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How ISIS took Mosul

11 June 2014

10:29 AM

11 June 2014

10:29 AM

How did ISIS, the blackest-hearted and most dangerous of Islamist groups take Iraq’s second city, Mosul, so easily? The lesson of their success in Raqqa province, Syria, is that they thrive on existing incompetence.

In Syria the relative uselessness of the other rebel groups, especially any affiliated with the official Free Syrian Army, made ISIS an attractive proposition for young radicalised Muslims. Paul Wood, who has written for us brilliantly on ISIS over the years, has pointed out that it was disgust over the venal corruption of the FSA that turned young men to ISIS.


In al-Maliki’s Iraq the conditions were, are perfect for ISIS. Unemployment has risen leaving young men desperate  and directionless; corruption is rife and public services are disintegrating.

ISIS are bad news for everyone. Bad news for us because they have a global mission, first to carve an Islamic state out of north-eastern Syria and western Iraq then proceed from there. But they’re bad news especially and immediately for other Sunnis and rival islamist groups. In a recent statement they said:  ‘Our army is full of hungry lions who drink blood and eat bones, finding nothing tastier than the blood of Sahwa [the other rebels].’

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  • swatnan

    Its straight out of Lord of the Rings or Star Wars or Grand Auto Theft.
    Fiction becomes reality. Only, real people are getting killed and fleeing for their lives.
    We’ve become immune to suffering. Obama was right to pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan, in the same way that Nixon was right to pull out of Vietnam and allow the fall of Saigon. But if an ISIS Fundamentalist State is set up in Iraq and Syria, and threatend the rest of the World, then the RoW is seriously going to have to think about a nuclear response to eliminate that evil.

  • Ronayne Maher

    I emailed several departments asking what controls are in place to prevent British Muslims from leaving and returning from fighting in Syria. All the responses looked like this:

    Dear mr Maher

    Thank you for your enquiry.

    Her Majesty’s Passport Office can only advise on issuing Passports to existing UK citizens and matters relating to this.

    If your query is regarding the work of another agency or department of the UK government, please refer to the website for information on how to contact the appropriate body.

    Thank you

    Customer service e-mail team

    Can anyone tell me what the story is? Can young Muslim men jump on a plane to Syria or Iraq and then return to British streets?

    • Golben Amduke

      Football hooligans can have their passports confiscated.

  • Kennybhoy

    Timing is everything…

    “If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed;
    if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may
    come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

    ― Winston Churchill

  • Fraser Bailey

    ISIS, what ISIS?

  • Michael Ray

    That was a real stroke of genius by Bush & Blair to get rid of Saddam.The same will happen in Libya.The same in Afghanistan when we pull out.If Cameron and Hague had had their we way we would have set up the same outcome in Syria.We have some really clever people in charge in the West?

    • Bonkim

      Syria is doomed regardless of the US and Britain backing off bombing Damascus. It is just a matter of time.

  • alabenn

    The hundreds of so called British Muslims fighting for ISIS are apparently the most savage of all the groups that make up this cancerous force.
    The current spat about extremist groups taking control of schools will be the least of it when these scum get back here is force.
    Substitute Damascus and Mosul with Birmingham and London and that will not be a pretty picture, it will happen, the tame BBC Muslims will not be the people speaking for these groups, there will be no talking, carnage is what will come, unless they start taking action to prevent these creatures coming back.

    • Bonkim

      You appear to be panic-stricken. Don’t lose your nerve against an imaginary enemy.

      • anyfool

        Did he imagine the soldier beheaded in Woolwich, did he imagine the tubes and bus bomb victims.
        Do you imagine that is the last of it.

        • Bonkim

          Ask him! I don’t imagine anything – only comment on facts as I see them.

  • swatnan

    We have a right wing splurge across Europe ands an islamofacist splurge in the Middle East. Are these the modern day equivalents of Hitler and Turkish/Far East expansion we’ve seen earlier in 1914 and 1933? In which case we should be dead worried; are sleepwalking into WW3? And nobody is willing to speak out.

    • Dutchnick

      I am sure that the move to the right is only reactive as nearly all the parties of the right struck a common cause that the liberal PC hand wringing lefties have disregarded exactly what the people want. Sadly immigration is an easy way to get support but it is not one homogeneous issue. I deal with various engineers from throughout Europe, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Poland etc. all produce young dynamic well qualified people, the very people that represents the real future of Europe. Are they taking the jobs of UK citizens? I doubt it as we have a problem with’ Labour’s Legions’, un-skilled, ill educated with a entrenched view that the welfare state owes them a living. But the problem with immigration which like asylum seekers (grossly abused) has attracted people who make a very poor, if any contribution to the UK like Somalia, Libya, Pakistan all of which bring the added problem of Islam. Just look at the news from around the world day after day there is a conspicuous problem- that is what people dislike.

  • Bert

    Wallace set the tone by backstabbing Cameron over Syria.
    Since then the nut jobs know they can get away with it.

    • Adam Carter

      I don’t think that’s right, is it?
      The rebels in Syria, the ones fighting against the Assad regime, are mohammedan nutjobs.
      It is good that the UK is not supporting them.

      • HookesLaw

        I think he is right. Wallace played ducks and drakes with our national security.
        Not all of them are extremists and because we did not back them up when they needed it, it gave the nod to the real nutjobs.

        • the viceroy’s gin

          Yes, you socialist Camreluvvies and Field Marshal Call Me Dave the H2B are experts in determining which islamofascist murderers to assist.

        • Adam Carter

          It doesn’t matter that ‘not all of them are extremists’. The extremists are the ones in the lead and the ‘moderates’ go along with it.
          It is also true that not all the mohammedans in Britain are extremists, but the alleged ‘moderates’ do nothing to stop them.
          You wanted to bomb a regime that was fighting against mohammedan nutjob rebels.
          I was very pleased that Cameron couldn’t carry the House of Commons on that.
          Look at an earlier reply to you on this thread: you have armed forces so that you do not have to use them.
          It is an appalling use of Prime Misterial power to use our armed forces so that the PM can look ‘well ‘ard’ at summits.
          Luckily Cameron was thwarted.

  • HookesLaw

    Well if they do create their own state then I can understand why the locals are fleeing the place because its likely that they will end up being bombed to bits in due course. Its unlikely that the west would say allow the creation of terrorist training camps to go unpunished.
    We now have to wait and see if the Iraqi army is good enough to isolate and recapture Mosul.

    • Tony_E

      We have the power – we lack the will to use it.

      • HookesLaw

        I don’t think so not looking back at Libya. Although I agree that the political gamesmanship by labour over the proposal to bomb Assad is not a good omen. But there is no reason to think that any terrorist operations in parts of Afghanistan or Iraq or indeed Syria could not be bombed if the US saw fit. We do not really need troops on the ground now except to give general support and advice to their armed forces. The danger to us from these gangs is limited. The locals do not like them much given the hundreds of thousands who have fled.

        • Tony_E

          Libya wasn’t a use of force – we gained no ground. We simply denied a very weak air force the freedom of the the air.

          A real projection of force will require a lot of manpower, the acceptance of losses on both sides and much more morally ambiguous terms of engagement

          • the viceroy’s gin

            Libya was the use of force to help islamofascists gain a foothold, which they are using to continue their campaign to enslave and slaughter Christians and others.

          • Kennybhoy

            Spot on.

        • Colonel Mustard

          The people are fleeing because of the threat of government air raids and artillery strikes on the cities taken over.

          Those take overs were not “terrorist operations”.

          You haven’t a clue.

      • the viceroy’s gin

        …or are too smart to use it.

    • swatnan

      The Arabs are generally cheese eating surrender monkeys, and will run at the first opportunity; hence the ‘Mother of all Battles’ turned out to be a Walk In for Colin Powell

  • RavenRandom

    Ah the joy of Islam, the religion that just keeps on giving.

    • Alexsandr

      so much of the news shows Islam as the problem now
      Boko Harum
      Trojan horse
      now this.

  • William Haworth

    We’re going to have to fight a war. A proper one, not a ‘send a brigade, call it a division and then rely on the Americans’ kind of war. These people will kill off or conquer the people we don’t care about, then they’ll go for our friends, then they’ll come for us. They don’t stop if you ask nicely. They don’t stop if you beg. They only stop if you kill them.

    Good job we’re doing all these defence cuts, that should help.

    • WatTylersGhost

      The defence cuts are part of the plan.
      Cripple our forces and then send the savings to the Middle East to fund these murderers.

      • HookesLaw

        Our defences are not being crippled. Indeed with 2 giant aircraft carriers and the exotic jets to fly off them its clear that despite your mouthings we will be in an ideal position to join the USA in bombing these places.

        And further, what use are armed forces when parliament refuses to use them as in the proposal to bomb Assad?

        • WatTylersGhost

          Hookey, eff off to Syria yourself if you want to get involved. Which bunch of muslim nutjobs do you sympathise with?

          • Hexhamgeezer

            Probably the Cast Iron Brigade who go rusty at the sound of gunfire.

          • HookesLaw

            Thanks for showing what a effing thick pi££ock you are, and for making my point for me about the usefulness of our armed forces if effers like you do not what to effing use them.

        • William Haworth

          You don’t have to use them at every opportunity, they’re the insurance policy. Soldiers aren’t like civil servants; you hire them so that you DON’T have to use them.

          • HookesLaw

            And we are developing a massive carrier force with advanced jets to fly off them ‘just in case’ and as a deterrent. Personally I would have spent the money differently but that is a labour govt for you. As it is they are being completed and will be a massive addition to our strike force.
            We defend our homeland with trident and NATO. Who is going to invade us? Which countries will they have to march across to get to our shores?
            Alternatively just where are we going to send some expeditionary force for 10 years as we did in Afghanistan? In any event this force was basically a brigade group with supporting services.

            We were more than capable of bombing Assad but labour cheered on by kipper nutjobs voted against it. Against that background you do wonder about the point of our armed forces.

            • the viceroy’s gin

              Yes, it is so disappointing you Camerluvvie socialists weren’t allowed to help your islamofascist buddies in Syria, eh laddie?

            • saffrin

              Developing a massive carrier force isn’t the same as having a massive carrier force and besides, Cameron sold off ALL the Harrier jets that the two carriers were being built for remember?
              Not only that, Cameron has slashed the armed forces budget and manpower while at the same time going around the World trying to find conflicts for them to enter as if he’s signed us up to some mercenary contractors.

              The man’s hopeless. Why your mob didn’t ditch him during the 2010 election campaign I’ll never know.

            • Tom M

              “….Who is going to invade us…..”
              The world has changed lately, it’s not countries who come these days it’s lots of individuals one at a time (followed by the extended family for cover) and they are here already. I think the Americans call it asymetric warfare.

            • MirthaTidville

              Hooky, sorry you know nothing about defence…Firstly the carriers are coming into service long before the er exotic jets, which now might not happen at all..WE dont know where the next threat will come from, except that there will be a threat to us .We have to be prepared for all eventualities but cant because Dave has shut down the armed forces to save a few bob…Thanks havent a clue

              • Colonel Mustard

                “…Dave has shut down the armed forces to save a few bob”

                But he’s proud to spend £11 billion on foreign aid and £13 billion on fake charities, don’t forget that.

    • Shazza

      Now William, you must get with the programme.

      When discussing the Trojan Horse plot, better to fuss over the real problem, i.e., the Theresa May/Michael Gove spat.
      When discussing grooming gangs, describe the perpetrators as ‘Asian’.
      When discussing Lee Rigby, emphasise the peace loving majority and excuse the Deputy Prime Minister from quoting the whole of the relevant koranic text thereby giving the impression that this murder was contra koranic teachings.
      When discussing Iraq/Syria leaders like Assad are the real enemy, not AQ. After all we fund them there and supposedly call them ‘extremists’ here.
      When discussing the problems regarding integration of this 7th century ideology, excuse them and blame civilised people for being bigoted.

      And the big problem is the passport backlog. Now that is something to obsess about.

      • Airey Belvoir

        ‘Faith-based extremism’ is a useful phrase, it could refer to Christians, Quakers, Buddhists, anyone really……..

        • the viceroy’s gin

          …yes, we must watch out for those Quakers, inshallah.

        • desertvoice

          I take exception to your generalization of all religions. Christians have a Prophet of Peace for Leader! You cannot lump them with those who have no such prophet!

      • Bonkim

        Mixed up narrative. Didn’t realise Jimmy Saville, Gary Gliiter and other groomers and child molesters were Muslims or Asians. And yes no doubt Assad is a genocidal maniac.

        • Shazza

          The thread I was weaving was the continued appeasement of islam and that this is the reason why there will be no fight back.

          Were Jimmy Saville, Gary Glitter etc. all in a gang together?
          Did they also have an instruction manual that gave them implicit permission to carry out their depravity?

          Assad, Saddam, Gaddafi and co. all genocidal maniacs but they were spot on when it came to controlling their murderous populations. Look how successful and peaceful their countries are now post them.

          • Bonkim

            There was peace and national pride in Germany under Hitler too. he got all the nasty lunatics, disabled, Gypsies and others that didn’t fit in within an ordered German state.

            People of the Mid-east are still fighting out for their freedom so far suppressed by outside forces that enslaved them until now – and they don’t give a damn whether all that conflict upsets the world order, trade and tranquility of the affluent and self-satisfied West. Those prepared to go the last drop are desperate people and don’t have much to lose by their actions.

            • Kennybhoy

              Well argued.

          • Jackthesmilingblack

            Still can`t spell “Savile”? You do so shoot your credibility in the foot. More important that any spelling or typographical error is the attitude that misspellings really don`t matter.

            • Shazza

              Silly boy, is that the depth of your contribution. Please note that all I did was reply to Bonkin and inadvertently copied his spelling. You must try harder.

            • George Smiley

              Suffering from Tourette’s?!

    • Tony_E

      What do you intend to do about the growing Muslim population in the UK. How many of them will be on our side? Are you going to inter them all?

      No, as a country we are now too divided to fight, for fear that the war will be inside our own borders. It only takes a small minority of the Muslim population in the UK to ally themselves with the extremists to bring absolute havoc to major services, it will matter not a jot that the majority of Muslims will not take part in it. They will lack the strength to stop it, just as the government will.

      We shall not fight. Until forced to. Then it will be too late.

      • Shazza

        Sadly you are correct. There will be no fight – islam means submission and that is what has been happening.

        Salami slicing style islamification of the institutions, appeasement and capitulation to halal in schools, hospitals etc., sharia creep – Tower Hamlets a template for when Sadiq Khan replaces Boris as the Labour Mayor for Londonistan, the demands keep getting stronger and our democracy facilitates our destruction, all in the name of equality and fairness.

        We won’t fight. The general apathy of the British public, defanged and drugged by dumbed down Marxist indoctrination, trash telly, sleb culture worship, glorious British history rewritten and taught to reflect ‘white guilt’ and conform to the distorted leftist narrative will all lead to our demise.

        For a tree to grow strong it needs solid roots.

        Our roots have been deliberately damaged and the tree is withering and dying. Islam on the other hand has preserved it’s roots, has nourished them and consequently the noxious tree of this terrifying cult has flourished.

      • Airey Belvoir

        And we have the ultimate uncontrollable border – the maternity wards.

        • Shazza

          They marry young and they marry often, both at the same time.
          Apparently polygamy is legal in this country if the ‘marriages’ take place out of the UK.

      • Bonkim

        Rubbish – you give up or frighten easy.

      • Damaris Tighe

        I agree. Could we fight a war like WW2 again? I think not. It takes unity to fight such a war, & a relatively homogenous population who despite all their differences feel they’re a sort of extended family in adversity. We are now totally undermined by a potential fifth column; we’re all potential hostages to our ‘friends’ in the middle east.

      • Tom M

        Quite correct and overlooked by the government.
        I read an article recently where the French aircraft carrier was made unusable for a time because of a mutiny (well covered up at the time) by some of the Islamic members of the crew during the Bosnian/Kosovo crisis who didn’t like the idea of what France was doing there.

      • Kennybhoy

        “No, as a country we are now too divided to fight…”

        Partly correct. More importantly “we” lack the legs for the long haul and the stomach for casualties…

        • desertvoice

          I repeat, the war must be fought between ourselves, against the enemy within, not just the enemy outside. This former war must be ideological. Evil spirits have divided America, not good spirits! We were founded on the Good Spirit, called God! Let’s fight to return to our founding principle!

    • Kennybhoy

      Och well said sir!

    • Liberty

      Nah. We don’t need to invade. ISIS is a 7th century band of terrorists. They are incapable of building or maintaining an economy and have no technology other than that stolen or purloined from others. We need to isolate them, don’t buy Kirkuk oil [scupper the wells?] destroy all military assets from the air, assassinate leaders, drop essentials for the people from the air, wait for individual bullies to be done in, fight among themselves, get hungry, hot, bored and restive then offer trade to seduce them and protect any groups that want to secede.

    • desertvoice

      I agree with you on the war to be fought. But this war should not be understood as a military campaign only. The less of that, the better. The war that needs to be fought is in the area of economics, education, politics, diplomacy, and ideology, with the aim at one single, better, truth for all!

  • Shazza

    A 7th century primitive ideology behaving just like a primitive 7th century ideology does.

    This is the same ideology that is being promoted not just in our schools via the Trojan Horse method but has parasite like, infected all our host institutions. And like all parasites, they eventually destroy the host – in this case our Western, secular civilisation.

    Islam always does what it says on the tin – 1400 years of bloody history and nothing has changed.

    But of course, it is only a tiny minority that espouse these views………..

    • Dutchnick

      Well only a tiny minority but the vast majority have a frightening sympathy towards these people. It is not their choice as they are mandated by their faith to wish to live under Sharia, this is a manifestation of just that. The UK schools issue will be largely ignored and the PC lobby, heart on sleeve will empathise with them and their failings no realising that that very failure is self inflicted. What on what the secular world would call empirical evidence !

      • Shazza

        Their faith also teaches them that the Sun moves and at night goes into a ‘swamp’. Do they still believe that?

        If the majority really wanted to reform this ideology, they would.

        I agree that this schools issue will be swept under the carpet – it must be getting pretty crowded under there what with all the other things islamic …

  • Faceless Bureaucrat

    Remind me again, how much ‘Blood & Treasure’ did we expend on this dysfunctional, ungrateful and ungovernable Sh*thole? And now their utterly useless Government again calls for ‘International Assistance’?
    No More…

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