non-existent, their pain-in-the-backside factor has been immense; and with any luck they will cease to exist as a credible political party after the electorate has had their say next time round.

  • Grey Wolf

    Really. A Tory peer said that?

    There is no effing difference b/w the Cameron Tories and the Lib Dems. Both the parties are vehicles of unabashed, uninhibited, untrammelled progressivism. What is different is just the TV/media drama that they present. The patriotic voters should realise and digest this quickly.

    And yes, being a neo-con is not the same as being conservative. Neo-cons are the vilest form of Progressivists.

    • tjamesjones

      You think Cameron is a neo-con?