Taxi firm Addison Lee’s spiteful prank on ITN

23 May 2014

3:23 PM

23 May 2014

3:23 PM

Mini-cab firm Addison Lee exacted cold revenge on ITN last night at about the worst possible time. Slap bang in the middle of the election coverage, they cancelled the news provider’s taxi account.

ITN had recently announced that they would be moving the company account to a rival firm, and Addison Lee did not take this news well – suspending their account in the middle of the night on one of the busiest news nights of the year. In a frantic email to all their staff – and crucially the guest bookers – ITN bosses vented their anger:

‘Our decision to move to Green Tomato is based on a number of factors including cost, the quality of service and their commitment to environmental sustainability. ITN has acted in a professional manner throughout our dealings with Addison Lee and we are very disappointed that they have adopted such aggressive tactics in responding to our choice to move to a new supplier.

Clearly, we are extremely frustrated by Addison Lee’s behaviour and we have made clear in the strongest possible terms the operational impact that their decision is likely to have upon us and our staff.’

The taxi wars in London are getting very dirty.

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  • Ragtrade

    To wimsb and others: Without ITN & their ilk we wouldn’t know about damage to the environment or any other corruption or negative stuff that goes on in this world we live in. Yes there are some hideous news media orgs out there and at least one of them has disappeared in the recent past – but ITN, BBC and SKY news are all providing us all with fairly accurate information about the perpetrators of environmental and social abuse and the effect it has been having on us and the world we live in – Fossil fuel companies being the biggest and dirtiest. And, yes we are all part of the problem including me – all driving CO2 discharging machines, pulling power/gas out of the utilities companies etc, flying to far away places. Thank god that there are decent and efficient News organisations such as ITN who operate at minimal cost and energy use (they won’t be around long if they don’t compete on efficiency) – How efficient are you wimsb? Well, like me you don’t have to compete with anyone in the way that such companies do, but consideration of your own energy usage including not wasting your breath on ill thought comments might help alleviate the problems our planet has in small but positive ways. Have a good day as you go about your life contributing to our planets problems. I will be doing my best to do the same – good day! (spoiled media fairies? – No, most of them probably earn less than the taxi drivers or their bosses you refer to and a lot more honest!!).

  • John C

    Well done Addison Lee. I congratulate your company for its appropriate and dignified response .

  • NoMoreHeroes

    Funny but not very professional by Addison Lee. This might well lose them more business.

  • James Lovelace

    So the media don’t like it when others play as dirty as they do.

  • Terry Field

    Good for the taxi firm – and stuff the arrogant TV leeches – and if the Snow was inconvenienced, that would be wonderful indeed.

  • Danielle Nay

    Green Tomato operate only hybrid vehicles (Toyota Prius). Since nobody commenting here seems to be aware of this – or indeed ever to have heard of the brand – the ITN story is clearly the best bit of PR to happen to Green Tomato since they launched a few years back!

  • BobH2003

    If only we, the general public could tear up the “contract” with the Westminster elite as quickly and immediately.
    “Sorry LibLabCon, time’s up and you’ve all got to walk home, make sure you shut the door behind you”

  • Peter Stroud

    I suggest the climate warmists had a lot to do with the decision

  • Gwangi

    Well, ITN asked for it. Good for Addison Lee!

    I do the same sort of thing if any of my customers try and shaft me; I shaft em back twice as hard hee hee!

  • James Salvatore

    “and their commitment to environmental sustainability.”…. what a bunch of twats. Talk about disconnect between the ‘elites’ and the rest of us………..

  • transponder

    Eh? A taxi company has to respond to ‘environmental sustainability’? I think the world will still be here tomorrow, even though the greenies vandalise it at will with wind turbines that depress residents, kill wildlife, pollute soil, etc….

    Meanwhile, ITN is so far up its own fundament, it’s amazing it can function at all.

  • chris_xxxx

    What is their environmental sustainability? Are they using bio diesel? Planting trees to offset the carbon emissions?

    • Penny

      Images of a taxi fleet manned by Fred Flinstone-type driving sprang to mind there.

  • bwims

    WTF does “commitment to environmental sustainability” mean? Electric cabs? ITN are part of the problem with our country!

    • John C

      It means that the taxi-driver can retain his grass-skirt that had been plucked from renewable sources just prior to his embarking to Lampedusa.

  • Hexhamgeezer

    ‘Journos in slight inconvenience Shocker’

  • RoadrunnerNick

    What amazing conduct! I wonder whether Addison Lee considered whether it is opening itself up to a civil action from ITN.

    • andagain

      I look forward to ITN’s in-depth investigation into London taxi firms, revealing that Addison Lee is the worst of them by far.

  • Kevin T

    Get a night bus then, you spoiled media fairies.

    • RV Vadgama

      The cabs are for GUESTS, not staff.

      • roger

        So where is my reply about public transport? Oh, i put down Thatcher and here comment about bus passengers.

  • Tim Reed

    Pretty spiteful, really, and not a great advert for their business.
    Hopefully others will not renew their contracts with this firm, without the advance warning though.

    • post_x_it

      How would that work then? Presumably if your contract is set to expire next week and you haven’t made any arrangements to renew it, then AL will have a pretty good idea that you have no intention to. You’d have to come up with a pretty elaborate bluff.

      • andagain

        Negociate a contract with someone else, and then cancel the contract with Addison Lee without notice.

        • Ulysses Jefferson

          that would depend on the terms of the existing Contract, if there is one. Normally there isn’t because taxi proprietors aren’t usually that savvy and as usual, customers think they can treat em like shet…they’re only taxi drivers after all.

          • andagain

            Well, Addison Lee clearly believes it can tear up the contract on no notice without penalty, so presumably its customers can do the same.

  • MaxSceptic

    This is of utmost importance to those of us who live in the countryside.

    • channel.fog

      And about as important to those of us who live in London and don’t work for ITN or Addison Lee.

      Tomorrow: Lidl ran out of milk yesterday.

    • John C