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Podcast special: Ukip triumph in European elections

26 May 2014

26 May 2014

Ukip has come first and the Lib Dems have been decimated in the European Parliament— what does this all mean? The Spectator’s Fraser Nelson, James Forsyth and Isabel Hardman discuss the results of the 2014 European elections in a View from 22 podcast special. As Nigel Farage proclaimed last night, have we witnessed the most significant political event of the last century? Can we now expect a new EU referendum policy from Ed Miliband? And how will the coalition parties respond to the results?

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  • misomiso

    There is one thing the Tories can do that will skewer UKIP completely – Opt out of Freedom of Movement.

    No ifs no buts, none of this nonsense about benefit claiments etc, a full opt out of freedom of movement and take control back of our borders.

    If he does this (and let local areas open Grammar schools) then he’s got my vote.

  • CraigStrachan

    The Lib Dems weren’t decimated, although they may wish they had been, as in that case they would have lost only one-in-ten of their seats, instead of ten-out-of-eleven.

  • paasingby

    Who would have thought , the eu that was supposed to bring people together is actually splitting them apart.

    • Conway

      Plenty of people once they realised how undemocratic the whole thing was.

  • global city

    The Lib Dems should only be allowed back into the EU discourse one all of our wonderful journalists have broken the code of Lib Dem weasel wording and make them argue the case for ‘Europe’ from their true position.

    The Lib Dems are fully paid up to the undemocratic system and structures. They believe in the superstate – the ‘reforms’ that they wish to see are ones that would see a massive leap forward in ‘ever closer union’. Verhofsdadt, the continental Liberal is clear about this. people assume that when politicians talk of ‘reform’ of the EU they mean untying the strings, stopping the aquis communitaire, et…. but many of them don’t.

    Journos – please do your jobs properly. Research the EU properly then quiz europhiles accordingly.

  • No Good Boyo

    I really need to get on with some work. I’ve spent all morning pouring over analysis of the Euros. I’ve never paid so much attention to a Euro election in my life!

  • Mr Moo

    Good news and bad news for UKIP. I am delighted with last nights Euro results, but as with the local elections earlier in the week, the level of support for UKIP in London is a major concern. As the immigrant electorate in the UK increases at great speed, the ” London model ” will be seen more and more. The window of opportunity is slowly closing and I can see no way to counter this. Depressing.

  • Colin

    “Ukip has come first and the Lib Dems have been decimated in the European Parliament— what does this all mean?”

    It means that YOU lot, need to go back to the drawing board and work out what is going on. You really don’t understand it, do you?

  • Wessex Man

    All the effort of pounding the streets to get our message across was worth it, especially to get rid of Graham Watson in the South West, who in 2013 was campaigning as Sir Graham Watson until Republic Bristol wrote into the Western Daily Press to remind him he was a Republican! How good to see this principled Liberal Democrat icon gone!

  • No Good Boyo

    Next, the Euro parliament will hold a debate to ask themselves,”What were these eurosceptic voters really voting against?” They will discuss it in great detail, possibly devoting an entire day to the proceedings, before concluding that the reason for our disenchantment is that Europe just isn’t integrating quickly enough. “More Europe is the answer!” More Europe is always the answer.

    Alternatively, they will decide that, since the people cannot be trusted to use their votes responsibly, they should not be permitted the privilege of voting at all.

    Or both.

    • Ricky Strong

      I can imagine it will be held in a similar fashion to the Ents’ meeting in Lord of the Rings. One week deciding whether it is worth a debate, another two deciding the topics to debate, a debate then on the decisions taken so far, another two weeks debating if the debate about the topics to be debated is debatable.

      • No Good Boyo

        The difference is that, in the EU, they’ll relieve the mental anguish by regularly breaking for “le dejeuner“. Five courses each, washed down with a 1923 Chataeuneuf-du-Pape, and all paid for by YOU.

        Doesn’t that just warm the cockles of your heart? What will you be having for lunch? A sandwich, perhaps? Or a pork pie and a salad? Make sure, as you do so, that you spare a thought for the banquet you’re buying for your governors and superiors, who are paid so much more, and pay so much less tax, than you do.

        God I hate those bastards.

      • global city

        One positive thing… there are now ten less eurofanatics from Britain in the parliament, no longer working like beavers to undermine the country slither by slither every day they are there.

  • Ricky Strong

    Chuka Umunna on BBC news this morning talking about the EU election results: “I know these results are not about Europe”.

    • Andy

      He is an idiot, so make allowances.

      • Hexhamgeezer

        …….agreed except for ‘allowances’ bit.

    • Lucy Sky Diamonds

      The key is in the name!

  • No Good Boyo

    Meanwhile, in other news, Jean-Claude Juncker declared victory in the race to be the “President of Europe”. But nobody cared.

    • Andy

      And a muckle of good it will do him.

    • Aberrant_Apostrophe

      Well, I suppose they’ll still need a captain capable of overseeing the disembarkation of the lifeboats from the SS EUSSR as it slowly sinks beneath the waves.

      • No Good Boyo

        I think you have an optimistic view of his abilities. I wouldn’t trust him to organise my kids’ birthday parties.

    • Conway

      Who was he racing against – himself?

      • No Good Boyo

        Martin Schultz and Guy Verhofstadt. Ever heard of them? No, neither has anybody else outside the European Parliament, it seems.

        I would like to know just how many votes they got, and from whom.

  • John Smith

    Labour hardly mentioned the EU during their campaign.
    WE showed them in Yorkshire, their northern heartland & RedEds Doncaster seat

    • MirthaTidville

      we also got rid of the pompous UKIP hating McMillan Scott

      • Colonel Mustard

        “Edward McMillan-Scott WAS a Liberal Democrat MEP for Yorkshire & Humber and vice-president of the European Parliament for Democracy & Human Rights, and Transatlantic Relations. He left the Conservative Party in March 2010 after a dispute about its new European alliance and joined the Lib Dems”

        And he looks like Fungus the Bogeyman.

        • Faceless Bureaucrat

          “He left the Conservative Party in March 2010 after a dispute about its new European alliance and joined the Lib Dems”.
          Smart move, obviously…

          • No Good Boyo


      • Rush_is_Right

        Some things are just too funny to parody. This is from his wikipedia entry; “Since 2008 McMillan-Scott has eaten no meat because of its effect on climate change”

        • Faceless Bureaucrat


      • No Good Boyo

        This is the man who, in 2011, actually voted to terminate the UK annual rebate from the EU. As did a number of his colleagues. Every one of them has lost their seats. This is what’s known as “justice”.

        • global city

          Fanatically wed to the fullest federalist extent of the project….as is most of the others who still survive.

          The Lib dems have to be killed off as a political force

  • @PhilKean1

    A word about the tragic result for the Liberals.

    Still one MEP elected.

    Where did we go wrong ?

    • MirthaTidville

      I`m with you Phil, gutted about that result

      • @PhilKean1


        It looks like we only pressed the “light flush” button.

    • Hexhamgeezer

      Perhaps she could be let loose in a safari park so we can all go along and see what one looks like?

    • Kitty MLB

      Phil, Liberals have been fatally damaged. They are in no
      position to dictate to the Conservatives, so why not call
      for an early election and bring the referendum closer.
      The lib dems have only themselves to blame.

      • @PhilKean1

        Yes, Kitty. You are right. But don’t forget that Cameron is the biggest Liberal of them all.

        And another good reason to want a return to 3 party politics after the 2015 election.

        And if the voters do us a favour and eradicate the Liberals, 3 party politics is what we’ll have.

        • global city

          Yes. What has been largely missed is the absolutely europhile nature of the team that Cameron has been building in order to ‘renegotiate’ our position with the EU. A check should also be made as to the europhile nature of the latest tranche of Tory MEP’s that managed to get in last night.

          Genuinely saddened that martin Callanan got the boot though. farage has lost a genuine ally of equal euroseptic intent.

          The great danger is I have a horrible feeling that Cameron intends to betray the nation over the EU. He is playing with the existence of the Tory party if he is allowed to do so. 2020 could be the last election that the Tories ever take part in…. a fair warning to all tories who are not absolutely in love with the EU.

          • No Good Boyo

            Were this the 1970’s, and your only real source of news was an oligopoly of the newspapers and the BBC, you’d have a point.

            Happily, we live in a world of websites, Twitter, Facebook and blogs, and anybody can publish his opinions with very little difficulty. The government cannot control the news in the way it once could — and a damn good thing too.

            If Cameron publishes a report concerning the EU negotiations, Daniel Hannan, David Davies, John Redwood, Bill Cash, Kate Hoey, Frank Field, Nigel Farage, EU Observer, Better Off Out and dozens more will be free to examine it and publish what they think of it. Anything Cameron wants to suppress won’t remain suppressed for long, trust me.

      • No Good Boyo

        I won’t claim to understand the technicalities, but the first bill the coalition introduced — it was a fundamental demand of the LibDems during the negotiations — fixed the terms of office to five years, and nothing less.

        What happens if the coalition falls apart, I have no idea. But the prime minister is not at liberty to call an election any more.

        That much said, David Davies (a wonderful chap!) today is proposing moving the referendum to 2016. He argues that it would motivate the EU to get a move on, (because, for different reasons, Britain leaving is France and Germany’s worst nightmare), and, in the event of an OUT vote, it’ll give the government more time to adjust its trading strategy.

    • Aberrant_Apostrophe

      Some of that MSM mud obviously stuck.

  • alabenn

    Tower Hamlets a look at the future.
    Still counting four days after the local polls closed.
    A close match between the Bangladeshi Labour Party and the all things to all the world but the UK British Labour Party.
    It will be a travesty regardless of who eventually fiddled the most ballots.

    • Andy

      And they stripped 5000 bogus electors off the register.

    • Shazza

      A template for Greater London when Sadiq Khan replaces Boris as Mayor.
      Fun times ahead.

    • telemachus

      I warned you
      You did not help the poor of Tower Hamlets and you reap the results

      • Cyril Sneer

        The lefty doesn’t get it (what a surprise).

        It’s not about poverty, it’s about culture.

  • Swiss Bob

    As expected the main parties are making soothing noises, as is the EU.

    If you, the main parties think that’s going to be good enough the GE next year will finally disabuse you.

    You have one year to actually do something, your choice!

  • anyfool

    Good riddance to the smug self satisfied Lib Dems, lets be happy they have just about gone from their main platform.
    The main not quite hidden result is Labours very poor share of the vote, 25% when only last week regardless of what they say they were winning in the polls or a very close second.
    This shows that UKIP could retain a decent percentage at the GE.
    The bell tolls for Labour, that ridiculous Chuka is claiming this is a notable result for them, the new smug self satisfied kid on the block taking Cleggs crown and running with it.

    • Andy

      Yes what a pity they managed to hang on to one seat.

    • Colonel Mustard

      Chukus Yermoney.

      • Gary Wintle

        Is that a new Rail franchise?

        Or a British bank?

        • Colonel Mustard

          You know who it is you silly lefty.

  • Kitty MLB

    Well I suppose as a Conservative I must say well done UKIP. Who are excellent
    when battling the EU and as for the Lib Dems and Labour Oh dear..and I shall
    not comment on my own party.

    • anyfool

      Best not , they have already put their foot in the mouth, with that fool defence secretary and borrowed votes.

      • Kitty MLB

        What a graceful response.This was about those
        who rattle around in Brussels not Westminster
        old chap.The latter is far more difficult and
        would mean Nigel Farage becoming part of
        the establishment. Because those who govern
        Can only do so from Westminster and not
        throwing stones from the outskirts.

        • Wessex Man

          You don’t need to be part of the ‘establishmemnt’ to govern! The problem is the every leader of whatever party to become PM goes native, accepts the bilge of the Ciivil Service Mandarins, the power hungry Press Barons and the BBC!

          Nigel Farage and Paul Nuttall won’t buckle!

          • Kitty MLB

            Who said I wanted Nigel Farage to buckle?
            UKIP will replace Labour according to some
            old kipper chum I know.Who thankfully
            doesn’t take the slightest criticism personally.

    • global city

      Genuine eurosceptic tories are taking a really dangerous risk with your party. Cameron will betray the country and the reaction will kill the Tory party for good.

  • Ray Veysey

    so a selection of the glitterati of the London gossip columnists get together for a chat over the back fence, hair in curlers, not one will dare say anything that might upset or be deemed as off message amongst their grubby little set, so I will not even listen. Just like they never do.

    • the viceroy’s gin

      Yes, it’s funny that those children think that link is of interest.

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