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A letter to Nigel Farage about Beppe Grillo

1 June 2014

2:53 PM

1 June 2014

2:53 PM


I write to warn you about a certain Italian with a big disturbing beard called Mister Beppe Grillo — your new friend who you met in Brussels on Wednesday. We are both, you and me, men of Kent. You Sevenoaks, me Westerham. We have much in common. You Dulwich College, me King’s Canterbury. We are both rebels because we both — despite being the wrong side of 50 – drink and smoke way too much — regardless.

But, these days, I live in Italy. And you do not. So take it from me babe: leave well alone the Italian fried-air salesman Grillo who is an ‘ex’ communist and ‘ex’ comedian. You met him in Brussels to see if your Ukip can ally with his M5S movement in the European Parliament.

Forget about it, old trout. Here’s why. His movement is an internet copy and paste version of Benito Mussolini’s fascism. He wants to destroy parliamentary democracy and political parties. He wants instead what he calls ‘direct democracy’ at the press of a button on the computer (controlled only by him and his company which owns his web site). His latest idea is an online people’s tribunal to put on trial and jail Italian politicians, businessmen and journalists.


Not a lot a lot of people know this but Beppe Grillo is also a convicted killer. In December 1981 a car he was driving crashed and careered into the abyss. He threw himself out of the door and survived. But his three passengers died: husband, wife and their son aged 9. He was found guilty of manslaughter but never went to jail. Worse, he never once even bothered to contact the surviving daughter.

Ok, so let’s get down and dirty and talk politics. Listen, Nigel, when push comes to shove, Grillo does not agree with you on anything. You are against immigration but Grillo is not. His ‘movement’ orchestrated the abolition last October by the Italian Parliament of the decriminalization of illegal immigration. As a result — thanks to that green light beamed out to Africa from Italy — in the first four months of this year alone 26,650 illegal immigrants have arrived from North Africa on the southern shores of Italy – compared to 40,000 in the whole of 2013.

You, Nigel, are in favour of the free market. Grillo isn’t. He rants and raves against capitalism and the banks and tout ca. He calls it ‘La casta’. You, Nigel, are exceedingly sceptical about man-made global warming but Grillo cannot get enough of it. His campaign slogan is Vaffa! (Fuck off) – Vaffa to everything basically, except wind farms – everywhere. Grillo loves wind farms.

You, Nigel, are against both the Euro and the European Union. Grillo, on the other hand, like the white man, speaks with forked tongue on this subject. He refers mysteriously to a possible referendum at some unspecified point on the euro but that is as far as it goes. Grillo is, let us remember, an Italian. And he, like the Italians, is incapable of believing in, let alone operating, a free market in anything.

So here’s my bottom line Nigel: far better an alliance with Marine Le Pen who you have rejected. Madame Le Pen is neither racist nor anti-Semitic regardless of what the metro-media would have you believe. Nor is she, as is Grillo, an ‘ex’ communist, or an ‘ex’ comedian.

Mine’s a pint. You know it makes sense.

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  • awambawamb

    “And he, like the Italians, is incapable of believing in, let alone operating, a free market in anything.”

    …and you, sir, are the worst example generalizing, close-minded inbred crook-teethed briton.

  • II_Condottiero

    Hello Mr. Ferrel,

    Please let me just assert a neutral and objective position on this little and snobbish article. I hope you don’t really think to influence in any way Mr.Farage’s opinion on the 5-Star-Movement with a simple list of well-combined pieces that do not paint in any realistic way the founding principles of the Movement itself.

    All of your points look well selected and pinned down with the only aim of undermining the credibility of the agreement. Certainly there are some differencies between the two parties, but this is not going to change the facts, that are a deep and strong sharing of opinions on the huge need of real democracy in the EU, on the need for an immediate stop of the NATO-backed wars (in Ukraine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria), on the return to a legitimate state sovereignity and on a better control of the european immigration flows. And eventually we could also find ourselves agreeing on some renewable energy sources such as the sun, the sea-waves etc. (leave alone the wind, you don’t worry people!) 😉

    And, mr. Ferrel, If your aim was not that of convincing the new english leader, then you were very probably trying to influence the whole UKIP’s electoral constituency! I’m sorry for you, BUT if they didn’t fall onto the english mass-media trap before the european elections, they are not going to do it this time too!! ;D ;D
    Have a good day

    • teo86


    • MrAurax63

      he’s only an agit/prop 🙂

      • II_Condottiero

        Yo, Mr.Berlusconi doesn’t certainly lack the money to pay influencers! 😉

  • Alessio Floris (non parente)

    The M5S is totally against supranational projects.
    The M5S is for the self-determination of citizens about issues such as monetary sovereignty, immigration and more.
    IT’s Democracy, not fascism.

  • Alex L’Infiltrato Eretico

    renzi condemned to fiscal damages
    like your godfather Berlusconi

  • Due in Uno (fu BruGiova)

    a’ soreta

    • antonella


  • MrAurax63

    Italy will be a better place only when mafia’s parties will be defeated 🙂

    • teo86

      Mafia is the System.
      System is Mafia.

      • MrAurax63

        UE is the same 🙂

    • Alex L’Infiltrato Eretico

      yes but in this moment there is still PD and Napolitano

      ps (spero di aver scritto giusto)

      • MrAurax63

        that’s the reason why we lead the worst life

  • teo86

    Beppe Grillo is an “ex” comedian? Sure, he is.

    Renzi, Merkel and Shultz are CLOWNS! Right now!

    • Alex L’Infiltrato Eretico


      • teo86

        ghiv mi faiff!!

        • Alex L’Infiltrato Eretico


  • Alex L’Infiltrato Eretico

    Grillo always screams


    • teo86

      ice scream?

      • Alex L’Infiltrato Eretico


        • teo86


          • Alex L’Infiltrato Eretico


            • teo86

              to mama

              • Alex L’Infiltrato Eretico

                and papa

                • teo86


                • Alex L’Infiltrato Eretico


  • teo86

    Do U want corruption and mafia?
    Do U want this EU?

    I don’t want anything like that, so I vote Grillo!
    M5S movement does not want destroy parlament or communism!

    M5S movement is OVER !!

    • Alex L’Infiltrato Eretico

      i vote m5s not grillo

      • teo86

        Me too

        • Alex L’Infiltrato Eretico

          mine ?

          • teo86

            you’re stupid

            • Alex L’Infiltrato Eretico

              specchio riflesso

  • Alex L’Infiltrato Eretico

    in italy grillo is fascist e nazist
    in england is a ex-communist

    fantastic the disinformation of the media

  • Nick Farrell

    Quite incredible the contributions here from the Italians who just cannot seem to get their heads round the difference between death as a result of an accident and death as a result of manslaughter (this is what Beppe Grillo was convicted for). They see manslaughter – take a look at their comments – as an accident poor things! I know the Italian Justice system is the worst in the civilized world but you would have thought that any modern educated person would be able to tell the difference between accidental death and manslaughter. Not those Italians! My question is this: should Italy, given the medieval attitude to justice of its citizens, and its absolutely appalling judicial system, even be a member of the European Union? Would the Italians not feel more at home instead in some kind of union with the Arab world where Sharia Law operates?

  • Gwangi

    I was in Florence recently when Grillo was having a rally round the corner. I didn’t go but watched startled on TV as Italians seem to be hypnotised by someone who looks and behaves like that Trotskyist history teacher at school who was an utter barsteward if you ever dared point out he actually went to private school and lived in a big house and was being made massively richer therefore by the Mrs Thatcher he supposedly hated but who he secretly loved more than even his beard.

    I thought Grillo was an utter joke – his 7 points (I picked up a leaflet after the rally in Florence) seem bonkers, frankly. Certainly not free market. More dictatorial left wing.

    Why on earth is Farage talking to him? Well, little parties have to (like globules of phlegm floating round in a space shuttle) form into bigger globules so as not to be suffocated by the gravitational pull of the mainstream parties and blocks. But it’s a dangerous game, indeed.

    (Oh and by the way, the word ‘comedian’ is rather strong for what Grillo is – just watch some of his stuff; utterly unfunny dated clowning – just why do the Italians love him so? Well, compared to Berlusconi and Italy’s massively corrupt political class, anything new and different is better!)

    • Fidia Maria

      If you didn’t go to hear Grillo, but only watched on TV, you cannot have informations to judge!

  • Nick Farrell

    Grillo is a convicted killer (the crime is called omicidio colposo in Italian, in English manslaughter) who wants to destroy Parliamentary democracy and replace it with Robespierrian internet direct democracy at the touch of a button. Grillo is terrifying. That is all anyone needs to know.

  • Fenman

    But, Le Pen’s party is allied with the Vlaams Belang , which is the Flemish neo-Nazi crowd. The right wing Flemish nationalist party is the majority Flemish party NVA., which is roughly speaking the Thatacherite party here. UNless Le Pen kicks out the Vlaams Belang I cannot see how UKIP cd join her alliance.

  • giovanni de petris

    convicted killer?
    you have an accident because you are too self assured and people die and in your dictionary that is homicide as for example waiting with a knife in the darkness for victim?
    You are pathetic
    If you were truly in Italy you would know that the crowd chant was”honesty, honesty” among the voters of Grillo. Honesty . The most peaceful honest bunch, they never even broke a store window and you insult them?
    If you were truly in Italy you would knwo that there is corruption at the highest levels
    But you don t care: you want the same criminals to run Italy into an even deeper despair and you want to smear the ONLY honest party around.
    Not acceptable to me: be honest .

    • Nick Farrell

      Oh do come down from your tree for goodness sake! Grillo was convicted of “omicidio colposo”. What do the words “omicidio colposo” mean in your opinion? The Courts in Italy decided that it was not a simple accident and that Grillo contributed as a result of his negligence to the deaths of all three of his passengers. In English omicidio colposo is manslaughter. Please do try to be lucida!

      • giovanni de petris

        Omicidio colposo menans there was no intention to kill anyone.
        Killer in juridical terms and in the way you use in this context means clearly intentionally killing
        A huge difference, an dhte difference form going ot jail or not
        A kid would not this difference
        In the meantime the enemies of Grillo have stolen another 20 million euros in kickbacks and exploded the budget of the MOSE project in Venice:
        I prefer Grillo to that scum, no matter what innuendos and lies are spread about Beppe.

        • Nick Farrell

          Check your facts Giovanni de Petris. Omicidio colposo (in English manslaughter) is a very serious reato penale (criminal offence). It means, in simple terms, that while the accused DID NOT INTEND to kill – he DID KILL as a result of his NEGLIGENCE/ RECKLESSNESS. So why don’t you just get a life? Go talk to a lawyer, or go read the codice penale, instead of regurgitating your inaccurate propaganda bullshit?!

          • giovanni de petris

            Nick the bullshit is all yours
            Mancando una previsione specifica, una consolidata giurisprudenza prevede che la morte a seguito di incidente stradale sia punita come omicidio colposo. Questo comporta che, anche qualora sia riconosciuta l’aggravante della colpa cosciente, una condanna arriva a un massimo quattro anni di reclusione. Colpa cosciente significa che manca l’accettazione da parte dell’agente dell’evento possibile, e c’è anzi la convinzione che con la condotta antigiuridica o pericolosa posta in essere non accada nulla.
            So go learn some italian before talking about things you know NOTHINg about
            You can t use the arguments such as :in the UK we call this that and then revert to the part of the italian code only if it conveniently support your propaganda bullcrap.
            Get a life and learn journalism .

    • 1Adam2014

      i doubt Italy is more corrupt than Britain

      • stefano boy

        Italy is more corrupt than britain, I confirm. € 60 billion every year in corruption

  • Davide Sciannimanico

    Dear Nicholas, do you get money from Berlusconi/Renzi/Verdini or any other euro parties which is very worried about euroskepticism??
    Please be realistic and inform yourself freely without interference from media or money.
    UKIP and M5S are the subject and all the people that vote them not the single person, be adult not childish and think about the future rather than the past. We have not found the way to change the past and unfortunately we are still not able to learn from the history.
    Mussolini was a dictator, soft but still a dictator with no democracy, in europe we are losing democracy so we are leading to dictatorship. UKIP and M5S never been to power so how can you judge them? You are another one with private interest pushing to believe wrong.
    Pensaci bene prima di parlare, ignorante.

    • Nick Farrell

      Grillo is a convicted killer who wants to destroy Parliamentary demoocracy and replace it with Robespierrian internet direct democracy at the touch of a button. Grillo is terrifying.

      • Davide Sciannimanico

        you are terrifying and terroristic words have just made all the mess. stop and look after yourself and your kids, we M5S look at the future not at the past, you and your parties should learn from the past mistake.

  • Andrea Perrotta

    This article is simply ridiculous, it says a tremendous amount of lies. It says exactly the same things that in Italy they are saying about Farage. It is like there is a strategy against this grouping. The 5stars mouvement in Italy is the only one fighting against corruption and you know what this means in the most corrupted European country! It is the only one fighting really against the mafia (and I come from Sicily so I can tell). The biggest party PD, just had one of his MPs kicked out of the parliament because of Mafia, and they took 3 months to decide to kick him out (3 months!).The PD is involved in all biggest scandals in Italy such as EXPO 2015 corruption (some months ago, billions of Euros of bribes) and in the Monte dei Paschi bank scandals, in fact they are responsible in PD of putting all the people in the bank board that created a 25 billions of euros debt in Monte dei Paschi which was the third bank of Italy and the eldest bank in the World. For PD I can continue like that for hours.
    The other big party (after 5stars) is berlusconi party. If you need presentation about him I can just tell you that his right arm that founded his party Forza Italia with him, Dell’Utri, was just condamned to 7 years for Mafia. The rest you can read on the Internet.
    Well Italy is in the 60th position for freedom of press in the World and last in western Europe. The info you read in Italian newspapers about grillo are written by either PD newspapers, meaning that the the PD founder De Benedetti, (PD membership card number 02, the left wing berlusconi), an Italian businessman paying taxes in Switzerland (= fiscal evasion) is the owner of those newspapers (repubblica, first italian newpapers and other such as Espresso group, etc.), and berlusconi’s newspapers. So what you read is just lie, and you can very easily check that on the internet even in English. It is crazy what they are doing to us.

  • marcello1818

    I agree with mr. Farrell. All the italians who wrote here that disagree are M5S voters and full of fanatism for Grillo. Who knows why in Italy they have refused any agreement with the other parties, but they’re lookin’ for an agreement in Europe, and they even say that they don’t want allies but they’llmake an agreement on regarding specific points. the answer is one: MONEY!!! they just want to create a group in European Parliament just to have the money that the parliament give to the groups that are in more than 7 european countries . And this is something that Grillo clearly declared to italian press… how can Grillo & Farage create a group if they have so few things in common???

  • Saverio Rollo

    Dear Mr. Farrell,
    “it is rather curious that you call “fascist” 5 Stars Movement and push an alliance with Marine Le Pen. It is telling enough of your analysis skills.
    You perfectly know you’re telling lies but not ashamed of coming out quite ridiculous (clownish might be the right word) on the internet.
    Confused as well I’d say ( “His movement is an internet copy and paste version of Benito Mussolini’s fascism.” “Italian fried-air salesman Grillo who is an ‘ex’ communist and ‘ex’ comedian.”)
    Not talking about the way you consider the host Country, rather racist maybe? “Grillo is, let us remember, an Italian. And he, like the Italians, is incapable of believing in, let alone operating, a free market in anything.”
    I agree with you on one thing, you’d be better off in France with LePen or even better across the Adriatic, Golden Dawn is waiting for such bright minds.
    If you feel like moving is not an option and the Barbaresco is your drink (before internet sessions at least), consider to get close to the n’1 fried-air salesman, our third non elected Prime Minister, Mr. Matteo Renzi.
    Have a lovely day
    Saverio Rollo

  • Pier66

    Dear Nicholas Farrell
    you are RIGHT MORE THEN 100%

  • Nick Farrell

    Reply to puss in Plimsolls. But the couple and their son in that car that night when they died were Beppe Grillo’s friends. Do you not find it weird that Beppe, after what he had done, did not try not even once to reach out to the couple’s surviving daughter?

  • Nick Farrell

    In reply to puss in plimsolls and arthur pagan

    (1)In English, someone convicted of manslaughter, as is the case with Beppe Grillo, is a killer – even if they did not kill intentionally, their actions nonetheless caused the killing. The surviving daughter did really want Grillo to contact her as it happens – but he has always declined.

    (2)Yes, I do write for Berlusconi’s Il Giornale. So, are you saying that the opinion of the majority of Italians who voted for Berlusconi as their Prime Minister all these years until recently should be “automatically disregarded”?

    • Puss in Plimsolls

      Dear Nick,
      I don’t know why you’re bunging me in with Arthur. We’re not the Two Ronnies, you know. I don’t even agree with him.

    • Saverio Rollo

      Oh, what a surprise, I thought you had some absurd views without knowing who you write for.

  • Puss in Plimsolls

    Don’t know anything about the man but a deadly car accident, even if he was recklessly at fault, does not make him ‘a killer’. If you need an example of a real killer, look no farther than that despicable American football player, whose comedies are now off limits to me for watching. (A bit of a shame because I was getting my mouth in shape for the latest one years ago — the late Leslie Nielsen as star was wonderfully funny — when the news of Simpson’s murders came out. So I never did watch the film.)

    • Nick Farrell

      In English, someone convicted of manslaughter, as is the case with Beppe Grillo, is a killer – even if they did not kill intentionally,their actions nonetheless caused the killing. The surviving daughter did want him to contact her as it happens – he declined.

      • Puss in Plimsolls

        So what if she did? Does being involved in an accident carry a moral imperative to be touchy-feely with the others involved? What if she’s a fruitcake? There is no legal or moral imperative to have personal relations with victims.

        And I speak English perfectly well, thank you. I’m tri-national, as it happens (English, Canadian, American). People that cause accidents are not killers.

  • Arthur Pagan

    Just so you know,

    Nicholas Farrell writes for “Il Giornale”, a newspaper owned by the Berlusconi Family.

    Berlusconi`s party went from being Italy’s first, above 35% to being Italy’s third at 16%, mostly because of Grillo’s 5 Star Movement which is now the second force in the nation. Berlusconi is obviously pi**ed at Grillo the same way Cameron is pi**ed at Farage and will do everything to discredit him.

    Berlusconi, who is a mix of Bush (neo-con), Nixon (corrupt), Murdoch (news company owner) and Al Capone (mafioso) is the worst politician in the history of the western world since 1990. His best friends were Putin and Gheddaffi.

    The opinion of somebody who writes for his newspaper should automatically discarded.

    • Puss in Plimsolls

      I never automatically discard anyone. Esp. since I voted and volunteered for George Bush, my husband met his father and his vice president, Nixon was a grand chap in many ways, and Murdoch’s news company is part of freedom of the press and I thank him for it. Al Capone is entirely beside the point, kiddo.

    • Nick Farrell

      Why? Are you saying that the opinion of the majority of Italians who voted for Berlusconi as their Prime Minister all these years should be “automatically disregarded”?

  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    Sensible advice.

  • Nicholas

    I am the opposite of the author – an italian living in England – and I am disgusted for what is written here.
    I think that these “delailed, objective and extensive” analysis doesn’t deserve an answer either.
    Nicholas Farrell shame on you – supposing you really exist and your not just Berlusconi writing under another pseudonym.

    • Saverio Rollo

      He sounds more like Renzi 😀

      • Alessio Floris (non parente)

        PD connections 🙂

  • GenJackRipper

    Well written by Mr. Farell.
    Nigel Farage’s dismissal of Marine Le Pen & Front National is utterly stupid.
    Instead he’s going to align himself with the Danish Dansk Folkeparti; who are themselves seeking co-operation with The Tories?!

    I echo Mr Farrell; work with Marine Le Pen!


    Not a lot a lot of people know this but Beppe Grillo is also a convicted killer. In December 1981 a car he was driving crashed and careered into the abyss. He threw himself out of the door and survived. But his three passengers died: husband, wife and their son aged 9. He was found guilty of manslaughter but never went to jail. Worse, he never once even bothered to contact the surviving daughter.

    how do you say in uk? that could be you, asshole I’m hope not….

    • Andy

      There is a difference, in Law, between Manslaughter and Murder.

  • William Wallace

    Dear friends, I’m Italian. I beg you to be very careful because here in Italy, the media are painting Nigel Farage exactly like Beppe Grillo on this letter. I do not ask you to believe me, but I ask you to inform you and pay close attention. Someone does not want us to change this Europe. – Everything that is written above is completely false: Beppe Grillo is a democratic man, pacifist, against the mafia, corruption and all forms of violence. He is fighting for an Italy based on honesty, transparency and citizenship awareness. – If any of you is curious enough, come to our blog to discuss it in English, so that we can meet and discuss together all our doubt.

    • Secular_Investor

      @ William. Thanks for exposing the lies in this article. It seems to be a misinformation smear of Beppe Grillo and 5 Star, just like the concerted smear campaign agains UKIP organised by the terrified LibLabCons and their metro media allies.

      This is what Wiki say:

      “Five Star Movement

      In 2010, he (Beppe Grillo) started a political movement, Movimento 5 stelle, the “Five Star Movement”, in order to bring together, via the Internet, people who share his ideals about honesty and direct democracy, and saying that politicians are the servants of the people and that they should work for the country only for a short time; that they should not have criminal records; and that they should focus their attention on the problems of the country without any conflict of interest. The movement became a party with real electoral prospects during the 2010 regional elections, with four regional councillors being elected. The party made further gains at the 2012 local elections, receiving the third highest number of votes overall and winning the mayoral election for Parma.

      At the 2013 general election the party won 25.55% of the vote for the Chamber of Deputies.[21] The Five Star Movement thus became the largest party (but not the largest bloc) in the Chamber of Deputies.”

      I for one trust Wiki and my research on the internet far more than Farrell, the author of this article. It is obvious that he is trying desperately to sabotage a Grillo/Farage alliance in the EU Parliament. The LibLabCon establishment are terrified of UKIP and 5 Star, as are the entire Europhile EU establishment.

      I also find the author’s racist comments very distasteful and totally unacceptable when he says: “Grillo is, let us remember, an Italian. And he, like the Italians, is incapable of believing in, let alone operating, a free market in anything.”

      It is clear that Beppe Grillo and Farage share core values of democracy and have the charisma and ability to organise powerful people’s movements which are challenging the undemocratic, politically corrupt establishments in Italy, the UK and in Europe. It is clear that while 5 Star and UKIP policies are far from identical, they do share core values and both seek to abolish the Euro and reduce the interference of the dominance of the EU establishment.

      • garibaldi pentito

        That quote from wikipedia (which anyone can edit) is well partisan, and anyway it mostly reports electoral results (and you didn’t report the recent loss of votes at the Euro elections. Funny that!)

        Also, you forgot to quote the section titled “Cricitism”

    • telemachus

      I think you should all know that William Wallace is closely related to the UKIP communications director

      • girondas


      • Peter Baker

        I heard he was his nephew.

    • garibaldi pentito

      I’m Italian too, and I agree with the article (although the manslaughter charge thing seems a bit harsh, as it was a car accident, and to be precise it is is partner Casaleggio who owns the web company, not Grillo, who until 2001 used to smash computers live on stage as they were the pawns of capitalismo and not “green”)

      As for you, @disqus_1htU2WFuNE:disqus , you haven’t rebutted any of the points in the article

  • swal hal

    Those who hate Europe were happy to see all these unconventional parties garner as many seats in the parliament (although even fewer than everyone was expecting)
    But this piece as well as the comment section underneath highlight something very important that no one seemed to realize at first:
    Grillo, Farage, Le Pen have each a eurosceptical stand in common. But they all differ from each other in countless other ways.
    So Europe is safe at last, cause these feisty guys won’t agree on a single thing. They even disagree where they agree! None of them is eurosceptical at the same level and each one has a different approach.
    I’m about to enjoy the train wreck their european adventure is going to be…

    • Colonel Mustard

      I don’t hate Europe. I love it. But I hate the EU and especially the slimebuckets like Barroso and Von Rompuy who run it. Take that back to your masters.

      And it doesn’t matter a jot about what those leaders have in common or not.

      • swal hal

        Trust me it matters a lot. It is in fact the ONLY thing that matters in politics when you share a group and have to vote in a parliament according to the things you have in common.
        They will do more damage to each other than anything else.
        EU and Europe are thankful for that.

  • Stefano Campana
  • Stefano Campana
  • Stefano Campana
  • groverrr

    i’m not an english man who liive in italiy. i’m just an italian citizen and i can say that this article is just bullshit. mr. farrell doesn’t understand anything about beppe grillo and five stars movement’s spirit.

    my idea about an alliance between m5s and ukip is very positive because they are the only anti-sistem political forces in euro zone and they are the only ones that can scare the criminal euro bureaucrats controlled by ruthless lobbies who are destroying us.

    • april

      M5S and UKIP alliance would be pyrotechnic! just the right thing for that
      den of sleepers of the EP.. I look forward for it 🙂

  • Denis_Cooper

    Yes, it’s all great fun pointing out that MEPs of a UK party have to sit with MEPs of possibly unsavoury foreign parties to form an officially recognised grouping in the EU Parliament, and that was true when the Tory MEPs set about separating themselves from the federalist EPP grouping and it is true when UKIP is trying to assemble a grouping with at least 25 MEPs, but more crucially with MEPs from seven different countries.

    But before the Tories get stuck into this let’s just remember three things.

    1. The Tories were strongly in favour of EU enlargement and the admission of new countries with social attitudes a generation or two behind those in the west. If you want a country in the EU warts and all then you shouldn’t afterwards make too much fuss about the warts.

    2. Back in 1999 when the rules would have allowed the 36 Tory MEPs to have formed their own “British Conservative” group they CHOSE instead to remain linked to the federalist EPP, European People’s Party. Since then the possibility of forming an official grouping with MEPs from just one country has been removed, and now it is necessary to have MEPs from seven different countries.

    3. Daniel Hannan, darling of the eurosceptic Tories and also some UKIP supporters, has been busy trying to prevent UKIP being able to assemble an officially recognised grouping by inviting the MEPs of previously vile racist and totally unacceptable foreign parties to join the Tories’ ECR grouping:

    “Cameron’s Conservatives Flirt With EU hard-right to Block UKIP’s EU Funding”

    And before that:

    “It’s UKIP’s EU group that is under threat, not the Tories”

    • Ben

      What we must never forget is that the Tories ARE the EU. They will lie and cheat to further it’s cause.

      Hannan knows this. If he can stomach being a member of the Current Tory party, then his Eurosceptic credentials must be taken with a good deal of scepticism. Same goes for Carswell, Redwood and the rest.

  • Pootles

    Wait a second, I thought Nicholas Farrell rather liked Il Duce? Or have I been misinformed? Perhaps he objects to the ‘cut and paste’ bit most.

  • HookesLaw

    After lunch … no wonder they both look plastered.
    The fact that Farage can cheerfully ‘lunch’ with this nasty piece of work tells you all you need to know about him. And of course the nutjobs defend him with their usual zealotry or are shamed into silence at best.

    • Colonel Mustard

      And yet, and yet, Osborne had no problem doing more than to lunch with Mandelslime and an unsavoury Russian oligarch.

      And Cameron sponsors a whole gang of nasty pieces of work in UAF and is conniving with extremist far right groups in Europe to prevent the democratically mandated UKIP from being able to influence the EU parliament.

    • Lucy Sky Diamonds

      You appear to be the only zealot around here.

      Either tone down your insults or just shut up please.

    • the viceroy’s gin

      …you mean, like you socialist Camerluvvies lovingly hug the islamofascist murderers in Libya and Syria, lad?

      And have you and your islamofascist buddies murdered enough Christians to suit your ends yet, laddie?

    • swal hal

      I agree with you. But I replied mostly to congratulate you on the use of the word ‘zealotry’.

  • Lady Magdalene

    UKIP won’t be aligning with the Front Nationale. Nigel made that perfectly clear this morning. Whether he can reach an agreement with Grillo remains to be seen.

    • Cooper1992

      And I think that in the long term that will be a mistake by UKIP…

      I know that the FN do not have a good past, and I know that the two words do not have good connotations in the English language, however they have now changed a lot as a party.

      And I can assure everyone that the Front National are actually leagues ahead of UKIP when it comes to organisation, membership, entrencement, philosophy, and support.

      Don’t get me wrong I support UKIP, but UKIP are still an acorn, whereas the FN are a medium-sized tree.

      As each day passes the Front National cement themselves as the third party of French politics, and I am confident they will replace one of the big two within five years.

      Some people still see UKIP as a protest (I am 80% sure it isn’t), but I am 100% that the Front National are NOT a protest, they are NOT a passing fad anymore.

    • rtj1211

      I”m sure Britain didn’t approve of Joe Stalin, but they allied with him to overthrow Hitler. Looking forward to the mainstream media saying that we should have all murdered Jews to Hitler’s orders to maintain our anti-communist purity…….

      You don’t have to ally with Front Nationale for anything other than reform to the EU, then you can both go your own way.

  • Count Dooku

    Le Pen is socialist to the core. A free-market party like UKIP should have nothing to do with her and the FN.

    • you_kid

      Yes, the ‘free market’ of curtailing its most elemental prerequisite, the free labour movement within an economic zone.
      Jesus Christ, today is stand-up comedy day, innit?

      • the viceroy’s gin

        …wait, your sockpuppet religious cult does stand-up liturgy, too?

    • telemachus

      They are soul brothers
      Whatever Farage says

    • garibaldi pentito

      Grillo is to the left of Le Pen on the economy

    • artemis in france

      Sad but true. For all her talk of wanting to leave the EU, Marine would simply return France to the days of extreme protectionism and even more unionised labour, so Farage is qute right to rule out any deal. The French do have a fledgling grouping of anti-EU parties without the baggage of the FN but I fear it will be a very long time before they achieve any strength. The French are hidebound in their political attitudes and lack flexibility when it comes to embracing new political thought. They are naturally protectionist and very proud of everything French. The UK could do with a little of this and the French could do with a little more British pragmatism.

      • Count Dooku

        We don’t need protectionism. It is the road to stagnation.
        Agree with everything else though.

  • ClausewitzTheMunificent

    He does have a point you know. Grillo should not appeal very much to the libertarian minded. He is a dangerous and unreliable ally.

    • Count Dooku

      Neither should Le Pen. The FN is literally a nationalist socialist party. Much better Grillo than her, though neither is preferable.
      The AFD in Germany should be the first party on the list.

  • Smithersjones2013

    I suppose if I wrote a badly written article to say that David Cameron shouldn’t deal with Angela Merkel because of various badly spun smears the Coffee House would publish that too?

    • telemachus

      You should know Beppe has ruled ou an alliance with Farage

      • David Lindsay.

        Correct tele.

        PS I see that a poster is trying to censor you:

        Three minutes past eight. A blog only an hour old and already there are 10 “comments” by Labour’s resident propagandist, including the obligatory “tagged” top comment.
        Every other person’s comment has been “tagged”. Come on Spectator the idiot is making a mockery of your website.

        You could start by sacking telemachus and banishing him back to the SWP where he belongs. Do you really think an extremist serial tagger who openly admires Stalin and Mao, tries to blame Katyn on the Germans, thinks repression of dissent is a good idea and writes in blasé style about sending those who disagree with his extraordinary ideas to a gulag once you “seize power” is the most attractive advert for your party? He alone must have done much to garner votes for UKIP.

      • garibaldi pentito

        No he hasn’t. There is going to be an internal vote, and he made it clear to the base that he expects them to vote in favour. He hasn’t spoken to any other leader, for a start.

    • garibaldi pentito

      That is a very poor argument.

  • telemachus

    His movement is an internet copy and paste version of Benito Mussolini’s fascism
    Yes Beppe needs to be very careful of Farage

    • tastemylogos


    • Andy

      Least you are a proper National Socialist.

      • telemachus

        They were fascists

        • Andy

          Like you.

  • you_kid

    Jesus Christ have mercy with this sinner.

    • the viceroy’s gin

      …wait, does this mean you’ve joined your other sockpuppet’s religious cult?

      • you_kid

        … wait, you oppose the imposition of a state religion governed by a Head of State? Fine by me, I am not from Iran.

        • the viceroy’s gin

          …wait, can any of you other socialist nutters translate this nutter’s gibberish?