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Five things you need to know about Ofsted’s ‘Trojan Horse’ report

9 June 2014

4:27 PM

9 June 2014

4:27 PM

Ofsted’s report into the 21 Birmingham schools involved in the so-called ‘Trojan Horse’ plot has been released (pdf) and it does not make for pleasant reading. Sir Michael Wilshaw, Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector, summaries that Ofsted found a ‘culture of fear and intimidation has taken grip’ in the Birmingham schools. The report suggests that the schools were targeted and an ‘organised takeover’ did occur. Here are five things you need to know about the Ofsted report:

1. A culture of fear and intimidation

Wilshaw says that some of the 21 schools who were once judged to be good or outstanding have ‘experienced high levels of staff turbulence, low staff morale and a rapid decline in their overall effectiveness.’ In some instances, a breakdown of trust between governors and staff has been found, with some head teachers telling the inspectors they were frightened of expressing different views to those of the governors.

Some of the words used to describe the situation include ‘intimidated’, ‘undermined’ and ‘bullied’. One teacher would only speak to Ofsted in a supermarket car park while some female staff complained of unfair treatment from male members of staff. Ofsted has said the safeguarding from governors in five schools is inadequate while others are in desperate need of improvement.

2. An organised campaign to alter the character and ethos


The inspectors found evidence that governors of some schools had exerted ‘inappropriate influence’ on the day to day running of schools — including narrowing of the curriculum, manipulating staff appointments and misuse of school funds. The makeup of some governing bodies has changed ‘markedly’ over recently years, leaving the schools vulnerable to ‘influence by unsuitable governors’.

In particular, some of the academies were judged by Ofsted to be breach of their funding agreements — including not having ‘broad and balanced’ curriculums, a ‘balance in religious education’ or fulfilling a ‘general requirement to promote community cohesion’.

3. Birmingham Council failed to help schools protect pupils

A number of the school leaders told Ofsted they hadn’t been supported by Birmingham City Council to keep pupils safe from the potential risks of radicalisation and extremism. Some school leaders noted that money and assistance from the Home Office’s ‘Prevent’ strategy had not made its way from the local authority to schools. ‘Very little confidence’ was generally found in school leaders on how BCC would assist with their concerns.

4. Children are being badly prepared for ‘life in modern Britain’

While examination results were found to be acceptable, Wilshaw says the curriculum in some cases was ‘too narrow’ and this could make children vulnerable to ‘segregation and emotional dislocation from wider society’. The curriculum in some of the Birmingham schools was found to reflect the personal views of some governors.

Pupils were not being equipped to live and work in what Wilshaw describes as ‘multi-cultural, multi-faith and democratic Britain’. In one instance, Wilshaw found separate ‘faith-based singing clubs’ while girls and boys were not treated equally in others.

5. Professional governors, reviewing academy funding agreements and training for governors

In his recommendations, Wilshaw suggests the government undertake the following actions to tackle the issues Ofsted found in the 21 Birmingham schools:

  • Ensure local authorities and those responsible for academies/free schools carry out their responsibilities to safeguard children
  • School governance arrangements need to be reviewed — with mandatory training for governors, professional governors where required and a Register of Interests for all governors
  • Review auditing arrangements for funding in academies and free schools
  • Review all funding agreements for academies and free school
  • Review whistle blowing arrangements in local and central government
  • Investigate further where there has been ‘organised infiltration and manipulation’ of governing bodies, i.e. the Trojan Horse
  • More clarity on what constitutes a ‘broad and balanced curriculum’

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  • LunarCity7

    Why has “tolerance” gone from meaning mutual respect from and for all people and their personal lifestyle choices and views, to meaning allowing a narrow minded and backwards religious ideology to infiltrate our society while we make it an offence to criticise it and defend our right to maintain own ways? That’s not tolerance. That’s like “tolerating” bullying instead of reporting it like we were always taught. Why is “Islamophobia” more of a concern to the media and the left than religious indoctrination against British society? You don’t “tolerate” someone repeatedly hitting you in the face with your own fist and saying “stop hitting yourself” but it feels like that’s what we’re doing at the moment…

  • voidist

    cut it anyway you like…Islam and Progress just dont mix

  • CarolAnnD

    Hadn’t meant to post yet, but here goes: STAGE 3: OPEN WAR WITH LEADERSHIP & CULTURE, STAGE 4: Totalitarian ISLAMIC “THEOCRACY”.

    Please read the details of this on

    I think things in the U.K. are well underway.

  • CarolAnnD

    This is part of the Islamic conquest. Please read the Four Stages of Islamic Conquest, which are STAGE 1: INFILTRATION, STAGE 2: CONSOLIDATION OF POWER, STAGE 3

  • MikeF

    The principle of what is happening here is nothing new. A socialist bragged to me a long time ago about how he and those of a like mind on a board of governors selected a new headmaster for a school because he gave them the verbal cues in an interview that let them recognise him as a Labour Party member. If governors want to shape both the staff and the ethos of a school then provided they act in concert they can do so. It is ultimately about the basic values and sense of identity of society as a whole.

  • Donafugata

    One thing mentioned in the report that I find quite outrageous.

    Events planned for Christmas were cancelled to be replaced with a school trip to Mecca, all at taxpayers expense.
    Non-Muslim children were excluded which must be a crime against multi-culturalism.

    Who do they think they are?

    • RobertC


    • Hexhamgeezer

      On C4 last night we were told that that trip was bankrolled by us to the tune of £47,000! My local comp would have been lucky to get a tenth of that for books never mind a brainwashing ‘jolly’ to Mecca.

  • Bonkim

    Some of those responsible for mismanaging the schools and acting illegally should be taken through the courts. Brimingham Council has much to answer.

  • Smithersjones2013

    if Seb Payne uses the’ X things you need to know’ line you can guarantee it is nothing but shallow mindless propaganda

  • goatmince

    The experts report, so remind me why May and Gove are infighting.

  • Swiss Bob

    Will they be sending kids from these 100% muslim schools to Devon for some multiculturalism, otherwise people might start to think that this brainwashing is only for white people.

  • Max Tanner

    I blame the Birmingham City Council which has been mainly under Labour Party control since 1984.

    For many years, they’ve allowed the radicalisation of some schools in
    Birmingham, in order to gain more votes and stay in power. The Labour
    Party supports Islamic extremists/extremism.

    What is the extent of electoral fraud at English elections? (By Democratic Audit, 26/11/2013).

    Youtube Search: “Shahid Malik First British Muslim MP”.

    Youtube Search: “Labour ignores UK Muslim polygamy and forced multiple marriages”.

    Youtube Search: “Sharia courts conquer UK”.

    Also Labour and their own councils have ignored sexual abuse of young girls committed by muslim gangs (in Rotherham, Rochdale, Derby and Oldham).
    They have also neglected their duties to deport Radical Islamic Clerics
    like Abu Hamza and Abu Qatada during their 13 years in Government
    (1997-2010) and said that deportation would breach their Human Rights.

    • Holly

      Not looking good is it.

  • The Masked Marvel

    Why are we meant to think that this was a failure by Birmingham Council? It looks like their plan was working until now. We haven’t been told which ward the problem schools are in, which only works to protect the councillors responsible.

    These prescriptions by Wilshaw are mostly mere fluff. Having more meetings and filling out more forms and making councillors and staff attend training modules will accomplish nothing other than allowing Ofsted and the Government to claim they’ve taken action. Perhaps threatening the flow of money (i.e. “review auditing arrangements for funding”) may have some positive effect in the long term, but one doesn’t hold out much hope, particularly if Labour returns to power after the next election. And where have Ofsted been for the last few years? One suspects that if it had been some sort of BNP-type takeover and indoctrination, they and the Birmingham Council (and the BBC) would have been on it like a shot years ago.

    It seems that it’s okay for some communities to be culturally homogenous, but not others. Only people who’ve been expressing concern about these rapidly growing culturally homogenous communities were called racist. The BBC essentially called Rod Liddle a racist just last week for saying it’s not all been beneficial. Curious, that. This is just more proof that ‘multiculturalism’ as promoted by our government and media is in realty a collection of monocultures, some of which are allowed to be openly hostile to others.

  • grammarschoolman

    ‘While examination results were found to be acceptable’

    This in itself shows how poor existing GCSEs have become. Gove’s reforms can’t come soon enough.

  • realfish

    ‘…The report suggests that the schools were targeted and an ‘organised takeover’ did occur…’
    But by 10:00am this morning, on at least half a dozen separate occasions, I had been told by the BBC and their carefully selected guests that the Trojan Horse letter was a hoax.

    • grammarschoolman

      They’re not making the same mistake on ‘PM’. Even Gillian Hargreaves has acknowledged that the allegations are well-founded.

    • Holly

      Something HAS gone on.
      This is just one of many things lately that have come to light, and have been going on for years apparently(that I personally find unacceptable) perpitrated by either Labour and/or Muslims.
      The current lot seem unable to fix it in the fear of upsetting someone, but they reckon that I ‘will get over it’ and calm down & have a cup of tea’, and vote for them, because the economy is picking up.
      Will you tell ’em or should I? That ain’t ever gonna happen.

      Something HAS gone on….AGAIN…
      Make up your own mind about what YOU reckon it is.
      Then make up YOUR own mind what YOU can do about it.
      Once YOU have made up YOUR mind what YOU can do…..DO NOT bottle out.

    • The Masked Marvel

      Newsnight tried to suggest that it was not to be trusted as well the other night. The juvenile reporter for Newsnight placed heavy sarcastic emphasis on it being anonymous, very clearly directing the audience to an opinion. The BBC have to address this issue on all the channels now, but rest assured they will do everything possible to undermine the story and fight against it. They have only begun to work the BBC magic on the story.

  • UniteAgainstSocialism

    The BBC is doing its best to play this Islamic scandal down. As far as Al Jabeeba is concerned, nothing to see here, move along. They must have praised allah that Rik Mayall has died, something to deflect attention away from its beloved Islam

    RIP Rik Mayall

  • pinkgunnergirl

    “The evidence of Islamist extremism in Birmingham schools appears thin”

    BBC Mark Easton, spot on. Nothing but a neo-con smear by Islamist witch finder general Michael Gove.

    • Barakzai

      Ah, the apolitical, unbiased Easton says . . . .

    • Swiss Bob

      Lives in Islington, all you need to know about him.

    • Holly

      Do you now reckon that will somehow ‘ease my mind’?
      The BBC telling me it ‘appears thin’ does not mean there was nothing, it actually makes me think there was/is something ‘fatter’ to be concerned about.

    • The Masked Marvel

      Is this the same Mark Easton who sees the St. George Cross as a racist symbol if it’s displayed when there’s no sports tournament going on?

  • Swiss Bob

    This is going to run and run.

    The first school to go into special measures won’t let the replacements in. The local populace are forming ‘human shields’ to prevent their entry.

    Are they going to send the riot police in?

    • goatmince

      How’s Chamonix, Bob? Good snow coverage or do you need to take it up another to the next level?

      • Swiss Bob

        Chamonix is a stoopid place to go skiing, ridiculous cost of having to rent a guide and it’s French FFS.

    • Bonkim

      Cut the funding until they conform.

  • Swiss Bob

    Listen to the political class going on about ‘multiculturalism’.

    A report on the schools involved described how ‘multicultural’ they are: 95% or 100% muslim.

    • ButcombeMan

      Where is telemachus?, He normally attaches to the first post.

      Does he know that the last time the Tories controlled Birmingham City Council was 1984.

      • Swiss Bob

        Is it giro day?

        • telemachus

          On Monday telemachus gets up in the wee small hours and drives his team thru to six
          telemachus depends on no man

          • Swiss Bob

            So you cashed your giro then.

            And next time you see Dugher, tell him if you pay peanuts you get monkeys.

            • telemachus

              There are serious issues here
              We need to engage before Gove incubates a new tranche of Muslims to go to Aleppo and bring back their new knowledge to our tube

              • Holly

                These are serious issues, and the sooner we stop pandering to them the less chance there is of them getting back in with their ‘new knowledge’.
                Oh I forgot…We can not stop them from returning….
                What a crock!
                The first job of government is to protect the people.

                Would these be the bods, with their ‘new knowledge’, that will purpetrate the violence you mention?

                Oh and, just for the record, IF you continue to talk of violence I will personally report you as sending ‘coded’ messages.
                So stop it with all the violence rubbish.
                Personally I prefer the ballot box, and it won’t add any more financial stress to the NHS either.

              • sfin

                My late father spent the last 20 years of his working life in the Gulf states and had many muslim friends and colleagues.

                I remember him once saying to me:

                “One day we will all live under sharia law, in this country.”

                When I asked why he thought that, he replied:

                “Because we are tolerant…They are not.”

                • telemachus

                  My father, a Methodist preacher taught me to preach tolerance

                • Hexhamgeezer

                  Did he recommend Gulags as well you shullbitter?

                • telemachus

                  For the deserving
                  Almost certainly including yourself

      • telemachus

        Look son
        Michael Wilshaw and his team have to explain themselves
        Why did Wilshaw not allow questions today?
        How on earth can he turn an excellent school into a failing school in a single year
        How can au school be failing when it gets better exam results than surrounding schools
        There is a sinister political agenda here
        Anti terror chief
        Yes anti terror chief Peter Clarke will be the next to stick the boot in
        Gove seem determined to radicalise the Muslims of Birmingham
        He is dangerous
        He must resign

        • Swiss Bob

          They are not radical, just muslims.

          For evidence watch the report on the news showing ‘normal’ muslims barricading the school already in special measures preventing the new governors and teachers access.

          Your lot are responsible for that.

          • telemachus

            They know well that doctrinaire Gove sent in the wholy Wilshaw to produce a document fitting his agenda
            We need a radical approach to this whole issue Nationwide
            And it starts by bringing all schools back under a network of local educational control
            One that gives equality of education and social issues to all

            • Swiss Bob

              Don’t ‘son’ me you pathetic little twerp.

              • telemachus

                A compliment
                A son has the ability to learn

            • Alexsandr

              wilshaw has been caught with his pants round his ankles. His useless ofstead failed to find this issue when they rubber stamped these schools a few short months ago. The useless ofstead needs disbanding and a proper inspectorate with people who know what they are doing replace it. No more box ticking. Remember it was ofstead who failed in the baby P case too.

              • telemachus

                Wilshaw and his organisation are not fit for purpose
                Nor is the Govian Governance regime
                Education needs a strong man to impose Governance
                And a wise academic to advise on the imposition of standards
                Wilshaw and Gove should bow out with grace

                • Al Baker

                  right on!

            • ButcombeMan

              But tele my dear deluded boy, some of the schools WERE under Birmingham City Council “control”, that is currently run by your fellow travellers and has been for most of the .past 30 years.

              The beam is in the socialists eye.

              Your people, your dangerous people, in both Unions and Council, are the ones who tolerated matters.

              Labour has once again let Britain down.

              As it usually does.

          • Donafugata

            I feel the same, this has been a most enlightening incident.

            The terms “extreme” and “radical” are redundant.
            When such zeal in schools becomes the norm, the problem is the Muslim, no qualifier necessary.

        • ButcombeMan

          It is unwise to call me son. I am much older than you.

          I am relieved that you have risen from your bed, collected your Giro and are functioning again.

          I knew you would spout some nonsense.

          You did not disappoint. The agenda was that of Labour.

          We reap the consequences.

        • Al Baker

          thank you!

    • Blindsideflanker

      They can’t make up their minds, they praise and promote Multiculturalism, yet don’t like it when it happens.

      • telemachus

        But they are not pursuing multiculturalism
        They are having one rule for church schools and another backed by a flawed Ofsted for Muslim schools
        Gove by events revealed this weekend has shown how unfit he is to deal with this
        He must go
        I recommend Gove steps down and David Willetts takes over the portfolio until the election
        There may just be violence if he does not

        • Alexsandr

          if you cant say something relevant and apt, then shut up.

        • Holly

          Why will there be violence?
          Who will be carrying out this violence you talk about?
          Why should the British Education Secretary step down for something Muslims are doing?
          The schools involved were not religion based schools they were secular schools…..Some other new Westminster word that is totally alien to me, by the way….Children should be oblivious to what ‘type’ of school they go to and should only have the understanding that a school, is a school, is a school.

          • Al Baker

            “consequences”, he said. look it up.

    • John Dalton

      Not a SINGLE mention of the one word that is right at the heart of all of this insanity: I – S – L – A – M!!!!

      How pathetic, craven and cowardly our elites have become – terrified of causing offense or upsetting anyone less the fury be turned on them. And still they wheel out the same tired old cliches about multiculturalism to silence the debate.

      Is there any one left in our ruling class with the balls to tell it like it is and do something about it??

      • Holly

        Over the last week I have found myself getting more and more angry about the blunt refusal of our politicians to ‘tell it like it is’….But you see THEIR interpretation of ‘telling it like it is’, is completely different from mine (and presumably your) idea of ‘telling it like it is….
        Today we are once again told that ‘we must engage with the muslim communities’.
        Why must we?
        Why aren’t they told they must engage with us.
        From what I can gather they are Muslims first, before being human beings, before being male or female, and woe betide any Muslim who thinks otherwise…..And it will more than likely that one of their own will take barbaric offence.
        That is where I have the most difficulty, being forced to ’embrace’ the ‘moderate Muslims’, because no matter how integrated they appear to be, they are not allowed to break their faith.
        What has occurred over the last decade will not be sorted by any politician in Westminster at the moment, and the tone and mood, including my own, in the comments has changed over the course of a week.
        Personally, I think the political tipping point is not far off, and the sitting politicians and blog writers should not be going around calling angry people, like me, racist or anti-whatever the latest put down happens to be.

        I am more and more convinced, by the day, that switching my vote in 2015 will be the only message today’s political elite will ‘get’.
        Very sad, but true.

        • In2minds

          “they are not allowed to break their faith” –

          Not so, some brave ones do

          • Holly

            The word ‘brave’ says it all.

            • In2minds

              Or vulnerable?

      • Donafugata


        And it isn’t very helpful to go on about extremism, the word is only going to work in their favour. The whole damned lot are extreme, not just the ranters preaching death and destruction.

  • Barakzai

    Cue assorted RoP adherents being given BBC News, Newsnight and Channel 4 News soapboxes to deny it all and tell us how affronted they are. Followed by ‘concerns’ being expressed by the usual suspects in the Labour Party, Liberty et al.

    • Blindsideflanker

      Indeed we will be told that investigating schools that have Muslim students is Islamaphobia , will offend Muslims, and so traumatise Muslims that they will run en-masse into the arms of Al Queada .

      It is Catch 22 , to do nothing leads to extremism, to act leads to extremism. We are heading into a cultural war what ever we do.

      • Barakzai

        Perhaps we can stop the pretence of calling self-imposed and self-policed apartheid in certain quarters ‘diversity’ and multiculturalism’ then. Mr Cameron’s adept at redefining cultural nouns; perhaps he can address himself to calling this particular shovel a ‘shovel?’

    • The Masked Marvel

      Majid Nawaz was on with Brillo yesterday saying it was all true and he had witnessed the plans first hand back when he was a young Turk (so to speak). A magnificent moment where the BBC made the rare effort to do the right thing and have reality spoken first, rather than bringing in one of the usual RoP deniers for “balance”. The Sunday Politics sent a camera crew to talk to Tristram Hunt in a field so he could, as you predicted, express his concerns about the need to prepare children to thrive in multi-cultural modern Britain. Utter waffle. Everyone else, including Brillo, spent too much time trying to say both parties were equally to blame, and almost no time discussing a solution and what the problem meant for society as a whole.

  • White Lightning

    Five things we “need to know” and yet one little word isn’t used once…

  • Hexhamgeezer

    Another example of how the BBCLibLabConUnion cabal deal when faced with the enriching diversity of !$lam. Like vote fraud, FGM, honour killing or grooming they run away until the stench becomes too great and then we all pay for dealing with the results.

    • Grey Wolf

      And don’t you just love it when an entire discussion concerning Islamic extremism can be penned without even mentioning !$lam.
      Diversity and PC – the twin evils permeating our culture.

    • johnbarnes

      Are you for real?

      • Hexhamgeezer


        • Pitkapoika