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Ken Clarke’s yellow badge of honour

2 June 2014

1:52 PM

2 June 2014

1:52 PM

Despite trying to fend off Ukip in the Newark by-election, the Tories have thought it a good idea to put neighbouring MP, and devout Europhile, Ken Clarke on their candidate’s literature.

The Tories seem desperate to feature him in their campaign, even though it’s rumoured that Clarke may soon be shuffled out of the Cabinet. However, they seem to have overlooked the fact that Clarke is wearing a private enclosure badge from some society sporting event. To top it off, Nick Clegg’s favourite Tory is even wearing yellow.



Just the image the Tories need when their candidate’s multi-million property empire is in the spotlight as polling day approaches.

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  • swatnan

    Its the end of the road for Ken.Will he do a David Owen and split off the progressive wing of the Tory Party and join the Lib Dems to for a new Democratic Liberal Conservative Party? Lets hope so.

    • Foxy Loxy

      Why would he want to do that? He is the founding member of the Modern Tories – and Cameron’s his little ‘mini-me’.

  • Tom W Huxley

    I was surprised to see Clarke plastered all over the literature for the same reason. It was explained to me that historic boundary changes mean that some Newark constituents believe Clarke is still their MP.

    • Aberrant_Apostrophe

      Clarke is really Elvis reincarnated? That would explain a lot…

      • Tom W Huxley

        Let’s see if Bus Pass Elvis can beat the Lib Dems again. I’m hopeful…

    • Sentinel

      Clarke appeals to non-Tory voters. It might be considered this would be a plus in attempting to win an overall majority come a general election. But no, the Party would willingly forsake that by choosing leaders with, er, rather less appeal.

  • Frank

    I read in the Telegraph that Ken Clarke is going to stand in the next general election. Given that he is 73 now, one is forced to conclude that he is yet another utter narcissist (the nation needs me, etc, etc, etc).
    As for him being a Liberal, that is very unfair. Proper Liberals have back-bones, ethics and standards (and seemed to have died out about 50 years ago). The current crop of lob-dems are just a bunch lost greens crossed with chancers.

    • DWWolds

      He has been re-selected. He is my constituency MP and I just wish he would go. That said, he is supporting a neighbouring country village against a planning application by the CoE to build a wind turbine no less that 63m high and 50m wide.

      • Makroon

        I hope the proposed wind-turbine doesn’t cast a shadow on the local grave-yard.

        • global city

          The vibrations shake the bones up to the surface!

    • the viceroy’s gin

      …I believe they have a dash of fascist in them, too.

    • Makroon

      Unlike Roger Helmer, who is on his first gig at the sprightly age of 70 ?

      • Frank

        Sadly too late, as gigs go.
        Frankly the House of Commons has way too many old farts, who should be retired by law. Be a good way to get the gender balance more representative of Britain if these OAPs were replaced by women.

    • Sentinel

      Churchill was re-elected as an MP when he was 85.

      • Frank

        Churchill was a pretty unique MP and I am sure that his constituents saw it as an compliment to him. The fact remains that Churchill was passed it at 85.
        There is no way on earth you / anybody can compare Clarke to Churchill unless to highlight by how much Clarke fails to impress.

  • In2minds

    Clarke gives lard a bad name!

    • DWWolds

      Well, where he lives used to be known a bread and lard island. All show at the front and bread and lard for supper.

  • HookesLaw

    Mr Nelson, why not simply start a thread headlined ‘kipper bigots post your numpty comments here’.
    Just do that once a day and the money you save on journalists you can spend on graph paper.

    The conservative party is a broad church aimed at representing the whole country, not a sad spittle strewn bigoted and ignorant minority.

    Clark was an able health secretary amongst other things and took on the vested interests in the NHS. He was an able chancellor who worked with the BofE governor, rather than strip him of his powers as Brown did, and reduced the deficit and delivered a healthy economy which labour ruined.

    All you thick nutjobs want to do is deliver it back to europhile labour led by a crypto Marxist.

    • channel.fog

      The person who writes ‘a sad spittle strewn bigoted and ignorant minority’ then goes on to write ‘europhile labour led by a crypto Marxist’. Obviously you were asleep when they did the ‘What is Marxism’ class at Bogg Street Comprehensive.

    • keith

      Ah hooky i love your posts, i can see your rattled that your UKIP will fail in the Euro’s never came true, your like the rest of the Westminster bubble who now tell us the Euro election don’t really count, well why did they contest them, i never heard them say that till after the election, now you will join in the mantra of “vote UKIP get Labour” as the new totem, well democracy you can vote for who you wish, if as your lot say its a wasted vote, does that go for conservatives who vote in Islington or tower hamlets, why not tell them to stay at home as its obvious their vote is wasted or does that just apply to the swivelled eyed loons and closet racists you want now to come back to the conservative party ( will they still be loons and racists then) and vote.

    • arnoldo87

      Clarke’s deficit record was; 1993/4 7.6% of GDP; 1994/5 6.1%; 1995/6 4.6% and 1996/7 3.4%. Even though this was a reducing scenario that record was the worst of any chancellor from 1980 up until the banking crisis in 2008.

      His debt record was even worse with the % figure of GDP rising from 36.5 % in 1993/4 to 42.1% in 1996/7 – a figure not even approached until the banking crisis.

      Able, schmabel!

    • Wessex Man

      you snivelling little whiner, all the way through to and after the Euro Elections you were boasting this that and the other, now we have all been proved correct in our judgement and you like Call me Dave hopelessly out of your comfort zone and wrong you still seek to imply that we are bigotted numpties, so sad, you are past your sell by date just like the Tory Party and particularly dear old Ken!

    • global city

      So clichéd.

      Edward Heath

    • Chingford Man

      Calm down, Hooky Babe. Your cyber-spittle is going everywhere.

    • fathomwest

      But he was a lousy Home Secretary!

    • Chris Quin

      I rather have Labour in power than be led by the ‘damp-rag’ twins with their pro-EU liberal non-crypto marxist claptrap coalition.

      I am voting UKIP because I despise what Cameron has done to the Conservative party. Also because I despise the EU – it is a malignant force that condemns tens of millions to poverty and despair merely to support a broken currency system that benefits no-one except for the entrenched eurocrats.

      I am neither thick, nor a nutjob. I’m not sure what you are – deluded and rude probably sums you up

    • Chris Quin

      I rather have Labour in power than be led by the ‘damp-rag’ twins with their pro-EU liberal non-crypto marxist claptrap coalition.

      I am voting UKIP because I despise what Cameron has done to the Conservative party. Also because I despise the EU – it is a malignant force that condemns tens of millions to poverty and despair merely to support a broken currency system that benefits no-one except for the entrenched eurocrats.

      I am neither thick, nor a nutjob. I’m not sure what you are – deluded and rude probably sums you up

    • Damon

      Quite right, Hookes, but I fear that on this forum, reason is futile. Leave them to it, and we’ll do our talking at the ballot box, where it actually counts.

  • Tron

    Why no post on Anna Soubry’s comments on The Marr Show?
    “Worried about immigration? You Racist !!!!”

    Is this woman really a Conservative?

    • gelert

      Are any of the current bunch Conservative ?

    • Colonel Mustard

      Her comments were dire but are following the current Bubble pattern. There was more of the same on Daily Politics with some stupid Lib Dem woman frothing about immigrants being demonised. No-one countered her nonsense and no-one made the point that concern about levels of immigration and sustainability is directed at the politicians responsible not the immigrants themselves. She even rattled off the stock treatment of symptoms – enforce the minimum wage, build more housing – than honestly dealing with the root of the problem which is the EU.

  • Kitty MLB

    Oh come on.Its hardly the words biggest mystery.
    We all know that Ken Clarke is a Yellow, yoghurt knitting,
    bunny boiling tree hugging Lib Dem.He even colllects
    mushrooms in wooded areas.

  • @PhilKean1

    No, an overt and unashamed Liberal.

  • Alan Douglas

    That’s not his badge, but his backbone !

  • Aberrant_Apostrophe

    “I know Robert Jenrick and I believe he has the potential to be a strong Member of Parliament who will serve the people of this area well and with integrity. Ken Clarke.”

    Yeh, just like the previous incumbent. Remind the Newark electorate, Mr. Clarke, why has this by-election has been called? Oh, and as for ‘serving the people of the area’, I thought an MP’s allegiance was to their party, hence the Whip system?

    PS: No reflection on Mr Jenrick’s integrity, except for the fact that he has chosen to stand for the Tory party.

    • Gen d’Eau

      With less than one week from the election, one might hope for something a little more stirring than, “he has the potential to be…”. Bit weak, isn’t it?

  • Smithersjones2013

    So Newark Tories have chosen to put the millionaire public school boy who began the Treasury’s debt addiction in the late 1990’s, the Tory who implemented this country’s disastrous ‘revolving door’ prison sentencing regime (soft on crime soft on the causes of crime), the ultimate in parliamentary elitists, the Tories leading Europhiliac swivel-eyed nutter who would impoverish this country with the Euro if he could get his way, on their literature…..

    I cannot think of a better ‘role model’ to base the ‘modern’ face of Toryism on. How better to present the Tory Party as the ‘Deranged Dinosaur’ Party.

  • Lady Magdalene

    Clarke, like Cameron, is basically a Liberal. They simply use/d the Conservative Party because it gave them far more chance of power.

    • MrVeryAngry

      Well, no I don’t think that’s quite right. They are certainly not ‘liberal’, in the classical Liberal sense of the word. I think that they are more likely opportunistic paternal Tory cronyists.
      Now if either of them had been ‘conservative’ – small C – that might be marginally better, not much better, just marginally so.

    • Makroon

      You are correct. But only a Tom-Noddy like Steerpike could imagine the LibDems are liberal.
      Ken Clarke has street-cred with a large swathe of the centre-right hoi polloi/non-politics obsessed citizenry, despite his views on Europe.