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Don’t apologise for holding The Sun, Ed

13 June 2014

1:14 PM

13 June 2014

1:14 PM

I’d like to say that when I’m low and feel I can’t go on anymore that it’s the thought of a child’s smile or a better future for humanity that gets me through, or maybe one of those inspiring Maya Angelou quotes people were sharing last week: but to be honest, it’s actually that picture of Ed Miliband trying to eat a bacon sandwich.

I know that certain Labour commentators are unhappy with Ed’s performance, and many Tories are concerned about him actually running the country, but his visual mishaps do provide such cheer during these dark periods. A friend of mine brought a copy of the bacon picture to his 83-year-old father in hospital, who had suffered a stroke, and said his dad laughed so much he almost had another one. Whether it’s spilling a cup of tea or trying to look casual while ordering some cheese, Ed can’t fail to bring a smile to my sad face. Then there is the ‘f*** off beaker’ thing on Twitter; I know it’s childish, but it’s pretty funny.

Ed Miliband strikes me as so likeable – far more so than Cameron or Osborne – precisely because he’s so unsuited towards being prime minister and should be working in the nearest PC World. Part of me looks forward to his victory next year just for the daily ROFL, especially the hilarious comedy value of Ed on the international stage, meeting the representatives of less ironic nations. Putin will probably crush his hand and mutter in Russian to his henchmen, something to the effect of ‘he is like woman’. Or something.


Ed’s latest photo op was appearing with a copy of the Sun, cheering on ‘our boys’. The picture looked totally natural, of course, rather reminiscent of those British citizens being ‘well looked after’ by Saddam Hussein in 1990.

Miliband grew up in a household where Marxist theory was debated over breakfast, and while football may be an interest, I suspect he cares rather less about it than the typical Sun reader does. Again, this makes him quite attractive, especially when faced with the moronic demands of the (public school-dominated) tabloid media for him to be more ‘normal’ ie interested in reality TV and sport.

Big deal, you might think; the leader of the opposition posing with the country’s largest paper ahead of the biggest sporting tournament – that’s sort of the hoops they have to jump through.

But, no, no one can do or say anything today without someone taking offence somewhere, in this case seeing it as a personal attack on their city or relatives, and even demanding his resignation.

Does anyone genuinely think that Ed Miliband showing his support for the England team with a copy of the Sun in 2014 is in any way a comment on the Sun’s editorial decisions of 1989, made by people who almost certainly don’t even work for the paper anymore? Are people who demand apologies because their group has been slurred really offended, or do they want to work themselves up about it and show their righteousness? And would they do this if politicians and public figures caved in every single time some person took offence on the slightest pretext?

One day, and this is a day I pray for like a religious fundamentalist waiting for end times, a politician will just turn around and say those three magic words: I’m not sorry.

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  • shiva

    To prevent a hostile power gaining access to the Netherlands’ coast and ports mair like.
    درب اتوماتیککرکره برقیupvc پنجره

  • gelert

    Scousers take the victim mentality to a new low.

  • dlads

    What a load of crap, and some of the people posting about this should be ashamed of yourselves. Horrible rats with no clue what happened back then or how or why it still affects people today.

    Want to share these types of views, go to Liverpool and do it. Fkn trolls.

    • Fergus Pickering

      I have never been to Liverpool.

  • sunnydayrider

    Unbeleivable. This whimp of a politician cow-tows to a bunch of idle, benefit grabing Welsh/Irish anti-English layabouts. Pity city or pity Labour?

  • Liz

    Typically men are just thinking about the offence caused to men. My first thought was about him endorsing it’s rampant sexism.

    • Kitty MLB

      Oh come on Lizzie. What the devil does this have to do with
      sexism. I swear , you could find sexism in a monastery.

      • Liz

        What does The Sun have to do with sexism?
        Or what does ignoring sexism in The Sun have to do with sexism?

        I could definitely find sexism in a monastery.

  • Ron Todd

    And I thought Cameron was bad at PR.

  • Mark McIntyre

    Nothing to apologise for – not even Milibund !
    As for Liverpool – oh do SHURRUP – SELF PITY CITY.
    Signed, Scornful Scouser !

    • you_kid

      You forgot to say your line, lad.
      NO2Progress, yes to digging more tunnels.

      • Mark McIntyre

        NO2 HS2 – you too ? kiddie ?? !

  • DaveTheRave

    Methinks he is ‘too much i’the sun.’

  • Pier66

    SUN : LABOUR PAPER SCUM… Dont buy just ditch it
    Justice for the 96
    Ynwa & Tory all the Way

  • HookesLaw

    Mr West misses the point, which is no surprise, EdM was not ‘showing support for England’… he was assisting the Sun in a marketing campaign to the extent that he is willing to follow instructions from the Sun’s marketing photographer.
    Unlike other leaders Miliband has been in the forefront of anti Sun News International Murdoch campaigns. He is massively guilty of hypocrisy, and its his just desserts that he has stupidly offended his own supporters.

    Mr West is totally misguided to the point of imbecility if he thinks Miliband is normal. He is a empty headed paint it by numbers crypto Marxist who has nothing to offer Britain.

  • Grey Wolf

    Ed looks weird!
    Ed can’t swallow a sandwich elegantly!!
    Ed ‘s got a copy of the Sun!!!
    Either the media is being run by contemptible sh-it-he-ads or the people have gone mad. I still wish to trust the people. Are these the things to focus on?

    • Colonel Mustard

      “I still wish to trust the people.”

      Don’t! They have been infantilised and feminised and over 30% of them think a Labour government is a good idea.

    • P_S_W

      You realise that in this case it definitely isn’t the media causing a fuss?

    • Kitty MLB

      Hear Hear ! How shallow and childish has the country become. And personal. I couldn’t imagine anyone speaking
      on Churchill with such personal mockery, and he was hardly
      handsome or graceful.But you might say he’d never pander
      to the media in such a way and didn’t need to.

      • Grey Wolf

        Yes, and now a career in politics is a PR skills job!

  • Raddiy

    As you sow, ye shall reap.

    The Labour Party has been instrumental in creating the environment that it is ok to be offended at anything and everything, and that somebody should always be culpable however insignificant the offence.

    What is laughable with this story, is the exposure of the absolute and total stupidity, and disturbing lack of knowledge about Hillsborough, which practically every person in this country knows about, seemingly apart from the PPE kids that run the Labour party.

    The Sun hasn’t forgotten it is hated in Liverpool, as it didn’t even attempt to deliver the free copy in question in the area, and still only sells in the order of 12,000 copies a day in the region. A cynic might suggest the Sun have deliberately used Milliband in an attempt to find a few friends on Merseyside, despite the fact it took Kelvin McKenzie 23 years to apologise for what he accused the Liverpool fans of.

    • global city

      and if anybody thinks that the campaign is ran by people who just ‘won’t let go’ remember that there is a new public inquiry taking place right now… a whole 25 years after the event and only because some (mainly family of those who died) would not let go.

      Good on them.

      Also. That headline played the major role in determining what most of the general public thought that they thought they knew about the tragedy, smears that lasted almost as long as the boycott of the Sun has. just remember that.

      • Ron Todd

        At the start of the inquiry the judge said that the fans were not to blame. If the lawyers weren’t getting paid by the hour he might as well have given a verdict and missed out the bits in-between.

        • global city

          I think they need to incontestably establish the sequence of events. After 16 years or so I would have said something similar myself. Most people know the facts, because it involved so many people who were at the contested points, most people had heard enough personal testaments from so many people who attended that THE TRUTH was obvious.

          Everyone knows it was a tragedy. The crime was the immediate cover up, lies and smearing of innocent people….but!

          I imagine that even idiots like this Mark McIntyre below were shocked by some of the extra details that came out of the Hillsborough independent panel’s work?

          When I read the reports on what they produced I was glad that the families of those killed so nobly continued the fight for the full disclosure of evidence, as hard as this must have been for them.

          Too many fools seemed prepared to believe the slurs, for a variety of reasons but many who believed that there is no smoke without fire largely did so in response to those reports written and presented before many fans had even got home. The speed and enormity, as well as the shamelessness of the cover up were other reasons why the families and their supported continued the fight for the truth.

          You only have to consider two obvious facts. Tens of thousands of people were literally involved in the incident and yet a completely different narrative to what they experienced and witnessed became ‘THE TRUTH’.

          96 people died. Ordinary people, children, young girls, students, professionals, etc, not thugs or prisoners in a prison riot, just people who went to a sporting event.

          Those who attended this sporting event with them were blamed by those very people who were charged with caring for them. Everyone should think of the consequences of letting that fact go the next time any of you attend a public event.

          • A personal view

            The police behaved appallingly, that’s for sure.

            However for anyone who has attended a rugby or football match with terraced stands, the idea that nobody would have had a drink (or four) and wouldn’t have shoved their way into the stand at the kick-off, is living in cloud cuckoo land. That’s how it was at every match.

            However, the disaster at Hillsboro finally proved the lunacy of caging in the fans, even if the fans had brought it upon themselves by their repeated drunken fighting in the stands and pitch invasions.

            • global city

              Yes. Thankfully this was proven to have definitely not been a contributing factor. It was the first stunt that the police tried to pull, even taking blood samples from the children!

              Your other points are perfectly valid. One of the sad ironies about Liverpool being involved in two of the worst events is that terrace violence and thuggery was never a part of the LFC fan identity. When I used to go to matches the Kop would often sing ‘we’re the best behaved supporters in the land’!

              The criminality of Hillsborough was in the cover up, rather than anything that help to cause the crush.

      • Fergus Pickering

        I never gave it a thought, I do assure you. And I still manage not to burst into tears.

  • P_S_W

    What is especially amusing about this whole episode is not just that Milliband has offended the entire city of Liverpool and hordes of Labour party members.
    He will now have offended The Sun for apologising.
    You couldn’t make this up.

    • In2minds

      Offending Liverpool, so easy a child could do it?

      • global city

        Is the twittersphere the whole of fooking lundun then?

  • Colonel Mustard

    Much as I dislike Ed’s politics the faux outrage stirred up over this is ridiculous. The apology demanding lobby is getting beyond bonkers. Instead of contributing to the clamour for a faux apology I wish one of our politicians had the backbone to stand up to the mob and tell them to stuff it.

    Either that or let’s go the whole hog and make failing to apologise for anything anyone is ever offended by a criminal offence with 3 years in jail. That’s about where our society is headed.

    • P_S_W

      Quite agree, so it’s quite apt that Miliband as leader of the party that is responsible for most of that has now fallen foul of it.

      • telemachus


        Liverpool is not really part of our country

        I was taught that at my mothers knee in Lancashire

        Real Lancashire


        It has always been in order to speak with dismissive contempt of Birmingham. Yet that city has worked hard, done a great deal and paid for itself. By contrast, when hard words are spoken about Liverpool, a rage goes up and press and politicians feel intimidated. The Mersey city has registered through and through industrial failure, but will not acknowledge this as being in great part the fault of an unreliable and anarchic workforce. Instead we are supposed to salute “the Scouse spirit of defiance”. Ask the people who tried to run the Speke motor works a decade or two back. This was one of the least productive, most uneconomic industrial units in Europe, a model if not a parody of Britain’s general failure in manufactures. Look at the sullen conservatism of wild-catting employees demanding immortality for docks without trade.

        • Kevin T

          It’s an Irish enclave, settled by the Irish expats deemed too annoying to move to Boston or Glasgow.

        • global city

          Yeah, we pissed off you Commie nobs right back in the 1930s’…. and you’ve resented the place ever since, even after the population has turned stupid and began voting for Labour MP’s.

          Your big state and your massively undemocratic EU have been the major catalysts of the city’s long term decline. Idiots like you who think that the state is best to run everything.

          Your post does wonderfully expose your rank hypocrisy however. I’m sure many who have to endure your constant leftie carping on these threads will be surprised at your lack of ‘solidarity’. You’ve always come across as a second rate Derek Hatton. (big smileyface emoticon)

        • First L

          Oooh. Red on red. it always ends up like that doesn’t it 😉

    • First L

      I don’t necessarily agree with the Hillsborough thing. It’s his hypocrisy which stinks. “Murdoch is evil” – “oh look a photo op with the sun.”

    • HookesLaw

      Yes true, but the outrage is coming from labour. It was labour who declared war on the Murdoch empire because it wanted to take over Sky. It was labour who led personal attacks on Murdoch and who gloried in the shutting down of the NOTW.

      Ed then choses to assist a Sun marketing campaign by posing with its paper.

      • Pier66

        It was Blair let murdoch get in britain and buy everything and it was blair and labour stolen billions from the people, and take the country in a bankrupt!
        Ynwa and Tor all the WAY

        • global city

          It was also Blair who uttered the most callous of remarks about the tragedy…”Why? What’s the point?”

          What he meant was “Fuck ’em, many of them will vote Labour anyway”.

    • disqus_KdiRmsUO4U

      Don’t forget Liverpool was heavily involved in the slave trade. Have apologies been offered for that ?
      In fact I think all those resident in the UK of West Indies extraction should be offered compensation by the scousers: say £1000000 each for life (index linked)