Ukip are like the Russian rebels in Ukraine, says David Aaronovitch. Seriously.

29 May 2014

3:41 PM

29 May 2014

3:41 PM

The latest spurt of bile from the metro left about UKIP, and the people who voted for Ukip, comes from the extremely self-satisfied David Aaronovitch, a chap who grows more absurd each year as his waistline becomes ever more vast. Next to nobody voted for UKIP, he maintains. The 73 per cent of the population who didn’t vote for them (the majority of these, of course, did not vote at all) wish the party to simply “go away”. I thought you’d enjoy this extract – he is the first of his breed to compare UKIP supporters to the Russian rebels in Ukraine, who are of course another collective bete noir for the likes of David:

‘Ukip and its partisans are the furious folk who always lay militant claim to represent the rest of us. In that sense they are like the Donetsk separatists: guys out on the streets preening about with bazookas in front of the cameras, blathering about the people’s will and bamboozling the foreign journalists. They make all the noise and suck up all the air. Meanwhile the majority of people are sitting tight indoors silently hoping that they’ll go away.’ 

Brilliant, huh?

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  • shiva

    I am inclined to think not, nor any other likely replacement leader from the Blob.
    köpek mamasıköpek cinsleriدرب اتوماتیک

  • Terry Field

    God the misinformation Aaronovich pumps out! HOW does he get contracts to write anything in serious magazines?!?!?!
    He is, I am afraid, a trivial nasty, bile-spewing unpleasant fellovovich

  • Max07

    Oh dear. And David Aaronovitch was one of Rod’s good(ish) guys. Rod on Aaronovitch, in ‘Selfish Whining Monkeys: How we ended up greedy, narcissistic and unhappy’, Ch. 13: ‘one of the soft left’s usually most decent,entertaining and perceptive commentators’.

  • tigerlily

    If most people wanted UKIP to go away then most people would vote.

  • FrankieThompson

    What happened to Aaronovitch ?

    He used to quite witty and perceptive but he’s now a kind of boot boy who turns up at trouble spots and dishes out the discipline. I first noticed this tendency when he materialised in Scotland in early 2011 in an attempt, from on high, to stem the SNP tide. it didn’t work. He then turns up fuliminating at Russia for having the temerity to be upset by the removal of a democratically elected government on its borders, said removal being supported, openly and brazenly, by the west and David Aaronovitch.

    He wanted to go in to Syria as well and was greatly irritated by the Labour party for helping to stop that.

    He looks to me like one of those political lost souls who, having been radical in their youth, now cling to a vestigal sense of that radicalism by being strong the other way, and dressing that in the clothes of radicalism.

    He used to be witty , clever, and interesting. Now….er…. not so much.

  • NotYouNotSure

    Problem with that argument is one can apply that equally to the other parties as well.

  • Dogsnob

    Very simply, Aaranovitch is very, very wrong, laying militant claim to the mindset of a people who are in reality, awakening to his game.

  • Mike

    Time the men in white coats took some of these delusional idiots away to the funny farm !

  • Richard

    UKIP got 400 thousand votes in London without campaigning.

  • Terry Field

    Aaronovitch behaves like a hysteric.
    His difficulty is that the world is not as he would have it.
    He seems to live more and more in socio-political dreams. And where people were prepared to be polite and not confront the puerile codswallop that the left pumps out, now they do confront it, call it what it is, and face the nasty little bigots down.

  • The Commentator

    Yes, sometimes when you have nothing intelligent or remotely insightful to say it is best to stay silent – even when you are being paid to write something.

  • Bonzo

    Look on the bright side Rod, few things in life are quite so funny as the morally self-righteous left having a tantrum because it can’t have it’s own way. The sulking, the cries of: “you’re not my real electorate”.

  • jesseventura2

    Arsonofabitch a Tony the phony Blair supporter and fellow liar disappearing from the Londonistan scene?

  • Hippograd

    Tony Blair doesn’t like them, Nick Cohen doesn’t like them and now David Aaronovitch doesn’t like them. Good stuff. I only wish King Herod and Jack the Ripper were still alive to join those three in the campaign of vilification.

  • Cyril Sneer

    There might be similiarities in the sense that a whole section of people have suddenly realised their country no longer belongs to them and that the powers in charge hold them in utter contempt and yet all these people want to do is live in peace where they have always lived under a government that listens and recognises them instead of demonising them.

  • Nkaplan

    ” Next to nobody voted for UKIP, he maintains. The 73 per cent of the population who didn’t vote for them (the majority of these, of course, did not vote at all) wish the party to simply “go away”.”

    I wonder if, by parity of reasoning, we can assume that the 100% of the British electorate who did not vote for Mr Aaronovitch, wish that he would simply go away…. perhaps he will oblige?

  • artemis in france

    Oh, Rod, you make an ageing woman very happy. I have long loathed this dreadful man whom I consider to be almost sociopathic in his passive-aggressive splutterings. Once again, well done for speaking the truth and having the courage to do it.

    • Simon Fay

      Nice to see someone else gets the horrors from him. I find his presence in opinion-shaping “polite” society akin to that of Ian Huntley working as a school caretaker. Would love to see a forensic analysis of the structure of his utterances so as to learn how he manages to make my skin crawl even in print.

  • timinsingapore

    Aaronovitch is right. Liddle often is. But not this time.

  • Grey Wolf

    Nick Cohen has been spewing venom against UKIP in the pages of Speccie. And now David Aaronovitch.

    Wonder what’s going on . Why do these gentlemen despise any demonstration of English / British patriotism? Why for them it is so important for British armies to go fight and die in the desert sands of middle east in futile wars? Wonder why?

    • Mr Grumpy

      Oh, dear, it’s Protocols time again. Repeat after me “Nick Cohen is not Jewish”.
      In view of the BNP’s performance I presume Nigel Farage must be part of the conspiracy. Not a very British name, when you come to think of it…

      • Grey Wolf

        I know you leftie types, smelling protocol in everything which you don’t agree with. Your totalitarian mind-set is truly frightening. Get back to your goose-stepping!

        • Mr Grumpy

          If you think I’m a leftie type I recommend a change of medication. Why can’t I see your past comments, by the way?

          • Grey Wolf

            Change of medication – the usual nonsensical cliché.
            Do you change your medication often while suffering from the totalitarian tendency of denouncing everyone who doesn’t subscribe to your dogma?

            You don’t need to see my comments because you are a totalitarian, intolerant fascist who starts frothing every time he sees opinions that he doesn’t like.

            • Mr Grumpy

              A good point well made.

              • jjjj

                Interesting that GW didn’t mention Tony Blair, only those he thinks are Jews. And the comment about Middle Eastern wars was a giveaway.

                • Mr Grumpy

                  At last someone else gets it, and in the meantime GW has accumulated 11 likes. Where are all those non-racist Ukippers when you need them?

                • john king

                  You really don’t have to be Jewish to be a Zionist. Money talks.

                • jjjj

                  What do you mean with Money talks? Anyway, I would have thought a self-confessed racist like you, would approve of Zionism.

    • Mr Grumpy

      Upvotes from people who I credited with more sense. I hope it’s because you can’t hear the dog whistle and not because you can. Does it not occur to you that this is an ever so slightly selective list of UKIP-bashers?

    • john king

      Nick cohen/david Aaranovitch Why do they “despise any demonstration of English / British patriotism”.
      The clue is in the names.

  • John Little

    Amazing. What you notice about these people, (Dan Hodges and Nic Cohen are just a few more unsavoury examples); clearly have no respect for the fact that people who voted UKIP were just ordinary British Citizens who came to a decision and exercised their legitimate right to vote for the party of their choice, which they did peacefully and lawfully. It’s impossible not to pick up in these hacks insulting diatribes against their fellow citizens the feeling that, “something should surely be done about them”. Perhaps we shouldn’t have allowed them the vote. For their vile and hysterical abuse of UKIP voters goes beyond mere disagreement and displays a blatant desire to suppress or eliminate them.

  • jjjj

    So when you claim that the Russian ‘separatists’ are a ‘collective bete noir for the likes of DA’, are you now on Putin’s side on this matter?

    • rodliddle

      I think Putin has a point.

      • jjjj

        Fair play to you for responding to me. Perhaps Putin was limited in his aims to Crimea. Yet, the imposition of sanctions coupled with the threat of more might have played a part.

      • Mr Grumpy

        So do I, Rod. It’s “I’m in charge round here and don’t you forget it”.

      • LucieCabrol

        Communist Russia devastated the Tartars who lived in Crimea, emptying the district and deporting them to Siberia…a very few have returned since. The land was filled with Russians in the mean time, and some Ukrainians…..but it was no surprise the vote went to join Russia….does that really make it reasonable behaviour?
        What about if Bradford and it’s environs voted to succeed to Pakistan..unlikely I know, in the light of financial realities now, but say this arose in 25 years time?

        • logdon

          Crimea is adjacent to Russia and was part of the USSR.

          Pakistan’s relationship with Britain is as a supplier of immigrants 50% of whose males live on state largesse.

          They weren’t even part of the empire as the state did not exist until Jinna decided that Muslims could never share power with Hindus.

          And of course there is the small matter of distance.

          • LucieCabrol

            The point I intended was…Howouldyafeel…not how great are pakistani immigrants at extracting benefits….howouldyafeel if Bradford seceded from the UK when the population there exceeded , say, 60% pakistani immigrants and they had a valid vote to leave…to form an Islamic state ruled from the Pakistani mainland….Is that ‘a point?’……I would respectfully suggest that Rod and you would feel people were taking the mickey…you might think military coercion were necessary.

  • Bill_der_Berg

    Aaronovitch is carrying on like a party organiser who is trying to lift the morale of the foot soldiers after a setback. There is none of the insight into events that the better journalists offer.

  • DougS

    The last time I commented on Aaronovitch was following his snide comments about UKIP on ‘The Daily Politics’, I described him thus:

    “I watched the sneery-faced David Aaronovitch on the DP today – I’d put
    him neck and neck with Will Hutton and Jonathon Porritt in the
    smug/self centered/’you’re all stupid if you don’t agree with me’

    He’s just edged into the lead!

    • Trofim

      He’s got some competition from this bloke, John McTernan – former advisor to one Tony Blair:

      “There is no doubt that migration . . . means change – which is unequivocally to be

      “There is nothing wrong with UKIP voting parts of England that a solid dose of migration wouldn’t fix”.

      And elsewhere he’s written: “The truth is that the fight for the man in the pub is just that: a fight for a middle-aged white man in a pub. Women, minorities and young people go elsewhere”.

      In other words – “You’ll like immigration whether you like it or not, you thick, white, provincial tossers”.

      Let’s hope he’s in charge of Labour’s campaign next year.

      • DougS

        Got to agree Trofim – this guy sounds like the one who invented the: ‘let’s rub the right’s noses in it with open door immigration’ policy.

        A serious contender!

      • Cyril Sneer

        If I ever met anyone with that view I’d spit in their face and call them scum.

      • Mr Grumpy

        Enough material for an entire conference. I particularly enjoyed the suggestion that China is a social democracy.

      • UKSteve
  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    By making this sort of comparison, one could argue, Aaronovitch [nice English name, that] is actually instigating violence against UKIP.

  • Bill_der_Berg

    What percentage of the electorate voted for the UK to join a European political union? I believe that it’s approximately 0%.

    • Kaine

      The EU has been a political project all the way back to the original Pact. Why do you think it’s started on coal and steel? Because those were what you needed for war.

      I’ve actually taken the time to watch the referendum count from 1975. No one from either side spoke of this as a mere trading exercise. Indeed the Benn/Powell No campaign had been about the political aspects throughout.

      My main conclusion is that most people didn’t actually understand what they were being asked to vote on, looked at who was on either side and plumped for the figure they trusted more. That’s what usually happens in referendums, and it’s why they’re usually useless.

      • Brentfordian

        You say: “No one from either side spoke of this as a mere trading exercise…”

        Heath, way back in the referendum campaign said: “There is no question of eroding any national sovereignty; there is no
        blueprint for a federal Europe. There are some in this country who fear
        that in going into Europe we shall in some way sacrifice independence
        and sovereignty. These fears, I need hardly say are completely

        Did I understand what I was voting for? Or, did I understand that Heath was lying? Alas no.

        • mike53

          Spot on, and the BBC still have the video footage of that interview.

      • Bill_der_Berg

        “That’s what usually happens in referendums, and it’s why they’re usually useless.”

        You could say the same about democracy itself. What do we know about the legislation streaming from Parliament? Next to nothing, except perhaps when we are personally affected by it.

        As for the referendum campaign, the economic arguments predominated. The EEC was flourishing economically, the UK’s economy was languishing.

        That’s not to say that the transfer of power from Parliament was completely overlooked, The ‘Yes’ campaigners did put out a leaflet assuring voters that they would not be forced to eat eurobread and to drink eurobeer.

  • andagain

    Ukip and its partisans are the furious folk who always lay militant claim to represent the rest of us.

    Lets furiously denounce him in the name of the Great British People. That will show how wrong he is!

  • terence patrick hewett

    As far as David Aaronovitch is concerned it is simply intellectual snobbery: he cannot stand being trounced by Lupin Pooter and Daisy Mutlar.

  • Jonathan Sidaway

    Oh, let us move on, shall we, from commenting on the Kommentariat? DA an egregious personage with no understanding of non-fascistic right-of-centre movements. With his waistline, he will soon need more than the oxygen of publicity.

    • rodliddle

      Well, no, let’s not for a sec. For having dissed one smug Times columnist here, another usually quite smug Times columnist has hit the nail on the head on the subject of my previous blog:

      Yes, Mr Syed, 100 times over.

      • mightymark

        Well on the basis of everything I have ever heard him say on the subject I suspect that Aaronovitch would largely agree with you and Mr Syed. On the UKIP/Donetsk point perhaps it was just subliminal association – not wholly unfair given Farage’s expressed admiration for Mr Putin.

        • rodliddle

          It’s not “subliminal” if the bloke’s writing for The Times, is it? I mean, if he murmured it in his sleep then it might be. And not everything the fat bore says is necessarily wrong.

          • GraveDave

            Love your style Rod.

        • Trofim

          I didn’t hear Farage express admiration for Putin, but Putin’s skill and adroitness it getting what he wants. I mean, if I say Rommel was a brilliant general, doesn’t mean I share his aims. A few days ago even Yasmin Alibhai-Brown described Farage as a “consummate politician”. It doesn’t follow that she admires him.

        • Cyril Sneer

          “Farage’s expressed admiration for Mr Putin”

          You’re another dumbass who doesn’t think for himself. Find out precisely what Farage said as if you did then you wouldn’t make that statement.

  • Lucy Sky Diamonds

    Guess what? in 2005, 80% of the voting public did not vote for Tony Blairs rotten party. Even when they were at their most popular – that only went down to 76%.

    So at their most popular, New Labour were backed by 24% of the registered electorate.

  • Lucy Sky Diamonds

    The profile of UKIP’s new raft of MEPs defies the unfounded, willingly ignorant claims made.

    Racist? Weird that Amjad Bashir, a Muslim Yorkshireman will be representing UKIP alongside Steven Woolfe, a mixed-race City man originally from Moss Side.

    Sexist? The party now has seven female MEPs, including Jill Seymour in the West Midlands and Jane Collins in Yorkshire who topped their regional lists as the lead candidates. Not because they are women – because they are bloody good.

    Homophobic? Not sure that David Coburn, UKIP’s newly elected, gay Scottish MEP would quite agree with that one.

    Maybe the people most out of touch aren’t those in Farage’s people’s army, but those who seek to attack and misrepresent a party they simply don’t understand.

    And the beauty of it all?

    These people were elected by the UKIP members in free votes, devoid of any form of discrimination. It is the perfect illustration of what can happen in a genuinely patriotic party that judges individuals by who they are rather than patronising box-ticking ceremonies. Oh how I wish our society as a whole viewed things in such a way.


    • Kaine

      I won’t speak to the others, but in Coburn’s case his rank seems contingent upon his continued, masochistic insistence that he doesn’t deserve equal rights on the marriage issue.

      Moreover his membership would mean nothing about the overall attitude of the party itself. The Conservative Party was demonstrably homophobic in the 1980s, though it contained homosexual MPs. Martin Webster was a high ranking official in the National Front despite a series of liaisons, including (if we are to believe Webster) with Nick Griffin.

      Now if the manifesto, as and when we see it, makes no mention of an attempt to reverse equal marriage, then we will have a demonstrable example of UKIP having moved on from its opportunistic opposition to equality. I applaud the party for kicking out Dave Small. Perhaps Helmer can say he has reconsidered on ‘conversion therapy’.

      • Cyril Sneer

        Are we talking about gay marriage here? Another lefty hate fest this subject matter has turned into. I’m against gay marriage, I’m not against civil partnerships that provide the same rights as hetero married couples. Just don’t call it marriage. I speak on behalf of a whole lot of christians and others whose voices have not been listened to.

        • La Fold

          Do you not realise to look at the legal and social ramifications of this, where in one persons rights to choice of sexual and domestic partner can impact on one persons right to reliigous freedom makes you a bigot, a homophobe and essenmtially a non person?

          • Cyril Sneer

            So rejecting gay marriage, but agreeing on a civil partnership with the same rights as straight married people makes one homophobic?

            It does not.

            But your post clearly makes you a moron who simply does.. not… think.

            • La Fold

              em, that was the point i was trying to make.
              Youre obviously irony impaired.

              • Ed_Burroughs

                TBH it would be easy to miss the joke, many of the trolls here would employ that line of “reasoning”, without shame.

                • La Fold

                  True. My fault for attempting irony on the internet.
                  PS There are 12 people agreeing with old Cyril so maybe youre right.

  • global city

    This describes the world into which the likes of Aaronovitch have shoved us

    “It also explains why regions such as my own East Anglia voted Ukip so overwhelmingly last week. If places such as Peterborough turned purple with apoplexy, it is not because its residents are necessarily racist or because they saw in Nigel Farage the finest statesman since Winston Churchill. It is more likely to be because women in labour are often turned away by one of the region’s major maternity units, which has several times actually locked its doors, so difficult does it find a soaring, immigrant-driven birth rate. A midwife friend who was seconded there described conditions as “third-world”.

    Until recently, it would have been “racist” to point this out. Four years ago in Rochdale, when Gillian Duffy challenged Gordon Brown on immigration, the affronted prime minister shied away and muttered darkly about that “bigoted woman”. It is quite clear now who was the bigot.

    Brown was typical of a political class that became shamefully biased against its own people.

    In thrall to a post-war European ideal, they had scant interest in the difficulties and discomfort it caused ordinary people on the ground. If anyone complained, simply shut them up by hissing “bigot” or “racist”.

    The highlighted sentence gets it absolutely spot on. Those who parrot the mantras devised by these snidy people are too often evident on threads like these.

    • Kaine

      Is it your contention racism doesn’t exist in Britain in 2014?

      • global city

        You really need to think that through properly before raising the point again.

        Britain is much more tolerant that most countries around the world, but fools are encouraged to demonise the white section of the population as somehow uniquely racist and evil.

        So, think through the context and impact of what ever foolery you are trying to project.

        • Kaine

          What point? I asked your opinion with a fair and direct question. You’ve not answered it and stooped to insulting me without provocation. If you don’t wish to answer when someone queries your point just say so. No need to be rude.

          • global city

            I do not believe that you genuinely think that anyone would/could make the assertion that there are no racists in the UK.

      • Cyril Sneer

        It’s always existed and always will exist. It’s the left that make a business out of it and exploit it for their own gains. I call them the race agitators.

      • La Fold

        Ill answer your question. Of course racism exists. As cyril says it always have existed and is to stay with us for the forseeable future. However it is not the “Racism” described by some sections of the left who believe in the slippery, marxist inspired idea that Racism is where the powerful exploit the oppressed, so essentially white people can only ever be seen as racist because historically they held the all the power ( which is of course complete shoemakers)
        You’ll find racism against Pakistanis in any Indian community and vice versa, youll find racism between Afro-Carribeans and African immigrant communities, youll find racism amongst the populations of former Yugoslavian nations, the chinese are looked down on from other Asians, you’ll have white people who hate coloured people but dont mind going for a curry, you’ll find black people who dont like white people etc. Human beings by their very nature can be in turn highly logical and rational and then ignorant, superstitous and full of hate. Its the basic flaw of the human condition.

      • girondas

        “Is it your contention racism doesn’t exist in Britain in 2014?”

        Of course it does – witness the ex BNP members serving as Labour party councillors.
        Modern racism has been exacerbated, if not created, by the Labour Party’s policy of encouraging mass immigration in order to drive down wage rates amongst the lower classes. Chikens are coming home to roost.

      • Hexhamgeezer

        Oooh Looky! – its ‘Evasion Boy’ again!

      • Ed_Burroughs

        Its a fair shout.

  • Bill_der_Berg

    David Aaronovitch is regarded as a slippery customer because of his changing stance towards the invasion of Iraq. From arguing that military action was only justified if Saddam had WMD’s, he changed his position more or less in step with Tony Blair. To make it worse, he has denied that his views have ‘evolved’.

  • Agrippina

    Poor Aaronovitch, me thinks he heard some strange stories from his russian granny as a boy and is terribly confused.

    As long as we see scenes in Calais where the immigrants are safe but insist they want to come here, we know that they are economic bods and not asylum seekers.

    UKIP for reform.

  • Robertus Maximus

    I understand Aaronovitch remains the only person to still worship the ground Tony Blair walks on and regards the invasion of Iraq as his towering achievement. What a confused and troubled soul he is.

    • arnoldo87

      Incorrect, Robertus.
      There are at least two of us.

      • girondas

        Well as long as you don’t breed that’s ok

      • Robertus Maximus

        You have my deepest sympathy.

      • Terry Field

        Shood youu bee youthernaysed?
        SUm wood saesow.

    • Simon Fay

      “What a confused and troubled soul he is.”
      You must be a social worker. He’s pure evil.
      And Dan Hodges (son of Glenda Jackson) the one-eyed anti-fascist at the Telegraph worships the 4rse off Blair too.

      • Robertus Maximus

        My God, there are indeed three of them: Aaronovitch, Hodges, and “arnoldo87” (see above).

      • Terry Field

        I am a provincial.
        I should get out more.
        DId Glenda reproduce?
        I always think of her breasts wobbling around in a Russian railway carriage courtesy of the excellently funny Ken Russell.
        Time passes.
        Never mind.
        Better be off to the potager,

        • Simon Fay

          Evidently so, in spite of her butch demeanour.

          As Olly Reed remarked, having snogged ’em in ‘Women In Love’, “I will continue to make films with Glenda…she’s got great knockers”.

          • Terry Field

            A pity they were put to the service as something as unimaginative and basically nasty as socialism. Ham and High Socialism, but socialism nevertheless.

  • Daviejohn

    The man is a self promoting prig. Should try walking on water,suits his self importance.

  • Ricky Strong

    Meh, the guy dabbled with Communism even after studying history. A lost cause.

    • Pootles

      ‘Dabbled’ ? He came from a hardline Bolshevik family, and that sort of background is far from unique among the war-mongering neo-Cons.

  • Adrian Williams

    Sorry Rod your ‘stats’ are wrong: of those who voted, 73% did not vote UKIP; of registered voters 91% or there aboutsdid not vote UKIP.

    • Aberrant_Apostrophe

      So what? No-one forced the 66% who didn’t bother to vote not to. Man Utd claim to have 659,000,000 supporters world-wide, so by your logic 91% of the world’s population don’t support them.

      • global city

        Yes. The rest support Liverpool!

        • La Fold

          I bloody dont!

          • global city


            • La Fold

              Support Liverpool!

              • global city

                I know… it was a joke, as was my original assertion that nearly everyone on the planet supports LFC.

                It was faux surprise! 🙂

                • La Fold

                  Sorry, it was a alte one last night, not firing on all cylinders this morning.

    • Pootles

      Indeed, but all that is par for the course. For instance, only 25.8% of the Welsh electorate voted for a Welsh Assembly; only 23% of the Scottish electorate voted for the SNP in the 2011 Holyrood election (turnout 50%); and only 24% of the UK electorate voted Tory in 2010. In other words, in these examples, 74.2%, 77%, and 76% of the electorates did not vote for the winning outcome.

    • girondas

      “of registered voters 91% or there aboutsdid not vote UKIP.”

      So who did they vote for?

      • john p reid

        Mostly no one

        • girondas

          Correct answer

  • Cornelius Bonkers

    What’s to say except: “Rod, you’re right”. But what can any of us do about the Norf London Left? They be like Russian dolls; one dies and another pops out in its place. Good for Farage but, given the apathy of the great British working class, can UKIP contest all this over the long term? I’m not hopeful…