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Polling council investigates anonymous Lib Dem seats survey

27 May 2014

12:19 PM

27 May 2014

12:19 PM

Who is the mysterious ‘Lib Dem supporter’ behind the ICM poll showing that the Lib Dems would fare very badly next year if Nick Clegg remains leader? ICM have published the poll tables, saying only that the commissioning client is a ‘member of the Liberal Democrats’.

The British Polling Council rules state that its members must refer to the ‘client commissioning the survey’, and there is some suggestion that simply saying the client is a Lib Dem member isn’t quite sufficient. I’ve spoken to the BPC’s Secretary Nick Moon, who says the Council is examining ICM’s disclosure to see whether it complies with the rules. He says:

‘It is a little unclear, we are looking at it, but we’ve never had a case quite like this. It’s not clear whether the rule includes the actual individual.’


The number one suspect being named in party circles is Vince Cable’s ally Lord Oakeshott, although he is not responding to calls for comment currently. The peer doesn’t always act in concert with Cable, but he has made calls in the past few months for the Lib Dems to leave the Coalition early, and Clegg’s team were expecting ‘one last roar’ from him after these elections.

But whoever the commissioning client is, they’ve clearly got enough dosh on hand to commission an ICM poll, and they clearly dislike Nick Clegg sufficiently to commission a poll, too. Enemies with money and enthusiasm are not helpful, whoever they are.

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  • you_kid

    Let’s be brutally honest once more:

    Clegg stepping down would mean that the deck of cards is shuffled once more.
    Clegg stepping down would mean we needed to go to the ballot box again.
    Clegg stepping down would mean the government would end.
    Clegg stepping down would mean General Elections would have to be called early.
    Clegg stepping down would mean that the Union could be saved. It is obvious how.

    Clegg not stepping down means we must not upset the game plan, the game plan
    which is to rid ourselves of Scotland. The outcome of Clegg stepping down would be incalculable. That is why it will be resisted at ALL cost.

    That is why all trolls have now been instructed to remain silent.

  • Swiss Bob

    According to Mike Smithson there is no requirement to name the person commissioning the poll, which makes this post somewhat redundant.

    • the viceroy’s gin

      …not for the bubble media muppets. It’s all about the circus for them.

  • London Calling

    The truth is, therer is no one to replace clegg, the question is will he jump or will he be pushed?…………..

    • Martin Adamson

      It’s like arguing about who is going to be the next Emperor of Byzantium, isn’t it?

  • Mynydd

    We don’t need an ICM poll to show that the Lib Dems would fare very badly next year if Nick Clegg remains leader. In the 2010 general election, with Mr Clegg at the peak of his popularity, the Lib Dems lost seats. The days of ‘I agree with Nick’ are long past their sell by date, therefore it was odds on that the Lib Dems would also loose seats in 2015, even with good local and European election results .

  • Hello

    You have to love Oakeshott, don’t you. He’s what would happen if Woody Allen made a film about Machiavelli.

    • telemachus

      Simon Hughes is behind this

      • Hello

        Is he now? In any case, the LibDems have been reminded of the sort of treacherous little bast*rds they might be letting in if they call a leadership contest.

        • telemachus

          Clegg is safe until next May 8
          Then Alexander will step forward
          Cable will be asked by Miliband to stay on at business

          • Hello

            Oh yeh? Is Miliband aware that you’ve put together a Cabinet for him? What are you going to do with Chuka?

            • Wessex Man

              Well the comments from you both assume there will be any Lib/dum MPs left after the next election which is a sound place to start your debate!

            • telemachus

              Chuka is a superstar who is destined for higher things
              In due course he will replace Ed Balls as Leader

          • Kitty MLB

            Little wasp. Do you no longer think your great party can go it alone. You need help from our coalition partners. You would eat them alive and they know it. But what a combination
            what can one say. Oh yes Majority Conservative Government
            will win the day.

            • telemachus

              No Kitty
              We want him fully on board

  • MalcolmRedfellow

    Once again the old political truth: your opponents are over there; your enemies are behind you.

    Oh, and it’s time to reboot the mid-1960s New Statesman pocket cartoon of a disconsolate George Brown, knife between shoulder-blades, saying, “It wouldn’t hurt so much if people didn’t keep patting me on the back.”

    • Kitty MLB

      Very good, and maybe . Is this a dagger I see before me.
      Who is Brutus that’s what we need to know.