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Coffee Shot: Ed Miliband endorses The Sun… and looks incredibly weird

12 June 2014

5:08 PM

12 June 2014

5:08 PM

In celebration of their special ’This Is Our England’ World Cup paper (which has 22 million free copies being distributed for free), The Sun has managed to persuade senior politicians to pose with today’s edition. Boris Johnson, David Cameron and Nick Clegg all managed to look normal. But Ed Miliband on the other hand…

Folks on Twitter have remarked how similar Ed’s pose is to a hostage photo. Unsurprisingly, parodies are beginning to circulate…

Mr Steerpike thinks it’s quite ironic this endorsement comes from the man who called prided himself on his anti-Murdoch credentials and once called for Rupert Murdoch’s empire to be dismantled. At least he’s staying true to his word when he says he doesn’t read the papers. In this picture, he’s only holding one.

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  • 18pminus1

    He looks like the head master from that kid show here, the smile and the eyes are similar! Bare it mind this is side on.

  • Lucy Sky Diamonds

    What a t!t

  • GeeBee36_6

    Actually, for all that I despise the little tick, and loathe the very ground upon which he walks, his clear discomfort in the act of being dragooned into ‘supporting’ the opium of the masses that is football instills in me a grudging respect. Soccer (oh how supporters hate that word, but it is what we called it at school) is not merely corrupt, boring, loathsome and beneath the notice of any person with the merest nodding acquaintance with civilisation: it is a vile test, applied to suspected heretics by the Hate Finder Generals of the triumphant religion of Universalist Progressivism. Rather in the manner of seeing whether women arraigned as witches floated or sank.

  • munch58

    Just goes to show how low Ed “I’m my own man” Miliband will stoop after all he slated The Sun just before the last election when he was Brown’s election manager and they turned against him and he said the party didn’t need The Sun to endorse them to win but it looks like the cereal hypocrite is performing yet another desperate u-turn to try and buy votes

    • Lucy Sky Diamonds

      his own man…. who wants to be Murdochs man…..

  • Kenneth Morton

    Ed Miliband, the Red Sox fanatic, holding a book featuring Micky Mantle of the Evil Pinstripes Empire? Now that is the equivalent of him endorsing the spare room subsidy, the cutting of the top tax rate for millionaires to 30% and sharing a public platform with Nigel Farage

  • Luk Warm

    You can’t escape these handsome jewish features… There’s a nice one-liner: ‘What is soviet communism…? it’s jewish idea, georgian workmanship, and russian patience!’

  • Liz

    I was very offended to get this sexist rag shoved through my letter box.

  • John Smith

    A turd and his toilet paper #JFT96

  • swatnan


  • Ted Cunterblast

    Not only does he look weird, he doesn’t even look English.

    • George_Arseborne

      Weird better than you… toasted toad

    • The_Average_Joe_UK

      Has your name got something to do with fanny farts?

  • telemachus

    We are tired of the Spectator trying to smear the reasonable party by selection of their photographs
    They did it at the weakend with the charismatic one
    It is Speccie that will look foolish at the triumph next May

    • Kitty MLB

      The reasonable party? You little wasp have been buzzing
      around one sandwich short of a picnic on a plate.

      • telemachus

        I will not be so ungracious to crow next May
        But I will accord you a wry smile

        • Holly

          Maybe if Miliband hadn’t ‘posed’ with a copy of a newspaper he claimed to dislike, the Spectator wouldn’t have had a photo of you hero.
          Plod on there matey.
          Labour needs you, and the Tories love you.
          Dumb @ss…….Miliboid, not you….Well having second thoughts there….

          • The_Average_Joe_UK

            Well said Holly, just another left name caller

            • Holly

              They hate me over on Labour list. The back-patting site.
              Tee hee.
              As if I piggin’ care.

              • First L

                I got banned from there.

                The party of free speech eh?

        • First L

          I’m so looking forward to coming on here the day after Miliband loses the election.

    • Holly

      Plod on telemachus.

    • Andy

      Bet you got Fraser on the Gulag list or is he on the ‘to be shot immediately’ list ?

    • The_Average_Joe_UK

      With all the lefties in the world calling sensible people all the names under the sun when they lose the argument, you have the audacity to post that rubbish? Jog on failure.

      • Holly

        And in this photo shoot Miliband is behind the Sun all the way.
        Bless him, and his half wit advisors eh?
        They are all probably still standing in the corner with their hands on their heads while Coop, Balls & Harman chuck rolled up bits of ‘policy’ paper at him & giggle.

    • GraveDave


      That a Freudians slip tele?

    • David B

      They are just talking a leaf out of your book

    • kyalami

      “They did it at the weakend with the charismatic one”

      The “charismatic one” has a weak end?

    • First L

      It’s Miliband who chose the photograph.

  • Andy

    We all know he is a weirdo. He has no need to confirm it every damn day. The man really is an idiot.

  • MaggieL

    But Ed the Intellectual doesn’t read newspapers. He told us so.

  • Kitty MLB

    Why on earth does Ed Miliband allow himself to be photographed the man should really keep away from the public gaze. It does him no favours.

    • telemachus

      It is Speccies political selection that is wrong
      See below

    • Holly

      Nice reminder for the public though.
      How many will be saying, “he’s not just got a weird face”, “he’s got quite a few”.
      Maybe he’s forgotten how he vilified this brand, saw a photo op, and jumped.

      I received one of these today, and it will be in the cat litter tray on Sunday.


      • Kitty MLB

        Ed Miliband has a Radio face but unfortunately
        not the voice.

  • Swiss Bob

    They could use Miliband as a new sanity test.

    Would you vote for this man?