London’s party-hungry Russians suffer Putin problem

3 June 2014

12:16 PM

3 June 2014

12:16 PM

Word reaches Mr S of the plight of Mr Alexander Sucenko, organiser of next Saturday’s annual Russian Summer Ball. The ball is said to be in jeopardy because nobody wants to come. It seems that many regular attendees of this staple of the Russian expat social calendar have cried off this year because of the actions of a certain Russian President.

It all strikes Mr S as a little ironic, bearing in mind that the Summer Ball is geared towards the exiled Czarist side of Russian culture. Her Highness Princess Olga of Russia and His Highness Prince Rostislav are set to be the guests of honour. Hasn’t the Russian royal family suffered enough at the hands of their successors?

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  • Ted Cunterblast

    Is this article for real? All the exiled Czarists I know actually support Putin.

    • Faceless Bureaucrat

      I suspect the problem is that it is not the Russian contingent that is crying off, but certain Individuals who hail from other Nations that want to ‘rub shoulders’.
      I know of this Ball and Suscenko seems a good egg – he has run this event on his own for years now and always for does it for Charity.
      Hope the ‘real’ Russian community support him this year…

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