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Purple haze: inside Ukip’s victory party

26 May 2014

7:22 PM

26 May 2014

7:22 PM

The self-styled anti-establishment ‘People’s Army’ chose the most expensive hotel in Westminster to announce the professionalisation of their party machine. Nigel Farage’s post-European election press conference was completely stage managed — from the security on the door to the lack of questions from the floor, right down to the moment he was whisked away from the InterContinental Westminster in a blacked out Land Rover with his key donor Paul Sykes.

But Ukip were not done yet, Farage presumably just drove round the block a few times because he was soon back sinking a vat of merlot at his victory party — which your correspondent attempted to crashed with various degrees of success. Obviously without an invite, Mr S didn’t receive the dress code. There was a similar theme running through everyone’s outfits. This guy got it:


So did he:
As did this chap, who will be the next Ukip MEP in East Midlands if Roger Helmer wins the Newark by-election:
Depending who you ask it’s either the colour of power or sexual frustration, but it was purple everywhere. The lights:
Even the carpet:
It was akin to a purple cult, though not a very loving one. No sooner had Mr S chatted to Roger Helmer about his chances of becoming an MP (slim), clocked Neil Hamilton chatting to a Peter Stringfellow lookalike, and wondered whether William Hague and Iain Duncan Smith’s former PR man Nick Wood had defected, he was tapped on the shoulder. At first he thought the wee chap was joking, but no — he really was being booted out.

Mr S can’t think what it was that upset the delicate Frau Farage, but his dismissal from the purple haze was apparently at the personal behest of the leader’s wife. Perhaps he’s just too much of a dangerous rebel for the new establishment.

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  • bwims

    I think you were kicked out for being a muck-raking slimy Tory fanboy. Am I wrong?

  • freddiethegreat

    Just to adopt an old slogan: “the purple shall govern.”

  • Jimmy Sands

    “he was whisked away from the InterContinental Westminster in a blacked out Land Rover with his key donor Paul Sykes”

    They celebrated with a key party?

    They really are throwbacks.

  • Bill Sticker

    There was once a tee total non smoking vegetarian who pitted his wits against a hard smoking lover of all kinds of alcholic beverages. the latter was Winston Churchill and the rest as they say is history!

  • procapitalist

    you know why you were kicked out – you called ukip a racist party on tv last week…what did you expect from ukip caviar and champagne?

  • Mike_Smith_Gloucester

    Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit!

  • Dogzzz

    So… you gatecrash a party, insult the guests and wonder why you were asked to leave and then write this sneering piece of drivel about it? Is this really the logical deficit of those who clearly still do not “get” UKIP?

    And the establishment have the gall to state that UKIP support comes from people who are under-educated? After reading this article, it is clearly a case that those who do not “get” UKIP are complete and utter idiots.

  • English Aborigine

    Were your flies undone

    maybe you hadn’t noticed

  • colinintokyo

    Why do you refer to yourself in the third person it is so idiotic. If you had no invitation why shoudln’t you be thrown out? Maybe they just don’t like you. Can anyone, invited or not, just turn up at your parties?

  • The Commentator

    Was any of that really worth putting in print and sharing with the world? Time you found yourself a job!

  • jazz606

    It’s a shame that he didn’t literally get booted out .

  • Lady Magdalene

    Perhaps Mrs Farage can identify an arrogant b@stard when she sees one and decided the Party could do without one.

  • Sapporo

    Yet more sneering. You hacks are just sad and bitter. Sad because an upstart political party is ruining your cosy stich-up with the political elite and bitter, because journalism is now a declining, second rate job.

    • dmitri the impostor

      Nicely skewered but ‘second rate’ is generous. Second order parasitic would be nearer the mark.

  • Gary Wintle

    What is the UKIPs position on European governments owning most of our infrastructure?

    What will they do about the German state rail forcing British taxpayers to fund German railways?

    What will they do about EDF taxing British people to fund the French energy infrastructure?

    • Tim


  • you_kid

    I had a purple tie once, in the Eighties.

    • Aberrant_Apostrophe

      Ah, but was it a purple kipper tie?

      • Wessex Man

        no they used to tie his baby bonnett on with it!

  • Tim

    Steerpike = wanker

  • chris_xxxx

    Man gatecrashes party and gets booted out. He doesn’t like it, and writes an article on it.


  • Aberrant_Apostrophe

    Sneerpike, the reason UKIP had to use the InterContinental Westminster, which isn’t the most expensive hotel in London by any stretch of the imagination BTW, was that the LibDems had pre-booked all the Best Western hotels.

  • statechaos

    What has happened to the Rotten Borough that is Tower Hamlets article? Why can’t I find it? what has happened to freedom of speech??

    • Alison

      If you press the button that looks like a cross between an arrow and a fork of lightning at the top, between the head button and the magnifying glass button you find a list of the top 10 blogs, it is about third or fourth in that list.

  • Kitty MLB

    Aw ! How cute little yellow and purple balloons, to match
    the carpet.

    • Wessex Man

      at least we know how to party! you’re just a jealous girl Kitty!

  • Double Gloucester

    He described Nigel Farage’s remarks about Romanians as “deeply unsavoury” & tantamount to r*acist. Hardly surprising UKIP didn’t want him gatecrashing their party.

  • Double Gloucester

    S*teerpike is H*arry C*oles of G*uido F*awkes whose anti UKIP posts had G*uido’s regulars up in arms pre-election.

  • Double Gloucester

    Moderators deleting my posts explaining why the author is unpopular with UKIP. Spectator censorship reaches new depths.

    • girondas

      What did you say?
      Come on sneak it in quick while the censors aren’t watching

      • Double Gloucester

        @Girondas – I see they’ve deleted your response to me as well but I have it in the original email sent to me by Disqus. They have also deleted one of my two posts above. They are trying to protect the author’s identity. Google “Nigel Farage” and “deeply unsavoury” to find out who he is.

  • RnwMaps

    So UKIP are damned for being amateurs, now they are taking things more seriously and you condemn them for that? Then some snide comments about holding a victory party after a historic election result the like of which the UK hasn’t seen for a century. At least no taxpayer money was involved. First and last time I’ll be reading this blog. The Spectator is such a low-mark rag, exemplified by its editor that suck-up Fraser Nelson

  • maurice12brady

    steerpike — an observation from a grade A 9rick — with little to add to the conversation!

  • David davis

    Well – if you weren’t invited,
    then whyever did you go?

    I only ask this simple thing
    because I want to know.

    (I am a poet and
    You do not know it.)

  • cmp679

    They thought it was time for you to bed down in a gutter somewhere.

  • GeeBee36_6

    Since when was that epitome of all that is vulgar, the Intercontinental Hotel, ‘the most expensive in Westminster’? Have you not heard of the Langham? Claridges? The Connaught?

    It appears that whatever establishment had been selected it would have some aspect of it a) misrepresented and b) invoked as being undemocratic, not sufficiently demotic, not in keeping with a populist party, not – but why go on? It appears that Mr Stock-Upstart-Character-from-Mad-Mervyn-Peake is no more than a paid up member of the Cathedral, masquerading as a renegade. It’s all been done before Mr S: and it’s just as tedious as ever.

    • bugalugs2

      Steerpike has never been invited to those sort of places, and probably wouldn’t be allowed in anyway …

    • SimonToo

      What about the Lanesborough, The Dorchester, Grosvenor House, possibly even The Ritz or The Savoy? All of them cheaper than the Inter-Continental, then?

      • GeeBee36_6

        Exactly. In fact I somehow typed ‘Langham’ when thinking of the Lanesborough (the former being quite modest, in terms of the company it keeps in the West End). I’ve now edited that.

    • global city

      There used to be loads of little music/culture mags in Liverpool, produced by kids and sold downtown. The more successful and long lived ones sometimes tried to expand from the core subject (usually local bands/live music scene, etc). Being as at this stage the kids behind venture ‘a’ or what ever was still only 15, you often got articles at the level of the one above.

      This is fine for 15 year olds just finding their feet and exploring ideas, but how come Steerpike is still at that level?

      • GeeBee36_6


  • The_Missing_Think

    “…to Roger Helmer about his chances of becoming an MP (slim),..”

    “UKIP Top Poll in Newark” – Guido Fawks

    UKIP. = 33%
    Tory.. = 31%
    Lab… = 21%
    Other = 09%
    LibD. = 06%

    • Kitty MLB

      If UKIP win we will see how they handle responsibility,
      assuming people want to be a experiment. But beware
      When people complain about bin collections, you
      cannot ramble on about the EU.Or throw stones
      at the ‘ establishment’ you just joined.

      • Aberrant_Apostrophe

        I didn’t know MPs were responsible for bin collections – I thought that was the local council? Actually, thinking about it, you could be right, as no doubt LibLabCon MPs have spent the past few months volunteering to collect prospective UKIP MEPs’ bins, so they could go through them looking for defamatory paperwork.

        • Mynydd

          It would be about bin collections, if Mr Farage won control of a council, but he failed to do so, therefore bin collections are not his problem.

      • SimonToo

        Does the EU not have rather a lot of say in directing our bin collections?

      • global city

        that makes it impossible for Labour and it’s internationalist focus to get involved in local politics then?

      • Dogzzz

        Actually, the EU has a lot to do with bin collections seeing as the EU will fine the UK a huge amount of money if we fail to meet EU recycling targets. This is why we have so many different bins, containers and bags and have to sort through our rubbish.

        So attacking the EU is very appropriate. The EU effects almost every area of our lives these days.

      • Double Gloucester

        UKIP are doing so well on local issues in Ramsey, Hunts, that they massively increased their vote in last week’s council elections. As a member of my local branch of UKIP I can tell you that we spend a lot of time on local issues such as bin collections. Setting up Aunt Sallies like this does your own party’s cause no good – indeed it destroys your credibility.

    • Radford_NG

      Other?Presumably that is David Bishop(Bus-pass Elvis Party) who I seem to recall beat the Lib Dems in a Nottm Council By election.

    • Double Gloucester

      Mr S saying two different things in two different places!

  • AlexanderGalt

    How could they object to your presence when you’ve been so fair in your analysis. It’s a scandal!

    For my part I hope the Tories go the same way into oblivion as their Canadian counterparts in the 90s.

    There’s’s a funny post about that called: Dave’s Disappointment” at:

  • volcanopete

    Ukip even has its’ own cannabis strain now.This is what it does to you.

    Purple Haze Smoking Effects

    Obviously, with a name like Purple Haze, you had better expect a powerful high that hits you right away. Many people have described this particular high as one that brings on soaring, euphoric feelings that come on fast. Even though you might have some kind of hesitance to that, Purple Haze has consistently been described as comfortable. Sometimes, however, the effects of this strain can be a little too much for some novices. Still, the energetic effects of the rushing, cerebral high eventually give way to a much mellower body high that provides for some relaxation and introspection. Purple Haze is certainly a strain that has a legendary name and a legendary high.

    This must be their secret weapon..

  • Conway

    What a snide article.

  • cargill55

    Farage and UKIP have a vision, the Liblabcon oligarchy just has self interest , abuse of our political system, cronies and are parasites on Britain and the British people.
    UKIP v Liblabcon corporate Fascism (Costed , comprehensive 2015 manifesto coming soon.)
    Smaller v big state.
    Sovereign v Britain in a superstate.
    Lower tax and spend v higher tax and spend
    No political correctness or multiculturalism v political correctness and
    multicultural extremism.
    Defend Britain v illegal and unnecessary wars
    Functioning democracy v broken democracy
    Keep nation state v EU superstate
    Controlled v uncontrolled immigration
    Deal with illegal immigrants v let 1 million illegal immigrants stay
    Welfare as a short term basic emergency v welfare as a lifestyle
    Lower tax and spend and balanced books v higher tax and spend and soaring state debt
    Common sense Britain v cronyism, quangocracy, charitocracy, bureaucracy.
    Britain first v Britain last.
    No instant immigrant benefits v immediate immigrant benefits
    EU exit v EU
    Emergency humanitarian aid v £60 billion every 5 years.
    NHS with fewer managers and higher standards v NHS cronyism.
    Tough on Law & Order v Soft on Law & Order
    No unnecessary foreign wars v EU/US expansionism

    • LucieCabrol

      That does sound good , i must say.

    • Hello

      You are, of course, talking absolute rubbish, and you’re confused. I think this is all going to be bloody good fun, isn’t it?

    • Kitty MLB

      And how in reality is this going to happen.
      As me granny used to say fine words butter no parsnips !

      • cargill55

        Keep doing what’s being done.

    • Mynydd

      You forgot to add, doctors tax, £25 each time you visit your GP.

      • Wessex Man

        You sound much like Angela Eagle sniping at Neil Hamilton after the historic victory on Sunday Night/Monday Morning, who said exactly the same and NH came ands named the LABOUR LORD WHO PROPOSED IT. Dear Angela went bright pink and actually shut up for a few minutes which was probably a blessing for the rest of the panel!

        I would have thought you, hello, tele anf Hooky would have learn’t by now that your lying smears don’t work. The general public can see right through them!

        • English Aborigine

          He should’a said

          ‘Calm down Dear

          • Wessex Man

            HE DID to a Labour Biddy on the Sunday Politics (west country part) show after the Bristol North Tory MP had posed in her swimming costume from twenty years ago and the Tory Rep on the show said she looked good and the Labour Biddy started shouting that was sexist!

            Mind looking at the Labour Biddy she probably looked awlful in her’s twenty years ago.

            It was the first time in a long time that I had agreed with a Tory!

      • Dogzzz

        That was proposed as a seriouspotential policy by a Labour Lord and a Conservative MP and has been completely rejected by UKIP.

        Stop believing the lies by labour about UKIP.

  • keith

    all this time slagging them and then get kicked out of their party, cant think why

    • bugalugs2

      A party to which he admits he hadn’t been invited, note.

      • AncientPopeye

        My elbow would have slipped into his ear. Just your average establishment stooge.

    • John Dalton

      Steerpike – sad spiteful pathetic little creature.

  • telemachus

    Thrown out by a Kraut
    You should be ashamed

    • Wessex Man

      How dare you use such a racist remark you should be banned! you horrible person!

  • Earlshill

    I doubt that it was a question of Mr S’s inner rebel. Sounds much more like Mrs F’s innate good taste.

    • telemachus

      You cannot talk about Mrs F’s good taste if you consider her marriage partner
      I hope her liver is in better shape than his

      • Terry Field

        I bet you live on nut cutlets, drink a safe cordial and vote for that nice Mr Billimand.
        I bet you are entirely macrobiotic and GM free.

        • telemachus

          All organic

          • Terry Field

            Too good to be true. What’s your vice, mud wresting? With gays, since its England, I bet.

            • telemachus

              And trannies

              • Ed_Burroughs

                He’s never won a bout though, too weak in the legs.

              • Terry Field

                God man, if you go on like this it will be valves next!

            • bwims

              I bet he’s good at compressing mud too.

      • freddiethegreat

        “Telly make us” – Telly make us do what?

  • Generian

    Are you sure sneering from the side lines is going to help your party the SWP?

    • bugalugs2

      . Error