Political meltdown

30 May 2014

5:03 PM

30 May 2014

5:03 PM

I have consistently maintained that the Liberal Democrat party is an anachronism, a perversion and general waste of political space. So imagine my joy in recent weeks at discovering that the remaining members of the Liberal Democrat party are starting to agree with me.

First there was the Lib Dem MP Jeremy Browne saying in April that the party had become ‘pointless’. And now there is the Lib Dem peer Lord Oakeshott saying that under Nick Clegg the Lib Dems have become a ‘split-the-difference centre party, with no roots, no principles and no values.’


I am relieved to see this, and look forward to welcoming similar statements of support for my position.

But grave-dancing is an unattractive sport, and the point of this blog is really to point to the far bigger issue of the Conservative party’s current travails. I have written this week’s magazine cover and it is on the lessons that David Cameron should learn – and almost certainly will not learn – from last week’s European election. Primarily I suggest that immigration, which the PM promised to bring down, but which has actually gone up on his watch, is an issue which deserves serious attention.

You can read the full piece here. Meanwhile I am off to canvas more support from the remaining rank of Liberal Democrats.

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  • treborc

    The whole of the political establishment has become a waste of space. Labour is now pretty much played out the Tories are the Tories.

    I just think politics is pretty much played out with these three parties

  • Blindsideflanker

    It is amusing to watch the British political establishment implode over the EU. They have all made themselves an irrelevance , and what is amusing an irrelevance to their own core beliefs.

    The Conservatives say they believe in the nation, yet their EU project is leading to the destruction of the nation.

    Labour says it there to give low wage earners a voice, but is shafting them with free movement of people mass immigration .

    Libdems say they they believe in democracy but are destroying it with the EU.

  • dalai guevara

    We have not witnessed any political meltdown of any kind so far – the LibDems are as strong as ever where it matters, in the Parliament in Westminster. Not a single defection has been witnessed.
    Why pretend that there was no broad brush support for them? They are not getting flak from their members and all that happened was that some gran in the House of Lords spent his retirement funds on polling. So what? This kind of thing happens all the time, often funded by Caribbean residents even …

    We live in a democracy in which the representatives elected to Parliament represent the people on the streets. We should be proud of this achievement, and of course of the achievement to keep out the loons. Because, obviously, loons are not people, loons are loons.

    Hip hip hooray to the lack of recall, the FPTP system and the representation that the people of Britain deserve!

    • Lucy Sky Diamonds

      Absolute bullsh*t. We are not properly represented whatsoever.

      • dalai guevara

        Luv, do you pretend or are you too dumb to comprehend anything I write?

    • Max Thrust

      Lol, is this a wind-up? You realize that the only reason the Lib Dems still have MPs is because the general election hasn’t happened yet, right?

  • Frank

    What is bogus about the immigration debate is the way the government is so keen to talk about “net” immigration. As an example, we have, say, 800,000 people arriving in Britain from all over the world in a given year, and 300,000 (mainly white Britons retiring abroad) leaving. This leaves a “net” immigration amount of 500,000, perhaps half from the EU and the balance from the rest of the world.
    This is not a racist post, I am just making the point that the two sets of migrants (incomers and leavers) are not identical (in terms of their impacts on the economy, society and culture in Britain), however much our government might like to pretend they are. It is typical of the kinds of governments we have had since Blair got into office that our Ministers should try to disguise the reality of the immigration problem.

  • martin_lowe

    More of a perversion than that Tory MP who died from autoerotic asphyxiation?

  • Nigel Korwin-Mikke

    And this yellowish-green cloud around Farage represents what? Musty smell of urine?

    • Lucy Sky Diamonds


  • DrWatt

    ‘Primarily I suggest that immigration, which the PM promised to bring
    down, but which has actually gone up on his watch, is an issue which
    deserves serious attention.’

    Failure to bring down immigration numbers demonstrates exactly why a promise from Cameron is worthless.

    Referendum anyone?

    Like his hero Tony Blair – Cameron cannot be trusted to deliver on his ludicrous ‘cast iron’ guarantees. His pledges and guaratess are starting to sound like the spiel of a second hand car salesman.

    With all its faults – people have confidence in UKIP to deliver what they say they wil deliver – and Nigel Farage is trusted to keep to his promises – no one trusts the Tories.

    • global city

      All tory eurosceptics, and even those who have decided to take Cameron at his word, must understand the massive risk they are taking with the future of their party.

      If Cameron attempts to deceive or even just backtrack then the price the party would pay in all subsequent polls would see the end of it.

  • Grey Wolf

    Lib Dems are not just a perversion but downright dangerous. Their real purpose in British politics is to divert attention from the core of the issues and lose it in nebulous discussions. They also provide a rigid framework for implementing PC which the other 2 parties then absorb in their own culture. That the electorate now are wiping out this party is a very welcome development.

    • rtj1211

      They provide nothing of the sort, but mentally ill subnormal morons like you can’t be bothered to tell the truth.

      • Grey Wolf

        I hate to trade in insults but it must be said that you are a socialist nutter. And yes, Lib Dems are being wiped out by the electorate.

      • Lucy Sky Diamonds

        So thinking the lib dems are useless is the opinion of subnormal morons?

        Get a life mate.

      • Inverted Meniscus

        Lying is the preserve of the Labour Party and its coterie of Socialist nutters.

  • UniteAgainstSocialism

    hopefully the Lib Dems will be wiped out in the general election, and UKIP will replace them as the third party in British politics

    • Realpolitik/ fruitcake/ racist

      I’m pretty sure that’s already happened.

    • tres66

      Surly it’s the Greens job to replace the LibDems. It’s UKIP’s job to replace the Tories and Labour.

      • tres66

        Surely it’s the Green’s job to replace the LibDems. It’s UKIP’s job to replace the Tories and Labour.

  • global city

    Imagine if Douglas Murray were to be nominated and accepted as the new president of the European Commission?

    • Ricky Strong

      Some people play fantasy football, I play fantasy cabinet.

      I’m thinking Daniel Hannan as foreign secretary, Rees-Mogg as culture secretary, Douglas Murray as minister of state for faith and communities, Boris Johnson as minister for women and Nigel Farage as secretary of state for health. We can clone Enoch Powell to lead the way.

      • global city

        I would teleport the 1990 Margaret Thatcher to 1975, where she would demolish the traitor Heath (and her young, silly self) and win the referendum for the OUT vote!

        • Wessex Man

          She campaigned to keep the UK in the EEC.

          • global city

            Yes, in 1975. I remember the lunatic eurojumper well!

            The idea is that the 1990 (euroseptic, much burnt by EU shenanigans) would take the place of silly lala 1975 version,

            • Wessex Man

              She cried when people had a pop at her for taking away school childrens’ third of a pint of milk a day!

    • rtj1211

      He’d take the shlling probably.

  • wrinkledweasel

    Perversion is certainly the word that comes to my mind.

    • rtj1211

      There have been more Tory Paedophiles in the past 50 years than Libdem. And far more in the Labour Party…..

      • Bill_der_Berg

        What matters is whether proper action is taken when the perverts are detected. Cyril Smith was allowed to get away with it for years.

      • LucieCabrol

        yes…but not in percentage terms..

      • LucieCabrol

        and lets not forget the brief case….