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Damian McBride’s Labour audition

30 June 2014

6:29 PM

30 June 2014

6:29 PM

Is Damian McBride auditioning for a job as the saviour of the Labour Party spin operation? His re-energised blogging would certainly indicate as much. In the last few weeks the Brownite bad boy has left his job with Catholic aid charity Cafod, and returned to writing full time.

He’s also managed to make a compelling argument for why his misdemeanours cannot now be compared to those of Andy Coulson, despite the best efforts of the Prime Minister and the Chancellor:

‘So if the Tories want to keep using the ‘What about Damian McBride?’ line, then so be it, but they cannot then dodge the follow-up question: ‘Fine, if you want to make that comparison, why was Coulson not put through developed vetting for the director of communications job in No10, when McBride was for a far more junior job in the Treasury?’’


After settling a few internal scores, and giving some sarcastic advice to the PM, on Monday, McBride laid out his most obvious audition set piece yet. Dispensing some complimentary advice on Europe, he suggested that Ed Miliband ‘gave a good attacking performance’ yet ‘for me, he missed a massive trick.’ After re-writing Ed’s Europe statement, he went on to hint at how Labour could completely overhaul their European policy in the post-Blairite age.

With his extensive experience of government and obvious searing intellect, McBride could make an absolute packet in the private sector, but Mr S can’t help but feel his heart still yearns for the Westminster fight.

While the Tories would see any hint of a return as an absolute gift, the crucial question for Labour has be whether a short term knock for bringing the reformed ‘Mad Dog’ back into the fold, could be outweighed by what the disgraced spin doctor can do for them. How dire do the times have to get, before they could justify such a desperate measure?

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  • tomas

    Turkey has had a customs union with the EU since 1996. From that point of view they are part of the EU.تور چینکارشناسی ارشد بدون کنکور .

  • iComment

    Welcome him back, along with Blair, Balls and Brown. Then the Labour Party will be well and truly bu…

  • Terry Field

    He would be an exact match for the qualities of Balls, Milliband, Misses Balls and the truly awful Raychul Reeves – she of the bag-of-nails-in-the-mouth who is clearly taking elocution lessons.
    Someone wants to be upwardly mobile!!!!

  • John Ruddy

    Of course, if Cameron did attack Miliband for hiring him, he could always quote Cameron’s own words back at him “I believe everyone deserves a second chance”.

  • Amir
  • The Laughing Cavalier

    For the sake of his soul Mr McBride should not go back to politics.

  • Aaron D Highside

    McBride was exposed as a particularly unpleasant character in a particularly unpleasant plot; Coulson evesdropped on the voicemails of people too stupid to change the standard pin, like (I suspect, as it’s so simple) most investigative journalists.

    • rtj1211

      So you prey on the weak as your moral guidance, do you??

      There is nothing less bad about doing wrong to the innocent. Nothing. They did nothing to you. Nothing.

      At least with McBride it was professional thugs tearing each other apart.

      With Coulson it was a wolf and Red Riding Hood.

      God help your children if those are your morals…..

  • madasafish

    With his extensive experience of government and obvious searing intellect, McBride could make an absolute packet in the private sector

    I take it that this article was written tongue firmly in cheek? After all, Gordon Brown fills the above criteria . As does Tony Blair-.. both men whom history is likely to be very unkind to.

    Frankly Mr McBride carries so much baggage that he could stop the Heathrow baggage handling system on his own….

    • rtj1211

      Well, Tony Blair is now worth £50m, so he has made a fortune in the private sector, giving ‘advice’ or ‘being a consultant/advisor’ for such luminaries in the private sector as JP Morgan, some Swiss insurance group etc etc.

      You can make an absolute fortune in the private sector being an utter swine, you know.

  • Wessex Man

    Mmm, the Labour Party never learn, may it continue until their bitter end.

  • Tony_E

    I rather think that this story is just a diversion. He would have to overcome his past, in as much as members of the press know they were badly used by him in the past which means they wouldn’t be quite so quick to receive his line again. His book, while entertaining, I think was some way short of the unvarnished truth, and was designed partly to take a certain amount of the blame for nefarious dealings to himself, and away from those who truly either condoned or approved it. His old contacts must surely know if that assertion is correct – if the unvarnished truth is still to come then he risks digging up things that his old masters might best prefer laid to rest.

    Also, press officers should be largely anonymous to the wider public – when your press officer becomes the story then the real story gets lost. For that reason alone I think he’s just raising his profile for a stab at something else, having served his penance at Cafod.

  • The Masked Marvel

    There’s a difference between getting up to no good in a previous job, before being hired by the party, and getting up to no good while doing the job because that’s what the party hired him to do.

  • HookesLaw

    Latest poll has a 2% Tory lead and the opinion in UKPR is that the poll of marginals is equivalent to a 2.5% Tory lead.
    How good is McBride ?

    • rtj1211

      The question is how good he is in opposition. His only experience at the top level is in Government, which is very different to overthrowing a government from the opposition benches.

      I don’t know myself.

  • MirthaTidville

    McBride and the Liebour Party………..Made for each other

    • telemachus

      But the opposition will quake

      • Inverted Meniscus

        With laughter that this disgusting liar is back home with Labour the party of lies, lying and filthy liars.

  • HookesLaw

    ‘searing intellect’ ? Is Mr Steerpike developing a senser of humour?

  • FrenchNewsonlin

    Now why does scum always rise to the top of dirty water?

  • ButcombeMan

    “his extensive experience of government and obvious searing intellect,”

    Very droll. I laughed out loud

    He was a Press Officer, is /that/ government?

    Maybe it is nowadays. Which says a lot about the state of our nation.

    • telemachus

      It was his understanding of the weak underbelly of the enemy that was his genius
      And how to exploit it

      • Colonel Mustard

        By telling lies mainly.

        • Inverted Meniscus

          Actually, I think it was telling lies exclusively.

      • Inverted Meniscus

        By lying. He was indeed the right man for Labour the party of lies, lying, lies, incompetence, failure and mediocrity.

      • facwit

        Are you actually as stupid as your comments make you appear?

        • Wessex Man

          Everyone should ignore this troll telemachus, he would soon lose interest if ignored.

          • Colonel Mustard

            It’s not interest that motivates him to post here but an agenda.That’s why he always tries to tag the top comment, for maximum visibility of his Labour party propaganda. There are one or two like him on every right of centre blog with exactly the same line in sneering superiority.

            • Wessex Man

              I know that’s why we should ignore him.

            • rtj1211

              I don’t know if you have realised it but sneering superiority is a trait of most bloggers on this website.

              Of course, you are immune to your own communications, and are not the best judge of it, since sneering superiority is something perceived by others.

              I can tell you with 100% confidence that 95% of your comments are sneering and I remain 100% confident that you believe yourself superior to people on the left.

              Not being a member of either the hard left or the hard right, I am able to comment about both lots of you from a position not imbued with your own prejudices, constructs and hang-ups.

              • Colonel Mustard

                Which part of “I am able to comment about both lots of you from a position not imbued with your own prejudices, constructs and hang-ups” do you think is not sneering superiority you pompous tw*t?

      • rtj1211

        I thought his most obvious characteristics were agricultural language in professional life, snooping using dodgy/illegal methods and a propensity for consuming prodigious quantities of alcohol.

  • LadyDingDong

    Dear Mr S, you think this tainted toad could earn a packet in the private sector? Well I have worked in that engine of wealth and growth for 40 years and not a single company I have ever been associated with would ever employ this tainted, corrupt, libellous liar. He is fit only for the Labtard party and, in all probability (judging on recent form), as a guest columnist on this once august and respectable publication.

    • Inverted Meniscus

      He is the perfect man for the Labour Party. The party of lies, lying and liars.

      • 2trueblue

        You do of course mean liebore?

        • Inverted Meniscus

          Yes the perfect home for dishonest, incompetent socialist nutters.

      • rtj1211

        You’ve never come across a Conservative politician who lied??

        You must be wet behind the ears or suffering from selective criitical faculty syndrome.

        Every political party lies, it’s taken as read.

        I wish they didn’t, but they do.

        George Osborne said he would reduce the annual deficit to zero in one five year Parliament. He has done nothing of the sort. Ergo: he is a liar.

        Of course, there may be cogent reasons why that was not possible, but by your definition, he’s a liar.

        • Inverted Meniscus

          Many of them but Labour had raised lying to an art form and rarely does anything else. Thanks for the gratuitous medical analysis lad but I think I can safely ignore your arrogance and pitiful self aggrandisement.

    • telemachus

      Sanctimonious pap
      There are those whose ‘searing intellect’ and strategic nous are valuable beyond measure. The village squawks but folks vote
      To win is all

      • Colonel Mustard

        Your party is the Sheriff of Nottingham and Prince John of politics, rolled into one. Sneaky, manipulative, conniving, treacherous and repulsive.

        “To win is all” says it all. You might have your ascendancy but you will still be hated. And keep your eyes on the forest.

        • Kitty MLB

          I can see it now Colonel. Upon the Telemachus roseate lips a
          stygian gloom. As the moon was just rising upon the horizon.
          Moribund, Balls, and Mc Bride, three if the four horsemen ride the apocalyptic skies.. just before we are benighted with doom.

    • Wessex Man

      never change my Lady.

      • Kitty MLB

        Indeed she is always correct and as a Conservative

        • Wessex Man

          I don’t hold her politics against her, nor do I yours.

          • Kitty MLB

            Er, why would you hold the honourable
            intensions of a legitimate party against
            them ? Could understand it if we were
            evil socialists determined to send everyone
            to oblivion ..but you’ll have to ask the wasp
            telemachus about that..we are DIFFERENT
            parties, sweetie.

            • Wessex Man

              I don’t bother to reply to the evil gobblin that is telemachus anymore dear, he is a serial liar, who has made such racist slurs that he doesn’t now deserve a reply. He is a worthless troll best left to stew in his own slime.

              I wish i could believe that the party you talk so fondly were worthy but they are not, not for an awlful long time and that’s why the membership of the Tory party has more than halved since David Cameron became leader.

              Still never mind, mustn’t grumble you could be in the Liberal Democrats heading for oblvion, at least the Tories are still likely to be begging us to go into alliance with them next time.

              • Inverted Meniscus

                Cheers Wessex that first paragraph gave me a really good chuckle. “Stewing in his own slime”- the mind boggles.

              • LadyDingDong

                The party remains Conservative, home of: the great Lady, Churchill, Powell and Joseph, but also alas of: Heath, Cameron and that strange catamite Hookes Law. We are a broad church which sometimes, somehow manages, like the CoE, to elect a non-believer who takes us down roads more green and red than blue. Notwithstanding that washy-washy social democrat Cameron, so long as we have the likes of Gove, May, Pickles and Hunt and a few like minds, the Lady’s legacy will endure and we enlightened few shall persevere until another saviour of the party, and nation, comes along.

                • rtj1211

                  The saviour of the nation in Maggies’ time was called North Sea Oil.

                  If Denis Healey had been Prime Minister the same result would have ensued: rising prosperity due to mineral asset windfalls allowing Government to reduce the current account deficit. He might have helped unemployment to remain somewhat lower too.

                  Of Course, the Labour Party, in their infinite wisdom, selected Michael Foot which is the principal reason why Maggie ruled for 11 years.

                  Pretty good chance she would have struggled to have beaten Healey in 1983.

                  But she wouldn’t have the history she has without North Sea Oil.

                  Not to mention her best friend in the world, General Galtieri.

            • rtj1211

              There are plenty of honorable people who were sent to oblivion by Mrs Thatcher and many of them were not socialists.

              Every Government of every hue in my lifetime has sent some people to oblivion.

              It’s just that the PR machine of each party grouping focuses on their own message and puts the oblivion folks in some dark corner where no-one can highlight their plight.

    • Someone

      So he’d be perfect for a public affairs role then…polishing t*rds since…