The smears against Nigel Farage and Ukip have reached spectacular depths

19 May 2014

5:11 PM

19 May 2014

5:11 PM

Inevitably the lowest attacks have been saved until the week of the election. For months now the neat drip-feeding of anti-UKIP stories from Conservative Campaign Headquarters direct to the UK press has done everything possible to depict UKIP as a racist, xenophobic, bigoted party.

This has been significantly ratcheted up ahead of Thursday’s vote. Today’s pages include the Times repeating a story from last year in the hope of successful guilt-by-association. The story is that Geert Wilders (the ‘Dutch Xenophobe’ as the Times headlines him) would like Nigel Farage to join him and Marine Le Pen in an anti-EU Brussels voting bloc. What neither the Times nor any other newspaper wishes to give Farage any credit for is that he refuses to join that bloc precisely because of the presence in it of a party like the Front Nationale. And yet the press continues to attempt to portray Farage as leading a British National Front.

The depths to which this has sunk are pretty spectacular. For instance it now appears that the British media are perfectly content with vilifying and taunting Farage for having a German wife, because they believe they are doing so in a ‘liberal’ cause. At some point in recent days it seems to have become accepted wisdom that if you are married to a German then you should believe in an utterly unrestricted open door immigration policy. It also appears that to distinguish between different types of immigrant (as Canada and Australia do, to give just two examples) is to be deemed irredeemably ‘racist’.


But the lowest attack of all is now in, and it is of course the story that this was always building towards. And so it has come to pass that the papers are now repeating another story, and finally saying openly what they have wanted to say all these weeks: that Nigel Farage once used the ‘n’-word.  Such is the story in today’s Mail. The source is Alan Sked, who fell out with Farage two decades ago. Sked not only claims that Farage used the ‘n’-word but also wanted former National Front members to stand for UKIP.

About which there are many things to say, but let me confine myself to two.

Firstly – if Farage had wanted to run a party which allied itself with the far-right, racist attitudes of the National Front or BNP he could have done so years ago. As it is, former members of the BNP are forbidden from joining UKIP and in his earliest days in the party Farage waged a small war precisely to get rid of those who wanted to form any such alliance. But although they know that this happened, this is just one of the things that the UK media seem almost wholly unwilling to concede. Any party which campaigns for national sovereignty and limited immigration might be expected to attract some undesirable elements around the edges. In the same way that a party which campaigns for Green or left-wing issues might inevitably find itself attracting a certain number of people who take a positive attitude towards far-left wing dictatorships around the world.

But even worse than this is the continental myopia displayed in the British press. In every country across Europe there are parties doing well because they are opposed to the EU project. In the wake of the Euro-crisis, among many other things, it takes a degree of wilful ignorance to imagine this surprising or necessarily extreme. Yet the reaction certainly can take extreme forms. In Greece it manifests itself in the extreme left-wing politics of Syriza and the extreme right-wing politics of Golden Dawn. In Hungary there are the street militant thugs of Jobbik. Inside from them there is the Front Nationale in France, a party whose leader may have reformed some of the party’s views, but whose senior membership remain – as Farage himself has frequently pointed out – people who doubt the historical truth of the Holocaust. And so on and so on.

If the British press could display some independence of mind for even a moment, it might recognise that the success of UKIP is not some terrible stain on British political moderation but rather a triumphant demonstration of it. While the continent is busily throwing up some genuinely unpleasant far-left and far-right anti-EU parties, the only serious political manifestation of this political revolt in Britain is a generally pleasant, decent and broadly libertarian party. But this apparently will not do. Not just because most of the British media has weirdly decided to dance to the tune of UKIP’s political opponents, but because (thankfully for all of us) the media’s need for Nazis and racists in modern Britain vastly exceeds the very limited actual supply.

Fortunately, I suspect the public can see what most of the press cannot. Most people continue to realise that Nigel Farage is not Adolf Hitler, that some idiot council-candidate whose said something rude about gays does not presage some anti-gay pogrom, and that our country has serious challenges of sovereignty and border control to deal with, which the main parties have to date shown themselves utterly incapable of addressing. Every member of UKIP could reveal themselves to be not on-board with gay marriage and support the right to broadcast early recordings of ‘The Sun has got his hat on’ on regional radio, yet still the questions of why Britain is no longer in control of its own border policy or law-making would remain unanswered by the main political parties.

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  • GoatsBreath

    Like a breath of non polluted spring mountain air.

    How rare.

  • Mike Dixon

    Thank you for this Mr Douglas.

  • Annette Kupke

    Calling a fascist a fascist is a smear? Get a dictionary!

  • Nityananda Svarupa das

    Fantastic article.

  • Nityananda Svarupa das

    My country and people were ravaged by the British, but I hold no resentment to the British people. Rather I’d like to say that the people of Britain should heed voices such as Mr. Douglas Murray. Truly an emblem of civilization in a man.

    I hope UK becomes independent. I hope the 55MILLION pounds a day that is paid to the EU is exposed for the rampant thievery it is.

    Men and woman of the UK, stand up for yourselves. Stand up for your country. Be proud of your achievements and intellectual history.

    If you don’t then another beacon for Western civilization will flounder. Just like the pitiable US.

  • gulberwick

    Douglas, your articles are hysterical in the extreme. You’re like Norma Desmond, only less interesting.

  • David Murphy

    Pie and chips please to take out (to Europe, Benidorm)

  • Einar

    Follow the Norwegian.. Just say NO to the commie taceower f Europa.. et us all.. give the Won Rumpeass… and the fucking Barrossoes,,, the finger.. up their assholes.

  • Einar

    Love from NORWAY… Come on.. Come on… UCIP… take a dump on the discusting fucking lazy and IDIOT… sosial liberal Joke of humanity…

  • NWextremeweather

    Somewhere hidden in the Spectator is this decent little piece. What a shame then that virtually the entire political, media and commentary classes have spent the last weeks in a vitriolic smear and fear campaign against UKIP.

  • Paddy Briggs

    Very, very wrong. The media, some of it, revealed the truth about UKIP. That’s not smearing, it’s reporting.

    • Jerome Leroy

      All reports had no basis, did you read this article?

  • Miasma

    Love you Doug, keep doing your thang.

  • Jimmy Russell

    ukip are dangerously racist they want to kill everyone who isnt a straight white cis male they need to be all arrested and anyone who voted for them should have their details released so they can be publicly shamed for being racist nazis.

    • The Colonel


  • SemiPartisanSam

    Very well written; this echoes much of what I have been saying about UKIP for some time.

    On the fact that ideological similarities between the main political parties had left a huge swathe of British voters without a political voice, until UKIP:

    On the fact that the establishment’s all-out assault is actually making UKIP the plucky, beleaguered underdog:

    And finally, on the arrogance of the political establishment who see public opposition to the EU and immigration not as a legitimate factor to respect and respond to, but only as an awkward obstacle to overcome in pursuit of their pre-ordained goals:

    But Nigel Farage perhaps said it best when he quoted Gandhi: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you … then you win”.

  • cromwell

    ‘But both surveys say if only those people who say they will definitely vote are counted, then Ukip will beat its closest rivals by 5 percent. Figures from the UK’s Central Electoral Commission indicate just how big a scoop the result would be for Ukip given its resources. In the first quarter of 2014 it received just €608,000 in donations, compared €8.2 million by the Tories and €5.4 million by Labour.

  • Bill_der_Berg

    A UKIP council candidate has been stabbed in the face. Perhaps it’s not too surprising after all the inflammatory attacks on the party.

    • Leonard Tudor Restraint

      Upik tips “Instead of condemning comments made by some of your members, create the illusion of a smear campaign by blaming the media for reporting them.”

      Prescient non?

      • Bill_der_Berg

        The comments are not only condemned, the offenders have been required to resign.

  • Leonard Tudor Restraint

    Hasn’t Farage now confirmed he will vote with Wilders and Le Pen?

    Funny how things turn out.

    • Bill_der_Berg

      It does not sound very likely. Can you provide a link?

      • Leonard Tudor Restraint
        • Bill_der_Berg

          Thanks for that. Sound tactics by Nigel.

          • Leonard Tudor Restraint

            ….but rather poor analysis by Douglas Murray.

            • Bill_der_Berg

              A voting bloc is a formal arrangement of the kind that the Conservative and Labour Parties belong to. Nigel Farage was not talking about that. He was talking of parties from across the political spectrum voting the same way on certain issues.

              • Leonard Tudor Restraint

                Incorrect – a voting bloc does not need to be formalised – see here: and clearly Farage anticipates being accused of voting with far-right and openly racist parties post-election albeit on an ‘informal’ basis.

                Murray claimed that accusations he would vote alongside Wilders and Le Pen were smears but Farage himself has confirmed it. No-one needs to ‘smear’ UKIP – they do it to themselves – whether the electorate in this country are willing to accept and support UKIP’s racist agenda is another matter entirely, but let’s not pretend anyone is smearing them.

                • Bill_der_Berg

                  Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders have agreed to form a voting bloc. Nigel Farage is not going to join it. Douglas Murray is quite correct.

                  This is from the BBC.

                  “Marine Le Pen, the leader of France’s Front National, and Geert Wilders, the anti-Islam campaigner and leader of the Dutch Party of Freedom, have agreed to build a pan-European parliamentary group to wreck the European Parliament from within, and, as they put it, slay “the monster in Brussels”.

                  This voting bloc could mean a chunky portion of the assembly becomes dedicated to paralysing the progress of its own legislation and polarising debates in the parliament”.

                • Leonard Tudor Restraint

                  That’s a ‘parliamentary group’ a ‘voting bloc’ is something else entirely – try again.

                  Of course UKIP are already members of a ‘formalised’ European parliamentary group which is comprised of racist political groups from across the union. Farage couldn’t be expected to join another while that one was still in operation – indeed I believe he may be the Chairman – let’s see how much ‘common ground’ Farage finds he shares with Le Pen and co. after these elections.

                • Bill_der_Berg

                  I prefer to think that when the BBC describes the proposed Le Pen/Wilders alliance as a voting bloc, they mean that it is a voting bloc. You are free to believe that they mean something else entirely.

                  Can you point out the part of the Guardian report that confirms that Nigel Farage has confirmed that he will vote with Le Pen and Wilders ?

  • robert d

    You refer to NF as if he were a statesman – nothing could be further from the truth.

    • Bill_der_Berg

      I can think of a few things just as far from the truth. For example, take Dave’s claim about repatriating powers from the EU.

  • UKSteve

    I want Douglas Murray for PRIME MINISTER!

    • Leonard Tudor Restraint

      Of Mauritania perhaps….

  • roman

    I have said this before on another site, any party that wants to be in office should listen to the majority and not the minority, only UKIP do this, 60 -70 million people in the country and the media quote the voices from where their bosses live.
    Not a true reflection

  • Trofim

    I wonder if I could plug this article too. It’s amazingly perspicacious, and the last but paragraph just sums it up to a T:

  • albertcooper

    The electorate can see through this mire that the Media and Political Parties spout.

  • Mr & Mrs Jones

    I have never witnessed such an outpouring of hatred towards our political class (who are now defined as an “elite”), and the media, who have proved themselves totally untrustworthy to be allowed to report on next year’s General Election.

    How are they going to persuade us to vote for their chosen party now, after this? This has been an absolute disaster for the MSM and the Legacy Parties.

    I am quite an elderly man. But never have I quite experienced this much disconnect.

    Thank the Lord for the Internet. Indeed. maybe they’ve always been like this, and we just hadn’t noticed until now.

    The UK stinks of corruption, and the media are at its very core.

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    Media whores and useful idiots, the perfect marriage.

  • Steed

    Diane Abbot is as bad as the BNP – that she can say such things about UKIP when her own party has a long history of racism is absolutely astounding.

  • Slavic Girl

    If you did not want the Union with us, then why you extracted national wealth from former Eastern Block you so despise, while you were lying through your teeth about economic freedom for all? You should have sent your Tesco, Glaxo, Provident and Mittal to monopolise markets in India, and leave our former national companies – Spolem, Polfa, Huta Stali and Bank Spoldzielczy, to name just a few, to Poles. Then we would not have to clean your toilets and suffer abuse from every corner.
    10 years of Economic Union with you destroyed Polish industry in 100%, something five years of German occupation achieved in only 50%.

    • James Lovelace

      “10 years of Economic Union with you destroyed Polish industry in 100%, something five years of German occupation achieved in only 50%.”

      Yet here you are, living in the UK, taking a job from a British person, bitching about how the economy of your own country is in the toilet. Go back home, and rescue your own country since you clearly hate this one.

      • Slavic Girl

        And how do you propose I will rescue the country? Go to Glaxo and demand return of the Polfa assets?

    • Trofim

      Personally, as an Englishman, I didn’t do any of those things you accuse me of. How can you accuse tens or hundreds of millions of people of something in which they played no part? And why call yourself Slavic girl if you’re just Polish? Poles hate Russians – therefore, you hate Russians.

      • Slavic Girl

        We do not hate Russians, you must have watched too much German TV. And even if we did, that would be merely a ‘thought crime’.

        Enjoy Polish graduates cleaning your toilet.

        • Bill_der_Berg

          The Polish graduates should blame the pro-EU crowd.

    • Bill_der_Berg

      Members of UKIP and their predecessors most emphatically cannot be accused of wanting the Union.

  • burntshed

    Best thing I have read on this subject in any of the UK papers. Well done.

  • justejudexultionis

    This smear campaign against UKIP is precisely what the establishment has been doing against Salmond and the SNP. It is clear that the UK establishment must be punished for its contempt towards ordinary working people, of whatever political persuasion.


  • global city

    Douglas, you’re a good man…. one of too few in the MSM nowadays!

  • Simon Morgan

    In fairness to your government, coalitions are never easy. We just survived (barely) a Left wing one here in Australia, now widely regarded as the worst in Australian history.

    Our new Liberal / National government is different in that they have operated as a Coalition for many years (and they are both centre Right parties).

    The 2007 Labor government made all the mistakes your last Labour government made. It dismantled the border controls carefully and painstakingly put in place by the previous Coalition government (the Howard governments’ Pacific Solution) .

    Since then upwards of 50,000 illegal immigrants landed up in Australian waters. They all flew into Indonesia, registered with the UN there as refugees, dumped their documents and then borded the first fishing vessel heading south.

    It’s estimated over a thousand people drowned in the mad rush to get here.

    One of our lunatic Greens senators actually suggested we provide large ships to bring them here so they wouldn’t have to resort to the fishing boats. Really -her name is Sarah Hanson-Young! Google it if you don’t believe me.

    Our new government has succeeded in stopping these boats coming, to howls of outrage and indignation from all the usual suspects – the ubiqitous refugee groups, the Greens (of course), the Left in general, social media (twitterati), the Australian UNHCR -you name them.

    And Labor, although it recognized the horrendous mistake it made and had made attempts to fix it, still does it’s best to ensure that the governments border control policies fail.

    One measure it stopped in the Senate was the re-introduction of Temporary Protection Visas, which meant anyone arriving illegally and found to be genuine would not have the right to bring in other family members. A very big deterrent.

    Australians recognized these boat people for what they were from day one. Labor didn’t initially but cottoned on (too late). The Greens are still away with the fairies.

    This Coalition of the dammed was given the hiding it so richly deserved at our election last September. I hope Ukip will deliver the same message for Britain -I really do.

  • paasingby

    its strange how they label Farage a racist for wanting to control borders but here we are in the UK with the most surveillance cameras of any country watching our every move.

    Now that is creepy and racist!

    • Stigenace

      Creepy, yes; racist, no. After all, the cameras spy on everybody without fear or favour.

      • paasingby

        I thought i would add the “racist ” without thinking, it seems to be the rage lately!

        • boptah

          Racist. oops sorry , just wanted to see what it felt like.

      • James Lovelace

        “Creepy, yes; racist, no. After all, the cameras spy on everybody without fear or favour.”

        No, they don’t. The CCTV cameras in Birmingham were taken down because muslims complained about being filmed.

        Muslims are 5% of the UK population and 332 of them have been convicted of terrorism in 12 years.

        • Stigenace

          I didn’t know about that (the Birmingham CCTVs). Thanks for pointing it out.

  • Leo

    Douglas, my family have all been lifelong Tories but not anymore! My sister directed me to your articles and A HUGE thank you goes to you from UKIP supporters such as myself.
    Up to 75% of our Laws in the UK are now made by our unelected foreign Rulers in the EUSSR. Indeed, according to some German reports as many as 92%. We don’t know anything about these technocrats and I’m sure if we did, we’d be horrified. Instead of addressing these issues, the LibLabCons, with the help of most of the media, have played the Race, Xenophobic, Homophobic cards at Sir Nigel which is the oldest trick in the book in order to SILENCE him. Shame on them! Vote UKIP if you love your country before our British sovereignty is swallowed forever.

  • flaxensaxon

    I thought the media campaign against Labour in the 1983 election (coincidentally when they wanted to take us out of the then EEC) would take some beating, but this campaign against Ukip has absolutely smashed it.

    • justejudexultionis

      Yes, the vitriol against Farage is really quite disgusting in what purports to be a democratic society. It is clear that the Westminster mob and their smug London liberal media chums are showing their fear of the consequences of truly popular democracy.

      Anything that sticks it to the Westminster cabal, short of Communism or Nazism, must be applauded.

  • Sean Raymond

    I actually think this orchestrated campaign by the media – unparalleled in its purposeful objective to smear Farage – actually sunk to its lowest depth last week and truly highlighted the extent to which this alliance by the media will go to obliterate UKIP. Last week on Ch4 Cathy Newman interviewed Sir Ian McKellan for the new X Men film. Because he happens to be an older gay man she couldn’t resist asking his thoughts on Farage’s statement that older people were more likely to be uncomfortable with the idea of homosexuality – his response (I believe) was disingenuous, and it allowed for the boot of bigotry to be stamped all over Farage yet again – with her aim of getting it done by a big celebrity achieved.

    That a self respecting member of the media would scrap the barrel of opportunities to this degree astonished me and prompted a complaint to Ch4 – of which I have heard nothing back. To be clear – Farage was not saying that older people were right to be uncomfortable with gay relationships but simply that due to cultural reasons i.e. being bought up in a time when it was an illegal act and seen as perverse – meant that it was quite logical that older people may view it with a bit more disquiet than today’s youngsters. I think that was a very fair point to make, completely in tandem with my own experiences, and so I couldn’t believe this Gay man, who is over 70, would actually disagree with it or that this whole episode itself could be used to portray Farage as homophobic.

    • Stigenace

      It’s a simple statement of fact that older people find open homosexuality harder to adjust to. As you say, that’s a product of the era they were brought up in, not some greater propensity to be unpleasant.

      • Sean Raymond

        Absolutely – and I am glad you agree because if I was to soley believe popular opinion and the media at the moment then I truly think the world will have gone mad. Sadly from people I speak to, many do now seem to think Farage was expressing homophobic views in this particular case and so the media achieved its objectve. I am 34 and even when I was younger I distinctly remember the idea of homosexuality as being much more taboo than now, especially as I grew up during the AIDS hysteria of the mid 80’s. A mark of change is exemplified by my 18 year old sister who is completely indifferent to it – and rightly so of course.

        • lindzen4pm

          These days disapproval is verboten. Even tolerance is not enough. Unless you approve there is something wrong with you, and a label will follow. This is the New Liberal Authoritarianism.

          • Cosmo

            Unless you’re a follower of The Religion of Peace, in which case stoning to death is what gay people deserve, while the lefties look the other way.

    • James Lovelace

      When did Ian McKellan start to publicly announce his homosexuality? Certainly not when it was illegal back in the 1960s. He only became a famous homosexual in the last 30 years. So, McKellan’s own life is testimony to what Farage was saying.

  • JohnDeVries

    A good article and hopefully more will follow. I think Farage will have to sue a couple of newspapers for libel when they may decide to keep their sycophantic government grovelling a little more in check.

    • Denis_Cooper

      He’s already won damages from the Daily Mail over one report.

    • RichardBaranov

      I think that UKIP should sue the BBC for violating its charter which supposedly guarantees neutrality in politics. This is an important issue because their violation of neutrality ultimately undermines democracy.

      I, for one, will not play the licence fee when it is due and, I will cite their own charter as the reason that I refuse to do so and invite them to take me to court over the issue.

  • pwok1977

    All the smears against UKIP do is make me more determined to vote for them.

    • Shazza

      Totally agree. This combined with the Mail’s expose of the EU gravy train has convinced me to vote for UKIP on Thursday.

      I was as usual, going to vote Conservative. Not any more.

      • Steed

        Same here. Not any more.

      • pwok1977

        I’ve just heard of the vicious assault upon Bobby Anwar by Labour supporters on Saturday. His cheekbone was broken his eye socket fractured and he’s also been stabbed.

        Why on earth has this not been reported by the media ?

  • Denis_Cooper

    Last night on Newsnight Nigel Farage claimed that just over the past week 17 councillors had been ARRESTED on various charges, some quite serious.

    OK, so somebody may claim that it wasn’t 17, on their count it was only 15, but the point is that these are all people elected as councillors on the recommendation of the Tory, Labour or LibDem parties who have behaved in ways that have justified their arrest for REAL CRIMES.

    Meanwhile, during this election campaign maybe about the same number of UKIP candidates have been accused not of real crimes, but merely of THOUGHT CRIMES; and those people, fewer than 1% of all the UKIP candidates, have been assiduously drawn to the attention of the public through the mass media while the arrest of Tory, Labour and LibDem councillors has been largely ignored by the same media.

    And we know who has been principally responsible for trawling through the back stories of over 2000 UKIP candidates to dig up whatever dirt they can find, and we know who has been feeding the stories to the media, apparently even with an arrangement with the newspapers that they will be provided with a stream of salacious stories provided they go easy on the Tories.

    As I have repeatedly said, there are still many decent patriotic people who are members of the Tory party, and it may be asked how they will feel about the despicable behaviour of those leading their party; perhaps we will get some indication the next time the party publishes its membership figures.

  • Tigger

    Is it ‘dirty tactics’ to report on what various candidates have PUBLICLY stated – by twitter, facebook, etc? Or is it ‘fair’ that we be left in ignorance as to what so many of UKIP’s candidates espouse?
    Although UKIP immediately disowns the candidates who have been outed for their grubby little views, this does point to the party preferring this type of candidate.
    One has to wonder why?

    But another point. Do you think the candidates for other parties are innocent of such views? If they had such skeletons in their closets, don’t you think they would/should have been revealed?
    The vast number of unsavoury UKIP candidates vs the lack of scandal attaching to those of other parties tells its own story.

    • Denis_Cooper

      You do realise that there are over 2000 UKIP candidates?

      And what is the “vast number” of those 2000+ that the Tory party has been able to finger for saying, or maybe thinking, the wrong things?

      If there was ever any chance that I would vote for the Tory party in the future the utterly disgusting behaviour of those leading it has finished that forever, I would never vote for a party controlled by such scum.

      • GUBU

        But would you live next door to them?

        • Denis_Cooper

          Next door to whom?

          The high class low llfe who control the Tory party?

          • GUBU

            Who would you prefer?

            Gheorghiu, Gottfried or Grant?

            • Denis_Cooper

              Who would you prefer?

      • Tigger

        I don’t think the Tory party is to blame … they’ve been ‘out’ing themselves, innit? Like lemmings ….
        I won’t vote Tory. But tell me, would YOU vote for a party controlled by UKIP scum?

        • James Lovelace

          I’m voting UKIP. As is my asian husband.

          • Tigger

            James – Do you really think you’d have that husband if UKIP was in power?

            • James Lovelace

              You probably won’t see my reply, because it’s gone into “moderation”

              • Tigger

                I recently read in pinknews how much Farage likes gays and thinks marriage is a great idea. Then I went to the UKIP website and read how much they opposed it, fighting tooth and nail to have the legislation dropped.

                • James Lovelace

                  If you are claiming that this is UKIP policy, I put it to you that you are lying.

                  If you are saying that these are comments left on the UKIP website, then I put it to you that the fascist Left may well be the people placing these comments. I happen to know a prominent UKIP member who is gay and has been with the party for years. The fascist Left would go to English Defence League demonstrations and do a Sieg Heil salute for the cameras. Just like the fascist Left had no problem going to a UKIP meeting and pretending to be Romanians.

                • Tigger

                  I have no time at all for liars, James. I don’t know it they’ve altered their website since, but you might like to look there before accusing me.
                  I don’t think the left (‘facist left’ seems like a contradiction in terms, but what do i know?) put stuff up there, but if they do, why isn’t it taken down? Re the psuedo Romanians – I understand that they told the press they were NOT Romanians, so pretending what, precisely?

                • James Lovelace

                  I put it to you that you have been exposed (with your 20 comments in 1 day & your profiel set to hidden). What you claimed was UKIP policy was indeed written by trolls of the fascist Left.

                  And you clearly are ignorant about what fascism and National SOCIALISM were and are. Mussolini was a socialist, as was Hitler and Oswald Mosley. Even if Mussolini was not a socialist until his dying day, anyone who looks at the manifesto of the Italian Fascist Party or the National Socialist German Workers Party can see they were socialist manifestos.

                  ‘”I don’t think the left (‘facist left’ seems like a contradiction in terms, but what do i know?) put stuff up there, but if they do, why isn’t it taken down?”‘

                  Because taking stuff down is the behaviour of fascists (as exemplified by the behaviour of Unite Against Fascism and Hope Not Hate). Groups who believe in freedom of speech leave such things up, and permit debate to take place. That YOU think such things should not be voiced shows that you find fascism and censorship very amenable.

                  Go to the Hope Not Hate Facebook page, and ask them a question about islamo-nazism. Your question will be deleted and you will be banned within 30 minutes of one of those fascists reading it.

                • Tigger

                  Jimmy dear, keep right on putting it. The way you foam at the mouth is positively delightful.
                  And …thank you for the invitation to villify you, libel you, etc. with impunity and without risk to myself. (As you say, you believe in free speech so you couldn’t sue me without looking a complete idiot.)
                  However, I won’t do that. Because I believe that there’s a responsibility beyond free speech, and that is to the truth.
                  I note, from some of your other posts, that you place little value on that. But then, that’s typical of your UKIP coterie and its mindset.

                • James Lovelace

                  “As you say, you believe in free speech so you couldn’t sue me without looking a complete idiot.”

                  Not only do you demonstrate your ignorance about the politics & behaviour of fascists and National Socialists, you clearly are unable to read.

                  I pointed out that groups like UKIP and the EDL believe in freedom of speech, which affords stooges like you an opportunity to spread all sorts of misinformation and deception in the fora of those organisations. I spent 30 years as a lefty, so I understand the need to treat the fascist Left with the same behaviour they dole out to others. I would recommend that groups like UKIP be less naive in their commitment to freedom of speech. Just like christians can’t survive genocide by muslims by pacifism, so the only way to deal with the fascist Left is with their own weapons.

                • Tigger

                  ” I spent 30 years as a lefty, ” Ah, I see, you’re used to being an extremist and find the habit hard to break. Many in your pitiful situation find psychotherapy a great help.

                • Tigger

                  “Just like christians can’t survive genocide by muslims by pacifism, so the only way to deal with the fascist Left is with their own weapons.”

                  So you’re anti muslim as well? Keep digging ….

                • Tigger

                  Keep digging, Jimmy ….

    • Penny

      If the objective is reasonable – i.e. to get the measure of those in local government then it may be fair. But if it isn’t applied across the political spectrum and only applied to one party then I’d say it is dirty tactics. And perhaps a bit dicey for all parties given that, as you rightly point out, grubby views are not limited to one particular party.

      Where I would disagree with you is in your use of the words “..this does point to the party *preferring* this type of candidate”, because it seems unlikely that there is such a preference. Of course, approval processes (and I’ve been through them myself) are likely to vary from party to party, and from one political level to another. At the lower end of the scale – parish or town councillor, the process would be probably less rigorous than at the PPC level. When I went through this process – albeit not with UKIP – there was absolutely nothing in place to assess my personal views on sensitive issues. And even if it had, how would the panel have known if I was lying and saying what they wanted to hear?. It must be very difficult for selection committees to judge the inner mind of a candidate and, questioning aside, the best they can do is give them a set of criteria along with the warning that breaching it will mean that they are de-selected or out of the party.

  • Steed

    Oh look… racism in the Labour party…

    Haringey Labour councillor Pauline Gibson found guilty of “reckless” racism slurs:

    MP Diane Abbott ‘sorry’ over Twitter race comments:

    Racism Festers in Lambeth Labour:

    Labour Party Accused Of Racial Discrimination:

    Expelled councillors accuse Labour Party of racism:

    Independent Labour refuse to participate in institutional racism investigation at Harrow Council:

    Labour MP in ‘racist’ photo:

    That’s a quick google search – imagine if all these came at once, how racist Labour would look. Most people can see this smear campaign for what it really is.

    • Bill_der_Berg

      Shhhh! You are not supposed to notice that.

    • Tigger

      Please give us a list of Tory ones. and Liberal, and Green ones. and any other party you can think of.
      I believe in FULL disclosure.

      • Bill_der_Berg

        Not long ago you declared that all the parties except UKIP were free of scandal. Surely you had FULL disclosure before you came out with that gem?

      • James Lovelace

        “I believe in FULL disclosure.”

        Says the account which is set to “private”, and which has only come into existence in the last 24 hours.

  • Bill_der_Berg

    Diane Abbot has described Nigel Farage’s comments about Romanians as ‘classically racist’. This prompted Guido fawkes to remind us of an effort by her to foster good race relations – ‘White people love playing divide and rule’.

  • Holly

    Then the press shake their collective heads in disbelief at why they need sorting out.