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Labour MPs disagree with Ed Miliband over The Sun

12 June 2014

6:02 PM

12 June 2014

6:02 PM

Ed Miliband appears to have had a sudden change of heart about The Sun. After calling for Rupert Murdoch’s empire to be dismantled, the Labour leader has endorsed The Sun’s World Cup special today. Not all of his colleagues feel the same way — many of them have been tweeting critical remarks about the paper. Here’s a selection:

The shadow environment secretary Maria Eagle:

Bill Esterson, the Labour MP for Blundellsands:


Chi Onwurah, the Labour MP for Newcastle Central:

Madeleine Moon, the Labour MP for Bridgend:

Tom Watson, the Labour MP for West Bromwich East and ardent anti-Murdoch campaigner:

Watson at least had a sense of humour about the situation:

And finally, let’s not forget Gloria de Piero, the shadow’s women minister who recently filled in for Louise Mensch in the Sun on Sunday. She had the nerve today to retweet a slogan from No to Page 3 today.

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  • swatnan

    Has EdM done a secret deal with Murdoch, to take Britain out of the EU, and give Murdoch a Peerage? Thats the only conclusion I can come to.

  • whs1954

    And what, to “Brown Moses” or Tom Watson, is what’s the difference between the Sun posting free copies, and the Independent giving away free copies on trains and in hotels (because the Indescribablysparty really can’t sell such sanctimonious twaddle any other way)? Might it be that the Sun is on the centre-right of the political spectrum?

  • MirthaTidville

    Their main grievance seems to be that Ed hasnt got behind their `no more boobs` wimmin campaign and funny how the slimy fat toad watson turns up like a bad smell..odd that because Liebour dont read the Sun but want to dictate to those who do….oh silly me this is Liebour we are talking about

    • Danmir

      No, that’s not the main grievance.

    • First L

      Ed called Murdoch the spawn of satan (or equivalent) when it was politically expedient to do so. Now it’s politically expedient to support the England squad so he picks up Murdoch’s paper.

  • anyfool

    Murdoch , is he really thinking of pushing this pillock Miliband, who was light bulb Kinnocks preference as Labour leader will do anything for the Suns declining sales.
    Miliband would not be doing this unless he believes the Sun will back him at the next election, again his judgement has let him down, the Sun is not capable of swaying opinion, Cameron was 16 points ahead before the last election when the Sun came out for him, look what happened after that, Miliband will lose support around the country because of this, it smacks of desperation.

  • MaggieL

    There are jokes in The Sun. Labour don”t like jokes.

    • Andy

      Labour IS a Joke.

    • Kitty MLB

      They have the sense of humour gene removed in the
      brainwashing process at the same time as sense and
      reason- a three for one offer!