Sir Brian Leveson’s invasion of Her Majesty’s privacy

11 June 2014

12:55 PM

11 June 2014

12:55 PM

He lent his name to the infamous inquiry that has strangled Britain’s free press, but Mr Steerpike was pleased to see that Sir Brian Leveson does not wholly practice what he preaches. At least not in front of Her Majesty the Queen that is.

Mr S attended a garden party at Buckingham Palace yesterday afternoon, where a strict ban on photography was in place. But who should be spied snapping away on his phone? The President of Queen’s Bench Division, Sir Brian Leveson himself.

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  • HookesLaw

    Oh you poor gentlemen of the press, being strangled. Poor dears.
    I am sure you were scrupulous in following the instructions on your invite when it came, but in the age of mobile phones we both know that everyone takes photos.

  • John Honeywell

    Very confusing misrelated clause there. Mr Steerpike did not “lend his name to the infamous inquiry, etc.” And the verb is practise, not practice. Stay behind after class

  • agneau

    What an evil man heading up an enquiry for no reason at all and then to top it all takes some pictures and doesn’t even sell them to the press. He’s as big a mug as you are a hypocrite.

  • Kennybhoy

    “He lent his name to the infamous inquiry that has strangled Britain’s free press…”

    Plenty of you frackers need strangling! 🙂

    Self-serving, hyperbolic flatulence! lol

    • Elinor Quinn

      Did this person take a picture of Lord Justice Leveson taking pictures with his phone? If this did happen, how does he know that he was not taking pictures of people who wanted to be photographed! Evidence!