I’ve had it with the insufferable London elite. Have you?

22 May 2014

11:25 PM

22 May 2014

11:25 PM

‘I’ve had it with these people. They are so smug; they think they know everything and they know nothing. They want a good kick in the face.’

So said a close friend of mine, more usually a Labour voter, before she went out to vote for Ukip earlier today. I think it was the Jasmine Lawrence thing which tipped her over the edge. Jasmine is, improbably enough, the boss of the BBC’s News Channel. She had ‘tweeted’ that Ukip was a sexist and racist party – yesterday.


Of course, she should be sacked. Right now. The BBC’s News Channel is supposedly impartial – that’s what we pay for, an impartial service. Either that or the BBC should accept that all of its employees possess political views and there is no problem in having them aired. But it will not sign up to that more enlightened position because it knows that 90 per cent of them are as smug, and stupid, and bien pensant as Jasmine.

But it wasn’t just Jasmine, it was a whole bunch of other stuff too. The splenetic fury which the London elite sprays, mindlessly, upon those who do not agree with its views. I’ve had it with these people too, to tell you the truth.

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  • Damaris Tighe

    I hear you Rod but have you resigned from the Labour Party yet?

  • dalai guevara

    Rod, if you are peed off I suggest you come off it and chill rather quickly – in a Oakenfold kinda way – otherwise the Oakeshotts are set to hand out cold turkey sandwiches the morning after.

  • Kasperlos

    With UKIP’s showing we just, just might be turning a historical corner in the battle to rid the 30 odd years of twisted engineered memes that have been foisted upon us by the self-serving clique from the political, academic, media and backroom operative quango worlds. The BBC long ago lost their impartiality and classy touch to ape the American media, which is all infomercial and infotainment, but no substance. Reporters and presenters spout personal views, from the weatherman saying ‘you should wear this or that today’ to the traffic reporter admonishing us to turn on our headlights at dark, to the presenter slipping in commentiary on the story they just read, including sermon-like moralising. Enough already. For some unknown reason, some television news folks see their job as a platform of personal pravda. Who asked them? No one, but the viewer can only hear and see them whilst they can’t hear us scream at the telly telling them to shut up. They love their secure one-way communication device. Television news has morped into an organ of the sinister nanny state and rendered adult viewers to eternal primary school student status: listen, but do not speak unless asked. Return to journalism 101 and give us the who, what, where, why, and how of it and skip the faux commentary. It started out sneakedly, but is now outright in your ear naked. Would be nice to read the BBC job description for reporters and presenters; wonder if it’s stamped ‘ministry of disinformation’. Welcome to Orwell’s 2014.

  • Lungfish66

    Sorry, I don’t actually read the text nowadays, just go straight to the comments! But I perhaps make an exception for Liddle’n’Delingpole.

  • Lungfish66

    I’v had it with the insufferable London effete, have you mate?- yes I fackin have you cant, Oyve ad wiv the fackin moozlim cants-

    • Lungfish66

      quite so, I have too old chap.

      • Lungfish66

        Or maybe something in the middle. That’s the beauty of UKIP.

  • Lungfish66

    I love daft Russia

  • Lungfish66

    Interesting, theyare playing this in Ukraine tonight

  • Lungfish66

    he’s very rude

  • David davis

    In the Libertarian Alliance, we dub it the British Political Enemy-Class.

    It comprises that class of persons mainly coming from the upper boureoisie. This outfit knows how to get its children into “Russel Group Universities” as opposed to “Unis”. [A] “Uni” (described as “going to Uni”) is where the children of what remains of the Old White Working Class are induced to go, in order to get them into unpayable debt while making them believe they are “equally valued”.

    The BPEC are thus GramscoFabiaNazis.

  • Terry Field

    A multi-cultural, multi-racial, multi-tasking, multi-personalitied, multi-moneid, multi-sexualpractising, latte-swilling, quinoa chomping, Milliband-loving, diesel-breathing, NHS visiting laboratory experimentation.
    The countryside is the place to live – but since there is none left in England, one has little choice but to more abroad.
    Somewhere like Scotland, France, North Korea. After London, somewhere normal.

    • Neil Gardner

      NuLab lobbyists tend to have second homes in rural France. After lecturing allegedly ignorant indigenous Brits on the benefits of mass immigration requiring more urban sprawl and a busier transport network, they retreat to their dachas, just like apparatchiks in the old Soviet Union.

      • Terry Field

        Yes, I saw one the other day.
        Bagged him with me twelve-bore, had him stuffed and now his unsmiling personage hangs from over the barn door.
        He mumbled something like ‘Why don’t you appreciate my multicultural diversity? as he bit the dust.
        Strange chap; obviously deranged.
        Saw it as me duty to put him out of his misery.

      • Jonathan Sidaway

        Yes, interesting point. Mark Steyn years ago joked that Guardian-types (sorry for the shorthand, but I have never met a G-reader I’ve liked) were so keen on ‘Europe’, the CAP and so forth because they did not want the view from their converted millhouse in Perigord spoiled by any of the signs of economic success. Anyway, politics is the rationalization of prejudice.

  • chopperthecat

    Did anyone see the interview Kirsty Wark did with Rod, for her program about misogyny? Rod said something similar about the smugness of the ”middle class Left”, and the camera panned quickly to Wark who could be seen, for a splendid spit second, actually physically grimacing at his attack on HER.
    There can be absolutely no doubt about it. The BBC must be full to bursting with those who don’t even deny what they are any more.

  • ohforheavensake

    Got to admit, Rod, this review of your recent book nails you exactly-

    Final paragraph (for those who wouldn’t dare click on a link to The Guardian)-

    As to why Liddle is so feared up, a whole gamut of possibilities suggests itself: he provides enough personal information in this book to keep a gang of Hampstead psychotherapists hard at it for years. But on balance I’d opt for a Marxist perspective, purely on the basis that it will wind him up the most: Liddle is a typical petit bourgeois, afraid of either being absorbed into the proletariat he champions, or destroyed by the capitalist bogeyman he excoriates but depends on for his wonga. The cultural cringing of the squeezed intellectual middle is creased into every line of this baggy diatribe, in the form of scores of French loan words, pasquinades poorly aimed at intellectuals he regards as pretentious, and of course that plethora of fucks. The peculiar thing is that I can’t find it in my heart of hearts to dislike the man, I think there’s good in him and that he can change his bilious complexion – whereas it’s altogether impossible for people to change the colour of their skins.

    – That’s you, isn’t it? That’s exactly you.

    • Richard

      ‘Feared up,’? Wtf.

  • English Aborigine


    Hodges has mugged you off as a Grimsby bus driver in his latest polemic on UKIP in the Telegraph.

    He’s not right in the head. His obsession with Farage is consuming him.

  • axolotlltoloxa

    thank god you’re staying behind enemy lines, to represent the interests and views of the 59.9999 million brits who dont live by writing opinion columns. what would we do if we had to represent ourselves? we’d be lost.
    now tell us what we think about the glasgow art school fire, the shooting in the US and the UK’s disappointing showing in the european curling finals.

  • Agrippina

    Yes the media are stinkers. Why is it that there have been no comments on the voting irregularities in Tower Hamlets. All parties are aware that there have been probs there in the past, so you would think that the media would want to observe and report issues, but no they don’t.

    Whenever the religion of peace mob are involved, they are left well alone and not investigated, why, what makes them so special!

    • Donafugata

      Panorama exposed the fiddles going on in the Islamic Republic of TH and Eric Pickles said he was doing something.

      Not only has the corruption gone uninvestigated but the election has gone on as if nothing was wrong.

      How can anyone say that this is democracy?

  • John Smith

    Move back to the Boro Rod ..
    If not, there lies the issue .. .

  • Neil Saunders

    Haven’t we all had it with “these people”?

  • Druth

    A post-election ‘friends with the people’ tummy tickler from the Spectator after weeks of being at our throats.

    Sadly Rod I’ve got you down as part of the guilty MSM. In fact all you Spectator hacks have been involved in the orchestrated UKIP smears.

    Sure we’ve got trolls who make ridiculous comments and badge themselves up as UKIP below the line, but you guys are ‘supposed’ to be working to a much higher standard. Nor can you simply dismiss the attacks as just ‘knock about politics’ and UKIPpers as somehow thin skinned.

    The most serious charge is that in not allowing our polices to be fairly debated the democratic process has been perverted. You cannot have democracy without a free press.

    If the expenses scandal illustrated the veniality at the heart of Westminster then
    our treatment in this election illustrates how thoroughly partisan and corrupt our paid for media are.

    We will probably come first in the EU election tomorrow, that will in no way make the results ‘fair’ or refute the accusation that British democracy, so called. is just a straight forwards sham.

  • global city

    This is the most fantastic summing up of the insufferable smugness and self righteous minds that make up the London bubble.

  • Gwangi

    Me too! I had it years ago and it was one reason I left London. These cnuts are so utterly divorced from reality, what with their multi-million pound houses, their privileged backgrounds, their ideologically idiotic world views, and their lack of real job real life experience – no wonder people voted UKIP in their droves.

    Of course, housing issues do not hurt multimillionaire politicos who read ‘The Guardismug’ – in fact, it enriches them because mass immigration means more pressure on housing means house price rises.

    Miliband owns a £2.5 million house which is now worth 10% more than this time last year. Wow, he really worked for that £250k, didn’t he? Ditto for the others at senior levels in all the main parties.

    And I notice no leftwingers who believe in social justice ever give even ONE penny of their ill-gotten gains to the general population for the greater good – in fact and in effect, that is money stolen from others and future generations, Yet the left just don’t get it, do they? Greedy sods.

    Anyone who refuses to spout their diversity drivel and pc platitudes gets accused of being waycist and secksist and the dreaded ‘right wing’ (always meaning ‘completely wrong’ in Leftish language) – anyone who for example argues that immigrants should integrate and that we shouldn’t allow women to wander round wearing one woman tents and masks, despite that being the police of leftwing parties in places such as France (are French socialists right wing now too?)
    Just back from the continent and the lack of pc of diversity in Italy was very refreshing indeed. It made a change to have the TV news read by natives of the country I was visiting – not aliens in headscarfs and however many ethnic tickie boxy bods the TV producers could squeeze onto the screen.

  • allymax bruce

    “The splenetic fury which the London elite sprays, mindlessly, upon those who do not agree with its views”

    Ahh, Rod!
    You’re referring to Hugo Rifkind!

  • pdhan

    100% of the board, editors and owners of this mag is a deeply entrenched part of the insufferable London elite.

    • pdhan

      But possibly only 95% of its writers. The remaining 5% don’t include Rod Little tho

    • Gwangi

      Try looking up those on the board of the smuggest paper of all – The Guardian. All Islingtonistas; all millionaires; all leftie hypocrite champagne socialists. And all – laughably – pretending to be living ordinary normal lives and spouting drivel in mockney accents to try and prove it. Wakners!

  • evad666

    Time both the National and Local BBC were purged of the Guardianista tendency.

  • madasafish

    Insufferable member of the London elite writes that he cannot stand himself and his friends…because they are insufferable.

    Next week he will be telling us he’s human.

  • transponder

    Good on ya, Rod! That’s why I love you (in a sound non-freaky way; do I need to sign an affidavit with my lawyer?). How about a new Internet-friendly statement of supportive non-kookiness, called the Daffidavit? Reminds of Daffy Duck, daffodils, and all things nice and goofiful. : )

  • General_Patten

    Touche. I have a job which takes me all around the world on business. I work for a major French corporation and I like to think I am a normal well adjusted person. I am sick to death of these Westminster pr*cks telling me that if I vote for UKIP I must be a racist uninformed, sexist, homophobe “little Englander” who wants to “pull up the drawbridge” etc etc.
    This normally comes from some elite who has worked 0 years / 0 days / 0 minutes in the private sector and knows nothing about running a business.
    UKIP will have my vote in every election now. Screw them!

    • Jazatw

      “I am sick to death of these Westminster pr*cks telling me that if I vote for UKIP I must be a racist uninformed, sexist, homophobe “little Englander” who wants to “pull up the drawbridge” etc etc.”

      If the cap fits …

      • Darnell Jackson

        Are you fucking stupid?

  • global city

    Yes. Cruely exposed as being utterly vaccuous, just passing round and reporting as ‘insight’ eah others factoids and spite.

    I pointed out last week how for two days ALL of the young turks of the flaperati were repeating the meme that Farage was basically unintelligent and did not know about things like the EU and it’s benefits…. all of them… thus exposing their own utter ignorance of the EU and their inability to research a column piece properly.

  • Lucy Sky Diamonds

    You cannot kick the house cat day in day out then expect it to jump up and purr on your lap when you tap your thigh.