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On the road with the Tories

16 May 2014

3:30 PM

16 May 2014

3:30 PM

The Conservatives are holding another one of their road trips tomorrow, this time to Chester and Cheadle, where about 120 activists and MPs will hold a ‘day of action’ where they canvass and campaign in the constituency. The last one was in Enfield a few weeks ago, where the sitting MP Nick de Bois is fighting to hold onto his 1,692 majority.

The City of Chester is held by Conservative MP Stephen Mosley with a 2,583 majority, while Cheadle is currently a Lib Dem seat, with Mark Hunter sitting on a 3,272 majority and the Tories in second place.


Obviously these campaign days help those MPs or candidates fighting in the respective constituencies. But they also galvanise activists because they find themselves, unusually, surrounded by many other like-minded people who are making a day of campaigning. The mood in the grassroots seems, according to MPs returning from the doorstep, to be pretty serene at the moment. But these road trips are another way of cultivating a good mood – which is never a bad thing given the European elections could, if the party hasn’t prepared properly, upset the grassroots again.

Grant Shapps will hold another road trip in Newark at the end of May, with MPs being pressured by the whips to make multiple visits to the constituency ahead of the by-election.

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  • Realpolitik/ fruitcake/ racist

    Hardman, why on earth are you supporting this party? Your party is a joke, the only reason I can think to support it (or say you do) is a sad attempt to look “posh”?

  • Chingford Man

    People of Chester and Cheadle, you have been warned. Run far, run fast.

  • Lady Magdalene

    Meanwhile, over at Breitbart London is a report about the Conservative party attempting to bribe Muslim voters with “special polices” just for them.
    Ethnic and religion-based “divide and rule” is coming to British politics.

  • Michael990

    Where on earth did they manage to find 120 Conservative activists?

  • sfin

    I thought that in the interest of fairness and journalistic impartiality that there ought to be a snide wee snipe when discussing a political party’s agenda – like this publication (amongst others) is wont to do with UKIP.

    Here’s one for you:

    Party activists must be, increasingly, concerned that their leader appears to no longer be a conservative.
    The latest in a long line of ‘progressive’ acts, like gay marriage, from this “low tax” prime minister, leader of a “low tax” party is to criticise, the comedian, Jimmy Carr and , the singer, Gary Barlow for avoiding tax (which is legal) whilst defending Maria Miller abusing her expenses (which is not).

    Just saying…

    • Kitty MLB

      ‘fairness and journalistic impartiality’. On this site today we have had a thread
      on Nigel Farage today with 159 comments ( so far) and yet on another thread
      about the very important subject of education and we have had a mere 5
      comments. In fairness and journalistic impartiality the Spectator allows this.
      If that were not the case they would not produce such a large amount of very
      similar articles about the same subject and constantly.

  • Smithersjones2013

    “Roadtrip 2015?

    Shouldn’t that be

    Roadkill 2015

    as Tory MP’s are mown down in the inevitable car crash of a campaign that Cameron will lead?….

    PS And before that usual suspects point to the current polls remember this Cameron managed to shave 13 points off his poll lead in the last year of the 2010 campaign throwing away a majority government as he did.

  • WatTylersGhost

    Does the banner say “Tear 2015”? – this once great party does generate tears, of pity or derision – your choice.

    • dmitri the impostor

      While the sub-title appears to read ‘Taking the Pigpen’.

      Way to go, Tories.