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Video: Newark state of mind

30 May 2014

1:56 PM

30 May 2014

1:56 PM

  • Ukip candidate Roger Helmer reckons that Farage would do a better job in the by-election campaign and defends employing an Italian citizen as his assistant
  • Tory Robert Jenrick denies being a ‘carpetbagger’ and says he wants the UK to remain in Europe

Yesterday our contributing editor Harry Cole interviewed the next MP for Newark. If the polls are to be believed that will be the Tories’ safe if dull candidate Robert Jenrick. But Ukip’s Roger Helmer is confident of causing an upset.

Robert Jenrick denied being a ‘carpetbagger’ or a ‘career politician’ ,claiming he had ‘has never worked in politics’, despite having stood in Newcastle-Under-Lyme in 2010 and attempting to get selected to a safe Tory seat in Croydon before landing Newark. He stood by his claims that was an ‘entrepreneur’, but admitted to never having set up any business beyond the company he registered while renovating his £2.3 million SW1 property.


Jenrick made much of the fact that he had moved his family to the area, settling in Southwell – although our informants in the Midlands say that Jenrick needs to sharpen up his pronunciation: it’s ‘suthull’ to the local cognoscenti.

Jenrick also said that he was a ‘consistent’ Eurosceptic. But, ideally, he would like Britain to stay in Europe, which Ukip will want to play up. As a former employee of Christie’s, we thought we better set him an antiques challenge…

Roger Helmer was bullish about Ukip’s chances, though he thinks that Nigel Farage would do a better job at campaigning than him:

‘Nigel has that enormous box office presence, and I’m sure he would do a better job than I would do. Obviously Nigel is the biggest face and the biggest asset for the party.’

He defended employing an Italian citizen as his assistant, and distanced himself from his comments on homosexuality while welcoming Ukip’s first gay MEP.

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  • Foxy Loxy


    That Robert Jenrick: typical of the vile and repulsive cocky, ‘born to rule’ types. Vile. Absolutely vile.

  • Sean L

    He’s making a virtue of not being a career politician yet is standing for election as an MP. Does this mean he will maintain his current career in addition to being an MP? In which case fair play to him: all MPs should be part-time in my view. Otherwise it’s just cheap point-scoring hypocrisy. I’d vote for Helmer on looks alone. But he also sounds more credible.

  • artemis in france

    The Tory is a spineless drip who plainly qualifies as a career politicien. The UKIP man, although older in years, seems to have a lot more energy than his Tory rival, and a lot more conviction. It won’t be difficult to predict the result as I think the locals will sniff out the Tory for what hé is – a pathetic, self-serving party man who has no interest whatever in the people of Newark but only in securing himself what hé hopes will be a job for life.

  • Roger V

    One thing Roger Helmer is not, is a carpetbagger! (Unlike the Tory candidate).
    Roger is already an MEP with a guaranteed four year term of employment.
    Here, he is standing for the HoC, which if he wins, will guarantee him less than a full year’s employment.
    Granted he is 70, but having met him and heard him speak, I can tell you he is fitter and brighter than many a younger man!

  • Mr & Mrs Jones

    He’s already started extending the truth, and making unusual claims. He is very much a career politician.

  • Realpolitik/ fruitcake/ racist

    Very weak, if he had hired and English person you’d accuse him of being racist.

  • George__Floorwell

    When Jenrick says he isn’t a career politician is that because he’s not an MP but will become a career politician if he’s elected?

  • global city

    The problem for the commentariat and their journo informers is that the ‘gotcha’, idiot questions are just becoming too idiotic….. and failing to hit home, quite the reverse.

    The MSM need a new approach to this political issue, impartiality may be a good starting point.

  • foxoles

    Latest Survation poll suggests Tories’ majority will be cut from 16,000 to just 2,000. If 14,000 has been cut, what’s another 2,000?

    Keep slicing away, UKIP … one week to go … it’s doable …

  • statechaos

    This presents a very negative view of the Conservative candidate, and by that I mean Robert Jenrick and not Roger Helmer who was a Conservative MEP until he defected to UKIP in 2012. Indeed, he has been a Conservative for most of his political life given that he is 70 years old. He also called on another MEP who defected from one party to another to resign, but refused to do so himself when he subsequently did the same. He was born in Southampton, not Newark and attended that bog-standard university called Cambridge. According to Pink News he believes that homosexuality is ‘not a valid lifestyle worthy of equal respect’. Just thought I would add a bit of balance to the equation whilst everyone tries to find some dirt on Robert Jenrick.

    • the viceroy’s gin

      …wouldn’t it be festive if Jenrick came out as a poofter?

    • john king

      Another paid troll.

    • Mr & Mrs Jones

      Everyone is allowed to change their mind, and be open to having their minds changed. He has said he is more relaxed about it now.

      Beyond which, he has come from a different generation, and we really can’t demonize people for that.

      He has, thank goodness, made homosexuality the non issue it is. It is about the EU, and getting out.

  • Sapporo

    Just what parliament needs: another lawyer, political careerist, living in £2.3m London townhouse. Jenrick claims not to have worked in politics, but he’s done various jobs for several MPs. The fact, he claims to not have paid for this work, is completely disingenuous. A future, lying MP and stooge to the establishment. Just what Cameron wants.

  • MartinWW

    It seems quite difficult to discover anything about Vincent Square Properties Ltd., but it would be quite interesting to learn something about it. Surely, ahem, it not merely a tax vehicle for house renovations?!

  • Lucy Sky Diamonds

    Squeaky bum time for the Tories! Well if the tories do lose Newark, shapp’s should be gone, always a silver lining. 😉

    • the viceroy’s gin

      That’s a tough call, there. Shappy is a UKIP secret weapon, and the beauty is that he doesn’t even know it.

      • Grumpy

        Would you buy a retirement annuity from Grant Schapps?

        • Chingford Man

          Would you let a flat from Shapps?

  • Peter Stroud

    It would seem that Jenrick is somewhat untruthful, claiming to be an entrepreneur, and denying that he is a professional politician. I wonder how he was selected, did he win a primary, or was he just put up by the local party.

    • Mr & Mrs Jones

      He’s a carper bagger

  • Wessex Man

    Why shouldn’t he employ an Italian citizen, how many times do you need to be told that UKip love Europe but not the EU? A message which is now coming out of all across Europe in the Euro elections?

    • HookesLaw

      Are you an utter and complete liar? Ukips campaign was full of accusations about nasty foreigners millions of them coming to take our jobs.
      Yet Helmer can employ an Italian. Could Helmer not find a suitably fragrent British lady to clean behind the office fridge.

      • Vote for Change (2nd attempt)

        What have you got against Italians? You sound like a racist, xenophobic bigot to me.

        • you_kid

          What is the wrong with you. You either the WANT MY job or you don’t. Make your the bigoted mind up.

          • Grumpy

            At last, you admit that you are a PAID troll. (Although who pays you remains to be clarified.)

            • you_kid

              Oi, monopolist – that rail service of yours, I will have that next.
              Yours, a taxpayer.

              nb: I admit what?

        • Mr & Mrs Jones

          Exactly. They did the same thing to those poor Romanians. By putting words into Farage’s mouth, and then screaming the word “Romanians” on every TV station for weeks, these cowards have shown themselves to be very good at bringing racial discord to the community, and then blaming everyone else for the crime. They were happy to keep a spot light on Romanians I noticed.

          Pathetic really. The country needs to wake up to this aggressive reverse racism. They stir up hatred by bringing a disproportional amount of coverage for minor crimes and then use that to claim to be representing the view of the apparently disturbed public.

          This is because they have lost on the issues. And that they are cultural marxists who adore media propaganda.

      • Sapporo

        Are you paid to troll and abuse UKIP or do you lead a very sad life?

        • global city

          nah, he’s one of those foolishly loyal tribal tories, who no doubt sees supporting his betters as the central role of his life.

      • Alexsandr

        you don’t get the immigration issue do you?
        I will spell it out simple as you are hard of learning
        The issue is not that immigrants come here. Its that we have no control of numbers or the skillsets of those coming.
        We need a points based system as in Australia and Canada.
        But of course we cant because of your beloved EU.

      • global city

        if that is how you wish to perpetuate the establishment’s narrative, but the substance was about skills and border control… they even make the case for allowing more brown skinned people into the country….. some haters!

      • RichardBaranov

        Actually you are the liar. UKIP made no such accusations. It quite rightly objects to uncontrolled immigration into this country and quite rightly objects to wages being depressed as a consequence. UKIP is not against foreigners at all and further you know it. UKIP is for a points system that would not discriminate against anyone regardless of where they are from, their colour, or their religion. UKIP wants to open Britain to the world, not confine itself to little Europe and the parochial mentality of the EU.
        It is indicative of your position and others of your ilk that you must perpetuate falsehoods against UKIP because you have no valid argument for mainstream policies that are dragging this country under.

      • Mr & Mrs Jones

        I would emend you that it was the MSM and LIBLABCON that made race the issue of the election, not UKIP.

        You lot used race and race baited the whole campaign. The only nastiness I heard was from your side.

      • Colonel Mustard

        Come now. You know as well as I do that if he did that he would be accused of racism for not employing a free movement European who is best qualified to do the job.

      • Andy M

        I simply note that the only people who talk about “nasty foreigners” are those who wish to criticize UKIP. Those words seem to come out of the mouths of anti-UKIP propagandists on a daily basis, meaning that actually it’s only them who consider foreigners to be “nasty” while UKIP remain pro-Europe and want us to expand to do business with countries outside Europe too.

      • Mike

        UKIP is against people coming over to the UK and then sending child credits back to their country of birth, its that sort of perversity UKIP and most of us are against, UKIP are NOT against anyone from anywhere who is needed in the country by virtue of their skill set coming to the UK.

        Perhaps you’re quite happy to pay for child credits for EU children who have never set foot in Britain but most of us are not !

        Most of us want a 5 year contribution period before benefits can be claimed much like other EU countries but I guess you like Cameron are quite happy to pay it the moment they come in.

    • Dutchnick

      You are right to differentiate between Europe and the EU. I am based in mainland Europe as a coordinator between 16 European countries. In practical terms the world of business in Europe is going from strength to strength, there is greater standardisation, cooperation and collaboration between countries than is realised. A true free market is desperately required and obstruction to the free movement of goods people and services (did I mention France?) is exactly what is wrong. The common agricultural policy, common fisheries policy are an expensive joke. We have been peripherally involved with a major EU construction which will cost some €600m when it should be nearer €400m but the PC twaddle and unbelievable bureaucracy just costs and costs. But worry not it is only your money!

  • Denis_Cooper

    If the Survation opinion poll:

    is anywhere near right then the Tories will lose this battle even if they win the seat.

    • Hello

      I think the seat is the battle. Do you mean “the war”, perhaps? x

      • Denis_Cooper

        No, I mean the battle in Newark to get the UKIP vote back down and show that May 22nd was just a flash in the pan. If thousands of Tory campaigners are drafted in and yet UKIP still ends up getting a high share of the vote then the Tories will have lost that battle even if the Tory candidate comes first by a few thousand votes.

        • Hello

          Well, that’s certainly a novel way of looking at it. I presume the Conservatives (silly them!) will concentrate on actually winning the seat.

          (The battle is for the seat, by the way)

          • Denis_Cooper

            The Tories would certainly be bothered if Labour were to win this by-election, but nowhere near as bothered as they will be if they win it but UKIP gets 28% of the votes, the same as in the EU Parliament elections. Would the Tories be shipping in cabinet ministers and MPs and candidates and hundreds of activists from across the country day after day if there was no UKIP candidate standing to demonstrate that UKIP will continue to take large numbers of votes, comparable to the share it got on May 22nd? I don’t think so.

            • Hello

              What are you talking about? You don’t really believe what you’ve just written, do you? It’s winning the seat that counts, who cares what the Ukip vote share is if the Conservatives win the seat?

              • Sapporo

                We are heading for a constitutional crisis, if in 2015 the Tories and Labour get 8m votes and 600 seats and UKIP get 5-6m votes and no representation.

                • Hello

                  That’s highly unlikely, both that they’d get 5-6m votes and that they’d end up with no representation if they did.

                • john king

                  I think you’re seriously underestimating UKIP and the people.

              • Denis_Cooper

                The Tories care desperately, of course. As do the other two old parties. What practical difference will it make whether Newark has a Tory MP or a UKIP MP for the next year? Very little. You really think that the Tories are throwing everything they can at this by-election just because they want one more Tory MP in the Commons rather than a UKIP MP?

                • the viceroy’s gin

                  …and a UKIP MP as a stand-alone isn’t really the point for UKIP, either. It’s a symbol perhaps, a milestone, but it won’t move the needle on government, certainly.

                  No, this is all about the Cameroons. They have much to lose here, and you can see they know it. This is about Dave’s head being mounted on a spike 11.25 months from now, not Newark.

                  And I’d have to agree that if the Survation polling numbers hold, Dave’s head is already lost, no matter who takes this Newark seat.

              • Alexsandr

                because vote share is a harbinger of 2015 GE.

                • Hello

                  No it’s not. It’s a by-election.

                • Denis_Cooper

                  And the Tories are treating that by-election in the same way that a governing party which was clinging to power with a very slim majority would treat a by-election, knowing that it could not afford to lose even one MP. When of course that is not the case, the coalition has a substantial Commons majority.

              • john king

                No mate.
                It’s not winning the seat that matters, 16000 majority.
                It’s demonstrating that UKIP are on the verge of great things,
                ‘though a win would change the face of Britain and herald the end of our cosy Marxist cabal.

          • john king

            Battle/war? semantics.
            UKIP are leading the pack no matter what trolls the might dissemble. The peoples army are winning no matter what lies and slander come their way. !6’000 majority?
            Has this been overturned in any previous election?
            UKIP have the opportunity to make history.
            Whatever the outcome, UKIP win. .

          • Secular_Investor

            You miss the point. In fact most of the media also miss the point. They seem to think that if UKIP cannot win a huge number of seats then they are not a significant force in a general election.

            But UKIP only has to take a significant number of votes from sitting MPs in marginal Tory and Labour seats, to really put the cat amongst the pigeons.

            Once MPs in marginal seats realise this they will turn on their leadership.

        • Steve Lloyd

          How many Tory MP’s are there? Each one, including the front bench, has to go to Newark three times over a two week period. They have to clock on and clock off. Plus they are up to some kind of dirty deal with Labour.

          If that isn’t blind panic, I don’t know what is.

          • Denis_Cooper

            Just over 300 MPs, but as I understood all the candidates have to do it, so that would be over 600.

            • the viceroy’s gin

              Amazing. And if they still manage to drop this seat…

          • the viceroy’s gin

            I’ll bet you’ll find the Camerloons are funding Lab in Newark, so they’ll get out and campaign for their candidate, and keep stray voters from drifting over to UKIP.

  • alphonsus44

    “Tory Robert Jenrick denies being a ‘carpetbagger’ and says he wants the UK to remain in Europe”

    Why are these Europhile wallers in the MSM so disingenuous about the UK and Europe?
    As the old standard goes, so long as there’s a hole in my backside, the UK will be in Europe, a part of Europe, of Europe.
    What we Kippers want is to be out of the EU – an entirely different matter.
    Love Britain (and Europe) – Vote UKIP

    • John Dalton

      I love Britain and I will vote UKIP!

      Having been a Conservative voter all my life I will never vote for them again all the while Cameron is in charge, they fail to get a grip on a single one of the issues they – as conservatives – ought to be sorting out and they treat conservative voters with such utter contempt. **** ’em.

      I hope the good people of Newark turn out en masse for UKIP.

      • Meenama

        I am also hoping for a UKIP win, but Helmer will not just be up against the Tory candidate but also against a heap of illegal postal libconlab votes. That’s a problem right there.

  • Cooper cap

    Actually, local pronunciation of Southwell is split fairly well both ways.

  • Otto von Bismarck

    Not really a Eurosceptic then if he thinks Britain should stay in the EU. Also not an entrepreneur if he’s never actually set up a proper company, and again he most definitely is a career politician if he’s been going up and down the country looking for a seat to be selected in, especially at his relatively young age.

    He claims he’s never worked in politics before, yet it would appear that statement wasn’t quite true (an outright lie in fact). He worked on several grass root campaigns for the Conservative Party in the 2005 general election, and afterwards acted as a researcher to Jonathan Djanogly MP, though the position was unpaid. He was also a researcher working in Washington DC for the US House of Representatives and has had numerous other roles with the Conservative Party other than those already mentioned. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but the fact he’s trying to lie and spin his way into portraying himself as something he’s not tells me he can’t be trusted.

    • Secular_Investor

      Great comment Otto.

      “This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but the fact he’s trying to lie and spin his way into portraying himself as something he’s not tells me he can’t be trusted”

      Its amazing how these LibLabCons politicians and their metro elite media allies really do think they can lie and mislead voters.

  • Hello

    “Roger Helmer was bullish about Ukip’s chances, though he thinks that Nigel Farage would do a better job at campaigning than him”

    Come now, Roger. If Farage thought that Newark was winnable then he would be standing himself, he wouldn’t be leaving it to a rather odd, moustached 70 year old. He’s not standing because he knows that even his “charisma” wouldn’t win it for him, and that would be a wee bit embarrassing for the revolutionary people’s army. He dropped you in as the failure candidate.

    That, and he isn’t be too keen on the pay cut either…

    • Denis_Cooper

      That and already being a bit busy travelling around the country for an ongoing election campaign, which in the event proved highly successful.

      • Hello

        No doubt…

    • chris_xxxx

      Could it be that Nigel Farage was busy as the leader of UKIP, campaigning in the EU elections? And that he is not a local, unlike Roger who represents that part of the country as an MEP?

      • Hello

        No, that’s an excuse, not a reason. The difference is subtle but important.

        • Wessex Man

          Oh you are so subtle!

    • Kitty MLB

      Not very nice. Roger Helmer might be controversial, he might be right about Nigel Farage as a kipper he has bigger constituency fish he
      wishes to fry next year. But at least he’s not a wretched leftie.
      And don’t be ageist. I am sure you don’t have issues with Milipede throwing
      his dummy out of the playpen. Besides no one wants Labour to win.

      • Hello

        You’re quite right.

    • john king

      It looks like your professional troll contract has been extended due to UKIP,s success (even though it’s a head/brickwall situation for you).
      Have you no conscience Judas?

    • Fergus Pickering

      The pay cut? What does Nigel care about that. He is a very rich man, is he not?

  • EnglandLaments

    Three letters – EAW. Would Jenrick scrap the illiberal, arbitrary and unjust European Arrest Warrant? If he would, I would vote for him, otherwise I would vote for Helmer.
    How about putting that question to him?