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Jeremy Paxman’s greatest hits

18 June 2014

1:34 PM

18 June 2014

1:34 PM

Farewell then, Jeremy Paxman. The veteran broadcaster bows out of Newsnight tonight. Mr S has compiled his favourite Paxo moments:

The infamous Michael Howard interview is foremost in the extensive genre of politicians not answering the question:

Chloe Smith, who was a high-flying Tory Minister at the time, never recovered from this encounter with Paxo in 2012:

It’s no surprise that David Cameron has refused to do a head-to-head on Newsnight since becoming Prime Minister: look at what Paxman did to Blair:

And John Bolton:


And Russell Brand:

And Conrad Black:

And Sting:

And George Galloway:

And student protesters:

And his old mucker Boris Johnson:

As a final humiliation, Paxman will tonight ride off into the sunset on a tandem bicycle with the Mayor of London.

Gone but not forgotten. Katz 1, Newsnight 0.

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  • S&A

    With Ian Katz in charge, we’ll be saying goodbye to ‘Newsnight’ soon.

  • Blindsideflanker

    You missed the one where as a reporter in Northern Ireland, he went off with the IRA to film the IRA salute a bomber who had blown himself up with his own bomb.

  • channel.fog


  • Ooh!MePurse!

    I remember the 37 year old student protester. Still just as annoying.

    • phil davis

      She doesn’t speak for the students, just immature socialist agitators.I was studying in London at the time and thought the protest was a load of bollocks and the people I knew who went to it largely did it for a day off lectures and to make silly signs.

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