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Exclusive: Nigel Evans: I’ll be back

15 June 2014

15 June 2014

Mr Steerpike can exclusively reveal that former Deputy Speaker Nigel Evans is to run for a senior position on the 1922 Committee executive. The recently vindicated Tory MP remains popular on the backbenches, and has been keeping a deliberately high profile since being cleared on nine counts of sexual abuse. The all-powerful committee is the repository of backbench opinion and sets the agenda when it comes to internal Tory politicking. Sources familiar with the Evans bid are quietly confident that their friend will become a significant player in Tory circles again, come decision day.

Jason McCartney, the former Liberal Democrat candidate and journalist-turned Tory MP, is also running for a top committee job, along with his namesake Karl McCartney, who enjoys are far greater respect from right-wing colleagues. The men in grey suits convene on Wednesday.

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  • Noa

    Nigel’s back? Well I’ll be b3-ggared!

  • Marvin

    Does Evans mean from the back! Keep your rears to the wall chaps.

  • Terry Field

    Who cares?

  • Siobhan Sullivan

    I agree, Monty61. What an egotistical narcissist Nigel Evans is. Like most politicians, (especially Conservative ones, oh and Tony Blair…) they see no wrong in their behaviour and believe they should emerge from their past misdemeanours unscathed and triumphant; that it was others who were wrong and misjudged their behaviour and decision-making.

    The fact that sources familiar with the Evans bid are “quietly confident that their friend” will regain political status just smacks of cronyism and Evans’ being a member of their “boys’ club”. Yuk. A gay elite runs the halls of Westminster.

  • Marquess of Salisbury

    Brilliant just as we thought all hope had gone for British politics! Thank you Nigel!

  • Gwangi

    Good for Nigel Evans. Good luck to him!
    We urgently need to change the law and ensure other innocent men’s lives are not ruined by false allegations.
    Anonymity now. And any feminist who disagrees is a vile hypocrite.
    Either we know the identities of accused and accuser, or we know neither. The law in the UK has become increasingly misandrist in recent years, which is very wrong – that is NOT equality of justice.

  • P.chi ki wan

    The inseminator

  • R Fairless

    Well, Evans can go where he wants but he wouldn’t get through my front door. I’m surprised that he is not a member of the LibDems, he is about on a par with their standards. Parliament has less and less to offer the ordinary, straight, honest upright citizen who has been badly betrayed.

  • swatnan

    … in that case watch your back. Evans is a disgrace for his disgraceful behaviour bordering on the criminal. A disgraced MP who should have done the decent thing and resigned.

  • WatTylersGhost

    Mr Evans’s future will be decided by his constituents not his Westminster liberal friends. He might find that the voters are a little more conservative than his metro-sexual London mates.

    • Kitty MLB

      His constituents are probably very sympathetic about
      a innocent man who others tried to destroy the life of
      with their allegations that were found false in a court of law.
      At the end of the day this could have happened to anyone
      and does, does he deserve to be treated less just because
      he’s a MP.

      • telemachus

        You should not be sanguine
        It was not for nothing that Channel 4 ran a well researched piece on sexually predatory MP’s and the culture of the Westminster village

        • Kitty MLB

          This was about a serious crime and he was fund innocent.
          These other situations were at social events- too much fruit
          of the vine maketh a fool of most men.
          What you are speaking of is a different situation, you should
          be defending the innocent not anonymous accusers.

    • dado_trunking

      You just discriminated on the grounds of sexual orientation there, WTG.
      Whether or not you like it/consent to taking it from behind is none of anyone’s business.

      • telemachus

        Was that the issue?
        Power in matters physical was what was debated

        • dado_trunking

          The etymology of the word ‘metro-sexual’ is the mixing of metropolitan and heterosexual.
          I don’t care whether he thinks the entire English countryside is gay.
          All I did was challenge that.

          • the viceroy’s gin

            …no, you mean one of your many sockpuppets blathered some incomprehensible gibberish.

  • monty61

    A sure sign of the continuing and growing disconnect between politics and the real world.

    The criminal charges may not have been proven, but what was established was without any doubt a pretty disgraceful pattern of behavior which would simply not be tolerated in any commercial organisation in the land.

    Shameless politicians such as Mr Evans do Parliament’s reputation no good whatsoever. Perhaps ‘popular’ Nigel’s friends would do well to consider this.

    • Kitty MLB

      ‘The criminal charges had not been proven’ What is
      that supposed to mean? In a court of law he was
      categorically found not guilty of a paticular crime.
      Judgements on someone’s character was not actually on
      trial only the actual crime.
      And what does ‘popular’Nigel’s friends have to do with
      this matter.You may also find that the electorate are
      more concerned with real crimes then allegations.

      • monty61

        Yes he wasn’t guilty of rape. But you really defend the rest of his behaviour?

        • fundamentallyflawed

          If the electorate wish to pass a moral judgement on Evans then they can do so at the next election. He is innocent of a criminal offence and there is no reason he should not continue in his duties.

          • monty61

            His behaviour, in his position, towards subordinates, would have him fired in any sizeable organisation in the country. Those sticking up for him conveniently ignore this fact.

            • fundamentallyflawed

              As an MP he ultimately answers to his constituents not the rest of us. The whole trial was a farce from start to finish and media sensationalised. However for no reason we want to hold many MPs to some sort of higher standard of code than the rest of the country. He was found not guilty of all charges and therefore is innocent. Anything else is strictly opinion and should not be the measure by which we hold people accountable for their jobs.

              • monty61

                Do you deny that his behaviour, in his position, towards subordinates, would have him fired in any sizeable organisation in the country?

                It’s not a question of opinion he admitted to all sorts that would have had him marched to the door clutching a bin liner anywhere I’ve ever worked.

                UK politics is a disgrace.

                • fundamentallyflawed

                  Organisations like you describe have disciplinary proceedings – there is not summary firing like you describe. Evans faced worse than that and faced criminal prosecution. Except he was found not guilty in a court of law and is therefore innocent of all charges. He by this measure did nothing wrong and therefore is free to continue in his profession. If you wish the party to take action against him as well then there needs to be a complaint made by the accusers. And since many of the incidents seem to have happened in social engagements not a professional capacity (there is a wrong opinion that MPs are not allowed free time) the party doesn’t have any grounds to punish him in my opinion.

                • Kitty MLB

                  Indeed, at social engagements. In other words he was drunk
                  and a fool as apposed to a cold sober predator.
                  I should imagine an awful of chaps have been in that situation .

                • FrenchNewsonlin

                  Defending the indefensible is not the mark of an honourable man FF. A politician should be setting an example and working to the good of his constituency, not publicly pleasuring himself at taxpayer expense.

                • Kaine

                  That’s up to his constituents. If enough of them feel as you do he will lose his job in less than a year.

                • Machina22

                  Only if his seat is marginal enough (on balance, Ribble Valley might >just< be sufficiently marginal for a full blown scandal to get him kicked out).

                  There are plenty of constituencies in this country where the MP could be a child murderer and they'd still get voted in so long as he or she wore the right coloured rosette.

                • Kaine

                  If the public wish to vote for a scoundrel or a rogue to represent them in Parliament who are we to gainsay them?

              • Kitty MLB

                Apparently his constituencies are not one for the caterwauling
                cries of a witch hunt and support him as he is innocent.
                If we hold MP’s to a higher standard of code then why are
                those who destroyed our economy sitting on the Labour front
                benches. They should be the ones to lose their jobs.

              • Airey Belvoir

                The man is by his own account a drunken lecher. It would be nice to think that we should expect a bit better of our elected tribunes?

            • Wessex Man

              especially if it had been a woman.

        • Kitty MLB

          So all men who have become drunk at social occasions and
          behave like fools should lose their jobs. Or just MP’s and
          those who are gay. You are not helping the innocent victims
          of such vile accusations, if they think they’ll never be believed.

          • R Fairless

            Here’ a certainty for you. He wouldn’t last five minutes as a bricklayer’s labourer.

            • the viceroy’s gin

              He wouldn’t last anywhere, other than with the morally degenerate LibLabCon clones.

              What a disgustingly awful person this guy is.

    • telemachus

      You are brave and correct
      More forthright such posts are warranted

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