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We should have nothing but contempt for Peter Hain

2 May 2014

4:24 PM

2 May 2014

4:24 PM

Peter Hain has become a disgrace. Earlier this year it appeared that the Former Northern Ireland Minister was one of the people responsible for the cock-up over letters of amnesty for ‘on-the-run’ terrorists. Now he has gone several steps further.

Just last month Hain was just telling everybody who has lost a relative during the Troubles in Northern Ireland and who never saw anyone convicted for the crime that they should just get over it. His line as of last month was that victims of unsolved cases must simply accept that they will never see justice.


But now he seems to have decided that he is not merely a cack-handed peacemaker and advisor to the bereaved, but a judge and jury too. For Hain spoke to Radio Ulster earlier today about the recent arrest and questioning of Gerry Adams in the case of the murder of Jean McConville in 1972. In that interview Hain said:

“Regardless of the particulars of this case, about which I cannot comment except to say that when we were seeking the truth about the Disappeared in the period 2006 to 2007, Gerry Adams was co-operating with me and with the Police Service of Northern Ireland to try and establish the truth about these cases.

I know for a fact, because he told me this that he felt very strongly that these individual cases of the Disappeared were wrong and that he totally identified with the families concerned.

He seemed to me to be genuinely concerned in seeking to get to the bottom of what happened and genuinely mortified about the plight of the families.”

So he cannot comment other than to say that in his view Gerry Adams didn’t do it. Is that not an outrageous intervention and a wholesale undermining of the laws of contempt which are meant to hold at this time?

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  • dsae

    Sutton Coalfield is cold and not Kosher, full of Kafirs.
    پانلupvcنمای چوب Otomatik kapı

  • The Laughing Cavalier

    Don’t forget the attempt to sell Gibraltar down the river.

  • mandelson

    Hain – ditched his country (Zimbabwe) for GB, ditched his party – Liberals for Liebor, ditched his wife for a younger model. Power at any price. Utter slime.

  • freddiethegreat

    Hain was always the ANCs bootlicker. And the ANC and IRA trained together, and the ANC assisted the IRA in attacks in the UK (see the pics of the Adams thug and the Mandela thug together).
    All in all, there is a strong case to charge Hain with high treason, but then you don’t have that charge when your country is owned by someone else.

  • jesseventura2

    Foisted on the good people of Neath by Kinnock who like this slimy git never had a job.

  • allymax bruce

    Douglas, it was ‘well-right’ to arrest Gerry Adams; he can lie through his teeth, and spin words like Tony Bliar, all he wants, but he knows he’s guilty. So does God.

  • Mike Purves

    I believe that the odious Hain washed up on our shores as an asylum seeker. Now that South Africa has had twenty years of black majority government, it is safe for him to return and he should be strongly encouraged to do so.

  • Picquet

    Believe me, most of my acquaintances in what used to be the Security Forces in Northern Ireland have never held Hain in anything more than total contempt, and justifiably so.

  • shebamurphy

    Why would we ever expect anything else from the disgusting reptile?

  • andy_gill

    “He seemed to me to be genuinely concerned in seeking to get to the bottom of what happened and genuinely mortified about the plight of the families.”

    Oh right. That settles it then. He can’t possibly have been pretending.

  • Radford_NG

    Whilst an on-going legal case may stop `comments` being published re.articles in the press :still articles being currently published in that press from the Telegraph to the Guardian illustrate the need for a press free from ROYAL CHARTER intervention [ie.state control].

  • Doggie Roussel


    Probably the nastiest, slimiest, most two-faced, self-serving lump of ordure in Parliament at present… and there is an abundance of excreta in Westminster besides him.

    This perma-tanned creep started out as a Liberal, saw the main chance was elsewhere and jumped ship to Labour.

    There is not a shred of decency or honour in this revolting slime bag.

    • shebamurphy

      Well said that man.

  • gelert

    Seems that Hain believes taqiyya from Adams.

    Hain started his self-promoting activities back in 1970 and he hasn’t changed an iota since. It’s all me,me,me.

  • chris_xxxx

    Hain is in a safe seat, where they’d vote for a donkey if it wore a red rosette. He was parachuted into the constituency courtesy of another horrible windbag, Neil Kinnock.

  • Colonel Mustard

    On the day when nasty Marxists all over the world shed their disguises and flaunt their red flags, hammers and sickles:-

    • Holly

      Makes you feel like cr@p, when you realise the sheer betrayal of the British people by Labour and the left.
      You will be called anything from Tory scum to a mental hysteric, but feel proud that the way you feel, and what you say is the truth, and they have to shut that down by using the only tactics they know….smears.

      • Wessex Man

        makes a change from the leaflet words to label UKip, confused, racist, populist and xenophobes. Come Lib/dems and Tories keep up with the game!

      • Inverted Meniscus

        As Colonel Mustard has pointed out before, Labour is the party of lies, lying and liars.

  • Colonel Mustard

    The left in Britain have always been spiritually wedded to the IRA and the IRA have always been an armed movement of the insurgent left, right back to the days of Constance Markievicz, another privileged, aristocratic advocate of socialism. Just watch Loach’s truly ghastly propaganda tract “The Wind That Shakes The Barley” to see that mutual admiration and the romanticism of leftist insurgency in full flight. Both share a loathing for a contrived stereotype of the historical British. The IRA bombed and murdered it. The left embarked on a Long March to destroy it from within. Both have enjoyed success in getting their own way through their murky endeavours.

    They are both collectives of really nasty people masquerading under a sham of being in the moral right. The wonder is just how many people have fallen for that. Contrast the treatment of UKIP with the treatment of the IRA, whose office bearers stand amongst our politicians. No other country in the world would have let a neighbouring Republic export terrorism to violate its peace without retribution let alone invited its proponents to govern with them.

    • gelert

      Even worse than their admiration of the IRA is the way they ignored all the evidence of the evils of Mao and Stalin. Even today they regard Castro and the butcher Guevara as heroes.

  • Tony_E

    Hain has always been addicted to the leftist craze of ‘moral equivalence. Like many of his contemporaries he tries to see the the actions of the pIRA and the actions of the Armed forces as if they were two sides of of the same coin, rather than the asymmetric combat that it was – soldiers against terrorists and criminals.

    It is telling that Jean McConville’s son appeared on radio 4, saying that he full well knew who was responsible, but also knew that the IRA would kill him if they thought he would tell the authorities (and that they had in the past made that clear to him). The IRA have not gone away, nor have they disarmed. They have just found refuge in further criminality, and still hold sway over the Catholic communities they claimed to ‘represent’ for 40 years. They are the Irish ‘Mafia’, as they always were.

  • IanH

    Please cancel my subscription forthwith you fuckwit moderators

  • post_x_it

    The people of Neath seem to like him. They keep re-electing him.

    • MirthaTidville

      Sadly the people of Neath would elect a donkey if it was wearing a red rosette…This donkey of course was called Hain

    • gelert

      That tells you something about the intelligence of the people in Neath.

      • Kennybhoy

        Morals rather than intelligence…

  • stickytape

    //We should have nothing but contempt for Peter Hain//

    Lucky for me then that I don’t, he is a despicable person.

  • MirthaTidville

    Hain is probably the oilest of the oiks..The most self serving of any perma tanned politician, and thats saying something..How the South Africans must have laughed at us. They got rid of him and we promoted him. There are few human being without some redeeming features but Hain is one of them

  • john p reid

    High light this in every article,it’s going un noticed,and Hain needs to be held to account,I accept Adams has t been charged,but Hain should t be allowed near any power regarding Northern Ireland again, after saying this

  • bugshead

    Fucking useless toe-rag, he always was a bloody liar

  • saffrin

    I’ve had nothing but contempt for Peter Haine from the very first time I saw him open his lying mouth.

  • Holly

    Well done. for finally catching up to, and agreeing with what many people have thought about Hain for decades.

  • IfItPleasethThee

    Gerry Adams is a bit of a fascist? Cyril Smith was a bit of a wrong-un? Peter Hain is an all-round wally? Didn’t we know all of this in the 1970s …

    • IfItPleasethThee

      Genuinely amazed at that auto-moderation (type of bird rhyming with “sit”). Had no idea that the word was so filthily obscene. Anyway, live and learn.

      • Alexsandr

        its amecan. they probably censor scunthorpe and penistone.

      • Mr Grumpy

        Sounds like you have rightly been prevented from libelling an innocent bird.

  • Colin

    “Peter Hain has become a disgrace?

    You’re a bit off the pace there, Douglas.

  • Rossspeak

    I view both Peter Hain and Nick Clegg as coming from the same mould – need I say more-amply described by previous comments.

    • edlancey

      you mean sharp-elbowed meddling foreigners ?

  • gerronwithit

    As an outspoken apologist for the regime running his native South Africa, Peter Haines always came with his own distinct rainbow view of a problem and usual perverse solution.

  • Fergus Pickering

    Hain is a c*nt (is that OK?) but we all knew that.

    • Wessex Man

      hello are they relaxing censorship, my comment to a charmer last week was just like that and it went to ‘consideration’ and then oblivion!

      • Fergus Pickering

        Nope. I had to insert the asterisk. Under bloody protest. There is no asterisk in Hain. Quelle espece de con!.

        • Doggie Roussel

          Il est vraiment un con sans pareil !

        • Kennybhoy

          Latin and Gaelic work for me! 🙂

          • Fergus Pickering

            Let’s have it in Latin!

    • Inverted Meniscus

      Not harsh enough. You are almost paying that unprincipled, greedy, arrogant scumbag a compliment.

    • Robertus Maximus

      To put it bluntly, a c*nt has a useful purpose, Hain does not. It’s a pity he ever popped out of the aforementioned anatomical part.

      • Fergus Pickering

        In that case he is a navel. Or an appendix, perhaps. An appendix which should have been removed a long time ago..

  • anncalba

    Um, I’ve had nothing but contempt for Mr Hain for decades. What took you so long to catch up with the est of us?

    • Holly

      I’ve just said that as well.
      Pity they don’t stop to see the REAL Miliband, or Balls, or Coop, or Harman, or Blair, or Campbell, or Brown….The list is quite long.

      • post_x_it


        • Jimmy R

          Wash your mouth out with disinfectant.

  • GUBU

    No doubt Mr Adams told Mr Hain all this when he called in to collect another batch of those ‘on the run’ letters Mr Hain was kindly providing for his chums.

    Did he forget to collect one for himself whilst he was at it?

  • Bluesman_1

    Another captain of gangsters and murderers supported by the “left”.

    Oh and Hain is and always was utterly contemptible.

    • john king

      Once asked him (in public), what happened to the “missing” £100,000.
      All he could respond with was that old chestnut “RACIST”.

  • Wilky1

    Cripes, you only just coming to that realisation. Welcome back into the real world!

  • wycombewanderer

    Oh and as an aside I commented (deleted) over at guardian towers, it’s a bit rich having articles and comments open regarding Adams who is still under investigation and not charged with any offence, when they’ve made such a big deal about other newspapers actions regarding Chris Jefferies and his treatment in the same circumstances and their subsequent citing of that in their support for the gagging of the press!

    Utterly contemptible bastrds the left.

    ( I hold no truck for Adams as an aside)

  • wycombewanderer

    What took you so long?

  • kyalami

    Hain is a self-righteous, bigoted and pompous idiot. I am truly staggered he has found two people prepared to mate with him.

  • MaxSceptic

    Hain has always been a ghastly disgrace.,

    • Robert_Eve

      Ever since he started ruining cricket pitches.

      • Seadog

        Oh yes!

      • Inverted Meniscus

        Agreed. I have held this free-loading imbecile in contempt since 1970.

      • Doggie Roussel

        Wasn’t it rugby pitches…. Twickenham, I think …

      • Foxy Loxy

        Or when he started eulogising evil doers at the funerals of the maimers and murderers of women and children.

    • Robertus Maximus

      You can add all the other members of that Blair government, who are all beneath contempt. The odious Jack Straw was a prime example. He and Hain were Siamese twins.