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Ed Miliband apologises for endorsing The Sun

13 June 2014

12:32 PM

13 June 2014

12:32 PM

Ed Miliband’s love affair with The Sun has ended almost as soon as it had begun. Following reports that he was ‘very very sorry’ for endorsing the newspaper, the Labour leader appears to have u-turned under pressure from his own party. A Labour spokesperson said this afternoon:

‘Ed Miliband was promoting England’s bid to win the World Cup and is proud to do so. But he understands the anger that is felt towards The Sun over Hillsborough by many people in Merseyside and he is sorry to those who feel offended.’

As I wrote yesterday, Miliband’s pro-Sun position was at odds with many of of his own MPs (as well as his own anti-Murdoch campaign) who had been tweeting negative comments about The Sun throughout the day. Along with Tom Watson, Steve Rotheram, the Labour MP for Liverpool Walton, was probably the most concerned and suggested yesterday evening that some form of apology was on the cards:

By posing with the paper and then apologising, Ed has created an unnecessary media storm. Aside from the sheer bizarreness of the picture, it’s another example of his difficult relationship with the press. For one thing, it’s now pretty certain that Labour can not expect a warm relationship with The Sun between now and next year’s election.

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  • Ooh!MePurse!

    This is too funny.

  • andagain

    It’s a strange thing that holding a copy of the country’s most popular paper is apparently an evil act.

    • Whatever

      Popular with idiots.

  • Mark McIntyre

    Do not apologise – any of you ‘leaders’ – you will only encourage those mawkish Scousers.
    As for Liverpool – SHURRUP – SELF PITY CITY.
    Signed, Scornful Scouser !

  • Anna

    Does Ed Miliband have no integrity? The only person who’s beaten his rate of u-turn is David Cameron. And we are supposed to vote for these muppets?

    • Inverted Meniscus

      He has no integrity whatsoever. He is totally amoral and would betray his own brother given the chance….oh, he already has.

    • The Masked Marvel

      No, of course he doesn’t. This was inevitable anyway. The only question is, who forced him to recant? His own staff, Labour MPs, or was there pressure from the BBC?

  • Colonel Mustard

    Calm down, calm down.

  • JP Janson De Couet

    I look forward to you guys getting Boris and Cameron to apologise to Scousers.

    • Holly

      They didn’t take a high & mighty attitude to Murdoch like Miliband did….
      Or was he just playing his immature, playground politics games as usual.
      The bod is too lofty by half, and most folk, including those from Liverpool have now got a ‘better measure’ of this empty headed, empty vessel.
      He is completely bogus.

      • Inverted Meniscus

        And utterly preposterous.

        • Ooh!MePurse!

          And utterly pointless.

  • telemachus

    This is a non story whipped up by the right wing press
    Never mind
    All power to the charismatic one

    • Inverted Meniscus

      No it has been whipped up by Labour MPs and supporters. It is storm in a socialist nutter tea cup if anything but then Labour, as you amply demonstrate, is the party of lies, lying and liars.

      • P_S_W

        Serves him right. You live by the sword, you die by the sword.

        • Holly

          Wouldn’t trust him with a filling knife, never mind a sword.
          This duffer would cause all sorts of unnecessary damage.

    • Holly

      Plod on there matey….I reckon you’ll find that its Labour bods and ‘ex-supporters’ who are up in arms about the antics of this multi-faced, non-thinker.

      • P_S_W

        Yes, damn that right wing press that is reporting the anger of Labour MP’s and party members.

        Follow the example of the silent left wing press. Oh, wait…

    • saffrin

      It’s just another example of how far Labour are out of touch.
      Jeez, I’m a southerner and even I would know how betrayed and offensive scousers would feel about this.
      Labour died in 1995. I have no idea who or what these NuLiebour muppets are.