The Axelrod Effect

21 May 2014

12:08 PM

21 May 2014

12:08 PM

Are we finally seeing the effect of Ed Miliband’s expensive investment in David Axelrod? As the New Republic pointed out in 2010:

‘Food mishaps are central to the Axelrod mystique. He was famous during the campaign for having disabled a BlackBerry with a stray piece of donut glaze. He once convened a meeting with a gravity-defying clump of oatmeal clinging to the frame of his glasses.’

The magic touch of Obama’s famous strategist, hired at for inordinate sum by the Labour Party, seems to be rubbing off on Ed as he visited Covent Garden Flower Market this morning for a bacon sarnie.

Miliband in difficulties. (Image: Evening Standard)

Miliband in difficulty. (Image: Evening Standard)

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  • SemiPartisanSam

    David Axelrod, Jim Messina, whatever the latest Obama administration import and whichever party hires them, it’s all the same:

    It is a terrible indictment of the British political system that both Labour and the Conservatives – our two ‘polar opposites’, the alpha and the omega of our choices come election day – are either so intellectually bankrupt or coldly calculating that they can both recruit from same same American political talent pool and still present themselves to the British public as though they are different as chalk and cheese.

    At least there’s UKIP.

  • James Allen

    I think you should be ashamed of yourself for publishing such a picture.

  • Tim

    It’s a low blow, I agree but….

    I think the Tories should use this picture next year at the GE with the slogan, “Are you sure you want him as your PM?”

  • Aberrant_Apostrophe

    Are we absolutely certain that Axelrod is being paid by Labour, and not by one of the other parties? If they are, I’d ask for my money back.

  • Ken_Johns

    Well, having heard that Peter Sallis’s voice over of Wallace (Wallace & Gromit) will end now due to his advancing years (over 90 I believe!), maybe Ed could do a very good job of the Wallace character. It wouldn’t take much practice as he’s almost there now. Now if only he could only practice the Yorkshire accent, he’d be in with a chance!

  • ButcombeMan

    There will BE no Axelrod effect.

    The two countries are too different and Brits are nothing like as politically stupid or as manageable as US citizens.

    I am always amazed at US politics and the poor quality of those thrown up as Presidential contenders, given their population size.

    • tastemylogos

      > Brits are nothing like as politically stupid or as manageable as US citizens.

      What snobbsh bolloggs. You not heard of the tea party? Or the fact that away from the east coast, DC is despised?

      > I am always amazed at US politics and the poor quality of those thrown up as Presidential contenders

      I agree. Appalling. Shocking. But it is not a phenomenon specific to America, is it?

      Blair, Brown, Cameron, Howard, Duncan-Smith, Clegg, Millibellend.

      You sound incredibly ignorant and a snob too.

  • Mike Hockley

    Rather poor, Steerpike.

  • lojolondon

    Being Jewish (allegedly) he is showing his discomfort at eating a bacon sarnie.

    • Airey Belvoir

      This is what happens when you import a pricey Yank who knows only of bagels, pastrami sandwiches and the like. If he was doing his job, he would have had the crusts cut off first.

    • Grumpy

      He eat like a “Peruvian”. Nothing to do with South American country. The Jewish community will know what I mean.

  • Bluesman_1

    There are many, very many, sticks to beat Citizen Miliband with but his demeanour at table is not one of them. Is this the first evidence of mission creep as attacks on UKIP fail?

    There, I’ve defended the socialist.

    • First L

      Many political sticks to beat Miliband with – true. But no one’s beating him with this. We’re just laughing at him.

  • windsock

    I bet you look pretty when you’re eating. Masticate in style. This is just childish.

    • fundamentallyflawed

      Its childish, but its still a most un-statesmen like picture