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Dominic Cummings hits back at David Cameron

20 June 2014

3:15 PM

20 June 2014

3:15 PM

It’s a row that won’t go away, after Mr S revealed yesterday that the PM had labelled Dominic Cummings a ‘career psychopath’, Michael Gove’s former special adviser has hit back, blogging:

“At the PolEx party (18/6), Cameron said that I am a ‘career

A) No10′s first reaction was to decide not to react to my interview, then one
of his friends pleaded with me to ‘leave him alone because Miliband would be even worse’ and another threatened me (incompetently). The fact that Cameron then blurts out an insult reviving the story four days later is an example of my point about the lack of focus in No10. If they can’t decide a consistent line on me, what chance on ISIS?!

B) For Cameron, someone who focuses on priorities and gets stuff done every day according to a long-term plan stretching over years, while ignoring orders from Heywood, doubtless looks like a psycho! I’m not sure which of us would come out ahead on the Hare test, but I know who is better at getting stuff done and it ain’t the guy in No10 watching Netflix with a glass of red in his paw…”

Are you going to take that, Prime Minister? Are you?

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  • global city

    I think that he has Cameron absolutely sussed.

  • victor67

    Cummings is a classic example of a reasonably clever individual with an underdeveloped sense of morality and ethics. While he may present some good ideas, his lack of humanity and humility make him an unattractive and dangerous person who thankfully for now has lost his position of power and influence.
    He maybe right about Cameron but we do not need another high functioning psychopath influencing important departments like education.

    • Wessex Man

      because Cameron labelled him a psychopath doesn’t make him one, Cameron is far to fond of throwing out insults to anyone who doesn’t share his point of view. He’s insultingly belittled Tory women MPs, Labour women MPs, offended half the membership of his party so much that left the party. He is too fond of saying we must do something, then not, as in the dredging of the rivers in Somerset.

      He’s basically a sound bite PM and will be a one term PM even if the Tories win the GE.

      • victor67

        I think there is a fair amount of evidence of Cummings anti-social personality traits. Politics like war is a blood sport and attracts its fair share of Psychopaths and Narcissists. They just tend to be higher functioning and come from a different class than those that end up in the penal and mental health system.

  • MartinWW

    It matters nothing whether Dominic Cummins is perceived as ‘likeable’ or not, the only question is whether what he says is correct. Without having any inside information, my observations over the years nevertheless makes me think that Cummins is substantially correct in his assessments of David Cameron and his No. 10 advisors. Llewellyn is undoubtedly a closet liberal, and doubtless was key in Cameron’s decision to participate in that infamous three-way debate that so boosted the fortunes of the LibDems. The writing was on the wall in 2010, and ever since, what has most defined Cameron and his advisors have been poor, hasty, ill-thought-out decisions, not made on the basis of principle but for short-term political gain.

    • global city

      People like Llewellyn and Clarke are hyper-liberals. They only join the Tories because that is their tribe/social norm.

  • sarah_13

    I am a Tory voter but so far I also make Cummings ahead. If what he said didn’t resonate Cameron could ignore it, but the “watching netflix with a glass of red wine in his paw” is actually precisely what I imagine him to be doing this very evening while ISIS are recruiting mindless young men to slaughter.

    • Holly

      I too am a Tory voter, have no idea where this Cummings bod has been hiding, and agree that mindless blokes are doing mindless stuff, including Cummings/Cameron..But your comment makes out Cameron is doing nothing about the mindless blokes signing up to join ISIS, which is precisely what the public are wanting our government to do….Nothing.

      Well, I actually want him to refuse them re- entry into Britain, and I will not be holding my breath waiting for that to happen.

      • sarah_13

        Surely one wants the prime minister to be planning ahead. To have some kind of preventative strategy so those young men being recruited by ISIS do not return to kill in the UK. Whether its now or in the future they will come, its sunni/shia now it will then be everyone else. To be sat at home being a 9 to 5 Prime Minister is not good enough. We need a plan now to prevent more slaughter in the future, not constant playing catch up which is all he seems to do.

  • Hello

    Cummings is just a jumped-up little sh*t that seems to think that everything that goes wrong in DfE is a No. 10 problem, and everything that goes right is an “MG” success.

    If government departments are really as dysfunctional in his absence as Cummings suggests, then it’s amazing they functioned at all in the several hundred years before he arrived in government. Perhaps, the real source of dysfunction are people like Cummings whose sole purpose in government is to outsource blame to other departments, creating the need for a whole new layer of SpAds in those other departments just to fight the other SpAds off.

    Extremism in schools? Yeh, it’s the Home Office. GCSE cock-up? Yeh, that was No. 10. If Gove and Cummings are so powerless in the DfE, because their superbly run department can’t outwit the shambles of the No. 10 operation, then they should both retire and find jobs where they’re more effective.

    • Andy

      Cummings may or may not be a ‘little sh*t’. However, if you go and read his blog about the School meals farce I would believe him over and above Clegg. And reading the interview with him on Monday I would say it held more water about Cameron and the No 10 operation than you would care to admit. The horrid truth is the Cameron is a light weight, partly because he was far too young when he became leader and had lead a far too closeted life. That is what is wrong with modern politics – none of them have had a proper job.

      As to the management of government departments having had dealings with some of them I can swear on oath that what Cummings said is perfectly true.

      • Hello

        “However, if you go and read his blog about the School meals farce I would believe him over and above Clegg”

        So would I, but that’s because I’m prejudiced. A large part of the reason that Miliband is doing so badly is the No. 10 operation, so I don’t agree on the state of that. It’s not simply up to an opposition leader to do badly, even if you are Ed Miliband.

        I could swear that every private company I’ve ever dealt with is incompetent too, and I’m sure they could swear that about the companies I’ve worked for: everyone always wants to imagine that they’re doing it right and everyone else is doing it wrong, great governments are grown-up enough not to care.

        • Andy

          The reasons Ed Miliband is doing badly are threefold. First, the economy is picking up and the mess Labour made of it is gradually being sorted out, not as quickly as many of us would wish, but a start has been made. Secondly, the public have taken agin young Miliband because they think he is a wierdo. He is. He has tried to paint Cameron and co as ‘posh boys’, the Eton crowd, but the public just see that as nasty, spitful and small minded. But what it has done is show Miliband’s privileged and narrow background. The public are not so naive. And thirdly the public didn’t like the way he became Labour leader – greater love hath no man than he knife his own brother. The Tories should hammer home all three points at every verse end. I don’t think the reason Miliband is doing badly has much to do with the No 10 operation.

          As to Clegg I don’t think you are prejudiced. The man has no bloody principles. There is your ‘little sh*t’. But he is typical of the sort of rubbish you find in the LibDems.They have the well deserved reputation for being a nasty bunch of people and this past 4 years has shown that in spades. I was disappointed they won one seat in the EU election.

  • Nigel Tipple

    Quite possibly the least interesting playground fight in years. I haven’t heard of either of them, although the bald one does look a bit like one of those Klingons that appeared in Star Trek. Am I on the right track?

    • Wessex Man

      No you are miles off.

  • Frank

    This is such an un-equal contest, have pity Dominic.
    On the plus side, Heywood will presumably one day be on trial alongside Blair, Campbell and Hain, if not for lying to Parliament about WMD in Iraq, then for handing out the get-out-of-jail letters to irish terrorists without Parliamentary approval!

  • Earlshill

    The score at the moment is Cummings 2 Cameron 0. Since Cameron is famously uninterested in “detail”, I expect the winner to be Cummings by a TKO.