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Coffee Shot: Ed Miliband on the risk of Ed Miliband

12 June 2014

6:20 PM

12 June 2014

6:20 PM

Ed Miliband’s change of mind over The Sun took Mr Steerpike by surprise, brandishing the newspaper that so many of his colleagues have spent today condemning. This has, of course, inspired various spoofs on Twitter. But Mr S can assure readers that the image below is 120 per cent genuine – and bears a message that deserves the widest circulation:

Ed holding Spec mag1

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  • pobinr

    Milliband looks mad, acts mad, is mad.

    Labour betrayed the working class people of this country by letting in millions of immigrants that have driven wages down & taken millions of jobs & homes. Wages have dropped 14% in real terms since Gordon Brown opened the floodgates to poor countries.
    And FibDem are keeping the betrayal going.

    These immigrants mostly only benefit min wage employers & slumlords.
    Young Brits are suffering most. Even those that can afford to get on the property ladder will pay more for a home than they otherwise would have due to the massive demand caused by all these immigrants who have taken jobs from Brit kids & caused wage compression.

    So they will be paying the cost of this federalist experiment every month for the next 30 or 40 years in their mortgage payments. Not to mention the havoc wreaked on the young people of the Med countries with mass unemployment due to disasterous common currency experiment. Otherwise known as the Euro!
    UKIP are not an ‘anti immigrant’ party as people claim.
    UKIP are pro controlled immigration.
    It is any government’s responsibility to control the quality & quantity of people who come to it shores.
    We cannot do that while we are in the EU.
    If you believe in fairness, democracy & a self governing nation then

    • Sue Jones
      • pobinr

        You are completely wrong.

        UKIP are pro democracy & pro controlled immigration.
        What is racist in being concerned about;

        1] More & more control of our country given away to the emerging EU dictatorship

        2] Cheap imported labour that drives wages down & take jobs from locals

        3] Classes full of kids that need special lessons in speaking basic English

        4] Being told it’s just Daily Mail fiction when we see it with our own eyes

        5] 28,000 or is it 5,000 Romanians I don’t care, held for crimes

        6] Higher house prices & rents due to increased demand

        7] More crowded surgeries & longer NHS queues

        8] Worst housing shortage since WWII

        9] More & more houses on greenbelt

        10] More & more road congestion

        11] Child grooming gangs

        12] People traffickers

        13] FGM

        I guess that makes me a racist xenophobe then!

        Remember these people are coming from countries with much lower population densities than the UK to start with thus leaving them with a further depleted work force & youth so it’s no good for them.

        Romania is the same area as UK, but has only 3rd the population!

        The EU “parliament” is undemocratic. It cannot initiate legislation, only vote on what is put in front of it by the Commission.

  • Pier66

    Is like a Panda sort in extinction

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  • Tony Quintus

    I wonder how the usually staunch Labour voters of Liverpool will take this, perhaps another place for Farage to target?

  • Terry Field

    The magazine cover is almost indistinguishable from the man.

    • utkarsh

      I thought he is intentionally making a face similar to the magazine cover.. is he not O_0

  • Ooh!MePurse!

    I’d love to know what my decent, hard working, Labour voting, Yorkshire grandparents would have made of this odd creature.

    • Smithersjones2013

      They’d have fed it to the whippet!

      • Ooh!MePurse!

        Aye lad, appen.

      • First L

        I think the whippet might turn its nose up at this thing.

    • Terry Field

      Ah you raise a heart-rending point. SO many of us come from skilled hard-working gentle folk of great principal and modest means. They are the most betrayed; the repulsive and irresponsible of the current Labour party are the real betrayers of the eternally large and needy ‘working class’ – I am astounded that people of the quality of Balls, Milliband, Harman can be elected, since I am more amazed they get anywhere near being adopted by the current members what was at one time a very great party composed of wise, and serious people.
      The loss os a respectable and fine Labour Party is a real tragedy. I am by inclination and intellectual approach a Tory, but God I miss the real Labour Party – pre Foot, Benn and the other fruitcakes, then followed by the insane asylum of Blair and (HOW did he EVER get elected/appointed!) Brown, whose destructive influence made way for the real bastards.

      • Sue Jones

        You cant call anyone a fruitcake: you’re a Tory fcol. They’re all psychopaths

        • Terry Field

          To group Tories as psychopaths is as amusing as it is absurd – it illustrates what a compete little cretin you are.
          And I CAN call someone a fruitcake.
          I can call you a CRETINOUS fruitcake.
          And I just did.
          No NO – do stop self harming- you know it is a foolish thing to do
          From your name I presume you are either Welsh or the chattel of a Welsh personage.
          That would explain your warped mind.

  • Smithersjones2013
  • The Commentator

    It really depends what the pollsters and focus groups tell you. Once you have their views you can take a firm principled line on an issue.

  • AdemAljo

    The desperation is filling the air. I cannot believe this man. What’s more, I find it very difficult to accept that the average Labour voter is far too thick to see the wood for the trees, in this case, the fact that Ed Miliband would never willingly support the Sun and consequently Murdoch, deliberately.

    Far better to stick to your opinions and be honest. Not try to score cheap points by pretending you support an institution that all the people of influence know you secretly abhor.

    Absolutely two-faced, underhanded scumbag.

    • Terry Field

      Labour voters are not thick
      They are very bright.
      They vote to receive a state income.
      Pretty smart, really.

      • Kitty MLB

        Or maybe people vote for parties like them.’In touch’
        as Labour say.Stupid people to vote for stupid
        politicians, who implement stupid policies that only
        benefit you know what.

        • Tony_E

          It’s not stupidity – far from it. For many it’s a very reasonable decision to keep a great many things as they are.

          Are you in receipt of benefits? Are you a public sector employee? Do you work for a firm that receives very large government contracts? Are you an academic? Are you in the arts, or maybe the charities sector? Do you work in a previously state run monopoly? Are you from a minority ethnic or religious grouping? Are you a council tenant?

          All these people are better off in the short term under a larger state. It either affords them work, protection, sinecure, or money. It is in their own interest to see that the state does not recede.

          It is also why the Tories won’t win in 2015, maybe never again in their current form. Even without UKIP, the nature of demographics and society is running away from the productive and free part of the nation, and heaping towards that linked with the state by one means or another.

      • Freddie

        yeah in the short term and then when the money runs out cause the wealthy have left and there are few entrepreneurs e.g France now the state would start to buckle under the strain
        though i think your being sarcastic but hey i like to waffle

        • Terry Field

          Thanks, and yes, I was being tongue in cheek.
          I have very little resect for the age-only voting qualification of this version of mass democratic franchise, and observe the great degree of corruption that it brings, by the agency of corrupt populist politicians; Aristotle was entirely correct.
          Your point re France is correct; theirs is a social condition unsuited to the world of mobile capital. Their civilsation is in great difficulty.
          I see no good outcome in an overpopulated world, with massive and destructive climate change, resource depletion, drought, desertification and irreversible extreme inequality.
          Our civilisation is passing away; we sense it; we rage and weep about it – against each other. It is happening, and there is no way back.

        • Sue Jones

          The greedy wealthy can leave, good riddance, we don’t need such parasites, we need people who are socially responsible . So Byeee –

          • Terry Field

            I wish you well of your sweaty little communist hellhole.
            God I bet you are disgusting to know in real non-digital life.

  • telemachus

    I perceive a dangerous narrative here
    We all hope that it will not come back to bite you

    • AdemAljo

      We certainly do hope that. Are you inadvertently admitting your lack of support for the Anti-democracy ‘Labour’ Party?

    • Inverted Meniscus

      Why are planning to open a concentration camp for dissenters? Typical of fascist Labour.

      • Andy

        You’re on his list.

        • Alexsandr

          don’t tell him your name,Pike!

        • Tony_E

          He’s got a little list…..?

          • Andy

            He has, and if you don’t behave you ‘wont be missed’ !

    • Colonel Mustard

      Well stop narrating it then.

      • Kitty MLB

        What on earth is the little wasp telemachus rattling on about now Colonel
        he always speaks in riddles and happens to be one of the most
        mindboggling people I have ever come across.

        • Colonel Mustard

          He is sly, like the goblin in the Noddy books of yore, and likes to weave implied threats into his boasting and to provoke. But it is good to be reminded of the evil that walks amongst us, even in this day and age.

        • telemachus

          Besotted but heed
          Swifts and swallows
          Swifts and swallows

          • Kitty MLB

            We have Swallows in the Thatch of the cottage
            at the moment….I’ll look out for the swifts.

    • Kitty MLB

      Oh leftie sage and wasp of the stygian gloom what doth thou mean.
      And who will bite us.. the wolves who guard Hades, the home of evil
      socialist darkened souls.

    • Holly

      Why is Miliband going to say or, even more scary, try to do something?