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26 June 2014

3:45 PM

26 June 2014

3:45 PM

Journalists do, occasionally, say something nice about politicians. It does not happen very often; but, when it does, it’s usually heartfelt. Adam Boulton hosted a party at the Savoy last night to celebrate his 25 years at Sky News. Boulton heaped praise on those politicians with whom he has worked while covering the life and times of ‘5 Prime Ministers, 5 US Presidents, 5 Labour leaders, 6 Tory leaders and 4 Lib Dems – and counting’. He said:

‘As journalists, we need people who are prepared to engage our profession with their arguments and accountability. And you do. And often. And properly, which is vital to the democratic process. For all the idle chatter about the Westminster bubble or village, you do have power – quite rightly in my view – and I can’t think of a better alternative. And I see it as my job, our job, to tell the electorate what you are up to. Of course there are many complaints I can and do make, but despite that, I am overwhelmingly grateful for your co-operation and engagement.’

Boulton thanked his guests, who included most of the cabinet and Mick Hucknall, for attending his bash over the alternatives:

‘You could be at the glittering ITV regional reception for MPs. Or you could be joining Prince Andrew for sandwiches at Buckingham Palace to celebrate 20 years of Wikipedia. Or the Andy Coulson vigil.’


Perhaps that is where the PM was.

PS: Mr S has waited ages for a disgraced Liberal Democrat to re-emerge in public life, and then two come along at once. Chris Huhne was chortling at Boulton’s Nick Clegg jokes, and he looked like he was enjoying having Nick Robinson sucking up to him again. Meanwhile, Lord Rennard spent most of the evening innocently chatting to ladies.

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  • The Masked Marvel

    Nick Robinson sucking up to a politician? Well, I never.

    • rugby god

      Rick ‘toenails’ Nobinson sucking up to pols??? I never!

  • Kitty MLB

    What type of party was this? Lord Rennard allowed near ladies?
    Also the delightful Mr Campbell, not present, probably for the best
    we wouldn’t have wanted a bread roll battle.
    But honestly, that picture on the back cover of the newspaper
    of ultra grubby John Prescott and some woman…makes the blood
    run cold.

  • swatnan

    So, was Alaister Campbell invited?

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